President Obama, Call the DEA Off Medical Marijuana

Barack Obama ran and won based on his appeal to the youth vote, hope, and change. He not only admitted to smoking marijuana, he proudly admitted it. And after he was elected, he announced that the DEA would be using common sense and compassion, and would no longer be raiding medical marijuana facilities. Patients and […]

Finished cannabis oil capsules AKA canna caps source:

Those Useful Little THC Pills

A few months ago I visited All Natural dispensary in Sacramento and picked up some Canna Caps, which have the strain Rhino Wreck in them, extracted into coconut oil. These capsules (which I reviewed in August) are very strong and last quite a long time, and though they came in useful for a long and […]

SacramENTo Dispensary Tour Report

I finally got a chance to use the car today (my truck has been suffering with the Thermostat Gasket From Hell) so I met with my new friend Ay (who actually is 29 or so) and together we went to check out some dispensaries in the Carmichael area. I was looking for edibles and similar exotic […]