Red asked 7 months ago

OH! I\’ve been smoking for decades, and have had some very pleasant experiences with edibles over the last 5 years. Now I\’m hoping to investigate vapes- no experience, but my reading has raised a question or two:I see most vapes have temp control, to activate different cannabinoids. Can I start with the lowest temp, smoke, then turn it up, smoke again, etc, to get every last bit out of the load in the vape? Or will just going with the highest setting get me everything there is to be had? Thanks for sharing your wisdom brother!

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Old Hippie Staff answered 7 months ago

Absolutely, in fact that’s exactly what I do. I start around 340F, then when I taste no more flavor, I go up to 375F, and if I really want to get blasted, I go to 392F, but no higher or you start getting benzine, which is bad. Please check out this article on vaping temps as well as the one about AVB. Nugs and hugs!