Blue Dream Encounter

Stoned agin! [8.3] I’ve mentioned that starting to use a new strain means you’re ingesting different cannabinoids at different levels. That also activates different receptors in your brain, generally ones you’re not used to. That means you have no tolerance buildup in those receptors. I think you see where I’m going with this. Just two […]

Purple OG Kush (click for larger)

The Secret Of Old Hippie’s Special Blend Of Marijuana Strains

Cannabis, used as a medicine, is unlike most other medicines. Not just because it can help people with so many different conditions, not just because a bunch of ignorant or corrupt politicians have been insanely suppressing it for 75 years, but because it’s absolutely necessary for the patient to take an active role in his […]

Well, I’m Good and Stoned

Vaped a little too much Sour Diesel again…so I’m just noodling around until I’m in better shape. Gotta remember to recharge the batteries for the MFLB much sooner…using depleted batteries tricks me into taking too-long and too-frequENT hits…which leads to me being higher than I’d like.