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Any advice on what strain to use for severe insomnia? I made canna-caps with true blueberry/og kush. They help my pain and anxiety but don’t help the insomnia.

ACDC CBD-rich strain is working well for us for sleeping, taken in caps. Somehow it also is very pleasant for daytime use, with body high and clear head.

Happen to be in so cal Ernie? I’m desperately seeking something similar to ACDC for my medical condition but have gotten zero help from dispensaries around here.

If anyone can help me find some high % CBD low % THC in OC or near OC it would be beyond appreciated.

Yes I do have a Rec and am legal.

Hey I would love to remain anon, but I noticed you mentioned of is good for blowing clouds, I work in a vape shop and it is actually VG that creates the vapor. In traditional eliquid with nicotine, pg is what is used as a thinning agent as well as a flavor carrier, and vegetable glycerin slows the burn off and creates more vapor! Just thought I’d shoot you an email to let your followers know. Also for small clearos like the one shown, a 50/50 mix is what will function best in that.

Thanks for the clarification! You’re right, VG actually makes the clouds, but I barely had anything happen with thick VG until I diluted it with the PG.

Bought some inexpensive indica bud for 1st batch of tincture. I decarbed at 350F for about 5 min until it started to smoke with intent to boil off some of the THC leaving a more CBD rich 1/2 oz of indica, I filled with 151 everclear, enough to cover grind plus about one oz more of 151. I kept in dark and shook well two times a day for 5 days. Pouring over recipes and methods, to decrease the one month wait, I decided to heat mixture in rice cooker full of water and put my jar in it until the contents simmered and evaporated off about 40%. Waited to cool it and shook it more. Strained with cheese cloth and tried 2 drops. My mouth burned from the alcohol leaving one of the most pleasant tastes ever, just kidding, it was plain bitter and nasty. It took about 40 minutes and my body was more relaxed. Subsequent dosing tests led me the perfect dose of 1/2 dropper. The result was better than I had expected with much more of a body high than head. Any ideas on masking bitterness for sublingual use?

I started using MMJ 2 months ago to reduce Percocet usage for pudendal nerve pain. Pain that is Ranging from 6 to 10, sometimes times leaving me in fetal position with fists clinched and sobbing uncontrollably. Dealing with this type of pain for 9 years, I can see the benefits to medicating this way after work.

So, my search continues for the holy grail of tincture recipes, the fine balance of all the “good things” MMJ has to offer with the most optimal method of delivery . Also looking for high CBD strands in south OC. Curious the effects and differences of using a top shelf indica or more efficient methods of extraction at home without equipment investment. Any ideas or input to curb this degree of pain with other medicating methods without smoking would be appreciated. Sorry for the novel, “what a long strange trip it’s been!”
Thank you.

Hi Leo,

I’m also seeking high CBD strains to treat my medical condition as well and am in South OC. Please let me know if you find some and I will do the same.

Check out
A friend in Berkeley has been getting a CBD rich tincture for pain there.

Here we’re using ACDC, Cannatonic, Sour Tsunami and Omrita RX tinctures and oils we’ve made.

Have had good success with a cold extraction method for tinctures–
4-5 gm ground bud
4 gm ground shake
1 cup 150 proof Everclear

shake in a jar for 5 minutes and put in freezer
shake a minute or so every 4-6 hours

strain thru cloth and store in brown or blue eyedropper bottles
keep the material in its cloth bag to dab on sore spots

more on tinctures at Dr. Alan Frankel’s site:

Dear Old Hippie, my tastebuds are crying for the flavor of sweetleaf, red bud, and some good old fashioned Columbian Gold flavors. Wondering in your guru experience, if I could get some flavorings for some home grown tobacco. The buzz is appreciated, but not as much as the flavor though. Wondering if there was some way to separate the buzz from the flavor, and use the flavor for tobacco, somehow?

Tobacco itself has a pretty strong flavor, so I don’t know if it would work, but the only commercial flavorings I am familiar with are intended for ecig juice and are generally more fruity than reminiscent of pot strains from 30 years ago. I’m not sure where you could go for this but you’d need a terpene expert I think. Nugs and hugs!

I found this vaporazing way just a few days ago. Today I tried first time AVB with butter. It was very nice. I have a sad history of using drugs. I went to psychosis in 1999. After that I started to live straight. I fell ill with depression later. I have eaten an antidepressant three years now. About half a year ago I started to use cabbabis about two or three times a week. And like I said last days I have been learning to vaporaze my bud.

What do you think do I have to use my antidepressant anymore? Can use bud as a medicine to my depression?

Do you use cannabis every day? And how long have you done that? Have you noticed any adverse drug reactions? What about benefits? Can you tell more about benefits?

Yes, I’ve been using cannabis medically and legally here since June 4, 2010, and I’ve been talking about it all here ever since! The closest thing to an adverse drug reaction I’ve had is that my blood pressure started going too low, so I had my doctor adjust the dosage of my blood pressure medication. As far as benefits, this whole site is full of them, but if you’re a fast reader, you might get through this list of studies by the end of the year 🙂

Hey old hippie. Would REALLY like to see a home-made co2 hash guide. I could figure it out myself I suppose though.

Nothing personal, but due to long experience seeing lots of people completely ignore safety warnings even for simpler stuff, I am not going to be the guy who posts a procedure that can easily kill the foolish or illiterate among us.

Dear old Hippie: my disabled, adult son (complex partial seizures) has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I’ve read about making cannabis oil (using Everclear or 99.9% isopropyl alcohol available). Son is scheduled for ‘focal laser ablation” in Galveston, Jan. 9,’14– but what to do after the procedure? Money is an issue for all of us. We want to get some clones, but at this point have to buy something. My question is: What is your personal opinion for how to begin addressing possible spread of cancer in son: make the expensive cannabis oil? juice raw cannabis leaves? BTW: as recovering alcoholics, son (plus husband & I) don’t want head trips, though we understand that some THC is helpful against cancer. (Yes, we’re all newly certified with proper ids, ready to buy) thanks.

Dear Bearbayou,

I have to make this very clear: I am not a doctor and cannot recommend particular strains or specific courses of action for a disease. What I can tell you is that TWM (traditional Western medicine) has a fairly spotty record of achievement with some cancers, and even though you’ll see great statistics from the American Cancer Society for prostate cancer, all I have to say about that is: Frank Zappa.

So as someone with a prostate himself who’s thought about this, what I would personally do in such a case would be to use Rick Simpson Oil that I made myself. I’ve made some test batches with Everclear and think that’s a lot safer than using something far more poisonous like isopropyl alcohol or naptha, even if they are fractionally more efficient than ethanol. Juicing leaves, as I understand it, is more for other types of diseases.

Last time I read his book, Rick Simpson was talking about good-quality indica strains as being good for making the oil. A lot of people are just using CBD because “it’s more medical”, which I feel is a big oversimplification of a number of issues. But I’ve also read of experiments — and remember, if you do any of this, you are basically experimenting on yourself — where researchers have used both THC and CBD in an attempt to kill cancer cells, because they work in different ways. Personally, if I had a son who was also having seizures, I’d definitely look into using high CBD strains to work against that problem alone!

Ideally, I’d be in an area where I could readily buy things like indica strains with high CBD. I’d start with a few ounces, so I could make a test run of the oil, get practice making it, and end up with enough to start treatment and see how it goes. In some places, like California’s Bay Area, I might even be able to get some pre-made oil, making sure it’s medical oil made for ingesting, not hash oil for vaping.

Best of luck kicking cancer’s ass! And please write back if you need more info.

Greetings!! I live in VA and need to buy my CBD online (it totally calms my jitters caused by other meds). In the last month the prices for product like cibdex capsules have doubled. Is this to make more money or is there a supply-and-demand issue (if you know)?

Dear Old Hippie and Co-Old Hippie Lady: The past couple of weeks I’ve been baking small batches of Oatmeal-Raisin-Walnut cookies for my evening calming and pain control. I also take Canna Caps that my son makes for excellent concoction that helps my back, knee and hip pain a great deal.

My daughter has tried my Oatmeal+ cookies and 1/4 of a cookie gives her a bad case of the trots…Montezumas revenge…A need for Kaopectate shall we say. The cookies (and I can eat a whole one with excellent sleeping aid results) are the standard Oatmeal cookie recipe using canna butter. I make half a batch, which is about 15..4″ wide cookies and calls for about 1/2 a cup of canna butter. The strange thing is some of the cookies from the same batch don’t have any affect on her and some do. It’s strange isn’t it?
Ant ideas or has anyone else had issues with canna butter and the trots, runs, poops or whatever you want to call it.
Appreciage it
Plantcrone in Oregon…and OMMP patient (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) and next year we hope to me Marijuana legal!!

Dear Elle,

We have had a joint discussion here and suspect that this has nothing to do with the cannabutter per se, but most probably from the oatmeal (very high fiber that can affect people that way) and/or the raisins (which by themselves will do that to me!).

It’s also possible that the butter was contaminated (food poisoning), but that’s less likely.

We’d really considered these things, but thanks for your thoughts.
We have oatmeal several days a week for breakfast, usually with raisins and brown sugar and butter..all things in the oatmeal cookies.
I suggested the contamination to her, but I don’t have any issues with them and I’m the one with the sensitive tummy!. One would think I’d be most easily affected by it.

I’m going to make a new batch with a different flower blend in a week or so. I use salted butter (what I had) but I’ll try unsalted and keep everything at a high temp and not wait to make the cookies after I make the canna butter (wish I could afford a butter machine)

She’s upset because as a massage therapist who averages 6 clients a day she’s very achy at the end of the day. She really needs a massage! Her sister therapists say, every evening after they have worked all day, that
” if they weren’t so tired they’d give each other massages..but lets go get a beer instead.”

Namaste Plantcrone

Well, that’s all we could think of. Unsalted/salted shouldn’t make any difference for the potency or anything but taste, I guess. As long as you’re decarbing properly and straining out all the plant matter, there should be no stomach issues either. The only *other* thing I can thing of is some people get issues if they get too high, but presumably you’ve had enough experience for that one, too. I heard Mercury was in retrograde so maybe it’s that! 🙂 Nugs and hugs and better luck next time!

Appreciate your input…and that I’d considered the things you pointed out. Do have a question about plant matter..Assuming there was some bits and pieces of unstrained flower material in it, and considering that you frequently post about adding plant vaped stuff for example…into your salad and pizza, how important is keeping ALL the plant matter out of my cannabutter? I used a garlic press to squeeze material out but small bits still get thru. I didn’t sweat this but perhaps I should strain in a coffee filter after the garlic press?

Any ideas about this? I suppose people like my daughter, who is not a real user of pot may be very sensitive to the itsy bitsy pieces that ended up in the canna butter.

In any case, Muchas Gracias Senor.


Yes, indeed, some people are very sensitive to the plant matter. Felicity warns about eating leaves because they have nasty little hairs on them. Sensitive people usually get stomach upset but others could well have intestinal problems. I’m not so sensitive to this, so that’s why I can sprinkle the AVB on with abandon 🙂

Try not to use a paper filter, because it will absorb a lot of oil/butter. I always recommend a permanent gold basket-type coffee filter for this kind of stuff, or a bubble bag.

Yeah–I used a paper filter the first time I made canna caps and was blown away as the loss of my coconut oil concoction. I’ll check at my nearby store for a permanent filter..I’m a tea drinker so I don’t have much in the way of coffee things.
Have a good spring guys..and be well

Hi again Old Hippie…it’s PlantCrone here again with a little question for you all….
I decided to purchase a Magical Butter Machine..took a bit of saving up of the old Social Security dole to do so, but I read thru your reviews and decided that if I can save 50% of the bud I’ve used making old fashioned canna butter then, as you say, it’s a no brainer.

My #1 son has access to tubs of leaf-and I would like to try making canna butter with them..they are, after all, free for me.

Can you give me an estimate of how much I ought to use when using leaves? I was sure I’d read a review about leaves on your blog somewhere but haven’t been able to locate it a second time…or I read it someplace else.

Suggestions appreciated.
PlantCrone in Orygun

The classic recipe for cannabutter is 1 ounce of leaves to 1 pound of butter. Decarb the leaves, use the MBM, and you will have the best butter in town! Remember, after the first test batch you can make 5 cups at a time! If the taste is too strong, try water curing the leaves. Nugs and hugs!

Thanks so much for the quick answer guy..appreciate it a lot. I’m sure it will take a lot of leaves to make an oz!

Another question..I’ve never decarbed do I do it without ending up with burned pot mulch? Although there are instructions for decarbing nugs in the MB machine it does not say anything about needing to decarb before making canna butter with them. Have you used leaves to make butter yet?

I’m way excited about being able to make 2# of butter in in fell swoop but I wonder if 2oz of leaves will even fit into the machine…after all, leaves are lighter but take up more space than nugs….don’t they?

Seems like they should at least.

Also the potential for canna caps,which is the ONLY way I can sleep a full night, is fantastic with the MB machine..can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait…I’m way excited..can you tell?

Dear PC,

To decarb any kind of marijuana, put it in a pie plate (or similar) and bake it in a prewarmed oven for 75 minutes at 200F or 30 minutes at 250F (the latter temperature might yield more THC). Decarbing is necessary for cooking *anything*. And don’t worry, once that blender starts whirring, your leaves will be powdered!

Hi Old Hippie..I ut this short supplement to the butter machine review together and thought I’d send it to you to review

Some hints when using the Magic Butter Machine to make butter.

After several uses of this great invention I have a few helpful hints to make your use happier.

I’ve had several Amazon Customers write me to ask it it is necessary to decarb prior to using the machine. My experience with both flowers and leaf is-NOT NECESSARY! Especially using leaf. To 5 cups of butter I use 15 gr of leaf now and get killer butter, which I now cut by 1/3 with regular butter when baking cookies. I’ve been using weed since the 1960s and have a good tolerance. Of course it’s best to do your own trials but it only took me 3 trials to decide to make strong butter then cut it when baking. If you’re making butter to spread on toast or even sweet corn, I’ve found that less is better when it comes to taste. I like the taste of things, not the taste of weed.

1 Put the butter in then the lecithin then the weed or leaf you are using…I’ve discovered that if you put the dry ingredients in first, the machine tends to scorch at the bottom. I haven’t noticed a scorched taste and it’s fairly easy to clean off with a scotch type scrubby sponge after initial cleaning and soaking in hot water and dish soap for half an hour or so.

2 If you’ve used a full complement of ingredients and the machine is full, place it on a platter while processing as things can ‘boil over’. This makes a big mess on the counter and is easier to clean up from a platter.

3 If you have a gold ‘permanent’ coffee strainer, put the bottom of the supplied strainer into the coffee strainer, then place the coffee strainer on top of your largest coffee cup. When the coffee cup gets 3/4 full, decant it into the permanent container then process by straining the balance of the butter.

4 I’ve found it very helpful to chill my canna butter in 1 cup portions, using standard coffee cups. After the butter has solidified, I place several into a freezer bag and keep them in the freezer-this makes baking and letting the canna butter soften easier.

5 Let the machine cool for at least an hour prior to pouring thru the strainer-the canna butter has cooled but not solidified after an hour and pouring it thru the strainer is much easier then.

6 Cleaning the machine is easy if you use the “CLEAN’ function then let it soak and using hot soapy water, wipe down the external part of the machine, let it dry overnight and pack it back into it’s storage box until the next time!

Best wishes again-to both of you!
Elle (PlantCrone)

I have used the MBM machine twice. The first time I used leaves and stems, all I could get. I used VG and I strained it through the strainer that came with the unit and I got almost all the VG I started with. The second batch I used bud and strained it same as before. , but the amount is only about 2/3 and it is really thick. I don’t know how I went wrong. Can I reheat it and strain it? I mix pg and my wife vapes it. It works for her but I am concerned about the plant matter clogging her vape to much.

This is a guess based on experience, but the second time it might have gone too long or too hot for some reason. I don’t see why you couldn’t dilute it now with your PG, then run it through the machine at a medium temperature like 130 or 160F and try straining again. Let us know how it works!

I used 1 oz of Sun Grown Sierra from BPG in Berkeley (very inexpensive bud). This bud is a 1:1 thc/cbd. I used 2 cups Kosher, USP, VG. I decarbed the ganja at 250 f for 25 min. I ran the 8 hour tincture process in my brand-new MBM2 on its maiden voyage. I strained the veg matter thru a wired spaghetti strainer and pushed it down with a tablespoon sized spoon till veg matter was dry. I then strained it thru my MBM2 supplied strainer. I cleaned the strainer and ran it again. Viola. I came out with 10 oz. of glycerin tincture. Without further adjustment of any kind I tried it in a refillable cart. Wow. 3 vaped hits and it was amazingly smooth with a surprisingly strong outcome. I want to thank you Old Hippy. I have been researching and dreaming and now its a reality, thanks to your reviews on the MBM2 . I also received a discount with the code you supplied on your blog. I suffer with chronic pain, diabetes, hypertension and IBS and am allergic to opiates. I have tried dispensary VG tincture before and had no success with it. This homemade stuff is the bomb. It rocks. Cheers

Wow, that sounds great! Very glad it worked for you, and good tip on the strain. I love getting outdoor cannabis because it’s usually hella cheaper (as we say up here in NorCal)! Save that “veg matter” because there’s still stuff you can do with it!

And now that you have so much decarbed VG tincture, you can use it to sweeten your drinks or mix it into suitable food, where it will work much longer than vaping it too. That’s gonna be a lifesaver for someone with chronic pain and IBS! Go man van Gogh!

Forgot to mention on last post, there was no veg residue at all because of the straining I did. My glycerin tincture is golden/amber in color

Good Afternoon from NYC Old Hippie!

I am fairly new to all this CBD talk and possible experimentation. I have recently moved from SOCal to NYC and it is not legal here yet. I am trying to find real CBD products to vape or take as a tincture. It seems that there is so many bull**** products out there it’s hard to find something that could actually help with my high anxiety levels, slight OCD, and facial twitching. I have some ACDC coming from CA soon so I hope that helps, but do you know of any legit CBD products to buy online legally? Also any word on legalization over this end that maybe I haven’t heard yet? Thanks. And awesome page, can’t wait to read more.


Hi Pheef,

It will be a long time before the politicians in NYC figure out how to line their pockets enough to make it legal. Until then, as you already know, there are a great many BS products that are largely placebo, but if you can afford to live in NYC you can probably afford what seems to be the real thing from the Charlotte’s Web strain developers (this is the most inexpensive bottle I can find). It’s the only one I feel I can recommend without actually trying it. And yes, pure CBD (or close to it) will totally shut down anxiety symptoms in our experience. Nugs and hugs!

Wow thanks OH, I like your posts and info. and wanted to reply to your “went off to see what happened post” but it keeps msg error. So since I think it is important for us all to create our own statistical data and truths about our use and findings after I see if this post I will add next.

In the very beginning I needed to consume large quantities of cannabis concentrate to get any effect Harlequin for day and Critical Kush by night. it would take at least 20 mL of the CK to even make me drowsy. Today 3 mL of the CK does just fine. why has my tolerance decreased so much? its the same plant, clones from the mother. I am helping a friend who like me has no personal experience with the medicine. She is consuming such a large amount with no effects. My combo did nothing for her so I switched her to a Shark Shock/Outlaw mix. One capsule has me tripping, she has taken 5 capsules and nothing.

Dear Old Hippie,
I have a good amount of time to pass a urine drug test (almost 2 months). However, I’m wondering how fast I will be able to clean out my system for the urine test. I have been a heavy user for close to 10 years. So far, I have gone 5 days taking bentonite (great plains) clay 3-4 times a day, niacin and cranberry pills, doing cardio for an hr each day (sweating immensely), and excessively drinking water, coconut water, and cranberry juice. I am 5’11, 165, and very active.

Well, it sounds like you’re doing everything recommended, except actually drinking excessively is dangerous in itself. And I never heard of eating what’s essentially cat litter! That could also be dangerous if it led to abdominal impaction. Please don’t endanger your health!

Well the bentonite clay I got is from the health food store and is essentially for body detox. How long do you think it will take the pass the urine test if I continue this regimen?

Old hippie – found your review of the MBM and was encouraged to make some oils and a tincture for the patients who don’t smoke for whom I have been making edibles using the MBM. Both were well received, but I had one patient who loved the idea of the caps but did not think the oil canna-caps were strong enough, I made him a tincture canna-cap and he thought they were better but still not enough for his bad days. Even placing drops he had to use 5 drops to get relief. Without making a special brew for just him by adding more herb is there a way to make what I have more concentrated? I am trying to keep his cost down – but also give him the medicine he needs. Any advice?

Is cdb oil effective in treating copd? I’be read many articles online which say it is. Can u recommend a reliable online seller of the oil?

I suspect that any actual (as opposed to placebo) effect of CBD on a serious condition like COPD would involve the kind of serious doses of CBD that are not generally available in most of the “legal CBD” products out there, but only from actual high-CBD medical marijuana. Coincidentally, I just wrote an article about fake CBD vendors,, and I’m hoping to identify some good vendors in the next few weeks.

Hey O.H.
I have been in contact with a CBD vendor online. Here is the link: I have also spoken with the owner several times. He is a real nice guy and cares about helping people improve their health with the type of meds we use. I received a large sampler from them. The owner is Don Ballou. They are in St. Petersburg, FL. Take care brother and thanks for all you do for everyone.

Dear Prof, Hi, I’m Elizabeth. I was wondering if you liked the CBD samplers you received in the mail.. I am interested in as much CBD as possible, with little THC. (I have arthritis & neuropathy)

Hi Elizabeth,
The company I have found that has the most CBD in mg per gram or ml is I use their products. They sent me a sampler. They are honest and open. I met the owner via email, his name is Don. Real decent guy. I have checked out others who seem ok, but their products do not seem to be as concentrated as CBD Essence. According to Don, all of their CBD is C02 extracted. I use it to mix my own medicines. I make tincture, canna caps and e-vape liquids and use CBD in all of them. I have type II diabetes, hypertension and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I used to take opiates and myriads of other pills for my ailments. I discovered I have allergies to opiates and had to stop taking them. I now mainly use cannabis remedies with much success. I also use thc in my homemades as I want the “Entourage Effect.” I pray for your success.

Hey O.H.

I’m a So Cal, OC Mama…trying to determine what would be best to use to calm mast cell degranulation. Mast Cell Disease is a milder form of systemic mastocytosis. MC researchers suspect that this condition is grossly underdiagnosed. It is a malfunction of the innate immune system. In my research, Dr. Courtney’s wife Kristen, noted in her YouTube video “Leaf” that daily juicing resolved her symptoms. (Intercystitial Cystitis can be caused by Mast Cell Disease.) I know Dr. Courtney recommends non heated THC, I assume for the medicinal impact of the high THC…if it was heated…according to him one would be couch locked for a week! I can’t find anyone to sell/donate the leaves…any suggestions? Also…fyi…I have been on pain management for a number of years. About two years ago I experimented by using high CBD vape pen…I have always been required to test monthly…MY tests turned up “normal”. I assume when a lab is testing for MJ it is only identifying high THC and NOT CBD. I wondered if others had the same results? Perhaps rather than stopping MJ…switching to high CBD would make sense for many persons who anticipate testing…who knows when the testing will chagne in the future.

Very true about the drug tests; CBD isn’t tested for by anyone AFAIK.

I don’t know anything about your MCD, unfortunately, but juicing leaves seems to help people with a number of conditions that don’t seem to respond to other things. One could say the same for Rick Simpson Oil! So perhaps if you can’t find anyone with leaves (see if your dispensary can contact their suppliers for leaves), perhaps you could try oral ingestion of some good CO2-extracted high CBD hash oil (the closest you’re going to come to commercial RSO unless you make it yourself from a high CBD strain).

Hope that helps. Nugs and hugs!

Hi, OH! There is a bottle of tincture I see on the Internet. On the front, it says:

“Nectar Leaf
Organic Hemp Seed Extract
In Coconut Oil
300 mg. CBD
1 Fluid Ounce.”

I am thinking that that particular bottle would not have very much pain-killing CBD.
Am I correct?
Thank you, Elizabeth


Industrial hemp has 25 parts per million of CBD. Take any amount and divide it into 1 million parts, you will find 25 of those have CBD. Cannabis on the other hand has 150,000 parts per million of CBD. This is a 6000 times difference. Can sit and play with math all day long.

If you smoke CBD first thing in the morning . then try and smoke some THC later will you still feel the high from the THC ? thanks

hi , one key,……. in abeeter slep med is cbn, n as in nite nite imake oatmeal rasin zuccuni cookies but when decarbingi like controled degradation of my thc mol.., it breaks down into components like cbn cbv cbg these are key in makin good fast actin sleep meds thc nice but atool for adifferent job

Hi Old Hippie,
Looks like this comment probably won’t thread with my original post in the “Ask Old Hippie” section. I wrote to you a couple weeks ago about decarbed vs. raw cannabis in making the Canna-caps. Just wanted to thank you for your long and helpful response, and to let you know I’m in the process of experimenting with various combinations of raw and decarbed, and will let you know the results of my experiments. One thing I’m pretty sure of so far: the presence of THCa seems to help with pain relief for me. (My chronic pain condition has been very stubbornly resistant to all manner of treatments; the best relief I’ve found so far is from the heavy purple indica type strains, but these are too stony for daytime use – thus my ongoing experiments.) I will, by the way, be sure to check out Purple Kush per your suggestion as soon as it becomes available in my area. Anyway I am fascinated to find out whether/how raw cannabis in tinctures and capsules affects my experience. Also….glad to hear you have a book coming out. I will be sure to check that out. 🙂

has any one ever bought ediblies from hempfeild candy or amsterdam candy if so did it get you high im looking for other people who have used there sevice

Hi, Old Hippie.
Which is more effective in treating cancer, with CBD, THC or THCa?

And diluting glycerine tincture for vaping, why not use water instead of propylene glycol?

1. Nobody really knows, as there have not been any proper studies on this; it is all experimental medicine.
2. Please see the answer I already posted for you in your previous comment.

Dear old hippie,

My friend just bough me an edible made with coconut oil. She warned me that it had to be eaten in 24 hours or less. It’s quite big and I was hoping I could save it for another time. Can I? If so, how?

As I’ve said many times, edibles are mostly food, so they will last only as long as that kind of food will last, and you preserve it the same way…by keeping it in the fridge! Baked goods are generally OK for a week or two. The THC itself won’t degrade for many months. Now if it’s lobster tail, it might not last that long, but I think I’m the only one who’s done that 🙂

More important, please be sure you read some safety rules!

First of all, I’m sorry to hear about your problems. You have obviously done enough research to learn that medical marijuana can help your conditions, but possibly not enough to know that there is no prescribed dosage or that it’s still illegal to sell it. We do not and never have provided marijuana to anyone.

Earlier in your conversation with Richard Ronson you stated that thc or cannabis isn’t water soluble. Couldn’t you use soy or sunflower lecithin to allow it to be water soluble?

Excellent question!

While lecithin is an excellent emulsifier (and again I must repeat that it has been linked to cardiac damage), in practice that means it helps oils mix well with water. However, that doesn’t change the basic chemical properties of THC itself. While you can use lecithin to help THC-infused vegetable oil mix better in recipes, that’s not quite the same as getting THC to dissolve in water…although it does mean that the THC-laden oil will be dispersed more readily in water.

Just to be clear… decarbed bud only needs to sit over night? If you can’t decarb the bud the process will work if left for that long amount of time?

I’m not sure what context you’re talking about, and those are two completely different questions anyway, but no, bud will not decarb all by itself from sitting overnight.

hello I live in Florida and I have a sick fur baby. the vet said he had a spinal disorder that is causing his disc in his back to fuse together and sooner or later he would have to be put down. He is nine years old. I think something is going on in his mind because he just stares out into nothing if you don’t give him a command he just stands looking around. He walks backward more than forward and if I don’t get him off the bed he just stays in the bed. I can look in him eye and see something is wrong. So I call a good friend to help. I did the research and found that the CBD oil should help so my friend sent some Companion bacon flavor CBD oil. It says on the box CBD TINCTURE.

So I have the meds now how do I give it to him?? and how much to start?

I just cant lose this beautiful angel he is my protector and my world. please help.

Dear Helen,

I am sorry to hear about your friend’s problems. Unfortunately you have not even mentioned what kind of “fur baby” you have, whether dog, cat, monkey, or river otter. I did some basic research to find out about this product and it appears to be legit, though only alcohol or glycerin-based mixtures are generally called tinctures. I did find an article that claims to know good dosages for dogs, so hopefully you can use that as a guide. Just remember that all this might be able to do is help with your friend’s pain and mood, it’s not going to help their spinal disorder. Best of luck! Nugs and hugs!

Hey, OH; you and I are from the from same generation.
I actually liked the 60’s/70’s weed better than todays.
Do you have any rec’s on something that would compare to the weed of yesteryears…….?


Actually, I found some bargain basement weed once at a dispensary (don’t remember the name, but that’s not the point here) that was being sold very cheap because it had super-low THC, maybe 4%. Smoking it instantly brought me back in time! So scout around in the bargain bins, never know what you’ll find!

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