Hard Rhino Phenibut powder

Phenibut: A Novel Substance Against Stress, Anxiety, and Panic

A friend of mine told me about Phenibut, so I did some online research, and it sounded too good to be true. Phenibut combines tranquilizing effects, reduction of stress and anxiety, improvement of impaired sleep, and even anti-convulsant and anti-PTSD effects, while being legal in the U.S. and almost totally free from side effects. In short, […]

Betty's (Little Basement) Garden

Stoners, Drug Abuse, and Hollywood: Laurel Dewey Interview Part 4

Our Beyond Chronic interview with Laurel Dewey, author of the new novel Betty’s (Little Basement) Garden, continues as Laurel talks about suppressing emotions, cannabis and PTSD, and the stoner stereotype as portrayed by corporate Hollywood. David Fiedler: When did we decide that children weren’t allowed to feel real emotions and feelings and needed drugs to keep […]