Feds Knew About Medical Marijuana In 1937

Yesterday I made a post on Reddit commemorating my first full year as a medical marijuana patient, and referred readers to an online copy of The Marijuana Papers, a book written by David Solomon in 1966 and which has been long out of print. This book was instrumental in convincing me to try marijuana in […]

Nutiva coconut oil

How To Make Your Own Canna Caps

Many medical marijuana dispensaries sell Canna Caps, which has quickly become a generic name for any capsule filled with cannabis since its association with the groundbreaking work of Dr. Paul Hornby. Dr. Hornby’s original idea was for Canna Caps to have standardized doses of THC, and all ingredients tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and other […]

SacramENTo Dispensary Tour Report

I finally got a chance to use the car today (my truck has been suffering with the Thermostat Gasket From Hell) so I met with my new friend Ay (who actually is 29 or so) and together we went to check out some dispensaries in the Carmichael area. I was looking for edibles and similar exotic […]