“Compassionate Carmen” Wants To Hurt MMJ Patients “Gently”

According to the Los Angeles Times, the L.A. City Attorney, a man by the name of Carmen Trutanich who is not incidentally reported to be running for L.A. District Attorney, has announced plans for what he called a “gentle ban” on legal medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of Los Angeles. Under this rule, dispensaries…well, they couldn’t actually sell medical marijuana.

But this is the part that got me steaming:

Under Trutanich’s proposal, the city would not prosecute ill patients or their caregivers who were growing marijuana, as long as there was no third party involved and no money was changing hands.

Wait, what? So he’s not going to prosecute patients who are obeying the law (Proposition 215 made this exact scenario perfectly legal in California)? That’s awfully nice of him, isn’t it? One wonders what other law-abiding citizens he will promise not to prosecute.

The fact that this…person…thinks that any kind of ban on selling California-legal medication to California-legal patients in need of it could be considered compassionate, legal, or “gentle” is laughable in the extreme. How “gentle” does he think the LAPD SWAT team will be with any of these dispensaries caught selling medication after his ban? Will they go into suspected “drug dens” with unicorns and pink ponies, or with assault weapons and tactical gear?

And how the hell does this Carmen Trutanich think patients are going to be able to grow plants, if they can’t buy seeds and they can’t buy clones? How many of them are going to be able to wait 3 to 4 months for their medicine? How many of them can afford to lay out several hundred dollars for equipment, or afford to grow their plants outside only to have them stolen by morons who just want to get high or sell them? How many people are just too physically sick to tend a garden?

One commenter, Patricia Schwartz, hit the nail on the head:

Aspirin comes from willow bark. Trutanich could always plant himself a willow tree the next time he needs an aspirin, in solidarity with thousands of the Americans who have died from overdosing on aspirin. And how much money changes hands over aspirin every year?

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