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Cannabis-Induced Hypotension In a 61-Year-Old Male

That’s probably how I’d write this afternoon’s antics up if I were one of those NEJM guys. So I was hanging out with Felicity and one of our friends, T-Res. T-Res had showed up with a little container of Cherry Pie “and some hash”. T-Res is a very, very calm guy, the kind who’s seen serious shit […]

Too Old For 4/20?

…so I woke up this morning (much earlier than I expected to after last night’s Hash/House episode), and after a nutritious breakfast of coffee, thought I’d try the old hair-of-the-dog routine and vaporize two hits of hash. Last night, one hit got me to around a [6.5], but this morning, two hits got me packing […]

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Those Useful Little THC Pills

A few months ago I visited All Natural dispensary in Sacramento and picked up some Canna Caps, which have the strain Rhino Wreck in them, extracted into coconut oil. These capsules (which I reviewed in August) are very strong and last quite a long time, and though they came in useful for a long and […]