Warning: Do Not Vaporize Edible Cannabis Oil

source: http://www.weedist.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/marijuana-infused-cooking-oil.jpg

I have been seeing way too many people confused about this online, so I have decided to publish this content here in advance from our upcoming book (details to be released soon). Stay safe!

Hash Oil is the essence of cannabis that has been extracted so there’s nothing left but the raw cannabinoids. It is thick and oily in texture, but is not real oil, even though it’s called hash oil. This is intended for vaporizing (“dabs” or “e-dabs“).

Edible oil is made from actual oil (butter, coconut oil,  olive oil, or other edible oil) which has had the cannabinoids infused into it by heat. This is intended for oral consumption, baking into edibles, or used in Canna Caps. You do not and must never smoke or vaporize this kind of oil, because that could cause you to develop Exogenous Lipoid Pneumonia (ELP).

According to RightDiagnosis.com, symptoms of this condition include progressive shortness of breath, lung hemorrhage, fatigue, fever, night sweats, and dry cough. Left untreated, any pneumonia can be life-threatening. At the very least, this condition can cause serious lung damage.

Please be informed about what you’re doing, because ignorance of this can be life-threatening. You have been warned!
— Old Hippie


Old Hippie is a father of two boys and thankfully living in California where all this kind of thing is legal. He started smoking marijuana in 1967 in high school, experimented with mind-expanding drugs of all kinds, and then straightened out 15 or so years later to become an airplane pilot. After being diagnosed with depression in 2000, he lost his job and most of the following decade to prescription medications (such as antidepressants) which sapped his energy and will. Finally, a chance conversation with a friend led to a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana (MMJ). This changed his entire life, health, and outlook for the better. BeyondChronic.com is his continuing story. It’s also his way to provide experienced advice on using medical marijuana effectively and responsibly, as well as advocacy, activism, and support for others. Old Hippie teaches about safe use of cannabis edibles, Canna Caps, vaporizers, dosing, and even microdosing.


Valuable warning – thanks for explaining it. I’m sure there are folks who are not aware of the dangers, or maybe just don’t realize that they’d be basically inhaling vegetable oil – ACK!
While I know they weren’t the same thing and we shouldn’t vape edible oils, I never considered it could cause pneumonia. Nobody wants that.

what i’m seeing alot of that bothers me is it seems an awful lot of people don’t understand the difference in hemp oil and cannabis oil [feco] ! all of this talk of hemp oil as medicine,i mean whats going on,i’m an old hippie too,has terminology changed and i missed it or what ?!!!

Well, you can blame the people who came up with the confusing names! “Hemp oil” means the oil of pressed hemp seeds in a health food store, but it means something else to Rick Simpson (a man I admire, don’t get me wrong). Hempseed oil is good for you, but it’s the Rick Simpson Oil which is generally used as a medicine. I believe that’s closest to what you call FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil). That’s an acronym I don’t usually use because it sounds too much like “fecal”!

Yea it is allot healthier and with all due respect old hippie slash growers are never open to new ideas oil has way more benifits bud is not potent like oil to be used for so called medicine

Hi Daniel! You are so right! Terminology has been a big issue surrounding this! I have learned that “Cannabis” is the name of the plant. “Hemp” is the slang word we created for cannabis that has a low level of THC. “Marijuana” is the slang word we created for cannabis that has a high level of THC. BOTH contain CBD. Hemp SEED oil does not, however, nor does is have the powerful medicinal affects that oil obtained from the whole cannabis plant has. The body cannot recognize whether the CBD is from “hemp” or “marijuana”. CBD is CBD… is CBD. Some, simply prefer the medicinal affects without the “high”. Although, just like anything quality definitely plays a role. Hope I helped clear it up! <3

I wonder if you read this sort of advice a bit too late and stop does your lungs purge these fat residues quickly or are you prone to ELP for quite some time after?

Felicity (who is not a doctor either) says that if your lungs have an irritant in them, you’ll probably end up coughing it out. It’s only when it doesn’t come out and leads to infection that you end up with pneumonia. So maybe take some cough medicine with expectorant if you have no pneumonia symptoms, and get to a doctor if you do!

TL, DR: pneumonia is not guaranteed in this case, just possible.

I would try pure CBD powder, its relatively cheap and you can eat it and mix it with glycerin and smoke/vape it.

Osha would be a good way to clean the lungs. I wouldn’t take CBD powder unless you really believe that isolate extracts are what Nature intended, which is my way of saying that you can do it but don’t be surprised when side effects are discovered.

I couldn’t agree more Darin, as far as isolates are concerned. The point is to have ALL of the medicinal properties synergistically working together, not just the CBD. CBD Isolate is not all that it is cracked up to be.

Thank you for answering this question. I don’t have access to it yet, but I saw people asking the same about Hemp oil on Amazon and it set my brain turning.

Ok I’ve been smoking some of my homemade oil made with coconut oil and some made by someone else with rice bran oil. I put a few drops on top of my weed in a pipe. Only been doing it for the past few weeks and will now stop. I’m wondering if you can do the same with tincture made with Everclear? Is that safe or a good idea? I did get a good buzz smoking the oil but if it hurts your lungs, I’ll not do it anymore. Thanks

Alcohol tincture can flare up and burn you, especially if made with Everclear. Imagine what that would do to your insides if you were inhaling at the time!

There are so many options available now for people who want to get higher (kief, hash oil, etc) it doesn’t pay to try things like that. Please stay safe!

I dont think you should use mj for only seeking a buzz. Perhaps start ingesting it, to no longer need the rush of the buzz?

I don’t think you should use alcohol/tobacco/coffee for only seeking a buzz. Perhaps you should ingest it instead. *sarcasm*

Tincture made with ever clear is dabs and yes u can smoke or vape it. They also make it with butane but that’s dangerous and some people aren’t smart lol

“Dabs” are hash oil, which is concentrated cannabis and nothing like tincture. It is not safe to smoke, vape, or even heat alcohol-based tincture because ethanol catches fire at only 170F.

The ethanol catching fire isn’t even remotely the problem here. It’s the fact that heated ethanol releases methanol, which is a highly toxic alcohol and inhaling it can cause serious issues.
Alcohol tinctures are not dabs and you should not vape them because you’re literally turning mostly-safe chemicals into a chemical that will 100% kill you.

Good information but I would love to see at least one source cited. I have not seen any research on the topic and I wonder where you have obtained this information.

Thanks so much for the info. I’ve been wondering for some time now, and I was going to just try it because I couldn’t find the info I was looking for (Dumb I know). But this puts my mind at ease. Thanks!

At least one manufacturer here in WA is using Coconut Oil as an alternative to Propylene Glycol for viscosity of its hash oil vaporizer cartridges. Is that concerning?

Wow, I did not know that! I would personally be concerned, yes. I cannot imagine anyone has extensively tested the safety of that stuff being inhaled at high temperatures as an aerosol in the human body (if I’m wrong, please send links to proof). Just because cannabis is suddenly “legal” in a state does not mean that everyone manufacturing products containing cannabis has medical knowledge or even common sense (ref. 1000 mg. edibles). Please stay educated, everyone!

OK, I need help. I have copd was told cannabis oil under my tongue would help. My question…what do I know what to buy? Have not a clue on any of it, only smoked it when I was young. Please speak in terms I can understand since there are so much related terminology now days. Thanks

Pretty exciting !

One can get super high/stoned off of raw cannabis leaves. Just when everyone was sure that could never happen; this fella stumbled on how to do so. His goal was not to get high, far from it. Seems combining citric acid and coconut was the vehicle to amp up the effect. He had a friend test it who has a very high THC tolerance and same outcome… 10 hours later mind still blown : ) in a good way.

Bear in mind, John is a chatty person so his vids can be long. But well worth it here. At least one comment said they tried it with male plants and wham.. same deal – best ever high.



No, he is talking about extraction methods that use heat for the extract. This product uses supercritical CO2 extraction which is very COLD and does not release the same compounds when producing the extract. When combined with refined coconut oil, which is considered a Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT), it is no different than combining the extract with PG or VG and vaping it. What I believe that this article is discussing is considering if the original extract had been created by heating cannabis directly into coconut oil, then filtering it and then vaporizing that — which would not be the same thing.

I’m home in CO for a few months and bought a Tumbleweed disposable vape pen made with cannabis extract and “a propriety blend of fractionated coconut oils,” which concerned me. Not sure about the “proprietary blend” part, but I wonder if the fractionation was used to separate only unsaturated fats, and if inhaling these would be “better” than saturated fats? Regardless, I’ve noticed the pen hurts my lungs and makes me cough. No good. So I think I’ll stay away from vaporizing coconut oil. Also thinking about emailing the manufacturer since I’m not sure if they’ve considered the health effects of inhaling coconut oil.

There are people who pooh-pooh the idea that such a small amount of oil could hurt you, but they haven’t lived for almost 40 years with a partner with serious lung problems. We (not the “royal we”, but the “societal we”) don’t know if the vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG) in e-juice is safe to inhale, but we assume they are because they’re food-safe. Coconut oil is obviously also food-safe, but it just as obviously is a lipid that can potentially damage your breathing, so why even take a chance?

I’ve used innumerable vape pens, cartridges, oils, and waxes. The best of them have no additives whatever!

Please everyone stay safe out there, and don’t be fooled by companies who often are trying the first thing they can think of. CBD oils in particular are being heavily and hype-ily marketed right now, but it should be perfectly safe to ingest them, so why take a chance on inhaling? Nugs and hugs!

Is there more documentation about this beyond the PDF you linked to? That study only had 11 subjects. A sample that small can look like anything the author wants it to. I wouldn’t make any decisions without more backing research.

I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been fighting Crohn’s Disease for 20 years. I’ve been through more clinical trials than most during that time. The results use much larger sample sizes, but the results can vary greatly depending on how the data is extrapolated. The chemo like biological I’m on now has a list of potential side effects as long as my arm. Once you dig through the data you can see how any results can twisted without multiple studies.

The reason I’m commenting is there are several companies here in Arizona that sell disposable pen style vaporizers made with different strains and coconut oil. I would hope that if there was data that inhaling coconut oil was harmful, another suspension ingredient would be used. Unfortunately, because of the number of surgeries I’ve been through, using a vape is the best option available. I use a Haze vaporizer for different concentrates. It works really well but isn’t very stealthy if I need to use it in public places.

I’m not trying to get into a debate over this. True, it’s unlikely that you’ll actually inhale aerosolized lipids by normal use of a pen vaporizer, but experience has taught me that there are a lot of people out there who do remarkably nonsensical things, so I tend to err on the side of caution.

But that also begs the question: if you have legal access to MMJ, wouldn’t you also have access to wax and hash oil, which can also be used in a pen vape with no threat of inhaling lipids?

And I also implore you to look into making Canna Caps, which tend to last far longer than vaping or smoking, and that has proven very useful to many Crohn’s patients.

Hey just stumbled across this, no you should never vape anything that has actual oils in it. The surfactant that lines the alveoli is what keeps them open. Think of it like the tension on top of a glass of water. If you get oil in there it destroys this bond (oil and water dont mix) and this is what causes the damage and pneumonia. You can die. I have never vaped any kind of pot, but am speaking as a medical prof.

Is this in any way reversible? I used a vape with coconut oil about a month ago (terrible idea) and my lungs have been hurting slightly since then.

I’m not a doctor, but many bodily problems slowly heal themselves when there’s no permanent damage. If you haven’t developed pneumonia, you’re probably on the road to recovery, and now you know enough to not do that again! But if you’re really in pain, you might want to see a doctor to put your mind at ease. Good luck!

Your info is greatly appreciated.. I vape some edible cbd oil the last few days and just realized you shouldn’t so I’m hoping such short term won’t affect me.

I’ve recently bought a Medipen here in the UK.Its got all the benefits of Cannabis oil without the THC apparently and I vape it.If you Google it,it gives you all the info.Coykd you tell me if I’m wasting my time with this please.Thanks in advance

I’m currently doing some research on the safety of this product, however you should know that “all the benefits of cannabis oil without the THC” means very little, as most of the benefits of cannabis come from the THC. CBD can be very useful for certain conditions, but its usefulness is limited to those specific conditions. So it’s hard to know if you’re wasting your time unless we know why you’re using it in the first place.

I’ve been using mine for about 3-4 months now and it’s really taking the edge off my anxiety. Then again I have also been smoking a high CBD strain the past few weeks to amplify the effects. I am a firm believer in the entourage effect and the healing effects of THC however the main reason I bought one is because of the drug driving laws that were passed here this year make it difficult to smoke and drive and I find the pen is a nice alternative in certain situations. Regarding the safety, it hasn’t touched me although I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle and rarely get ill. But I remember reading an article on NewScientist (how I initially came across the product) who tested it and said something along the lines of “the only way it could kill someone is if you hit them across the head with it”. Either way seeing this article made me skeptical nonetheless so I dropped them an email and they responded pretty quickly, pasted the response below if anybody is interested


Great question, Jason! This is something that a lot of consumers (and even suppliers) fail to acknowledge which could potentially lead to several issues.

You are correct in saying that vaporising any oils high in fatty acid content can potentially lead to conditions such as Endogenous Lipoid Pneuomonia, however please rest assured that we only use safe & tested ingredients designed for use in portable vaporisers in the MediPen® formula.

Our formula consists of a blend of high-strength CBD Oil and Organic Vegetable Glycerin (derived from coconut oil), not to be confused with coconut oil products that can be bought in supermarkets.

There is a distinct difference between the two, which I have provided information for below for further clarification:

“Vegetable glycerin is produced via an extraction process called hydrolysis. During the hydrolysis process, oils are placed under the combined force of air pressure, controlled temperature, and distilled water. The ester bond breaks and causes the glycerin to split from fatty acids and be absorbed by water. The fatty acids and resultants are distilled out to increase purity.”

Well, that’s more than they’d tell me. They wrote to me several times promising I could talk/write to one of their scientists but then never responded when I said “OK”. I do wish they’d keep their story straight though…first they say it’s coconut oil, then they say it’s VG.

You’ve got that backwards… CBD has A LOT MORE EFFECTS than THC. CBD is a neuromodulator that regulates excessive activity in the endocannabinoid system. THC is an antagonist that only has a handful of effects by binding as such to the receptors. In this way, CBD has much further reaching effects with seizures, cancer, any type of neuro- or muscular- degenerative diseases, addiction, pain, and more! Just because CBD does not offer the “euphoria” felt by THC, does not mean it has less effect. Get your facts straight, there are numerous resources online explaining this very concept.

Yes, and I’ve written quite a few of them myself, right here on this site.

CBD is very useful, but it is being overhyped right now, to the point where literally just this morning I saw someone asking about CBD to help their dandruff!

Nobody is claiming (at least, I’m not) that “THC is more powerful because it doesn’t get you high”. However, some CBD proponents are now in fact claiming that CBD has properties and effects way beyond what has been proven and shown by actual testing. And the low CBD content of a great many tinctures and oils being sold puts them solidly into the placebo category.

Note to readers: I removed the URL from this commenter’s posting, because it points to what’s presumably his or her CBD distributor website. Any questions?

The website I included is not mine, nor does it sell cbd, projectcbd.org is a resource that has numerous links to academic and medical research on cbd. I agree that cbd has become like the snake oil sales of the cannabis industry, you never know what you’re getting unless it’s tested. Make sure you’re ordering your CBD oils from a reliable and valid source. Understanding how to dose and what it is in the first place is a great first step at least.

The website I included is not mine, nor does it sell cbd

And yet the URL matches the email address you provided, and the website says “We are a San Diego, CA based wholesale distributor of Cannabidiol (CBD) products for licensed retailers.”

I’m not trying to fight you, claim that website is a fraud, or discount the usefulness or efficacy of CBD for many conditions, but I am for transparency and fighting spam.

The study you cite makes no mention of coconut oil and no mention of vaporized oil of any kind. Lipoid pneumonia is caused by inhaling oil in its liquid form. There are no studies examining the inhalation of vaporized oil.

Like coconut oil, cannabis oil is also lipid based. Therefore, if vaporizing coconut oil can cause lipoid pneumonia, so can vaporizing cannabis oil. In fact, there is a study suggesting that vaporizing cannabis oil caused lipoid pneumonia in one person (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10980460).

This study, like the one you cite above, is seriously flawed, and shows the danger of sensationalizing research findings rather than thinking critically.

“Cannabis oil” is a misnomer, because it is not lipid based at all. It is an oily conglomeration of extracted cannabinoids, and there is no fat in it whatsoever.

However, you are quite right that lipoid pneumonia is caused only by inhaling liquid oil, and that is exactly why I warn against using it in a vaporizer. It is quite common for people using vaporizers to inhale forcefully enough to inhale droplets. Further, coconut oil starts breaking down (smoke point) at around only 350F, which means it would be giving off unknown substances at that temperature.

In order to think critically, you have to know what you’re talking about. Nothing I have said here depends on that study in any case.

Good point, but I wasn’t talking about any natural lipids in cannabis oil as much as the people/vendors who mix cannabis oil with actual vegetable oil.

Right. My understanding is if you vacuum distill with fractioned coconut oil you can distill out the harmful fatty lipids.

We are attempting to find a non-solvent process to make a crude hash oil that can then be fractionally distilled and concentrated. Yes, bubble bags from yesteryear work, and we may still utilize a screening process. Co2 and dry sift too. Even seen isomerization process used and then a BHO used but we don’t want to use solvents. Distilling under a vacuum holds some promise. Problem is initial extraction into a form distillable without solvents. Suggestions, we are all ears!!

Yes, that works….

Once squished we can distill the resin removing the lipids and plant materials. Very labor intensive process. We are still looking.

How do i know what it was made of??? I bought some oil today for my vape pen n it taste nasty. Does tht mean is made of olive oil or something?

Hello all ,
Ive recently been on the hunt for some oil to ingest for medicinal purposes.im also a big fan of rick simpson and his method. I am a noobie when it comes to producing concentrates and oils and such but am an avid smoker. When I finally came across what my friends father said was some oil it was unlike anything ive ever seen but now believe it is cannabis infused coconut oil. Is there any way to know for sure this stuff is good for me to ingest and will it have generall the same effect as a honey oil ? ( did not even consider smoking , as soon as I saw it I was on a search to figure out if it had been evaporated incorrectly or was done wrong )

OK, just FYI…true cannabis oil (whether hash oil or Rick Simpson Oil) is extremely thick. In fact when they sell it in dispensaries it is often packaged in syringes so you can get a small dose without a mess. If it flows easily and tastes like coconut then it’s probably infused coconut oil. Either one is perfectly safe to ingest (assuming the correct dosage etc), but then remember it’s an edible and will take anywhere up to 3 or 4 hours for you to feel.

None of the coconut oil cut vape cartridges I’ve used here in Arizona have any coconut taste or smell. My local dispencery is trying to produce their own line of cartridges without any additives, but are having issues with the viscosity.

Perhaps I am not understanding some of the comments.
Are you saying O.pen Vape cartridges or Dream Stream or any other brand that is made with coconut oil are bad?

I’m not naming any brands or dissing any products specifically. But after a bit more research, I’m going to double down on my previous recommendation: coconut oil, specifically, has a smoke point of around 350F. Read up at that Wikipedia page what happens to an oil when it reaches its smoke point: bluish smoke and degradation products of fatty acids come out of the oil, turning to soot. Now realize that virtually all vaporization takes place over 350F.

Add to that the fact that most of us have inhaled sharply on a vape pen and tasted droplets, which means in the same scenario, you can easily visualize how those droplets can go down your trachea and into your lungs. And if those droplets had coconut oil…well, that’s what I’m warning about too.

So what do you think about >99% MCT coconut oil, which has a smoke point about 40deg F lower than regular coconut oil and is a more powerful solvent for dispersing the FEO?

I’d love to hear what you came up with. I work at a dispensary in Illinois and am also a patient and we are about to start carrying pre-filled cartridges made with MCT oil. I’m asthmatic so I’m pretty anxious about putting weird substances in my lungs.

I didn’t try the MCT yet, the DMSO worked, and it helped my lungs it seemed, but I think you need to keep the ratio low (use minimal needed), and it tastes terrible! What I tried next was AWESOME – essential oils. I used frankincense first, tasted amazing, then geranium, and that also tasted amazing and was also super beneficial for the lungs (bet it would be great for asthma). It took only a couple drops to make the FECO viscous enough to load into the pen.
The problem I’ve encountered is the FECO seems to jam the pen after time where BHO doesn’t. That’s ok to me, I’d rather pay for a new cartridge every few months and have 100% natural ingredients then use BHO

Hi OH, I wonder if you have evaluated this yet and what you came up with.
I have been making FECO with the SOURCE, using MCT as a carrier oil and making my own cartridges. Just hearing about the possible dangers of using MCT….would be so grateful to know what you think about this, and any alternatives you may know of.

MCT itself is safe, and actually a great thing to dissolve cannabinoids in, especially for cooking because it has a neutral taste. But since there’s a small but real chance that inhaling any lipid-based liquid will get aerosol droplets into your lungs, I try to discourage people from doing that. If you really have FECO (full extract cannabis oil, for those who aren’t into acronyms), why not just vaporize it directly without additives?

When I make the extract it is quite thick after all the alcohol is purged. It would be impossible to get it into a cartridge without thinning it. How would you vaporize this directly?
There are several reasons I like using my homegrown homemade organic oil this way…convenient, controllable, mellow ….I’m not looking for a method that is very strong, like I think dabbing would be.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge/thoughts!

There are generally two kind of vape pens (and actually the difference is everything above the battery itself). One is the kind for relatively thin e-juice, and those generally use cartridges or cartomizers. The other is the kind meant for wax or hash oil, and that’s the kind I’m talking about for you. The technology is generally called “atomizers” and looks more like a cup than a tank. It’s similar to dabbing only in that you’re using the same kind of material, but it’s definitely possible to take a very small dose this way.

Hope this helps! Nugs and hugs!

So to be honest, I’m in the process of evaluating DMSO in FEO in a vape pen. I used 4 drops DMSO in about a gram of oil. Tastes terrible, but it def worked to get it in the pen and my phlegm feels a lot looser, and DMSO has been proven to be medically beneficial in nebulizers. Wondering if DMSO would disperse essential oils added for flavor enough for vaping or if essential oils even fall in the category of concern since the amount is so minimal. Would be very curious to hear about the MCT trials!

Ah, I’ve never heard that one (most people call that FECO, adding the word cannabis). I thought you might be referring to essential oil somehow. I’m familiar with DMSO and thought about using it for a topical, but there’s serious potential risk if it gets contaminated, as I’m sure you know. Never heard of it being used in nebulizers, though lecithin might be used for that (of course lecithin has its own baggage!).

Hi, I came across this because I am about to start vaping some CBD oil soon. I have been smoking regular cannabis for about a year because of my EXTREME insomnia. It only puts me out for two to three hours then I go outside and smoke again. I am in the process of finding my root cause of my insomnia but I kinda need sleep for healing and you know, that thing called living. The reason why I really don’t want to just do THC oils is because I plan on getting pregnant soon and was so hopeful that CBD oil would do. I tried it orally and did not go well. I wish I could get a hold of some high CBN but that is almost impossible because of availability, price and geography. So, I looked up alternative ways and vaping CBD oil seemed to come up a lot and how it is absorbed better than orally. I would love to get your opinion and also what oil do you then suggest that would be healthy to vape?

CBD is good for anxiety and a slight bit of relaxation as well as pain relief. If these are causing your anxiety, it might work, but most insomniacs need THC. In any case, the most likely reason that your CBD oil did not work orally is because most CBD oil being sold right now is bogus, so unfortunately I do not have a brand I can personally recommend.

What about this study?


“Studies in rabbits indicate that vegetable oils (sesame seed, poppy seed, olive), in contrast to animal fat oils or mineral oil, cause little if any lung pathology.”

Also, if this was a huge risk factor, wouldn’t fast food workers all over the country be developing ELP from working over massive vegetable oil fryers and steaming hot deep fried foods?

Well, I’ve never seen that study before, but you seemed to have missed a few points:

    A similar lung disease but also involving lung alveoli called bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia was described in beagle dogs that had accidental intra-airway exposure to oleic acid, a major component of some vegetable oils such as soybean oil.

    A large number of thermal and oxidative decomposition products, some with known toxic properties, can be produced during the stir-frying or deep fat frying of foods in various seed oils (corn, canola, soybean, hydrogenated cotton-seed).

    Increased respiratory symptoms (e.g., dyspnea) of kitchen workers exposed to fat aerosols during frying at high temperatures have been reported.

Note that all of these are based on people simply exposed to the oil in air, not forcibly inhaling the heated mist into their lungs as you do when vaping. There is absolutely no reason to be an unpaid guinea pig, risking your health for the profit and convenience of companies who are basically “cutting” or diluting pure product with vegetable oil for you to inhale.

Hello Old Hippie.. I today inhaled some Wugoo cbd oil containing grape seed oil, this one to be exact..


I know it say on the site that it is not for vaping.. Wich it didn’t say on the site where i ordered it from…
But since it tasted odd i started googlein about that cbd oil and found that it sure it not for vape..
I was searching about how much oil vape is needed for ELP to develop, but can’t find any info on that. Do you (or someone else) know much about this topic, if so how much oil vape is needed in the lungs for it to be harmfull? Is maybe just one cloud of oil vape enough for it to be dangerous? I inhaled about 10 times maybe less and most of the inhales had a decent vape cloud, Should i be worried?


Nah, I think you’re probably good. As with almost everything else, it’s repeated exposure at high doses that usually causes damage, unless you’re dealing with actual poison or something like that.

I noticed Mahatma Concentrates lists coconut oil on their list of ingredients, and remembering that I had heard some controversy about that I found your article when searching for research about that. Seems that there’s a lot more research available around the safety of of PEG, as it has been used so so long, and the jury is out about MCT and coconut oil. Anyway, please reply if anyone has any more data about the dangers of coconut oil, and I will probably not buy Mahatma again until I see something more conclusive.

Hi, is it safe to vape 100% cold pressed hemp seed oil? It says on the bottle “100% organic hemp seeds” and hemp seeds are the ONLY ingredient. I simply mix this with VG and vape it. It has Omega-6 (GLA) to Omega-3 (SDA) essential fatty acids as well as fat content in the calories label.

Is this safe or is it the same league as olive oil and vegetable oil?

Not really safe, since that’s essentially a fatty oil. Think of it like vaping butter.

And I’m not sure what the point is, since there’s no THC and probably no detectable CBD in there either.

Damn it. I enjoy vaping it and it has calming effects or me.

Are there any tinctures you recommend or is everything out of the question that contains any oil?

So is the harm from the oil particles or the actual vapor too? Like if the entire oil base vapours up into smoke without leaving little particles, is it then considered safe?

Can’t you just, like, eat it? It’s meant to be eaten.

Aspirating oil droplets is dangerous. Now, if you were to make sure that you’re always inhaling gently enough so that you aren’t going to get any liquid in your windpipe no matter what, that should be safe. But I can’t really watch everyone to make sure they’re not pretending to be a vacuum cleaner, so I warn people away from vaping anything with oil as a general rule. Because I know that lots of people do stupid things, sometimes on purpose.

Hi OH, I have some ethanol extracted, decarbed RSO oil made with MCT oil in a syringe from SWOP in ABQ NM that I used to fill a new cartomizer with, when I use it or any other CO2 type oil I always basically just suck a mouthful into my mouth and hold it for a few minutes to absorb the medz via the mucous membranes which I believe delivers more of the medz to the system and then inhale a sip and exhale that via the nose and then inhale another sip from what’s left in the mouth and exhale that via the nose etc. This is a lot easier on my lungs and would I think, negate any possibility of inhaling any droplets and I get get a much more precise micro dose than trying to squeeze out the right dose from the syringe.. Any feedback on this approach? Thank you!

Interesting. You’re probably inhaling that in the safest way possible, and I commend you for coming up with a technique like that! Nugs and hugs!

Just as a comment though. When people say RSO they’re almost universally using it in connection with cancer or other serious illness, for which Rick Simpson recommends oral usage. I have no idea why anyone (I mean the supplier here) would think it’s necessary to mix RSO with MCT oil specifically in order to vaporize it! I get POP Naturals oil in syringes myself, and because it’s pure CO2 extracted oil, I can vape it, eat it, or use it to make infused MCT or coconut oil without worry.

I don’t see how or why you would want to vape this…it has alcohol in it (which means it could catch on fire) and it’s made to be taken sublingually anyway.

Hello Old Hippie, I just got an MBM and am planning to make up a batch of THC E-Juice using MBM Glycerin Tincture (see your previous post to this one). But I am a bit confused. In the above article you warn not to vape edible cannabis oil made from actual oil (butter, coconut oil, olive oil, or other edible oil) but the previous article promotes using VG. Is VG not an edible oil? Looking forward to your response.

It’s hard to say. Their current online literature says their CBD is mixed with coconut oil, but one of the other commenters in this thread reports receiving an official communication from them claiming it’s vegetable glycerin (VG). If you do choose to use a Medipen, I suggest you inhale as lightly as possible, so you will be most likely to get vapor and not droplets in your lungs.

Out of all the oil cartridges in Arizona I’ve tried, 20+ different brands. By far ‘The Clear’ which is solvent free. Two of the 3 local dispensaries carry them, but are constantly out of stock. I’m not sure if they can’t order larger quantities, or don’t want to stock more. i go through about a cartridge per week. A lot easier to deal with a oil cartridge than other options when in public.

It’s so hard getting them, that I might drive the 1.5 hour drove to their dispensary and stock up.

The only thing I’ve gotten out of them is the use a little MCT oil in the cartridges. It is also available in a dabbing form which is even a bit stronger.

Any suggestions on a good dabbing setup that won’t break the bank?

The other dispensary is working with a collective to produce their own line of oils. They had to use some PG at first to thin it which wasn’t a pleasant taste. They do have a couple new versions available.

As a guy with low tolerance, I have always preferred a good vape pen made for wax/oil (ceramic or other inert heating chamber a must for health reasons) to actual dabbing, what with torches and glass and other things that could go wrong on top of the amount you end up using. I can tell you that a site called DHgate is the place to get decent cheap oil rigs though! Nugs and hugs!

Thanks, already spent time in that brainsuck DHGate. Along with different pen style vape battery setups I’ve used, the Haze that works well for most concentrates. The issue with the last time I was at my dispensary they had some super good wax they had just made. Great stuff but it took a hour to clean the Haze. I’ve been looking at the ceramic rigs like The Kiln. Has to be easier to clean.

The Haze works great for some concentrates, but all the resin in this wax coats everything making it a gooey mess. I’ve tries from a tiny ball to a BB. Puts a varnish on everything.

I’m going to have to look at the ceramic models like the Kiln or other ceramic pens designed for concentrates. Much easier to clean with that from what I’ve seen. Any suggestions?



Hi Old Hippie! I have a question about a product I’ve been using that contains Coconut Oil called Platinum Vapes. Have you heard of this product? I’ve been using it for about a month now. Not consistently, but a few puffs at night to help me sleep, occasionally I’ll go 6 to 10 puffs in a day. I’ve noticed that it does have a slight taste to it. I’m wondering if I should discontinue using this product? I’m trying to find an alternative way of medicating that doesn’t require smoking, due to health reasons. Thanks for your consideration!

Sorry, there appear to be at least 4 or 5 “Platinum Vapes” online so I have no idea what product you’re referring to. I think I might have mentioned this, but if you inhale slowly and not forcefully, you will have very little chance of inhaling droplets of any kind and that will be safer.

Hi Old Hippie, I was just given some cannibis oil that is Mineral oil based. Besides topical usage, is it possible to smoke it, or vape it? Ingest it? ie put it in brownies?

Dude I just vaped pure coconut oil, Took like an rda load to the lungs about 20 minutes ago. Am I gonna be good? Or could that cause some major harm now?

Well, you know, I’m not a doctor, but obviously it’s not a good idea. If you’re in good health, your lungs should clean themselves out naturally. I’d be alert for any odd feelings or sounds (like crackling) from my lungs when I breathe for the next few weeks. Don’t get super paranoid though!

I purchased some concentrated CBD oil a few years ago described as “CBD oil high concentrated medical hemp oil cannabidiol 0% thc” Do you think this would be okay for vaping?

I really wish there was a larger test group unless I missed another update. Didn’t that one have only 13 patients who were predisposed with signs of the illness? I so a lot, well less than when I lived a few blocks away from one of the research firm out of Chicago. Pretty much everybody stayed at around the same level. Not saying it’s right or wrong, just no where near the typical test.

their cash right away for doing it. Again, I’m not disputing the results, just the size of the test pool. Those companies are also known for just matching the requirements from the sponsor, not a placebo in the room. I’m basically going through the same regime for my new doctors at Mayo in Phoenix. Run every test they can and see what comes out the other end. There was always so much “slipping” another number.

I ended up living a good part of last week down at Mayo in Phoenix. Same for the next month or so. It’s 1/2 an hour to Flagstaff Medical, or 90 minutes to Mayo. I already know a trip to our ER probably takes longer than Mayo with little or no resolution. Well worth the drive since I’m disabled and we hope at some point to get me back to a normal life. I can say mmj has cut down oral opiates by about 75%. I can almost start attending some of the art shows and stuff that keeps me from hanging onto the ceiling fan any more than usual.

Unfortunately we’ve hit a really big point where there isn’t enough Humera in my system at the usual every other week doses.

OH, great thread. A few questions: You have mentioned Simpson’s FECO. Call me old fashion but he uses ISO as his preferred solvent. I just cant handle that. I use a food grade pure commercial 200 proof ethyl alcohol for my solvent, I believe to be safer than ISO. You also, mention that the residual alcohol, these are my words, can catch on fire when vaping. I’m sure there is some chance that there could be residual alcohol, I personally find it hard to believe that a fruit cake wouldn’t have more alcohol (pardon the pun) than properly prepared FECO. What is your opinion on using products like EJ-Mix or Wax Liquidifier for mixing with FECO for vaping?
Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Hello there!

Actually, as far as I know Rick Simpson has been recommending naptha as a solvent since day one, and ever since I found out how impossibly hard it is to get non-contaminated naptha in most places, I have been recommending (and using) ethanol as well. ISO, even when totally evaporated and “washed out” with ethanol, still has a noticeable residual taste, which means there’s…STUFF that’s getting through the process. The only “residue” from using ethanol should be water!

I’ve never tried to analyze a fruit cake for residual ethanol, but then I never tried to vape a fruit cake either!

As far as those two products you mentioned, I’ve never heard of them. FECO (an acronym I rarely use, probably because it reminds me of the word “fecal”) needs no additives to be safely eaten or vaped anyway. That’s why we have wax pens!

Thanks for writing. Nugs and hugs!

The other day I saw a YouTube of him making it, in a jungle somewhere (it looked disgusting) and he was dumping in ISO from a gallon can into a rice cooker over weed.

Come to think of it I haven’t vaped a fruit cake in a long time. The two products that I mentioned are talked about for liquefying wax and other concentrates for vaping and I was looking for you opinion for using them with FECO. I’ll give it a try and let you know how it works.

Ah, so maybe he’s changed to a different solvent now. I still prefer ethanol for something I’m taking internally, after tasting the ISO, even if it’s lots more expensive.

I still don’t understand why anyone would want to add unknown chemicals (presuming that the components of those products are secret) to what they’re inhaling when it’s not absolutely necessary, but it would be interesting to hear what your experiences are.

That’s actually similar to what we’ve been discussing for several years right here…a tincture with VG and/or PG for vaping. That has nothing to do with the practice of vaping infused coconut oil or whatever, but thank you.

So recently my gf got me a vape pen with the pre filled cartridge. It was a normal clear one with black tip. Anyways do.rone told her they were from a dispenser but I am 100percent sure they were homemade. I am still having problems from the one full inhalation I took from it. I’m thinking it had butane in it and that when I hit it, it released cabon monoxide and gave me CO poisoning. I had/have all the symptoms. Even the Parkinson twitching. It sucks.

You content is very low quality, and you obviously care more about correcting your commenters than covering your own ass and providing information that’s properly researched.
I won’t be visiting here again, thanks for wasting my time.

Provided my comment isn’t deleted, if you make it down this far, please do not trust the author on anything they have to say. What little they actually get correct is easily searchable information. Everything that’s wrong, they just try to correct if you call out on it.

…and you provide zero information to back your libelous assertions up, so visitors are supposed to believe you based on your claims alone, whereas at least I attempt to back up almost everything I say with explanations or references.

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