Ask Old Hippie: Why Am I Waking Up Sick After Going To Bed Stoned?

Old Hippie Kenobi

Q: What’s up? I’m from Austin and I’ve been smoking for about 2 years now and I was wondering if the reefer can physically make you sick, because I’ve been waking up every morning sick and I always go to bed stoned. Could it be the reefer that’s doing that or is it most likely something else?

A: If you’re not sick when you go to bed, you shouldn’t be waking up sick either. In other words, if you were actually allergic to weed, you’d be noticing symptoms the night before.

What kind of symptoms are you experiencing in the morning when you wake up sick? If it’s vomiting, did you get super high the night before, possibly with little to drink or eat? Low blood sugar or dehydration can cause people to feel nauseous when very high.

On the other hand, if you happened to be drinking alcohol the night you went to bed stoned, getting sick is almost surely from the drinking, or from overdoing due to mixing both.

There’s a clever little ditty which goes:

Weed before beer, you’re in the clear;
Beer before grass, you’re on your ass.

ConvENTional wisdom on r/trees has it that this is correct, but I doubt it’s been scientifically proven. Personally I try not to overdo either one!

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I realise that no one has asked me but…..Sleep is a powerful thing. Also, at night, when things quiet down and there are less distractions, people who suffer from chronic pain expierence more of it and people who are ill do not fair as well at night either. I.M.H.O., and I’m by no means a doctor, your subconcious is finding a problem at night when you’re asleep and letting you know about it. It may not be serious, and since it sounds like you feel o.k. before bed it probably isn’t but it may also be early signs of a particular condition and what’s wakeing you up and should be looked into. I highly doubt that it’s the cannabis that’s making you sick but depending on where you get it it may have been “treated” with other substances or have pesticides on it. This is also a possibility. Try another source if you can, and see your doctor.

It is possible you are smoking crappy weed. Many growers, unless growing for medical, don’t take the time to properly dry and cure their pot. This neglect leads to mold, mildew and excess crap from the chlorophyll that hadn’t cured out. Smoke good dope and your problem should be solved hopefully. Good Luck! Peace.

man last time i ate a brownie and went to sleep while really high, i woke up so frikin sick man, greened out HUGE! i got up to turn my alarm off and figured no way i am writing my exam today! then i laid down and it went away. then i got up and figured a shower will help. nope, got in the shower and i fainted for my first time.

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