John asked 9 months ago

Hi I’m 17 teen years old and I smoke cannabis. I used to smoke throughout the whole weekend. I’m now going to change the days and only smoke on Thursday. Which is only 1 day during the week. June 12 is my birthday, My whole plan was to stop smoking 2 weeks before my birthday. I wanted to stop smoking because I am going to apply for some city jobs. Do you think I have enough time to clear all the THC from my hair, blood, urine etc? I am not sure what type of drug tests the city gives. Any help will be great thanks.

1 Answers
Old Hippie Staff answered 7 months ago

First off, sorry to get here after the fact! I hope your test went well, but 2 weeks is generally not enough time for a regular smoker, although not smoking every day will help. I hope you read our article about drug testing or at least drank a lot of water!