Old Hippie’s Complete Guide To AVB

AVB (Already Vaped Bud, a.k.a. ABV (Already Been Vaped) and even “Vape Poo” by some people) is the shorthand term for cannabis that’s already been used in a vaporizer. You’ve already helped your medical condition, or gotten high with it, by using it the first time. And as they say on TV…but wait, there’s more! AVB will easily get you high again, and it can be used in a number of different ways, mostly pretty stealthy, because all the characteristic “weed smell” is already gone.

There’s more cannabinoids left in AVB than most people would dream of. That’s because we’re so used to the concept of “smoking marijuana”, and of course, smoking burns up everything, so there’s nothing left.

Smoking not only burns up your weed, it burns off your cannabinoids even before you can get to them. All the burning vegetative matter gives off all kinds of smoke — some of it that’s not too good for you — which makes you cough, and so you’re coughing out (and losing) big clouds of expensive cannabinoids. That’s just one reason why vaporizing is better than smoking.

And AVB is the next one, because saving your AVB is like having money in the bank after you’ve already spent it! It’s like Zombie Weed that lives again! Insert “green” recycling jokes here.

The only thing you’ll need is a handy container that you can keep right next to your vaporizer, so you’ll never forget to use it. I use a medicine bottle (sadly, with my health issues, I always have those around), but anything clean is fine.

AVB and measuring spoon

AVB and Measuring Spoon

All you have to do is dump the crumbly weed left over every time you finish your vaporization session into this container. Shake it up, baby (that mixes it, keeping it random). And…you’re done.

Important note: If you’re using a MFLB, please tear up the trenches first! This video shows how to “randomize” your AVB:

The beautiful thing about this whole procedure is you never have to worry. Should I put some fresh weed in my vape? Should I vaporize some more? Should I dump this strain out and start using a different one? It’s all good, because whether you vaporize it a lot or a little, at a low or high temperature, it doesn’t matter because it’s all being mixed in together for later use as AVB. So, in the immortal words of Blind Faith, do what you like at the time, because nothing will be wasted (except you, heh heh :-)

And what can you do with AVB?

But don’t let me limit your ideas. You can use it in or on almost any food! ABV doesn’t smell much like weed (lightly vaped AVB smells kind of like Italian seasoning, while heavily vaped AVB smells more like burnt popcorn), and looks a lot like brownish oregano. In fact, if you got a shaker bottle of Italian seasoning and emptied most of it out, you could probably carry lots of AVB around with nobody ever the wiser.

Don’t try to smoke or re-vaporize AVB…it tastes terrible. It’s much better, easier, and more efficient to eat it in or on food, particularly food with a high fat content. But it works just fine on its own, because it’s already been decarboxylated so the body can use it directly through the digestive system. That’s why you can take it in capsules.

Old Hippie Has An Edibles Complex

However…don’t forget that you are now entering the arena of edibles, where you must be very careful of dosages and must also wait an hour or two to see how well you guessed. That’s why I always try to present doses at least safe enough for someone like me (who is still rather sensitive to most substances and still has virtually no tolerance buildup to cannabis).

On that basis, 1/4 teaspoon of ground AVB is an excellent starting point dose for healthy people to try mixing with their food; this gets me to a highness level of around [2] to [5], depending on what food I use it with. For a first-time, elderly, anxious user, cardiac patient, or someone with low blood pressure, you might start with 1/8 teaspoon instead, just to be extra safe.

As with all edibles, never increase the dose or take another until at least two hours have gone by (assuming you want more effect, of course), especially your first time. And don’t forget, either, that the effects of edibles last much longer than smoking or vaporizing, generally 6 hours at a minimum, so make sure your schedule is clear for the day until you know what you’re doing.

Safer Than The Average Joint

The thing about AVB that most people don’t realize is that it’s inherently about the safest (mentally) way to use cannabis, because the very nature of AVB means that a great deal of the THC is gone. THC is the main psychoactive component in cannabis, and it’s essentially the part that gets you high. It’s also the part that vaporizes at the lowest temperature, so it’s the first to be used up.

While the AVB in your dose probably has enough THC to get you high, it also probably doesn’t have enough THC to get you too high. So while you can indeed get pretty high using AVB, it’s much less likely that you’ll encounter problems like the anxiety or paranoia common when people get way too high on sativas or other cannabis strains with high THC content.

Another factor to this safety thing is that the lower THC usually means that the ratio of CBD to THC is higher. CBD has anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic qualities, and it also tends to “balance” the effects of THC. All this means that using AVB means you’re more likely to have a “good time” rather than a “bad trip”.

Artificial AVB?

If you want to try some of this stuff out, but you’re an inveterate weed smoker and don’t know anyone with a vaporizer, you can simply decarboxylate some weed in your oven. Put it on a cookie sheet or in an oven-safe bowl, and heat it for about an hour at 225°F (note: this will smell up your kitchen). You’re not vaporizing or losing the THC when you do this, merely activating the cannabinoids so your digestive system can process them properly.

Decarbed cannabis differs from AVB in one important way: it still has all its THC, so it doesn’t have the “safety factor” of AVB discussed in the previous section. In all other respects, it can be used the same way as AVB in food or capsules; just remember, it’s stronger because of the THC, so use less of it (start with 1/2 of an AVB dose to be safest).

http://gplus.to/OldHippie Old Hippie is a father of two boys and thankfully living in California where all this kind of thing is legal. He started smoking marijuana in 1967 in high school, experimented with mind-expanding drugs of all kinds, and then straightened out 15 or so years later to become an airplane pilot. After being diagnosed with depression in 2000, he lost his job and most of the following decade to prescription medications (such as antidepressants) which sapped his energy and will. Finally, a chance conversation with a friend led to a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana (MMJ). This changed his entire life, health, and outlook for the better. BeyondChronic.com is his continuing story. It’s also his way to provide experienced advice on using medical marijuana effectively and responsibly, as well as advocacy, activism, and support for others. Old Hippie teaches about safe use of cannabis edibles, Canna Caps, vaporizers, dosing, and even microdosing.

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  1. Lynda M O said:

    And to think I have been dumping this out for eight long years. Is this ABV what the clubs use in their edibles? We have a club (now closed) that had a vaping space inside the club–wonder if they collect the Poo from their Volcanos and used it in their edibles….

  2. Anonymous said:

    Is there a way of boiling off the THC from bud/leaf before making your recipe for the canna capsules to leave mainly cbd/cbn content? I was thinking of putting the bud/leaf material in a oven safe dish in the oven at 160c (boiling off point of thc leaving mainly cbd/cbn). Would this work or will it just be decarbing it. This could be used as a great sleep aid if it works.

    • OldHippie said:

      I mention this technique in my CBD article. It’s only really feasible if you have an accurate digital vaporizer or lab-grade oven, because most home ovens are very inaccurate and/or wildly overshoot the temperature you set them to. But you could always test yours while watching an oven thermometer, with no weed until you see what happens.

      • hoser said:

        Hi there, I’m going to try making brownies from ABV today…I’ve been collecting for a while…but I’ve also put in my stems and seeds with my AVB should I filter them out before cooking or will they help? I’m going to blend my avb into a fine powder first…cheers

        • Old Hippie said:

          As long as you’re grinding them up good, you might get some extra stuff out of them. Please note: this works for cooking or extracting or even vaping, but don’t smoke ‘em! Good luck! Nugs and hugs!

  3. CbdGrower said:

    Results: The weed was heated to 160c for 1 hr and it was alot darker then AVB. Made canna oil and Ingested 5 drops and the result was a slight sedating effect with no high just a tired heavy eye feeling but not really bodily . I dosed another 5 drops and although I went to sleep there was a bit of a uncomfortable thc high effect that could mean that cbn is slightly psychoactive. When following your pot painkiller recipe with a mixture of mainly dried fan leaves and bit of trim and AVB the results were a better sedative effect, cleaner less thc high then bud, and didnt wake up as groggy. The next batch I will try with a little Soy Lecithin as its suppose to break up the granular more and increase the bio-availability of the cannabinoids hoping for a cleaner more bodily sedative effect. So far the capsules made with bud are more of a thc high and the capsules made with fan leaves, AVB, trim seem to be more more calming. This suggest’s more cbd type cannabinoids to counteract the lower thc content. The leaves, stem, trim obviously have more cbd then thc because of less mature or concentrated trichomes. So if a grower wanted to get more cbd from a thc rich plant they could veg the plant for harvesting just the leaves or maybe just bud for a very short period of time before they develop thc active trichomes and keep males to. Opposite to what a experienced grower does !

  4. CbdSeeker said:

    That may be some misinformation as after more internet research it suggests to
    wait till buds have fully matured and trichomes turned mainly amber for more cbd and on another site they this is just a oxidation/degration of thc which is cbn not cbd?

    • Anonymous said:

      If u put it in the oven to decarb it wouldn’t u also b vapin it at that temp. Wouldn’t that b the weedy smell in ur kitchen?? I tried it n the bud looked a bit Brown. Didn’t wanna waste thc bit wanna make my canna caps correctly. Can u just drybud really good n skip the decarb step?? Thx u

      • Old Hippie said:

        No, the temperature used to decarb weed is way below vaping temperature. That’s why it works! What you smell is the terpenes burning off, not THC. And if it turns brown, you did it right.

      • Anonymous said:

        well you could, but it would take a very long time to dearb. We use heat to speed up the natural decarb process.

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  7. Anonymous said:

    Does anyone else experience diarrhoea with abv use? Not sure of there’s something wrong with my herbs or if my body just doesn’t appreciate this method!

    • Old Hippie said:

      Are you extracting the cannabinoids from your ABV, or just eating it or stuffing it into capsules? Many people experience digestive disturbances from the plant matter; another reason we teach people how to make their own oil.

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  9. Anonymous said:

    I just packed 2 capsules full of AVB and I took both of them and I feel absolutely nothing. I also ate a quadra dose of a Sativa Cheeba Chew one time and nothing happened then also. Am I just immune to edibles or am I doing something wrong?

    • Old Hippie said:

      Hmm, hard to say from here. I know some people are quite resistant to edibles, but try eating your edible 45 minutes after a medium-sized, high-fat meal (you can haz cheeseburger) and see if that does it.

      • Anonymous said:

        if you cook it to high, like 250 deg. is it possible to burn off the THC? Since finding your articles, I have tried my own experimenting. I used the ‘oven vape’ method. But now seeing the ‘high fat meal’ comment makes we wonder if that is what I am doing wrong… I have tried sprinkling it in my salad, and sometimes it seems to work, other times not. I used some in my grilled cheese sandwich today with basil ;) and nothing… have I cooked it too long, or do i just need to ingest WITH high fat stuff? trying to find more discrete ways to alleviated chronic scoliosis pain… you articles are the best!

        • Old Hippie said:

          High there…

          If you cook it at too high a temperature, it is possible to burn off the THC, but 250F is nowhere near too high (in Celsius it is, though). You can even bake at 350F with no problems, but not too much higher than that unless you use certain recipes. Anyway, yes, the best way is to infuse it into high fat foods, so if you make some infused coconut oil and use that on your salad, it will work. The second best way is to eat it with high fat foods, so it should work in grilled cheese, if your cheese is fatty enough and if you heated it/ground it well enough. Check out the “Canna Caps” article and use steps 1 through 7 to make your coconut oil! Nugs and hugs!

  10. Adelaide said:

    Hi Old Hippie,

    I really enjoy your site! I like that you’re up front with people if there is something you’re unsure about, and that you take the time to research what you’re unfamiliar with (I personally spend a lot of time using Google Scholar to look up articles related to the chemistry of cannabis from peer-reviewed journals). I have been experimenting with making edibles for the past 6 months or so with mixed results. I started making capsules a few weeks ago thanks to your canna caps guide and have had some excellent batches/experiences and others that produce zero effects. I vape daily so I consider myself a very regular user, and over the past 2 years that I have used cannabis it has been very evident that I have developed a tolerance over time. That being said, I have had plenty of edibles knock me on my butt.

    However, on to my inquiry: I made these firecrackers last night (and ate them today) and tried two separate batches, cooked the same way (graham crackers and Nutella used, wrapped in foil), at the same time/temperature (22 mins @ 250° F). The only difference was the weed in each: firecracker (A) had 1 tsp of vaped weed, (B) had 1 tsp of high quality freshly ground weed. I ate (A) today ~30 mins after eating some Eggos with butter and syrup and coffee with cream, then waited 2 hours and ate (B) after I ate a bowl of butternut squash soup (made with cream). Long story short: I really did not notice much of anything. At some point 4-5 hours in I may have started to feel like they were just slightly starting to activate, but I can ultimately say nothing happened. Would you sooner suggest that I: 1) increase the temperature, 2) increase the cooking time, 3) increase the dose, or 4) all of the above? I figured I would ask you and also let you know about how my attempt at how these went… for science! :) Thank you kindly.

    • Old Hippie said:

      Thank you sir (or madman :-)!

      Well, first the Canna Caps. If you are using the same grade of cannabis at the same time and temperature it should go like clockwork every time, so I’m a bit mystified there.

      As far as the firecrackers, “vaped” means different things to everyone; I have heard from a number of people that their AVB didn’t work well, and that’s usually because they are vaping it a lot longer than I am! Of course, the other factor is that I am pretty sensitive and anyone with a tolerance may find my recipes lacking in power, and that’s why they’re meant as a starting point. But with a teaspoonful, you should see something happen. So, even though I still haven’t done my big firecracker experiment yet (although I expect to get my special oven in the next few weeks), feedback from other readers indicates that cooking the crackers at a higher temperature for longer might well help. I would try about 275F and 36 minutes. Please let me know if this works. Nugs and hugs!

  11. Sam Dunn said:

    Hi there,
    Great site and articles, esp the nutella! Do you recommend using abv in joints instead of tobacco? I am trying to quit tobacco but i do love a joint…

    • Old Hippie said:

      High, glad you like it!

      Actually I don’t generally recommend smoking or vaping ABV, because it tastes terrible! But maybe it would taste as bad as tobacco and you’d be happy :-)

      It’s really best for making edibles with.

      Nugs and hugs!

  12. Anonymous said:

    Wow! So i followed the recipe and in about 120 minutes i began to feel it slowly coming on. Very pleasant. I used a teaspoon of my vaped cannabis and ate half of cracker and i feel real good atm. –145mins in

  13. Anon said:

    I followed your advice for pizza, and also tried it with pasta. I used a little more than twice the ABV recommended because I was using 100% mexican ditch, so I knew it wouldn’t be as strong as the top shelf stuff. I ate two pieces of pizza and a bowl of pasta with a full tablespoon of ABV on each and 24 hours in I still feel nothing. What could be going on?

    • Old Hippie said:

      Well. Real Mexican ditchweed is maybe 5% THC, so after vaping even lightly there isn’t going to be much left, I’m afraid.

      • Anon said:

        That’s what I was afraid of. Thanks for the response, and thanks for being here. It’s nice to have an Old Hippie to go to for advice.

  14. Anonymous said:

    My recipie:

    1 tbsp gape poo finely ground in microwave safe bowl
    2 tbsp coconut oil – liquid in summer up here
    ½ tsp stevia powder
    2 squares dark (80%) chocolate
    Cocoa powder

    Place the ground poo in a bowl and add the coconut oil. Microwave 1 minute high. Add the chocolate squares and let sit and melt. Let sit overnight and then refrigerate until hard. Take a spoon to scrape up everything and refrigerate. Form into a ball and refrigerate again. Roll the ball in cocoa powder and refrigerate until ready to eat. This

  15. Danjabis said:

    My favourite thing to do with AVB is to make cannabutter. Then spread that on toast or put it in brownies or whatever. It only take an hour or two and is a really useful versatile way of getting mashed! :D

  16. W said:

    Thanks for the info! what did you mean by: Important note: If you’re using a MFLB, please tear up the trenches first!

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