Old Hippie Makes Nutella Firecrackers

So there I was, just sitting around after going shopping. Some thought was annoying me, attempting to claw its way into my consciousness…wait! My wife had asked me to pick her up some graham crackers, and I just realized that those are the base ingrediENT in firecrackers!

Now, back in the sixties and seventies, nobody cooked with marijuana — except brownies, of course. And the only reason anyone thought of brownies is because of a 300-year-old recipe book (OK, actually from 1954) that talked about them (OK, there was actually a related movie in 1968). But considering we were all expanding our minds back then, it’s a bit sad that nobody went any further in the realm of cooking. Of course, all the presENT medical and chemical knowledge of how cannabinoids work came after that.

So these days, we know more about the various compounds in cannabis, and how to efficiENTly extract them by cooking with foods high in fats or oils or alcohols. And that’s how some anonymous genius came up with the idea of adding pot to peanut butter, throwing it in an oven on top of a graham cracker, and getting a powerful edible that was immediately named “firecrackers”.

But I hate peanut butter, so I figured Nutella would work just as well, if not better…there’s plENTy of fat in there. I had also heard that firecrackers taste terrible, and what fun is eating if it doesn’t taste good? So I did some research on the Internet to get the best suggestions, and even found other people who had used Nutella, including this thread on /r/trees which I had forgotten about.

Anyway, I essENTially used the wonderful illustrated guide that xerexerex found (with one exception which I’ll detail later). You take two graham crackers, and coat one side of each with Nutella, but not all the way to the edge. Then you sprinkle ground bud on the Nutella. Then coat two more crackers with Nutella, and put them face down on the first ones, making two little “sandwiches”. Then you wrap each one in aluminum foil, and put them in the oven. The one substantial change I made to this recipe was to heat it differently to avoid losing THC: I used 22 minutes at 250°F.

I noticed a few differences between my recipe and others. First, to me at least, using Nutella was a win. While it didn’t taste great, it didn’t taste bad, either…kind of neutral if anything.

The other difference was that the illustrated recipe says that each “sandwich” is a dose. I got slightly different results.

I ate one and tripped balls.

I’m talking Level 14 kind of tripping. The kind where not only couldn’t I move (and I was surprised too, because it took a full 90 minutes to kick in), but I felt like I was watching a parallel universe where my son was sitting at the computer but he couldn’t see me because I was on the other side of the dimensional barrier.

Dig this: I was sitting in one of those camping chairs that happened to be in the hall after Thanksgiving. Every time my son walked past me, I laughed my head off — I’m sure he thought I was out of my mind, and he’d have been right. What was so funny? The idea that these chairs all had labels showing their fabric content, but not one word about how fast they were! Because as I was sitting there, I could feel myself moving through space at high speed, as an inhabitant of the planet Earth. I felt exactly like this.

At one point, I distinctly remember calculating my exact highness by some insane algorithm, and then validating it by concluding, “Hey, I’m Old Hippie! And if I say I’m at Level 14, then by god I’m at Level 14!” It took 45 minutes before I felt able to stand up and walk with dignity to my bedroom (OK, I crept along the hall like an old man…and now I know why they walk like that!), where I promptly fell asleep for 9 hours and woke up stoned out of my mind.

I therefore highly recommend starting with only 1/4 of the cracker to start, and wait a full two hours afterwards before you try more.

So, as I’ve told people quite a few times (but never seem to listen myself, to my family’s dismay): be damn careful with new edibles!!!


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  1. Gregg said:

    Google a little bit and you’ll find out that cooked THC changes to a form that is processed very differently by the liver and is (as you found out) WAY more potent than regular THC. Good idea to try very little and make sure you wait for it to kick in. I’ve used Ritz crackers and peanut butter, no problems with the taste though it wasn’t delicious. One normal-sized bite or less is fine.

    • Kevin said:

      Your liver converts delta-9-THC into delta-11-THC, which is more psychoactive. Your post is dead on.

  2. xerexerex said:

    I didn’t come up that recipe, merely used it.

    Works great if you want a quick and easy edible, just add more nutella on top to kill the taste.

  3. shwagtm said:

    Just ate a full one that I made using about a gram of ABV cannabis. Thank you for the article. The ABV made it taste awful. Will report back soon with details.

  4. snugglepuss said:

    This gave me a case of the giggles. I had quite the visual going on while reading this, and it went over the top when I read this:

    “The idea that these chairs all had labels showing their fabric content, but not one word about how fast they were! Because as I was sitting there, I could feel myself moving through space at high speed, as an inhabitant of the planet Earth. I felt exactly like this.”

    Thank you for the laugh!

  5. George Kush said:

    Dude I ate my first edibles yesterday. I usually smoke everyday but I ate two firecrackers *which tasted like the worst substance on the planet, but if you hold your nose when you chew you cant really taste it* and I was higher than I had every been in my life. I had to talk myself down from thinking something bad might happen. It was very enjoyable and took an hour and a half to achieve full results but its well worth it. It’s perfect for me since I have a cold and smoking from my bowl makes my throat much worse from the heat going into my lungs. Try it now!!!!

  6. Anonymous said:

    This looks like very easy to do..but isnt 220F not hot enough for the THC to activate?

    • Anonymous said:

      ^^ thc vaporizes at around 300F but the activation actually happens at a much lower temp.
      which is why he kept it at 250f rather than 320F to prevent any thc from evaporating from the firecracker

  7. Bryan said:

    Nice messages : ) Maybe one day when traversing through time and space you’ll land on my spacebook page and get a kick out of one thing or another : ) Peace : )

  8. Mick Healy said:

    saw this site and thought “hey im an old fckn hippie too ! i was looking for a edible recipe for my homegrown and that descriptive level 14 is exactly what im looking for .. not that i havent been there before.. even though i been up all night on the cannabutter and cones i do believe im going to wander out to the kitchen and get some of my kids nuttella and bake up a oz ,, thnx for the recipe old hippie ..well we will soon see ..

    • Old Hippie said:

      Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you! It’s a little more serious when us oldies get way high. Stay safe!

  9. bandreu said:

    Do you think it would be a good idea to bake the weed by itself first? I can’t think of the exact word used but they say it helps release THC?

    • Old Hippie said:

      You could decarboxylate the weed first and it would possibly be more potent, but that kind of takes some of the fun out of making firecrackers as a one-step deal :-)