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Anonymous asked 4 years ago

Hi, first off, I have enjoyed your articles at beyond chronic for a few years now. I just, “found” reddit, and I started running into your articles that many people use as references, then I figured out that you were the same guy! (it wasn’t really an active investigation, I just stumbled around and put it together recently is all)
I was looking to get back into weed for some time now, but in a different way. My past experiences as a younger man were always to get high, party,etc. A few bad trips (paranoia) and I gave it up, of course this was years ago, before much was widely known at least in my circles regarding strains,cbd, etc. I toked a bit on occasion, and had better success as a one hit wonder of sorts. I found I could get a small buzz and then relax that way. One, maybe a 2nd if after 10 minutes I was still not quite feeling it. 
My current situations are some troubling medical issues, the worst and most debilitating are insomnia from a night shift job, stress and how I poorly deal with it, and some nagging back injuries from previous work when young and dumb. I feel that MMJ would be a perfect fit, and I was wondering if you had some strain specific recommendations as well as various methods of getting the medicine specifically for my needs (vape/edible/cannacaps, etc) 
My sleeper would ideally hit fast and give me 6 hrs at least. The stress reliever would be preferable without a high (not sure if that would be cbd). The pain killer could be a weekend only feel good type, ideally..
Thanks in advance. Have a great day.