Ask Old Hippie Questions and AnswersCategory: Ask Old HippieQuestion abt Storing Decarbed Bud and the Levo
C Harmon asked 1 week ago

I make canna oil and canna butter. My question is: Once you decarb the bud, do you have to *have* to infuse the butter *right away*? Can you store the decarbed bud for later use, say 2 weeks later? If you do store the decarbed bud and wait before infusing your oil, are you losing potency, by storing the decarbed bud, as opposed to using it right away? I use a Nova to decarb and I am abt to start using the Levo to infuse, if that matters. Oh, also, since I have not yet started using the Levo and you have, what temp and times to you recommend for infusing MMJ into coconut oil? I’m trying to make my meds as potent as possible. Thanks in advance, Old Hippie. 🙂