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  1. Ernie Lowe said:

    Growing CBD rich strains. Any research on relative CBD content between leaves and buds? Do plants have to be fully mature to get the CBD?

    • Karl said:

      Check out:
      Personally, I find eating a teaspoon of dried leaves of sativa helps all the ailments I have, and as the plants get older(15+ weeks), the potency seems to get stronger. I also read that drying leaves of other herbal plants helps the potency of the plant, ie oregano.

  2. Gerrie said:

    Any advice on what strain to use for severe insomnia? I made canna-caps with true blueberry/og kush. They help my pain and anxiety but don’t help the insomnia.

  3. Ernie Lowe said:

    ACDC CBD-rich strain is working well for us for sleeping, taken in caps. Somehow it also is very pleasant for daytime use, with body high and clear head.

    • Anthony said:

      Happen to be in so cal Ernie? I’m desperately seeking something similar to ACDC for my medical condition but have gotten zero help from dispensaries around here.

      If anyone can help me find some high % CBD low % THC in OC or near OC it would be beyond appreciated.

      Yes I do have a Rec and am legal.

  4. Leo said:

    Bought some inexpensive indica bud for 1st batch of tincture. I decarbed at 350F for about 5 min until it started to smoke with intent to boil off some of the THC leaving a more CBD rich 1/2 oz of indica, I filled with 151 everclear, enough to cover grind plus about one oz more of 151. I kept in dark and shook well two times a day for 5 days. Pouring over recipes and methods, to decrease the one month wait, I decided to heat mixture in rice cooker full of water and put my jar in it until the contents simmered and evaporated off about 40%. Waited to cool it and shook it more. Strained with cheese cloth and tried 2 drops. My mouth burned from the alcohol leaving one of the most pleasant tastes ever, just kidding, it was plain bitter and nasty. It took about 40 minutes and my body was more relaxed. Subsequent dosing tests led me the perfect dose of 1/2 dropper. The result was better than I had expected with much more of a body high than head. Any ideas on masking bitterness for sublingual use?

    I started using MMJ 2 months ago to reduce Percocet usage for pudendal nerve pain. Pain that is Ranging from 6 to 10, sometimes times leaving me in fetal position with fists clinched and sobbing uncontrollably. Dealing with this type of pain for 9 years, I can see the benefits to medicating this way after work.

    So, my search continues for the holy grail of tincture recipes, the fine balance of all the “good things” MMJ has to offer with the most optimal method of delivery . Also looking for high CBD strands in south OC. Curious the effects and differences of using a top shelf indica or more efficient methods of extraction at home without equipment investment. Any ideas or input to curb this degree of pain with other medicating methods without smoking would be appreciated. Sorry for the novel, “what a long strange trip it’s been!”
    Thank you.

    • Anthony said:

      Hi Leo,

      I’m also seeking high CBD strains to treat my medical condition as well and am in South OC. Please let me know if you find some and I will do the same.

  5. Ernie Lowe said:

    Check out
    A friend in Berkeley has been getting a CBD rich tincture for pain there.

    Here we’re using ACDC, Cannatonic, Sour Tsunami and Omrita RX tinctures and oils we’ve made.

    Have had good success with a cold extraction method for tinctures–
    4-5 gm ground bud
    4 gm ground shake
    1 cup 150 proof Everclear

    shake in a jar for 5 minutes and put in freezer
    shake a minute or so every 4-6 hours

    strain thru cloth and store in brown or blue eyedropper bottles
    keep the material in its cloth bag to dab on sore spots

    more on tinctures at Dr. Alan Frankel’s site:

  6. Timothy Wilkerson said:

    Dear Old Hippie, my tastebuds are crying for the flavor of sweetleaf, red bud, and some good old fashioned Columbian Gold flavors. Wondering in your guru experience, if I could get some flavorings for some home grown tobacco. The buzz is appreciated, but not as much as the flavor though. Wondering if there was some way to separate the buzz from the flavor, and use the flavor for tobacco, somehow?

    • Old Hippie said:

      Tobacco itself has a pretty strong flavor, so I don’t know if it would work, but the only commercial flavorings I am familiar with are intended for ecig juice and are generally more fruity than reminiscent of pot strains from 30 years ago. I’m not sure where you could go for this but you’d need a terpene expert I think. Nugs and hugs!

  7. jani from Finland said:

    I found this vaporazing way just a few days ago. Today I tried first time AVB with butter. It was very nice. I have a sad history of using drugs. I went to psychosis in 1999. After that I started to live straight. I fell ill with depression later. I have eaten an antidepressant three years now. About half a year ago I started to use cabbabis about two or three times a week. And like I said last days I have been learning to vaporaze my bud.

    What do you think do I have to use my antidepressant anymore? Can use bud as a medicine to my depression?

  8. Jani said:

    Do you use cannabis every day? And how long have you done that? Have you noticed any adverse drug reactions? What about benefits? Can you tell more about benefits?

    • Old Hippie said:

      Yes, I’ve been using cannabis medically and legally here since June 4, 2010, and I’ve been talking about it all here ever since! The closest thing to an adverse drug reaction I’ve had is that my blood pressure started going too low, so I had my doctor adjust the dosage of my blood pressure medication. As far as benefits, this whole site is full of them, but if you’re a fast reader, you might get through this list of studies by the end of the year :-)

  9. fghfghfghfgh said:

    Hey old hippie. Would REALLY like to see a home-made co2 hash guide. I could figure it out myself I suppose though.

    • Old Hippie said:

      Nothing personal, but due to long experience seeing lots of people completely ignore safety warnings even for simpler stuff, I am not going to be the guy who posts a procedure that can easily kill the foolish or illiterate among us.

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