Feds Knew About Medical Marijuana In 1937

Yesterday I made a post on Reddit commemorating my first full year as a medical marijuana patient, and referred readers to an online copy of The Marijuana Papers, a book written by David Solomon in 1966 and which has been long out of print. This book was instrumental in convincing me to try marijuana in […]

One Year On Medical Marijuana

Today marks twelve months since my first legal toke (as well as a year and a day since my first post on /r/trees). Status: Depression: gone Arthritis/Body aches: gone High blood pressure: gone Anxiety/panic attacks: gone Snapping at people for no damn reason: gone Side effects noted: happier in general, high sometimes, feel younger almost […]

Old Hippie Kenobi

Ask Old Hippie: How Can You Cope With Unemployment and Loving To Smoke Marijuana?

Well, here’s the way I see it…and no disrespect to anyone who “just smokes to get high”…because there’s nothing wrong with that… If I was just smoking because it was fun or I liked to…it’s really no different than anything else you like to do (movies, drinking, concerts). If you can no longer afford it, […]