A Visit to SPARC in San Francisco

Ah, San Francisco! Origin of the 60s peace/love/acid/lids movement, and home to the most famous intersection of hippiedom, Haight-Ashbury. Felicity and I found ourselves there last week. We had gone to pick up some specialized tools for work I’m doing on our house, and meet a friend for lunch, and we thought we’d visit SPARC. […]

The Weed-Smoking Scene in The Hobbit Movie

I don’t care what old J.R.R. said about pipe-weed…it’s definitely cannabis in the Peter Jackson movies! Why, when I saw this scene in the theater I almost dropped my vape! And Radagast is kind of a hippie St. Francis with his sled pulled by — what did he say…Rastafarian rabbits? Even Saruman thought he’d been […]