Ask Old Hippie Questions and AnswersCategory: DIY / EdiblesRSO: Essential Oil (solvent extract) vs. MBM coconut oil
Canuck asked 3 years ago

I was going to make RSO as described on the Rick Simpson site, but then discovered the MBM.  I ordered it immediately, but here’s what I’m not understanding. RSO is basically an essential oil or absolute.  The concentration of it is extremely potent and strong, therefore I perceived it to be the best option.  After reading the fantastic articles here I am wondering if the coconut cannabis oil can be just as potent if not more potent?  If so, then why would anyone want to go the ethyl alcohol route? I guess I’m wondering what the real difference is. I’ve had RSO before for CF symptoms and it was amazing.  A tiny little pindrop in a capsule before bed helped me get through the next day.  Can cocnut infused oil give the same results?One final question… RSO method instructs you to do two washes of a material at room temperature.  Cover material with everclear and stir for 3 minutes and strain, wash material with everclear a second time, stir for 3 minutes and strain.  Then reduce the tincture to remove all of the solvent…etc… The MBM recipe heats and stirs the material for 4-8 hours in the solvent.It doesn’t make sense to me that one without heat and small infusion time could produce a product with the same affects of a process that heats and infuses the product exponentially.  Am I making sense? It may be a mute point if I can get even better results with coconut oil and I can avoid the alcohol method altogether. Your website it amazing and has really helped me to understand the whole process a lot better (with the exception of the matter above).