AVB On Pizza After Heating

The Reluctant Cannabis Patient

So, how did I get started with medical cannabis? I have asthma, PTSD, anxiety, and panic attacks. When Old Hippie and I went to a medical cannabis gathering awhile back, someone there said that smoking cannabis was good for asthma. I almost said bullshit to his face. Smoke, particulates, perfume all hurt my lungs. My […]

Betty's (Little Basement) Garden

Stoners, Drug Abuse, and Hollywood: Laurel Dewey Interview Part 4

Our Beyond Chronic interview with Laurel Dewey, author of the new novel Betty’s (Little Basement) Garden, continues as Laurel talks about suppressing emotions, cannabis and PTSD, and the stoner stereotype as portrayed by corporate Hollywood. David Fiedler: When did we decide that children weren’t allowed to feel real emotions and feelings and needed drugs to keep […]