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Scorch asked 1 year ago

Hi Old Hippie, We are very novice, newly using medical cannabis (smoked 30 years ago) to help with chemo side effects. I have made cannaoil a few times with basic oven Decarboxylation and crock pot with 1/8 oz per 1 cup oil.  I know for most people that is really weak, but for my spouse, it has been very potent. I just bought an mb2 machine. My question is, for her low tolerance, if I use 1/4 ounce per 2 cups of oil (will Decarb first), will it still work in the mb2 or do you have to use larger amounts for it to work?  I understand that for most people this seems really weak, but I’m just wondering if the machine will still make the oil ok. This is high grade, legal medical product. I use this to make brownies and gummies. Thanks for your help for this novice!

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Old Hippie Staff answered 1 year ago

Dear Scorch,
The only restriction of the MBM is that you have to use at least 2 cups of oil (and as you noted, you have to of course decarb first for best results). Past that, you can use as little or as much cannabis as you can stuff in there without making an unholy mess. Your 1/4 ounce with 2 cups of oil is exactly equivalent to your previous 1/8 ounce with 1 cup of oil, so it should be just fine. Nugs and hugs, fuck cancer, and best of luck!