chris asked 1 year ago

Hi Old Hippie,
My father has just been diagnosed with aggressive Prostate cancer. – wont know full extent for a few weeks. He’s started hormone and radiation therapy. I am sourcing supposed real deal thc oil over the next few days. Are there any ways to gauge the quality – knowing that oil is bud only and not entire plant or questions that i should be asking about strain and feeds used etc. I dont want to waste valuable time and money on a on some oil that cannot potentially help in this fight. Will his treatment prevent the oil from working? I will try to grow in due course but would appreciate any insight you can offer. Many many thanks and best wishes from Ireland.

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Old Hippie Staff answered 12 months ago

Wow, I wish your dad a lot of luck with that! Cancer sucks.
I believe that Rick Simpson recommends using indica strains only, but as far as I can gather, that has nothing to do with its healing abilities as much as preventing large doses of sativas from freaking people out!
As far as quality…without lab testing as is common in more legal areas, my best guess would be to smell or even taste a tiny bit (like a pencil point). The stuff I’ve eaten (on purpose) tastes sharp and bitter, and it should definitely smell like cannabis (although it’s not like flower, you have to put the oil right up to your nose). But it shouldn’t taste like chemicals or have any grit in it.
I’m not going to pretend to know anything about treating cancer, but if I was dealing with that particular problem, I’d use the oil mixed/infused into coconut oil, then refrigerated using molds that you can get on Amazon to make suppositories. That would put the active ingredients quite close to the area in question, which would give things a lot better chance of providing the desired result. But please, for your dad’s sake, be very careful of the dosage, because only a tiny amount of “real deal” oil (especially in suppository form) will send most people on quite a trip. I think Rick Simpson says to start with a piece the size of a rice grain and work up from there…that should give you the idea.
His “approved” medical treatments shouldn’t be disturbed by using cannabis, but they should be the priority because they have the best chance of working. Think of cannabis as an extra bit of help that might just make the difference!
My wishes are with you and your dad. Nugs and hugs!