You probably know more about sports than I do, but rest assured I know far more about drugs. The only new medical reports coming out are that marijuana can treat literally dozens of serious medical conditions successfully.

And there is no “new strain or kind of marijuana”. There are HUNDREDS of strains or kinds of marijuana that all give different effects and results. THAT is why certain interests are coming up with these attacks, because a few knowledgeable breeders can come up with more new useful medical compounds than a billion-dollar pharmacological laboratory!

If someone was suddenly getting angry, that would be the OPPOSITE of “losing all motivation”. You can’t have it both ways. Sure, if someone CHOOSES to sit there and smoke weed all day, they will probably get nothing useful done, but the weed isn’t MAKING them do that. They can stop any time, because marijuana is non-addictive. Most people who use it recreationally smoke a few times a week, and the effects only last a few hours. So yes, you can lay on the couch watching a movie, but then it wears off and the movie’s over and you get up and you’re done. How is that any different from watching a football game and drinking beer?

I smoked marijuana in the 1960s and use it today for medical reasons. Some of it is stronger than back then, but the average is not, and it’s exactly the same plant, except that now people know what they’re doing and know how to use it more safely and more healthfully. And since I started using it again, I am much happier, healthier, and MORE motivated and productive!

Oh, it’s even worse than you think.

Law-abiding people with very serious pain problems are being denied proper treatment because of this “War On Drugs”, while Big Pharma deposits every dollar into their offshore bank accounts. Meanwhile, cannabis — which is actually so safe that nobody has ever died from an overdose in all of recorded history — has been kept from the public as an “illegal drug”, largely because (a) it’s actually effective at helping a large number of conditions and (b) it can’t be patented.

Follow the money and you’ll see how such a crime against humanity has been perpetrated.

This article illustrates what I’ve been saying for years. There used to be a saying, “a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged”. Now it’s more like, “a medical marijuana supporter is a drug warrior whose family member has benefited from using it”. All it takes is some compassion based on personal experience to realize that it’s real medicine and it really works. Nugs and hugs, Congressman Rohrabacher, and thanks for opening your eyes and mind!

Most doctors are completely clueless about cannabis, other than possibly smoking some joints in medical school back in the day. They certainly don’t receive any proper education about it, other than that it’s classified with all the worst powder drugs. I would bet serious money that only a small percentage of any group of non-cannabis doctors have even heard of CBD, let alone things that even 16-year-old stoners know these days about alternatives to smoking and the different effects of strains.

I’m going to put my two cents in here because I’m an experienced medical marijuana patient who has helped thousands of people learn to use cannabis safely and effectively, in many cases without even getting high.

For the past two years, I’ve helped keep a 15-year-old cat with diabetes, severe arthritis, and hyperthyroidism alive, alert, and happy (as far as we can tell). I’m using a high CBD strain of medical cannabis, extracted into coconut oil and fortified with soy lecithin, and given by oral syringe in weight-appropriate doses.

We determined a maximum dose by slowly increasing the dose over a period of time until we saw him acting uncomfortable, which we took to indicate he was feeling high, and then backed that off by 50% for safety. We give him some of this oil daily, and sometimes twice (if he’s dragging his leg in pain…this behavior stops after a dose).

Anyone who wants to criticize people who are consciously and carefully medically dosing themselves or their pets without harm, simply because they’re using a plant that the government determined 75 years ago to be evil (because it caused minorities to think they were as good as white people…yes, that was the rationale!) are kindly invited to go to hell. Everyone else is invited to

The results of this don’t exactly match other studies that have shown cannabis causing actual neurogenesis, or creating new brain cells. Certainly more work has to be done, but the fact is that if people switched from smoking cigarettes to joints, millions of lives would be saved. Did you know that just one or two puffs from a joint have about the same effect as smoking an entire cigarette, and you don’t get high?

It’s about time. But only in NJ would officials be proud of how slowly they implemented a law to help sick people, and be pleased that only a few would be helped at that!

This is about compassion, not getting high.

There is no “big secret” about marijuana. The reason that Big Pharma keeps trying (and failing) to create a “pill” from it is that it’s a complex plant with dozens or hundreds of cannabinoids that work together. The particular strain, growing and curing method, and even how it is consumed changes the effects. Even taking too high of a dosage can take you past merely “high” and bring out the effects of the other cannabinoids. That’s why I advise medical marijuana patients to find a strain that works for them, stick to it, and take the minimum they need for their symptoms.

And by the way…Canna Caps are indeed very popular among serious patients.

You’re right, Dawn, marijuana cannot legally be prescribed, but those last two “reasons” for it being categorized as a Schedule I drug are totally bogus. It has dozens of accepted medical uses, and it is safer than virtually all FDA-approved drugs: nobody has ever died simply from using it.

Look up how many people have died just from Benadryl and aspirin…you might have quite a shock.

I was drawn to this website by a different article entirely, and was encouraged by the “smart journalism” tagline. So I decided to see if they had any articles on cannabis, which I happen to know a lot about.

I was not impressed.

From the very first word in this article (protip: “honing in” is a mistake you might get away with in high school journalism) I was expecting to see anti-drug BS, and I was not disappointed.

Marijuana is the “third most widely used addictive drug”? Really? Ever hear of caffeine? I think it’s just a bit more widely used than marijuana. And that begs the question, since marijuana is NOT addictive; the article linked to those words is a classic antidrug screed in its own right, targeted towards college students, and full of weasely-worded, official-sounding nonsense.

Since you like throwing around the word “moron”, I will reliably inform you that medical marijuana patients generally do not get “stoned” when properly using their medicine. Cannabis eliminates or relieves the symptoms without causing any problems of its own, and it is one of the most physically and mentally harmless substances in existence.

But I’m sure a genius like yourself would rather see people on expensive, addicting, dangerous drugs as pushed by the “Big Pharma” lobby and which kill 100,000 Americans a year due to their “minor side effects”.

Before you go around calling names for “not knowing anything about weed”, you should know that it is virtually impossible to die from either eating or smoking cannabis. Nobody in history has ever died from it, and it would take a determined suicide effort (with a $200,000 budget) to accomplish it.

As for smoking it, it does not give you a headache, it gets you high, but any dumb ass should know that.

Ms. Chief said “If we can have ‘medical dope’, why can’t we have ‘medical’ cocaine, meth, crack, speed, etc., etc.?”

Well, you see, actually we do have medical cocaine and medical speed. Cocaine is used as a nasal anesthetic by ENT surgeons, and “speed” (amphetamine) is used to treat people with ADD and ADHD. What happens is that people abuse these drugs and cause problems, because they are quite dangerous when misused.

However, cannabis (the plant you call “dope” for some reason) is not dangerous, whether used recreationally or medically. Nobody in history has ever died from using it. However, the FDA-approved drugs that everyone assumes are safe kill 100,000 Americans every year!

I wonder just how much compassion you have for sick people, because now that doctors are finding out how many serious and debilitating conditions can be helped by cannabis, it’s becoming harder for the government to morally justify keeping this safe and effective medicine illegal.

Sometimes the greatest ideas are buried in comments like this! And guess what…no hatred, vileness, or judgmental attitude necessary, either!

We need more doctors like this around, and fewer Big Pharma supporters, for good long-term health of this nation!

The War On (Some) Drugs, like the TSA airport nonsense, has finally hit home by affecting so many people and their families personally that even people like Pat Robertson cannot fail to see the inequities and corruption in the system.

Governments should not declare war on people…especially their own people!

No, medical marijuana is legal because it helps sick people. There are undoubtedly people who cheat the system for their own purposes, but cannabis is a legitimate medicine which has saved thousands of lives. The violence is caused by criminals and cartels…and they only exist because of high prices…and the high prices only exist because it’s illegal.

When was the last time you heard of a shootout between alcohol bootleggers or coffee cartels?

Didn’t you learn in school how organized crime was created by alcohol prohibition?

Or are you just a “hater”?

“Pot shop”? Really?

Dear CBS, people who need medical marijuana because ordinary pharmaceutical drugs have failed to help them are not potheads…they are patients. And by and large, they’re not getting high anyway.

There’s plenty of human interest and compassion in this story without having to dumb it down and disrespect people.

Sure, there are people who abuse the system. But virtually all of them are people who were already buying pot on the street, and they simply use the medical system as legal protection.

You can use your scare quotes all you want, but the simple fact is that cannabis is quite effective on headaches…including migraines, and multiple sclerosis, depression (which is a lot more than “not feeling well”), and a wide variety of other conditions that may not be terminal, but totally destroy a person’s normal life. Why limit its use at all, when it’s safer than every prescription drug on the market (it’s virtually impossible to have a fatal overdose)?

Oh, one more fact that most people aren’t aware of. Medical patients generally do not get high from using medical marijuana. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

It’s kind of ironic. The newspaper reporter, who sees life daily in all its ups and downs, is able to go beyond the nitty-gritty of “drug use” and see the compassionate side to the story. But the governor, who deals mostly with top officials, wealthy patrons, celebrities, and the cream of society, can see nothing but the prospect of young adults getting high.

I have news for Gov. Christie. More kids now smoke marijuana than tobacco. They are already getting high, because 70 years of prohibition have created a massive illegal distribution system. This is not about “protecting the children”…they already know how to get their hands on it. This is about helping sick people who generally don’t know how to get their hands on it, but they’re willing to risk their life, liberty and property because it’s the only thing that works for them…in spite of our expensive medical care system.

People are dying in pain while politicians pose for pictures.


Drugs saved my life, including marijuana.
Millions use it to unwind, as do the ruling class unwind with beer, wine or liquor.
They see us as threat to their ideological beliefs. Hypocrites. Too be different is looked down upon, persecuted and prosecuted for making a very personal choice.
That’s how they control us, or try to.

Loving these news bits. I can’t find the “comment” button this late at night after my traditional two shots of whiskey, yes, it’s two shots at night now. Your responses are brilliant. I need to visit your blog more often is the issue. It’s been a long time before tonight. I emailed you earlier, but I hadn’t read these yet and I wanted to say how brilliant they are. I’m so fortunate to know you.

Did you write the article on dwarf mothers? Are you that same ‘old hippie.” If so great . . .

Anyway what I’m wondering is if you know of appliances available for Simpson Oil extract. Seems to me such a product, well tested, might prevent a lot of fire and anguish. BUT . . . does such a product exist?

By the way your contact form is not working: Error (too many redirects). Might explain why you aren’t getting more inquiries etc.

OK, in order:

1. No, not sure what article, but that doesn’t sound like one of mine.
2. AFAIK the only “appliance” available is the (in)famous rice cooker. I’ve tried it and it works fine. I don’t use naptha though.
3. Thanks for the note about the contact form. It’s due to a plugin bug and someone’s working on it.

Nugs and hugs!

Just a note about your reference to Prohibition. The truth of the matter is that this was always a Problem-Reaction-Solution scam. Specifically, that the Volstead Act was never designed to outlaw booze, but to inlaw an illegal because not Congressionally-approved expansion of the FBI to a much larger, armed, private militia, designed not to defend the Constitution but to defend the criminals who claim to uphold it. The citizenry demanded protection when they saw the out-of-control violence and corruption which followed in the wake of the Act; which of course was always the intention of the PTB.
And equally obviously, hemp prohibition was designed to protect the profit margins of the paper industry, the petrochemical industry, and their associated friends in the pharmaceutical industry. Hemp oil can be used to make biodegradable plastic; as such, were it to replace petro-plastics, we would not now have huge islands of plastic waste destroying all life in each of the world’s major oceans.

Glad I found your website. Med Marijuana is still illegal in Texas so I wouldn’t be able to buy… but is anyone making canna/coconut caps in the states where it is legal? I have severe degenerative osteo-arthritis and got a script for hydrocodone but I can’t take it during the day because it puts me to sleep + it’s pretty addictive.

Oh, well yes, a lot of people make them here, and they even sell them in dispensaries. But they’re very expensive there and much too strong for many patients, which is why it’s generally better to make your own. Best of luck in Texas!

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