How To Blast Off With Nutella Firecrackers

Well, it’s been a little over a year since the last time I made weed firecrackers, and last night I thought I would try again.

Except that the last time was quite a trip, and I sort of wanted to avoid that kind of drama, as I just wanted the effects and not the excitement. So I used some AVB instead of fresh ground bud, in the hope that it would be less intense.

AVB is short for Already Vaped Bud, and it signifies cannabis that has already been used in a vaporizer (some people call it ABV for Already Been Vaped). You’ve already gotten high from it, or gotten medicinal benefits, but this little baking experiment proves that there’s still plenty more active ingredients in there to help you.

Not only are you recycling your medical marijuana (and thereby saving the planet, or at least some of your money), but you’re doing it discreetly. If you wrap and bake them properly, firecrackers create very little of the characteristic smell of marijuana. And eating them looks just like eating any other home-baked treat. Emphasis on the words home and baked…you’ll want to stay home after getting this baked!

If you’ve never tried to make edibles, this is a great way to start because it’s quick, easy, doesn’t smell, uses very little material, and is pretty much foolproof unless you got your marijuana from some ripoff street dealer who sold you oregano, in which case it won’t work, but it will taste odd as hell.

So, here, step by step, is how to make…

Old Hippie’s Nutella Weed Firecrackers

Gather the ingredients. That is to say, a graham cracker, some Nutella, and some of your favorite weed. All you need is one regular teaspoonful of ground cannabis. You can use fresh bud or some slightly used AVB…whatever you have around. You can even use peanut or soy butter instead of Nutella (I just never have done that myself).

What’s that question? You there, in the second row…”Will better weed work better?” What is this, a comedy club? What do you think, Einstein? (Grumble, grumble)

Gather ingredients for your Nutella and weed firecrackers

Gather ingredients for your Nutella and weed firecrackers

The picture shows a single, unbroken 2½” x 5″ graham cracker as baked by Nabisco Honey Maid, the official purveyors of these tasty all-purpose munchies. As you use them to cook your marijuana, you can have a good laugh at the fact that they were originally created to make people more moral, churchgoing, and less likely to masturbate.

Now break your cracker in half so now you have two approximately squarish crackers, and lovingly coat them with Nutella. Use a flat knife, not your fingers. And don’t lick the knife, especially if you’re already high.

Coat the graham cracker halves with Nutella like this

Coat the graham cracker halves with Nutella like this

Now take a teaspoonful of your chosen weed, and sprinkle it over both cracker halves. A teaspoon is the small one. Don’t use a soup spoon. Or a tablespoon.

Just one spoon of that precious weed sure been enough for me

Just one spoon of that precious weed sure been enough for me

That’s right, this tiny bit of weed is all you need, because THC is soluble in fat and Nutella has gobs of it. When you’re done, it should look like this:

Here's how much weed to use

Here’s how much weed to use

So now, you have two weed-coated cracker halves. Whattayou think is next, Bunky?

Put the two halves into intimate Nutella-to-Nutella contact

Put the two halves into intimate Nutella-to-Nutella contact

Bada-bing! Boom, bam, pow, paisano! OK, I’m so high I went back to Brooklyn.

So now you just wrap them it up in aluminum foil and pop it in a preheated 250°F oven for 22 minutes. Don’t agonize too much over the temperature; that’s a safe setting that takes into account the wild temperature swings of most ovens but is high enough to work. It also sets a nice balance between decarboxylating the cannabis and not drying out the Nutella, and heating the Nutella enough to mix it with the components of the weed that are just starting to vaporize, but not driving off the THC. And wrapping the whole thing in aluminum foil is actually part of the equation. It also tends to keep the smell inside where it belongs, but if you’re worried about that, make a bag of microwave popcorn at the same time and the mixed smell will confuse anyone except maybe a drug dog or an experienced MMJ patient.

When it’s done, unwrap your little package. But don’t eat it yet, until you hear the rest of the story.

As I said when I started, last night I made one of these. But even though it had been made from AVB, rather than fresh bud, and even though I used way less weed than some recipes, I remembered the very advice I often give here about always trying new edibles carefully, and just ate half of the firecracker. To be safe(r).

And about an hour later, I blasted off to somewhere very close to [11] on the all-purpose consciousness scale. I was basically lying in bed listening to my favorite 60s music and grinning like an idiot under the covers because I could watch the bands playing in my head, just as if it was filmed yesterday with flying stabilized digital HD cameras (in my head). But that’s literally all I could do, having already tried sitting up in a chair.

So tonight, just to see if I knew what I was talking about to my own satisfaction, I decided  to try half of the piece that was left (in other words, just 1/4 of the original firecracker).

Well, hot dang, I’m purty proud right meow, because I’m cruising at just a bit over [5]. I wouldn’t drive, but I’m very comfortable and even writing in silly accents like Brooklyn and Cat Cowboy. That’s just about half of last night, and that’s why I love edibles and capsules. If you do them right, they’re predictable and repeatable.

These are your four finished doses of cannabis Nutella firecrackers

These are your four finished doses of cannabis Nutella firecrackers

So remember, folks, one of these crackers makes 4 doses. Play it safe and don’t take too much. But if you do, remember…be calm, it literally can’t kill you, just try to go to sleep.

One more thing: if you have any left over, keep them wrapped in the refrigerator for best results. Generally, edibles will go bad (as all food does eventually) way before they lose potency in terms of cannabis effects. So you can keep unused firecrackers for weeks this way. Old Hippie is a father of two boys and thankfully living in California where all this kind of thing is legal. He started smoking marijuana in 1967 in high school, experimented with mind-expanding drugs of all kinds, and then straightened out 15 or so years later to become an airplane pilot. After being diagnosed with depression in 2000, he lost his job and most of the following decade to prescription medications (such as antidepressants) which sapped his energy and will. Finally, a chance conversation with a friend led to a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana (MMJ). This changed his entire life, health, and outlook for the better. is his continuing story. It’s also his way to provide experienced advice on using medical marijuana effectively and responsibly, as well as advocacy, activism, and support for others. Old Hippie teaches about safe use of cannabis edibles, Canna Caps, vaporizers, dosing, and even microdosing.

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    • OldHippie said:

      It will smell, but not quite like marijuana. The classic way of covering up smells when baking with cannabis is making microwave popcorn at the same time. Then, you’ve even taken care of the munchies!

      • Chris said:

        So true about the munchies and getting rid of the smell thing lol, thanks for this post man. can’t wait to try. this is gonna be my first time using an edible. I have a pretty normal tolerance, not too high, not too low, but I usually smoke blunts and joints. My friend has some ABV and we’re going to do this tonight. How much do you recommend putting on the firecracker? You think 1 tablespoon might be too much for someone’s first edible? I want to have a good first experience because I know edibles highs tend to last HOURS longer than smoking highs, and I don’t want it to be 6 hours “ODing”. I’ve “ODed” from smoking too much maybe 4 times in 3 years. It’s really uncomfortable. You get paranoid, anxious, feel like your hearts beating too fast, then just pass out. I want my first edible experience to be an enjoyable one. So again, you think 1 teaspoon will be too much or ok for a first?

        PS. We’re going to split it into 4 doses like you said.

          • Anonymous said:

            Thanks a lot for writing up this guide, it’s very helpful. I do want to point out though, that even though you said Teaspoon several times, in the images you’ve shown, there’s WAYYY more than a teaspoon on there.

          • Old Hippie said:

            Well, I did actually use a teaspoon from a tableware set we’ve had for many years, but I just calibrated those with a real measuring set, and you’re right: that particular teaspoon is actually more like 1 1/2 teaspoons’ worth. No wonder my firecrackers are so cracking! :-)

      • mom2zoo said:

        hey guy i have done a lot of reading and testing i have to note that u must use abv or decarb ur bud wit will not work right if u do not.well it wont work. trust me i know from personal experience.

      • angie said:

        hey man i tried this and i didnt work for me :( i must have done something wrong along the way. thankfully i saved some of the weed i had and didnt use the whole gram. i can smoke that now ^_^
        but anyways i ate most of the cracker, 1/4 of it and licked off the nutella on the edges which had some greenies in it. been waitin for hours, aint feelin it. so i tried eatin some more n waited again. nuthin

      • Alex said:


        In xenorex’s recipe in the first article it mentioned 2 TBPS (tablespoons). Here you use 1 teaspoon. I understand that you ‘tripped balls’ the first time so is this a deliberate change? Will 1 teaspoon with the above recipe produce those results?

        • Old Hippie said:

          I’ve never used 2 tablespoons, and it would be quite a trick to even get that much weed onto a cracker! I put his recipe up mostly because some people like to see things solely as images. Xenorex is a recreational user and has a higher tolerance; I recommend starting with only a teaspoon because I know it is a safe amount to use.

        • nick said:

          Its all about your tolerance, i smoke a ounce every 12-14 days and require 2 grams to 4 grams of good weed no trim in firecrackers to get desired results.

    • Wes said:

      I just made my own version with what I had. I did peanut butter on some saltine crackers, which is good by itself (no graham crackers), I used a counter top convection oven. They themselves upclose smell more like peanut butter with something else but it doesn’t smell like marijuana, especially not smoked marijuana. It smells more like pad thai, if you’re using peanut butter. I’ll let you know in a couple hours how they turned out.

      TLDR; House doesn’t smell at all like weed, barely like someone cooked anything.

    • Anonymous said:

      Shit… I just ate the whole damn thing. Got excited and didn’t read all the way through. Well, I’m bracing myself.

        • Cee said:

          So, I followed the recipe totally. Baked at 250 for exactly 22 and pulled them out. I had to go out ithin the next hour so I gave one to my sister who hasn’t smoked in about two weeks. This was at 9:50 AM, and now, at 11:33 AM, she says she hasn’t felt anything. She had a half of a cracker and another half bout half an hour ago but there’s still no difference. Did I do something wrong? If so, is there anyway I can fix this recipe? Others are saying to use pb and cook it at a higher temperature. What do I do?

          • Old Hippie said:

            You probably didn’t do anything wrong, but I err on the side of safety, and I use pretty good weed :-) So feel free to experiment by using more, changing the temperature (ovens vary too!) and cooking slightly longer if you want.

    • DERP said:

      Then prepare to underachieve, mistakenly think you can write, and not accomplish anything for the next 30 years.

    • stephencurry said:

      I chopped up about half a stick and made two biscuits. Ate one and after one hour began to feel moderately high, so ate another. After about two hours overall I was pretty blazed. It was very easy to make, popped it in the oven for about 22 minutes at 120 degrees C. I consume about a stick a day and smoke daily, so considering my tolerance I got to a level of high that I have not been at for a while. I recently also had sinus surgery which means I can’t inhale any smoke, making these a great alternative. Cheers for the recipe mate

  1. Nate said:

    First time cook here. Just wanted to say that using your recipe was really easy and simple. Just enough potency (two doses was a good amount for me). Also, when cooking, my house didn’t smell at all. However, I did use peanut butter instead because I was out of Nutella :( Keep up the great work!

  2. Perry said:

    So, for the stoner who smokes a gram-ish a day how many doses would be appropriate?

  3. kailen said:

    Just made it, very easy to make, which I loved. My graham crackers came out sort of… soft. I’m thinking that they were just sorta stale, and that’s why, but I’m wondering if that’s normal? (They were probably just stale. Perfectly edible though!)

  4. Anonymous said:

    Thank you for the dosage recommendation! I’m glad I read this before swallowing the whole graham cracker.

  5. numero said:

    So 250°f? other people say 320°f for 22 mins….. why? Sorry just curious

    • OldHippie said:

      Well, I’ve found it’s safer as many or most home ovens will “overshoot” the set temp, and you can lose all your THC in an instant at that setting. The trick is to heat it enough to insure decarboxylation and mixing with the fat, and not boil all the good stuff away.

  6. Spock said:

    How much is “a spoonful” in terms of weight? I’m also going to be using fresh Northern Lights (not AVB), so how much would you recommend?

    • OldHippie said:

      I actually have no idea, since it varies by strain and AVB vs. regular. Since we’re cooking, a volume measurement seemed more appropriate, plus not everyone has such a sensitive scale.

      With fresh strong weed like that, I’d try half as much to start. Remember, you can take more, but you can’t take less!

  7. anonymous said:

    Is there anything else you could use to substitute for a graham cracker? I have a gluten allergy

    • OldHippie said:

      Not sure precisely what a gluten allergy entails, but the cracker is merely the substrate and has no bearing on the effects of the edible. The original inventor used graham crackers because they stand up to this sort of treatment in the oven. You can use anything edible that won’t go soggy under Nutella, I guess. If nothing you can eat works, I suggest reading my new article on AVB in food because you can use that with anything.

      • Anonymous said:

        easier yet…i/3 cup of nutella…add ur AVB…mix well….drop teaspoons of mixture onto a 2′ piece of tinfoil that has been folded in half…fold the two pieces together,,,crimp the edges…pop in the oven for the 22 minutes at 250 degrees…take out and let stand 5 minutes…open and you have a couple dozen nutella candies

    • MizVic said:

      I am gluten fre, I used one piece of Mestemacher whole rye, and mixed a tsp. of Ghee with a little parmesan cheese, and oregano with garlic for a delicious italian flavor. Followed the directions and wow. I feel great. :)

    • MizVic said:

      I suppose by now you figured out what to do since this post is 2 years old? LMAO

  8. Anonymous said:

    I used two pieces of bread instead of graham crackers, and am now awaiting the outcome.

  9. Claire Greene said:

    I tried this recipe and while tasty, I didn’t end up feeling anything. No high at all. I used a Tablespoon of ABV and ate the entire thing and got no reaction. I am a daily toker and wonder if the dosage isn’t high enough / tolerance is too high for the amounts you listed. I also have a lapband and wonder if that causes the weed to pass through my system too quickly to absorb the THC. If that is the issue, then it won’t matter how much I use. Have you ever had someone else with lapband have the same issue? If I use more than a tablespoon, I’m concerned it will just taste like eating ABV straight which is gross. Any suggestions?

    • Anonymous said:

      ye this recipe is shit 250 degreae isnt hot enough to vaporize the thc off the bud

      • OldHippie said:

        Exactly! It’s only enough to decarboxylate the weed, because vaporizing THC means it would escape.

        Sounds like someone only explained part of the process to you…and you didn’t actually read the article.

    • OldHippie said:

      Well, not being a doctor or anything, I never heard of lapbands, so I had to look it up. And frankly, I don’t see how that could be the problem, since firecrackers are so small in volume, and according to Wikipedia, you “can continue to absorb nutrients from food normally” even with a lapband. That should include cannabinoids.

      So I suspect that the problem is tolerance at the very least. Also, you may have a separate resistance to edibles over and above your actual tolerance to cannabis. Does it take a lot of alcohol to get you drunk, for example? My son has the same tolerance I do for vaping, but it takes him at least 400% more edibles for the same effect (and he can drink me under the table easily). So if you had both those factors operating, you should probably try the time-honored method of doubling the dosage every 2 or 3 hours until something happens that you can quantify, and adjust from there.

      And to solve the taste problem…stick to the teaspoon-per-cracker recipe, and just eat more crackers!

      Good luck, thanks for writing, and nugs and hugs!

    • Swtlee said:

      I have a Lapband and have no trouble with edibles. I don’t think it effects it at all.

  10. Anon said:

    are the 4 doses that you stated derived from a firecracker made with abv bud, or unvaped, fresh weed? because i have an iolite vaporizer and I have almost a teaspoon of abv bud saved up and i would like to try this.

    • OldHippie said:

      I did this using ABV. If you use fresh ground bud it will be a different high, and somewhat stronger, but still in the right ballpark. In other words, a teaspoon of whatever weed you have around (not powdered hash though!) should be safe for a 4-dose firecracker.

      • Nick said:

        Why do you say no powdered hash?

        I haven’t made edibles since I ran out of AVB. I had a whole tins worth of it and used your recipe and it was perfect! It’s such a nice high, it’s a cool feeling being really high and not smoking/vaping anything.

        Like I said I haven’t got any AVB, all I have at the moment is some pretty high quality hash. So I was thinking of just using half the amount and use the same method?

    • OldHippie said:

      Generally, edibles go bad as food way before they lose potency in terms of cannabis effects. Keep them wrapped in the refrigerator for best results.

  11. Anon said:

    if it is saturated fat we need here, could i also put a few thin shavings of butter in the middle of the firecracker against the weed to shoot the saturated fat through the roof?

  12. Anon said:

    Hey, last question. I have teaspoon of my vaped weed saved up. I also have about 0.1grams of fresh, unvaped weed. If i were to mix them together in the firecracker, would it be a bad idea considering the fresh weed in the mixture has to decarb first?

    • OldHippie said:

      Great question! No, it should just help because making firecrackers decarbs the weed as part of the process. In fact, most people make them with fresh bud. Have fun!

    • JT said:

      Keep in mind that the unvaped bud will only be as effective as, say, putting fresh bud directly into a brownie mix. You still get effects without sticking the bud in the oven at 225-250 for 30min-1hr, but not as much as if you’d baked the raw bud (instructions on this website) beforehand. Stick the fresh bud in the oven first, and then combine it with the vaped bud and sprinkle on your cracker.

      • Old Hippie said:

        True. Firecrackers can work, but recreational users or patients with high tolerance generally get better results with proper decarboxylation. Nugs and hugs!

  13. noodlyappendage said:

    I made one of these with a teaspoon of stems and bud for 22 minutes on 250F and it didn’t work, so then I made another for 28 minutes on 250 and it didn’t work either. I waited a while and felt nothing. I cover 2 crackers with nutella and sprinkle a teaspoon of herb on them, cook, let cool, and eat them just like the recipe says. What am I doing wrong?

    • OldHippie said:

      Probably nothing, assuming you wrapped them in foil. Some people just need a bigger dose. Make sure you wait at least 2 or 3 hours before you decide you need more, because absorption happens at different rates for different people and also depends on what else you’ve eaten, or not, lately. But once you get the hang of what works for you, you’ll be much more confident!

  14. Anon said:

    Just popped one in the oven. I added some butter to increase the saturated fats in contact with the weed. Also, after i sprinkled the weed on top of the nutella, using a toothpick, I “stirred up” the nutella – weed combination on top of the cracker, increasing the surface area of the weed touching the fats. I had this idea while making it and I thought I would share it with anyone.

  15. Bansheemalepenisland said:

    If I only have fresh bud, should I decarboxylize it before I cook with it?

  16. Steve Miller said:

    I got my wisdom teeth removed a few days ago, so i can’t eat solid food. Could I lick the nutella off the cracker?

  17. Coriakin said:

    Great recipe! I’m waiting for mine to cook right now. I also like to make a few “virgin” firecrackers at the same time to munch on afterwards. They taste surprisingly good, warm and creamy and chocolatey and nutty.

  18. dr-zoidberg said:

    just made one of these… eager to try it out tonight! will definitely post back with results. :) thanks!

  19. Chris said:

    If I want to make two or three at a time, how long would they need to be in the oven for? Should I change the temperature?

  20. Josh said:

    My brother and I tried this weekend. Followed directions to a T, and got hardly anything from the entire 4 doses. After thinking about it for a while, I realized that we are about 4750 feet above sea level, so I upped the temp to 265 and increased the time to 30 minutes. Bingo! We were flying for 7 hours plus! We ate a quarter at first, then 1 hour into it a second quarter, and then 3 hours in the other half. The high would intensify in waves. Seemed like a more whole-body high than a head high, mellower but more intense at the same time. First time using an edible and very happy with the results! Thank you for my new favorite way to use the Tree of Life!!!

    • Old Hippie said:

      Wow! I wouldn’t have thought of that myself, but then again I’m not high all the time (at least that way :-). This is an excellent result and thank you for sharing your tip with us! And uptokes for flying on the family plan!

      • Conner said:

        Haha I can totally tell that you browse R/trees :) Uptokes to you kind sir!

    • JT said:

      The body high could be because of the strain of cannabis you used. Though edibles have different effects than smoked bud, switching from a Sativa blend to an Indica blend will cause more of a body high than you are used to.

  21. ashley said:

    hello, some tips:

    try mixing the nutella with a bit of vegetable or canola oil before putting it on the crackers, not only does this add more fat to your mix, but it keeps the nutella filling moist for the final product

    if you wanna up the flavor and give an additional powerful scent to hide any weed smell, go nuts and batter the whole firecracker and deep fry it for no more than about 20 seconds or so, just enough to get a lightly crisp coating, but not long enough for heat to damage the thc, the result is similar to a deep fried oreo or candy bar

    dip the final product in pure honey for a little extra sweetness, also helps deal with any “burnt” flavor you might have ended up with

    maybe the firecrackers themselves arent for you? no problem, bake some up and then crush into a powder of sorts, you can now use this crushed mix combined with additional plain crushed grahams to make cheesecake crust (remember cheesecakes are often no bake so no risk of ruining the thc), you could also put that thc laden powder as an ice cream topping, sprinkle in your favorite cereal or oatmeal, put it in your favorite pudding or do what ive been doing lately which is cover some fresh bananas with cool whip and then put the powder/crumbles into the cool whip and enjoy your bananas and cream that will also take you to mars!

    a lot more possibilities open if you treat the firecrackers as an ingredient or topping for other things, up to you in the end but i know lots of people hate the taste even with nutella

  22. Will said:

    Me and my friend followed the directions exactly (using 1 gram) and had no effects after 3 hours so far.. We are only occasional smokers and this was our first attempt at an edible.

    • Old Hippie said:

      I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work for you. I know many people have used this very recipe with stellar results, but every once in awhile I find it didn’t work for someone. Most people in that position have a natural resistance to edibles, and that’s not so rare that both of you might not have it. In that case, you’d have to take a higher dose, but it should still work.

      But specifically, did you take the 1/4 cracker, or the whole thing, and how good was the weed you used? I’d like to try to help you figure out what could have gone wrong.

      • Will said:

        We each ate 1/2 of the whole cracker. The weed was pretty high-grade, as it should be for $20 a gram! The only thing that i can think of that could have went wrong is that we used a plug-in toaster oven instead of a conventional one.

  23. Andrew said:

    What kind of oven did you use? A legit one or a conventional counter top oven. Do you think it would be ok to pop one of the crackers back in the oven since the first one did nothing for me?

    • Old Hippie said:

      That might work…I was thinking that it might not have gotten decarbed or infused enough…give it a shot, maybe turn it up a bit higher.

  24. cs said:

    Great recipe old hippie! If you want to get into the deeper chemistry of it THC doesn’t completely evaporate until around 315°f which makes this recipe even better because you gave us the jist and now we get to explore on our own which is the true high guy mentality

  25. Joe said:

    If it’s not working for you, you need to up the temperature on your oven. I set mine to 310 for the same time period. 250 doesn’t work for my oven.

    It might take a few tries to work, but once you get it working you will be glad you did.

  26. jonny said:

    If i smoke like once a week, but go pretty hard when i do, how much do you recommend taking?

    • Old Hippie said:

      I never recommend anyone start with a large dose, because almost everyone has a different tolerance to edibles than they do to smoking, and if you take too much of an edible, you’re going to be going pretty hard for quite a few hours! Better to determine your own personal edible tolerance accurately now with firecrackers, then you can use that to estimate how much of other edibles you can take. So, if it turns out that you need two or three doses of firecrackers to get the same result I did, you’d be able to extrapolate that to other edibles as well.

      Most people underestimate edibles, until the first time they take too much! Nugs and hugs!

  27. dudemanyo said:

    after making this
    i reread the article i realized i only sprinkled the weed on top of the peanut butter
    but i used like 3x the amount you used and it was regs

    so instead of eating the bite sizes or 1/4 of a half
    i ate a whole half

    How high do you think i am going to now?

  28. bud overload said:

    Made these a second time using almost 2 teaspoons of fresh ground bud. I ate the entire thing over the course of an hour. I got so high all I could do was stare at stuff with my headphones on. I’ve also never felt this foggy the next day. I stayed home most of the day because it was so bad lol.

    Anyway thanks for the recipe. Firecrackers turned out perfect.

  29. Dr Spaceman said:

    I’ve tried firecrackers 3 times… each with no success.

    First time I used fresh ground bud sandwiched between two biscuits smothered in peanut butter. No effect however I used a very small amount (couple of pinches). Second time I used fresh bud but added a full teaspoon. In the oven for 20 minutes at 120C/250F and still nothing :(.

    This morning I decided to try using AVB, thinking that perhaps my oven meant that my first attempts didn’t real decarb correctly. Teaspoon of AVB caked in peanutbutter, in the oven at 120C for 20 minutes. Three hours later: nothing :(.

    I think edibles just straight up don’t work on me. I would have expected at least something….

    • Old Hippie said:

      I’ll be investigating a number of alternate methods of preparation for firecrackers, due to a number of similar reports. But I know for a fact that some people (based on digestive system oddness, liver metabolism, or just genetics) seem to have a far greater tolerance to edibles than their normal tolerance would indicate. This is surely the cheapest and fastest way to find out though!

      • Anonymous said:

        Another factor I read about could be what peanut butter they are using. If they aren’t using natural peanut butter they won’t have enough oil to absorb the THC

      • Anonymous said:

        I keep a little jar for AVB that I keep filled with just enough coconut oil to keep it all moist and pasty. I use this paste when making firecrackers and it seems to really make a massive difference in the strength and how quickly it works.

        • Old Hippie said:

          That’s a great idea. I tell people it’s better to eat stuff with high fat if you’re eating any kind of cannabis edible or capsule, but not everyone hears me :-)

    • Anonymous said:

      Are you useing all natural peanut butter i heard It doesnt work if you dont.

      • Old Hippie said:

        Well, think about it a moment. What part of cannabis would even care if the peanut butter is made “all natural” or not? Didn’t make sense, so I did some research and I found that “all natural” peanut butter has only peanuts and possibly salt as the ingredients, while “regular” peanut butter adds sugar and vegetable oil. Still sounds pretty natural to me, but there’s more to this story!

        As it turns out, some makers of the “all natural” kind say theirs is better because “regular” has more saturated fat in it. If you read the article, you’ll know that cannabis edibles work better if there’s more fat. So someone’s not only been making up stories to tell you, they’re telling you the exact opposite of the truth. “All Natural” peanut butter would be the worst kind to use!

  30. Jacks Purple Crack said:

    Yea i wasted like a gram of bud for nothing

    I put .5 into a firecracker preheat the oven to 260 degrees for 22 minutes took it out ate it and didn’t feel shit even though i kept waiting for it to kick in nothing happened. It was medical marijuana too top shelf i don’t get it wtf did i do wrong

    • Old Hippie said:

      Well, assuming you did the foil and all that kind of stuff, it’s likely that you actually did nothing wrong but you need a much higher dose. How high is your tolerance / how much do you smoke on a regular basis? There are also some people who are almost entirely impervious to edibles.

  31. Rom said:

    I don’t own any over, only a microwave. Would the recipe still get me high if I used the microwave instead ?

    • Rom said:

      Oven. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere that AVB does not need further cooking (people make capsules of it) because its components are already activated by the vaping process.

      • Old Hippie said:

        That’s correct, the AVB doesn’t need more heat, but you still need heat to infuse it into the oil in your Nutella or peanut butter, otherwise it doesn’t work as well. And it has to be heat over a period of time, not “flash” heat. This is why a microwave won’t work. If you really want to use a microwave, try kief cannacreamer.

        • Rom said:

          I decided to eat those firecrackers without baking them at all as I saw people using those capsules to ingest AVB, I wondered why the hell would it not work ? And it did, an hour after eating them, I could feel it kicking in and it increased and decreased in waves over a 4 hours timespan !

  32. Cosmo said:

    Thanks for the recipe! I’m new to your blog, but I already love it.

    I’d like to try out some firecrackers today, using some of my homegrown. (Unknown strain, although the effects when smoked seem incredibly anxiety-relieving and good for when I’m feeling angry/sad.)
    Is 1/4th of a cracker a relatively safe dose for everyone? I tend to have a fairly low tolerance to alcohol and weed, so I’d like to be careful. I smoked way too much before, and it was a pretty darn intense experience haha. I’m looking to get to about a 5 on the highness scale. I’m supposed to cover both crackers with half a teaspoon of weed each before I sandwich them together, right?

    • Old Hippie said:

      Yeah…sorry I didn’t see this over the weekend. You’ve probably done whatever, but to answer your questions: yes, 1/4 cracker ought to be pretty safe for almost anyone, since I have a pretty low tolerance myself. And yes, it’s one teaspoon for the whole thing, or a half-teaspoon for each half, depending on how you want to look at it. Nugs and hugs!

      • Cosmo said:

        No worries man! I figured I’d play it safe and just wait until I had a little more information. I just made my first firecracker and ate 1/4th of it. Just waiting for the effects now, I’m quite curious! (And a little nervous :’)

        • Old Hippie said:

          Can’t wait to hear how it went!

          Remember, if you don’t feel anything after 2 or 3 hours, try twice as much the next time.

  33. Jeffro said:

    I have a digi volcano vaporizer, what is the best temp to vaporize so that I can stil get good results with the ABV firecrackers? I am very interested in your firecrackers because my wife is a stage 4 cancer patient and cannot put anything in her lungs.

    • Old Hippie said:

      Hmm…I think I need a little more detail here. Are you trying to vaporize yourself and then use the leftover ABV for your wife’s firecrackers, or just make the firecrackers for her?

      • Jeffro said:

        Yes I want to vap for myself then use ABV for her firecrackers. I may have figured it out based on your comment on the color being green, brown or black. Mine is always green, I have been vaping at 165 degrees F an I maded firecrackers from them. I put the firecrackers in the oven at 260 degrees F for 22 min an after 1.5 hours we were very relaxed. It took me a lil bit to recognize the feeling since it is diff from the traditional way I normally consume it, it was like a full body muscle relaxer. If you have any more tips for me please let me know. The firecrackers are the easiest way to cook the ABV I have heard of, thanks for the info.

        • Old Hippie said:

          Hi again!

          I’ve never heard of anyone vaping at 165F. Are you sure you don’t mean Celsius? Because 165F won’t even get the THC warm, let alone release any. Check this chart.

          If you are trying to help either your wife’s reaction to chemotherapy (anti-nausea and boosted appetite) or hopefully fight cancer directly, then the thing is, you don’t want to burn off any THC by vaping it off first. You should try some firecrackers made with ground bud, not ABV, and see if that helps her more.

          Please write back and tell me how it goes. Hugs and nugs!

          • Jeffro said:

            My typo, I have been vaporizing at 365F not 165F then using the ABV in firecrackers at 260F for 22 min in the oven, we have been getting great results. Any further input would be appreciated.

          • Jeffro said:

            I should also add that I am not using med MJ, I am not that fortunate, I am using regular MJ not even hydro.

  34. Anonymous said:

    Quick question, I smoke on a daily basis and I was thinking of trying these edibles out with our vaped weed. But I just got my vaporizer and I think a lot of the weed ended up getting a little more used, based on those two things how much would you recommend in terms of dosage?

  35. BlizzyBeats said:

    I looked up teaspoon to gram and it said 5. I know it’s density of the weed and all that, but is .5 to 1 gram a good amount? It’s pretty good weed.

      • BlizzyBeats said:

        Thanks. I also have another question. I was reading other recipes and they were saying that 320 for 20 minutes is the best temperature and that it would take to long to cook at 250. Now I’m just confused as to the temperature. Does it really matter all that much?

  36. Bryan said:

    Hello, this recipe looks great and I can’t wait to try it. I have a question though, would this work with kief just as well as fresh weed or abv? Thanks!

    • Old Hippie said:

      Yes, but I’ve been experimenting with kief and it is not worth it. You need a lot of kief and you’re way better off smoking or vaping it.

  37. BlizzyBeats said:

    I just made a few of these and I cooked half on 300 degrees and the others on 250. The ones that cooked at 300 gave me a slight buzz, but the ones at 250 sent me to space. 250 is definately the way to go. [8]

  38. Gandalf said:

    I just cooked one of these at 255F for 22 minutes with 1.2g of light brown avb. I ate half, hopefully I’ll feel nice in an hour or two. I love your site by the way, thanks for providing useful information in your articles, they are entertaining to read!

    • Old Hippie said:

      I can’t wait to hear how it went. If nothing happens in 2 hours, try the other half, but I suspect you should be quite happy soon. Nugs and hugs!

  39. SomethingClever said:

    Followed the directions, ate half of one, nothing happened. Try again; except this time I ate 2 full doses, still to no avail. Alas the life of a silver smith is not an easy one. I guess some people really are immune to edibles.

  40. Doc said:

    The other thing to consider here is the same with any “goods” baked in an oven, “cooking times and temperature may vary by elevation” that being said does anyone have an idea of what a good temp would be for baking and/or dehydration?

  41. Anonymous said:

    I used 1 gram of some low mids I ate half of one my friend ate the other I smoke everyday it didn’t work I took it at 7 it’s 930 I even went out and bought an oven thermometer and temp was barely under 300 degrees what did I do wrong ??? I don’t understand

  42. Hilde said:

    I’m really new to this. I always hated weed because it gave me panic attacks so I never really got into it. Now I’m in my late 40’s and have COPD and fibromialga (sp). I have a very hard time breathing and a lot of pain. I have tons of anxiety and panic attacks when I can’t breathe. A friend of mine thought weed would really help to calm me down help and help with the pain, so I agreed to try it. He put cannabutter on some of my food one day then sat with me to make sure I reacted ok.
    It was amazing!!! I was so calm and it felt as though it opened up my airway and made my breathing easy and painless! No pain was wonderful!!! I LOVED it!!
    Since that time he has flown back home, and I ran out of the cannabutter. So I found a way to obtain some weed but didn’t know what to do with it. lol I bought a vaporizer because it was the easiest way to use it. Vaping is still bad on my lungs so I’d rather eat it. When I vape I feel great for awhile, but then have anxiety and panic after about 5 or 6 hours after vaping. Maybe it’s the strain of weed?

    I say all that to say that I am so thankful for your site, I’m learning tons. I did the Firecracker today…about 2 hours ago. I’m feeling pretty GREAT!! Thank you!! Now I don’t have to vape.
    I hope I don’t have anxiety and panic attacks after awhile like I do when I vape.
    Is it normal to have anxiety after enjoying a few hours of bliss? Would taking more help or make the anxiety worse?

    • Hilde said:

      Damn…this really feels great!! My body doesn’t hurt at all! I’m all relaxed and feeling damn good!! Wow, this is great! Thank you so much Old Hippie!

    • Old Hippie said:

      Dear Hilde,

      Wow, this is a busy day here for me! Anyway, let’s get a few things over with:

      When I vape I feel great for awhile, but then have anxiety and panic after about 5 or 6 hours after vaping. Maybe it’s the strain of weed?

      Bingo. You’re almost surely vaping a strong sativa or sativa hybrid with lots of THC.

      You also must be pretty sensitive, because the effects of vaping usually run out after 2 to 4 hours or so. Also — and I don’t know what kind of vape you have — how high you set the vape will affect what cannabinoids you’re inhaling. You need THC (which gets you high), because that’s the component that acts as a bronchodilator, but if you have too much of it or in the wrong balance, you’ll end up with the anxiety.

      But beyond that, it’s typical for new users to have some anxiety anyway. Some of it is “second-guessing” yourself, but most of it is from the unfamiliar rush of unusual feelings and sensitivity to the internals of your own body. So to answer your last question, yes, more would definitely be worse.

      I’m going out on a limb here, but most cannabutter is made with indica strains and/or leaves, which tend to have much more calming ratios of cannabinoids. Even too much indica can cause anxiety/panic, though, because you will almost always get that from being too high. Anyway, you should be very careful with your dose of any edible because edibles have the potential to get you higher than any other method.

      I also want to “introduce you” to my dear wife Felicity, who has many similar issues!

      Please keep writing back if you have more questions. Nugs and hugs!

      P.S. For fast relief, your best bets are tincture or vaping. Even Felicity can vape with this setup.

  43. Anonymous said:

    Old Hippie, the recipe worked perfect for me. I ate 2 doses, and I was high for about 8 hours. lol. Thanks for the recipe, man.

  44. Anonymous said:

    I’m assuming a dose is 1/4th of a sheet of gram cracker? So like, when you break it up there are four ‘sandwiches’ and such?

    • Old Hippie said:

      Exactly. You may end up needing more, especially if you’re a recreational user or someone with more tolerance than I have, but that’s the safe place to start.

  45. Zooman said:

    Hey Old Hippie, great recipe! 1/4 is definitely active for me. It’s mellow and all in the body, very relaxing and comfy. And I feel that I could safely take another 1/4 without being overwhelmed. I just wanted to add that I will prob be using 1/4 tsp of abv per cracker next time, just because its so tasty I wanted to eat more. That way I can enjoy the right dose and eat my whole firecracker!

    Best wishes

      • anthony said:

        Should the firecrackers sit out for a period of time before consuming? And how long does it usually take to start to feel the effects after consumption?

        • Old Hippie said:

          Well, at least long enough so that you don’t burn your mouth! They might get a bit stronger if they sit for an hour or so, but I’ve never tried that myself.

          On an empty stomach, expect to wait 30 minutes to 2 hours to feel it. Good luck!

  46. Anonymous said:

    Just a note for those who are increasing dosage and having little effect: I have found that if the firecracker doesn’t seem to be doing its job, a small, high-fat snack (I like to have about an ounce of cheese, for example) will help the process along. This is particularly true if your stomach is otherwise empty.
    This is not a situation where having an empty stomach will intensify your experience. I wouldn’t eat too much though, just out of simple caution. I don’t know precisely where the line is for too much/not enough food.

    Thanks for the good work Old Hippie, I am really enjoying your stuff.

  47. Chris said:

    Hey Old Hippie! This is my 3rd attempt at Firecrackers, but my first one using ABV. I really, really hope it works this time haha. I’ll update with details in about 2 hours =]

  48. Anonymous said:

    Hey Old Hippie,

    So I made firecrackers again following your recipe, but this time I used shortbread cookies instead of graham crackers.However, since the short bread cookies are so small I ended up packing it with more AVB, so they turned out pretty strong. I was up there at 13 or 14, and I remember being terrified of the presentation I had to at school this past week lol. Good times, though.

  49. Anonymous said:

    This is an absolutely great recipe. I baked at around 290-300F for 25-27 minutes with foil on. The peak of my high lasted for around 4 hours. Definitely recommend this.

  50. Juanito said:

    Made eight of these and gave them out to seven people at a party: one guy got super mellow-stoned and didn’t want to get up, another got so high he didn’t know what he was talking about and I think he accidentally dumped his girlfriend (he can’t remember what he said to her exactly), two more guys were at the perfect level of high, and the other three people did not experience any effects.

    I’m trying to figure out why some people experienced effects and some did not, but to no avail! I think it has to do with what people ate earlier that day or something.

    I baked them with fresh bud at 250 degreees for 23 min, but then I put them in the microwave later for 15 seconds. Also, some people felt effects within an hour of consumption, but one guy felt it after about 2-3 hours. Also, the crackers tasted pretty good after putting them in the microwave, but I ate one before the microwave and it was pretty gross.

    Thanks so much for the recipe!

    • Old Hippie said:

      Wow, thanks so much for all the details! I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the guy who took 3 hours got either pretty high…or not at all.

      That’s an amazing percentage of people not feeling anything. Do they have a very high tolerance when smoking? I’m asking because I know there’s a percentage of the population that has a high tolerance to edibles specifically (might be associated with Celtic genes), and this has no relation to smoking tolerance, but if you do have a high tolerance from smoking, you’re generally gonna need strong edibles (see my response to oceanofthc below). Resistance to edibles is not actually dependent on eating, although when you ate will affect how long it take to work, and sometimes how strong it hits you.

      Finally, thanks for the trick about the microwave. I’m gonna have to try that myself. Nugs and hugs!

      • Juanito said:

        Well the three of us who did not experience effects were very hungry and had not had anything to eat in a while. Except one guy who got pretty high didn’t have much food either, and this was the one that took the longest to feel anything. He got fairly high, but not to an extreme. He was very comfortable. The super stoned dude ate the most about an hour before having the cracker. I’m guessing for the most part having a pretty full stomach helps absorption.

        Also, that morning I ate half of one dose, which is 1/16 of a cracker, but I had only heated the crackers at 250 degrees for 23 minutes. It tasted super strongly of bud, so it wasn’t very good. But, I did feel effects! I got a bit high, but a pretty small amount (also I got the edge of the entire cracker, so it did not have much weed in it).

        Later on I decided to heat it in the microwave before eating, for 15 seconds. It tasted MUCH better, and in the microwave I didn’t use foil and it did not have smell. Next time I will try to eat a full meal an hour before cracker consumption, and I’ll see how I feel. If it works, that should confirm my assumptions.

        I hope all my info helped!

        TOKE ON

        • Juanito said:

          I forgot to say that none of us smoke regularly, so all of our tolerances were low

        • Old Hippie said:

          Juanito, this was fantastic details, thanks again! If you find Granny Storm Crow’s comments on this page, she explains how eating an hour before consuming an edible will boost the effects by bypassing the liver. That’s what your friend did by accident, and you can do it on purpose! Nugs and hugs!

  51. oceanofthc said:

    I smoke at least 1/2 an oz a week..what do you think a proper dosage for me would be?

    • Old Hippie said:

      Well…with that much smoking, you’re going to have a hell of a tolerance. So I would recommend you not even mess with firecrackers (which have a natural limit on how strong they can be) and go straight to cannabis cooking oil (see steps #1 through 7 on this post, and don’t miss “Tips and Tricks” at the end). For that kind of tolerance, I’d start with 1/4 ounce of weed in 1/4 cup of coconut oil and two tablespoons of lecithin, and try a dose of one or two teaspoons 45 minutes after eating a medium-sized meal (like, a hamburger as opposed to a whole 3-course dinner). You don’t have to swallow the oil straight either, you can put it in salad or on bread or saute some food in it. Nugs and hugs and please let me know how it worked!

  52. Ent said:

    I read ALL of the comments and I’m a bit worried about the amount of people saying it didn’t work for them. I want to make firecrackers for the first time and most other guides say you should heat it to 320-350F. You suggest it to be 250 because you think that most home ovens will “overshoot” the set temperature.

    However, 320-350 makes perfect sense for decarboxylating the weed, because a vaporizer is even hotter (about 365). So, if I don’t want my THC to be smoked up in the oven, then it makes perfect sense to use a temperature just below the heat of a vaporizer. Right?

    And I’m almost certain my oven doesn’t overshoot its temperature. Weed is quite expensive and kinda hard to get here, so I want to make sure it will work. I think I’m going to try a firecracker recipe using 320, because it seems like a safer bet. But what do you think? Do I make sense?

    At first making an edible seemed quite foolproof, but lo and behold, it might even be genetic as you have said in the comments.

    • Old Hippie said:

      You’re a little ahead of me here. I try never to guess at things when I haven’t done them. Truthfully I don’t know what’s the most efficient temperature for firecrackers, which is why I’m currently working on a massive experiment to find out. I saw the 250F, tried it, and it worked and it was safe, so I wrote about it. I’m not saying 320 or even 350 is too hot, I just haven’t tested it yet. But soon! I’ve seen other people report good results at higher temperatures, but I’m trying to quantify it personally.

      I can’t do anything about your genetics, but you can try fooling them by eating your firecracker 45 minutes after a meal to insure the highest effect by bypassing the liver. In any case, firecrackers are the easiest and most economical one-shot edible there is. Good luck, and please let us know what happens. Nugs and hugs!

  53. Casey White said:

    I’m worried: I ate the whole graham cracker because I didn’t read that one part. What should I expect??

    • Old Hippie said:

      Don’t panic! I have a very low tolerance and I publish very conservative doses. You should be fine as long as you keep your head. Drink water so you won’t get dehydrated, and try to lay down and sleep if you’re getting overwhelmed. If that doesn’t work, try watching a movie or listening to music to keep your mind from focusing on your own body. Good luck!

  54. Jacob said:

    Would this work using stems? I know that stems don’t have nearly as much THC as the buds but smoking stems sucks and I don’t want to just throw them away! It would be cool to at least get a buzz from them.

    • Old Hippie said:

      Thanks for the feedback! We expect to start our long-awaited firecracker experiments in May, once we get some specialized equipment in-house.

  55. Marissa said:

    My boyfriend and I are waiting for our firecracker to be done cooking! super excited :) can’t wait to see what will happen! love the page, hope to see more recipes for edibles very soon

  56. RSM said:

    If I don’t have any access to graham crackers, would bread be a decent alternative? Perhaps a “baked” nutella sandwich?

    • Old Hippie said:

      Well, it won’t affect the effects, so to speak, but I suspect bread will crumble into unhandleable bits when subjected to spreading Nutella followed by heating. Crackers are merely the substrate holding it all together.

      • Kelly james said:

        Hey , can u please help me out , im worried about the smell so what should i do about the smell.. My name is kelly james we can talk better on facebook plz help me … Female 19 .. K thanx mwah ..

  57. Anon said:

    I didn’t have crackers so I used bread and followed all the directions. My AVB went through my mflb and some is just a little bit dark but I added a bit extra AVB and picked out some of the bigger chunks of ash. The oven just beeped and I’m gonna eat it all now. I have a pretty reasonable tolerance so I’ll see what happens.

  58. Kelly james said:

    Hey my name is kelly james , female 19 .. U can find me on facebook .. My pro pic is my friend and i are on a boat .. And my cover pic is about weed …hehe… So plz help me i wanna make some crackers 4 the firat time and im scared of being cought , what should i do ? Plz help and even reply on facebook … Plsease , i wanna do it at home without being cought …. I wanna do it safe , and im gonna do it a sunday when my dad is at home , but ive got that coverd , im just worried about the smell .. Plz help me plz thanx …mwah ..

    • Old Hippie said:

      Sorry, I went through 4 pages of people with your name on Facebook before giving up. Anyway, they don’t smell like weed, they just smell a bit weird. Did you read the trick about making popcorn? I can’t “guarantee” your Dad won’t recognize the smell, but I didn’t the first time either and I’ve been around weed since probably before your dad was born LOL.

  59. Basedgod said:

    Could these be baked inside of a sealed container like a mason jar to reduce any chance of smell?

    • Old Hippie said:

      I think you might have a good idea there. Be careful picking up and unscrewing the lid though. As long as the glass doesn’t break (which theoretically it shouldn’t because it’s designed for those temperatures), it should be fine. Nugs and hugs!

  60. Scott said:

    Made exactly how it said. A+ recipe. About 2 1/2 hours ago, I scarfed down 1/4 of the finished product. I am currently on could nine. Follow the directions exactly and you will be satisfyed.

  61. Brandon said:

    you shouldnt even have to put these in the oven because they have already been decarbed in the oven

  62. Anonymous said:

    Your temperature… its so low every other recipe calls for much higher why is that? What would the difference in result be?

  63. OGKushFire said:

    Wow. I have been looking for edibles for the longest time that required little weed and produced no smell. I knew that firecrackers were a sure-fire way to achieve this so I searched for recipes and this seemed like the best one. I grinded .5 grams of OG Kush and mixed it with nutella and a little bit of canola oil and it was a bit too much so I smeared it onto two square crackers and stuck that in the oven. After 22 minutes, they were done and there wasn’t a single smell. They tasted so good and I ate a whole cracker but due to making two of them, it was equivalent to eating half of one of yours. After an hour I became incredibly high and it lasted for 4-6 hours. It was fantastic. Thank you so much!!

  64. Renee' said:

    I’ve tried this 3 times before and nothing….only thing different was the oven was at 320. Trying it again on your recommended setting and with more potent bud, so hopefully this time will work.:) -I’m thinking maybe I smoke too much daily…*blush*

  65. c.g said:

    Thank you, simple and perfect. I just got my first vaporizer, now I’m enjoying delicious Nutella crackers. I’ve got a great body buzz. My wife and I appreciate.

  66. Anonymous said:

    hey I just tried the pot pizza tactic, but with a subway sandwich (steak, avocado, provolone cheese). Would this be analogous enough for me to get to a similar place using avb? I’ve hardly ever felt sometihng with edibles, so I sprinkled avb pretty liberally through both halves of the [footlong] sandwich. Microwaved each half for about 45 seconds total

    • Old Hippie said:

      If you just ate it and you don’t vape your weed until it’s super dark, I suggest you drink some water and find a nice comfortable place to sit down, because avocado, steak, and cheese all have plenty of fat in them and you should be flying in an hour or so! Nugs and hugs!

  67. Joe Hill said:

    This worked FANTASTIC with my vaped remains. Weirdly, it didn’t work for my freshly ground bud. What happened? :-)

  68. Anonymous said:

    Hey, so me and my friends are gonna try this tomorrow. we got 1.5g and it’s four of us total. Will this be enough to get a good high (4-5ish) or would we need more? Also, does it make a difference whether we eat on an empty stomach or not?

  69. jordanf said:

    hey Old hippie , i baked them at 275 in my toaster oven for 22 min but i dont think they baked long enough bcs the cracker is a lil soft, what should i look for to make sure its done

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  71. Dalvamin said:

    Greetings. I am a daily smoker. I make Firecracker using margarine and 1 gram of some nice sativa.
    Done all that 250* time and waited around 20-30 mins and 10 more extra minutes to cool off.
    I don’t want to toke a joint now, I am waiting the firecrackers to hit, hopefully. :)
    Thanks for the info.

  72. Anonymous said:

    I have tried lots of edibles including firecrackers I have made myself and i don’t usually feel anything from them. I was wondering since i have Crohn’s disease and don’t absorb somethings in food like most people could that be a problem?

    • Old Hippie said:


      If you have Crohn’s in your small intestine, you might not be able to absorb lipids thoroughly. Taking edibles with meals could lessen this effect, but the best way to bypass digestion altogether is to use tincture under your tongue.

  73. dwreck said:

    So does the bud ratio change if youre using fresh/green ground up herb? 99% of all of this is with ABV, but i dont have a vape.

    Should any part of the recipe change with just fresh herb?

  74. Cj said:

    Hey im making some right now on thursday and my friends and i are eating them on saturday. So im guna just put them in the freezer. Will they still be as good. And also should i do something to them when they get out of the freezer to make them better

    • Old Hippie said:

      They would be good for a week even outside the refrigerator, freezing is absolutely not necessary unless you want to store them for more than 2 or 3 weeks.

  75. TheodorG said:

    I just made two of these, with fresh green bud.

    After i made them ( 305F for 27minutes ) the bud was still green, just wondering if that means anything?

    I also read it wrong, and ate the whole thing, its been about 30 minutes, still patient.

    • Old Hippie said:

      Well…remember, the whole point of firecrackers is that they’re a quick, easy to prepare edible. They are not super efficient, and I’m guessing you proved that since the weed didn’t fully decarboxylate (which turns it brown and brittle). So if you’re one of those people have a higher edible tolerance, you aren’t going to find them effective. In that case, you should be thankful that you only invested a relatively small amount of cannabis into finding that out, and you can proceed to make cannabis cooking oil, Canna Caps, and other things that will work better.

  76. Anonymous said:

    Tried making these yesterday. Ate 1/4, waited an hour, ate another 1/4… only really got to a [3]. I re-wrapped the remaining half and put it back in at 300F for 25 minutes, then ate another 1/4. Maybe maxed out at a [3.5]. Disappointing. :(

    Any suggestions for what might have gone wrong? If I’d smoked that amount, I’d have been at a [7] or [8] (super low tolerance, yay)

    Also, thanks for being such a great informational resource and community leader for all things cannabis!

    • Old Hippie said:

      Hey, sorry it didn’t work for you, and it’s likely you did nothing wrong. Remember, I’m using top quality stuff and I have almost zero tolerance and am very sensitive to edibles. Lots of people have higher tolerances, and others have specific high resistance to edibles (it’s a genetic thing), so now you’ve found that you need maybe 3 times as much as I do. So I suggest you simply use…three times as much for firecrackers!

      Firecrackers are not at all the best or most efficient edible to make, but they’re very easy and work on most people, so they’re a good “first edible” for people to make. I can’t tell you how many sob stories I’ve read from people who said they wasted $200 worth of weed on some idiotic recipe that “some guy told me how to make”. So I came up with this precisely because no matter what, it’s still only a small amount of weed. Since you proved edibles do work on you, I suggest decarbing 1/8 ounce and then making some cooking oil with it (2 or 3 tablespoons of oil per 1/8 ounce cannabis is a good start), from which you can make almost anything.

  77. kelgirlie said:

    I made AVB firecrackers two nights ago and got a slight body buzz. I am completely out of AVB but I have one fresh nug left until payday ;) It seems like vaping gives me a headache lately. It may be just the strain, which is unknown because I live in an ignorant (not legal) state… I have chronic migraine disease, so more headaches are not what I’m looking for! I use cannabis for neuropathy and anxiety. So here’s my question… With only one nug left, should I just go ahead and use that in a firecracker without vaping it first? It seems like when making something like cannabutter or cannaoil, we’re talking about a larger quantity than what I’ve got left. What would you do, Old Hippie?

    • Old Hippie said:

      Ouch! Wow, that’s sad/scary, a high CBD strain would probably solve all your problems in 5 minutes, but people even in legal states have problems finding this stuff.

      You’re perfectly right, firecrackers are one of the few things you can make with a small quantity, but one nug is not enough for that either and it would almost surely be wasted. I don’t have any easy answers for you, other than don’t give yourself another headache. I wish I could just email you some :-) Until payday…nugs and extra hugs!

  78. Anonymous said:

    A little off topic but still relevant, I made ABV brownies and they worked quite well. 16 grams of abv that I simmered in butter and vegetable oil for about 15 min stirring constantly. Then I mixed it into the brownie mix that was suppose to be 16 servings. Baked them at 325 for half of the time and then lowered the temp to 250 to help slow cook them. Long story short 1/4 of one brownie put some people on the moon and I had one and was on a whole different level. It deff worked for us!

    • Old Hippie said:

      Yeah, I try to use only 1/2 a gram of weed per dose, even when I’m dosing for recreational users. I’m gonna guess that your ABV wasn’t all that dark, and that the simmering really helped. That seems to be a pretty good technique for both infusing the oil and sauteing things in the finished oil! I’m glad you folks started out with brownie fractions, because most people just eat one or two and as you could tell that’s a very bad idea! Nugs and hugs!

      • Anonymous said:

        Just wanted to share my experiences with firecrackers.. I have only used avb but the doses that I used have been much higher than what you have recommended but my avb is usually fairly dark (orange/brownish). I have done this four separate times with doses ranging from 3 grams to 5.5 grams of avb, the 3 grams resulting in around a 5 and the 5.5 grams resulting in around an 8. Each time it was a comfortable and enjoyable high that usually lasted 4-6 hours. Something else to add is that I have a lower tolerance than many people when it comes to smoking. There ya are, I’ve thrown in my two cents!

  79. Uno said:

    I’ve been using these super thin, round ginger cookies … you can get a HUGE tin of them at World Market for about $10 after Christmas and they last forever. 1/4 tsp (measuring tsp) AVB on each cookie sandwich and 22 minutes at your 250 doesn’t really emit much odor at all.

    One cookie sandwich doesn’t taste at all nasty and feels nice for a few hours.

    Been trying to smoke less for health reasons … thanks for the recipe and dosing tips. :D

  80. Anonymous said:

    Is the temperature of 250 degrees F correct? Most other recipes range from 320-350 in the same amount of time. I’m a first timer so I wasn’t sure if the above was a typo or not.

  81. Melissa said:

    I’m heating the oven up right now. What I want to know is whether or not I should put the aluminum wrapped firecracker on a baking sheet. Do I just put it directly onto the oven rack or would a sheet work better?

  82. Anonymous said:

    Awesome guide! Always love reading others recipes. Made these for years, each time following a different persons methods, enjoy experimenting and seeing others tricks.
    PEOPLE EVERYONES DIFFERENT THERES NO WAY TO TELL EXACTLY HOW YOUR EXPERIENCE WILL TURN UP! So many different factors, mostly attributing to digestive system/edible tolerance. Start small, experiment and work up if your feeling iffy. PERSONALLY I do a full cracker every time and I never have regretted it once, were all different. I’m heading to a concert on these tomorrow with my girl, full cracker each, can’t wait:). Pleasant vibes y’all! If your confused or questioning these methods, check out more threads, there’s a plethora of them, they all follow the same general outline but will vary the slightest, good luck!

    • Old Hippie said:

      Thank you! I try to tell people that I’m writing this deliberately to be “safe starting points”, but many people take it as “absolutes” and then are surprised that it doesn’t work the way they want it to. And most of them forget the part where I’m a microdosing medical patient and they’re recreational with a huge tolerance :-) Nugs and hugs!

  83. R.J. (@Soury_Diesel) said:

    I encountered this recipe a while ago, and so far it seems like the only recipe written by someone with a proper brain (even if slightly intoxicated on good ol’ cannabis) so I’m going to give it a shot tomorrow since I currently have a nasty lung cold and I can’t smoke. (Sunday’s always best for baking.) Before I shoot myself in the foot, I wanted to inquire about a few things:

    I have four different choices in ‘cracker’, which I collected because my country has no clue what graham crackers are. I’m not eager to try the Sultana brand ones (cinnamon and coconut flavours), but the tea biscuits and cream crackers seem like a safer bet for my stomach. Which one would you recommend? (If anything, based on flavour alone.)
    The chocolate hazelnut spread I got is some fancy store-brand stuff (39% fat, should be good) and I’m vaping my butt off to get a teaspoon full of White Widow. If I vaporize the weed to a point of dryness (and some brownness), this should be enough right?
    And the last one’s more of an experimental question: If I were to use something like melba toast and fatty tomato/’pizza’ spread, would it be possible to make pizza-flavor firecrackers? Because some people like s’mores, and other people prefer pizza hot pockets.

    • Old Hippie said:

      Hi there!

      The only purpose of the cracker is to provide a non-soggy substrate for the topping, so you’re looking for something that can withstand having stuff spread on it and being baked in the oven afterwards. The flavor is entirely optional, so feel free to make pizza flavor (on melba toast, nice substrate there!) or anything you want. Many people even prefer peanut butter over Nutella, I just can’t stand the stuff.

      Also, this is stronger when made with normal cured and ground cannabis, but AVB will generally work fine too. And don’t be surprised if you need more than I do, I have a very low tolerance. Nugs and hugs and have fun!

      • R.J. (@Soury_Diesel) said:

        Just for feedback: The basic part of your recipe works like a charm. I’m sitting here some 20 minutes after choking down about 1/4th of the cracker with a light Indica buzz. Not sure how long it’ll last for me, but I used unvaped Cheese in it, and ate it on an empty stomach. With some luck I’ll be buzzing throughout at least half of today but with my tolerance I’m not willing to bet on anything.

        Talking flavours: Molten hazelnut chocolate and cream crackers are not for me. I gagged through the bit I did manage to eat, but I respectfully tossed and mourned the rest. R.I.P.
        I looked through some things, and I actually need to reconsider the pizza/toast combination until I’m certain there’s little to no salt or acidic substances in the ingredients. Apparently this is a major health hazard with aluminium, which throws a giant (deadly) wrench in the whole plan. I think basic tomato spread lack both, so I’m planning to just spice it up like any other pizza (more herbs to keep the cannabis company!) and see if it treats my taste buds better.

        Thanks for the recipe once again, it was really easy to make!

  84. JT said:

    I just ate (chewed and swallowed) about 0.75 teaspoon of AVB… just curious to see what happens. No – I don’t have anything to do for the rest of the night, and I have a very high edible tolerance and a low vapor tolerance. I’m glad I’ve been keeping my AVB for the last month or so. I’ll let you know if anything happens. In the meantime, I’m going to bake the rest of the AVB into coconut oil :0)

      • JT said:

        Well, I went grocery shopping for graham crackers and Nutella. The spoonful of AVB gave me a little effect, emphasis on little. It wasn’t enough to be therapeutic – almost no symptom relief. I’ll use one teaspoon now on this recipe, and we’ll see if there is any difference from this afternoon.

        • JT said:


          Keep in mind that I may vape more or less actives out of my plant material depending on the temps I use on my vaporizer. Sometimes the temp I select is much less than what many people use. Sometimes I vape the hell out of it and have a very toasted residue left. All that to say that my AVB may be weaker or stronger on any given day. The AVB I ate raw did have an effect – it just came on much much later. It was about a [3].

          I found that when I use a heaping “dinner” teaspoon on one Firecracker, the resulting effect of eating the whole thing is about a [3]. Last night I ate 3.0 and my friend ate 0.25. She got to about a [4]. I went to my bed thinking there was a distinct possibility of Velociraptors in my house (that was just one of many cool trips). By the time I drifted off into a relaxing sleep, I was at about or between a [12] or a [13] Having experiences with hallucinogens in college, this heavy dose didn’t result in a bad “trip.” However, I want to emphasize that it was *very* trippy – very Sativa. When you get to this level, contemplative/meditative practices can blast you off into total bliss. Ever been so high that you feel like your unconscious brain isn’t doing a good enough job breathing in and out? Well, this is a level where it can be a wonderful thing to focus on your breathing – one technique for meditation. O.H. – I know this is a practice of yours, too… for what seems a few reasons….


          With my heaping spoonful recipe, my friend got what she wanted with 0.25 treats and 0 bowls while I got a little more than I wanted with 3 treats and two bowls vaped (0.25g?).

          I’m happy to have found a great use for my AVB!!!! I knew I was saving it for something ;)

          Thank you so much for your work!

          • Rick said:

            Hi; I often (mainly) vape just to get very high and meditate, and most times can go from being totally depressed to total bliss (if I can adopt a positive attitude in the process). Also, am now getting to the point of going from having totally physically body consciousness to totally out of the body, and almost super-conscious in higher levels. What a great thing this herb is!. Anyway, I made these firecrackers 3 years ago with some mexican weed. Ground them up very well and mixed with organic peanut butter (plus a little coconut oil), put about 1.2 grams in middle of 2 ritz crackers, and wrapped in foil. Baked them at exactly 340 F for 25 minutes. Tried 1 whole firecracker and was super-high for 20 hours! So then only ate about 1/3 of a cracker, for a 6-hour high. Amazing. Also, 2 things that are interesting: 1st time a tried to eat an edible, I ate some (decarbonized) weed, about 1/2 oz of mexican, and had to wait 4 hours to start getting high. Now, it’ll take about 1/2 hour, give or take. So, for me these was a 1st time tolerance thing or something. But……if I’m in a hurry, now all I do is put an edible in my mouth, keep chewing for about 5 minutes, and keep it UNDER YOU TONGUE, for much of the time, then swallow. This sublingularly utilizes the small blood vessels under the tongue, which absorb your edible directly into the blood vessels, bypassing the digestive system. You can start to get high in 10-15 minutes doing this. Also note. I still have some of those 3-year old firecrackers left, and they are still as potent as they originally were! Hard to believe, but I never even refrigerated them (taste a little stale is all – lol) Thanks for this great forum.

          • Old Hippie said:

            Wow, great story there. I’ve written about sublingual tinctures, but never thought to try it with edibles. Thanks for the info. Nugs and hugs!

  85. nick said:

    I’ve made these a few times and only got really baked once a week ago i tried em with no effect this time I upped the temp to 320 for 25 mims I’ve doubled the amount from a small teaspoon to a heaping one ate half been about a half hr starting to feel something will wait another half hr before possibly eating the rest

  86. MizVic said:

    I just melted one of my dark chocolate bars and then added a tsp of AVB, stirred then baked for the 22 min on 250°. Let the bar cool and there ya go!

  87. Anonymous said:

    Made 2 crackers ate half now. Used unvaped goodness, lets see what happens :)

  88. kyle said:

    put about a gram into one firecracker, ate the whole thing ..should be a good time haha

  89. Anonymous said:

    Me and my brother made four crackers with 1.5 teaspoons in each cracker, two for each of us. using chunky Peanut butter. Oh man about 30 mins later I was at a 7 which stayed for the whole day. I used more abv because I vape it dark :D

  90. NewGuy said:

    I’ve done some reading on this recently because I want to try some edibles using my avb. I haven’t actually tried baking a firecracker yet but I read that if you bake at 300f + you will bake most of the thc out of the food. 250-285f is recommended, you just have to bake it longer to make up for the reduced temp. I also read that if you want to get the best effect from it, you should let it sit once it has finished baking (hours – days). Something about letting the fatty content to absorb the thc, I don’t remember. I have yet to even try this, so I don’t know how true it is. I just figured I’d share this information and hope it works/helps.

  91. Bohemian_Lady said:

    Wondering if there’s anyway I can do this on my griddle… with a ceramic plate over the top. I’ll have to try that when the room mates not home. Bookmarking this page so I can report back for all my fellow ents with no oven.

  92. timbo said:

    I’ve eaten edibles straight from a dispensary before and had no results. This recipe gave me my first high on edibles. Thanks a bunch Old Hippie.

  93. stone mcstone said:

    I took it about 2 and a half hours ago a mix of one part high fat peanut butter one part nutella about a teaspoon and then sum , I am definitely feeling it, i have a high tolerance but this is like really intense. I would compare it to constantly taking hits over and over again multiple times without actually inhaling any smoke, i’m getting progressively higher is what i’m saying, it’s like i took the hits all in advance and they keep adding up and up and up. I’m getting high so high that my fingers look like spaghetti tentacles

    dry mouf out the ass as well i want to get some water but i seem to be fused with the mattress

    • Old Hippie said:

      And…that’s why I recommend only a quarter of the cracker, folks!

      Thanks for the trip report and hope you feel better soon!

  94. Anonymous said:

    Can you use less ABV to make a tiny 1/4 corner snack(1 dose)? Or does there need to be a teaspoon on each side of the cracker to make it effective?

    • Old Hippie said:

      Oh, of course. Remember my motto: “You can always take more, but you can never take less” (at least, after you eat it :-)

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