Old Hippie live on 4/20/2013 at Hippie Hill in San Francisco Copyright 2013 Felicity

Highlights Of Our 4/20 Adventure

St. Murphy was certainly smiling down upon us yesterday. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong…almost (hey, the car’s still running and we’re still alive…that’s the important stuff, right?) Felicity chose to minimize negativity in her recollections of our trip, which is definitely a personal step forward for her, but on the way home, […]

420 on Hippie Hill in San Francisco 4/20/2013 Copyright 2013 Old Hippie

Our 4/20 Trip to Oakland and San Francisco

Old Hippie and I decided to see what was happening in Oakland and San Francisco for 4/20. First stop was the Oakland Marriott where the 2nd annual Psychedelic Science conference was being held. These are serious researchers presenting real scientific studies, not wishful thinking types of people. Sponsored in part by Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic […]

Old Hippie Kenobi

Meet Old Hippie On 4/20

I will be tripping through the Bay Area on Saturday for the nearest thing our culture has to a true “high holiday”…4/20! At around noon, I’ll be at the psychedelic flea market being held at the Oakland Marriott Civic Center in downtown Oakland. It’s part of a serious but cool MAPS conference, and admission to the […]