World’s Best Instant Chicken Pot Pie: With Pot!

OK, I guess I’ve wanted to do this for over 40 years, so I can finally update my bucket list.

When I was a teenager, my mother bought these little frozen thingies you could throw in an oven that were called “chicken pot pies”. Being recENTly turned on to all the hip lingo, I thought this was hysterically funny, and kept asking her why they called them pot pies if they didn’t have any pot in them.

Yesterday my wife bought this gigantic Chicken Pot Pie at Costco, and as I was staring at my slice, I said to myself, “Hey, I have my little pill bottle full of ABV in the other room…I don’t see why it wouldn’t work…” and sprinkled some on.

Chicken Pot Pie. With Pot.

Chicken Pot Pie. With Pot.

That little bit was all it took to blast me up to a happy [6.5] for 7 hours or so.

Top of the world, Ma!

P.S. As I was heating up another piece of it today (without the ABV this time), I noticed that the clock on the microwave said 3:14. So now that’s Chicken Pot Pi…


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  1. Kushgod said:

    Haha did it really take you 40 years to do something like this? Only took me 6 months after i tried”pot” to put it in food anyways let me know if you have any recipes

  2. MyLittlePwny said:

    [6.5] for 7 hours? How much would ABV would I need for the average microwavable chicken pot pie?

    • OldHippie said:

      Never dose an entire pie. It’s impossible to mix the stuff in homogeneously, so one piece could have next to nothing and the piece next to it would send you to the moon. This, by the way, is why making a batch of “pot brownies” often ends in minor disaster for amateur bakers. Always determine your own personal dose, then add that to whatever food you wish, and simply eat it all.