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gabriel asked 9 months ago

hello i have a mbm tried the eddible butter and coconut oil, i need to make oil or juice for my vape pen but i cant find the instructios to make the juice or oil,can you help?i need a simple step by step instruction 
i have the weed, the magic butter machine, the vg and the pg,
i need to make it strong
please help
i have been looking all around but people just assume that byn using the mbm, we already know if we need to use the oil button or the tincture button and what temp?

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Old Hippie Staff answered 8 months ago

Try reading this article. It tells you how to make it, but it also tells you that the result will never be strong like vaping pure oil, so the only recommendation I can really make is to use as much weed as the MBM can safely process. And yes, you’d use the tincture setting. Good luck!