Marijuana Is Now Legal In Colorado!

Actually, I started this article last Thursday night and the title actually said “Washington” then. But I got so excited for them being the first state to experience legalization that I hit the old vape a little too hard and couldn’t actually finish.

I haven’t written anything in a few weeks, mostly because I’ve been doing a bunch of research on cooking with cannabis…how to do it more easily, plus trying out a bunch of new recipes. Some worked great, some didn’t, but they all required a decent amount of prep time, materials, and then…recovery. Seriously. This stuff really takes time to do right, even though it sounds all like fun.

Anyway, I got into some kind of writing slump too, and although I’ve been answering people like crazy both here and on reddit, it’s been going on too long to be comfortable. I suspected I had gotten my receptors in a rut again, so on a whim I decided I would try something totally different.

So I opened up my Tightvac stash box, containing samples of over half a dozen different strains I bought on my first few dispensary trips 2 1/2 years ago. And guess what? Everything was still working fine, although a bit drier. Three hits from White Widow and I felt good again!

And next time someone in /r/saplings asks if weed will still be good two weeks after he bought it, I can send him to this article.

Oh yeah, congratulations to both Colorado and Washington!


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