Barbara Laughren asked 10 months ago

Been reading your reviews for Levo oil machine and T-checker. how did you test the strength of the oil when you used the Levo oil machine??? Did you buy and use a T-checker? what did you use to decarb before making the oil? I need very high CBD and sativa to fight cancer and am feeling very frustrated in Canada as it seems I can’t get the strength!! 
Thanks for any help

1 Answers
Old Hippie Staff answered 9 months ago

Ouch, fuck cancer and I wish you the best! Yes, I was using the tCheck. I always decarb in a regular preheated oven, 250F for 30 minutes, and keep it covered if possible.
I’m surprised you can’t get what you need in Canada, land of Rick Simpson. What you should try to find is straight hash oil in syringes, which is generally 75 or 80% THC and you can often (at least, around here) find it pre-decarbed. You can eat this straight from the tube for cancer, although I warn you it tastes terrible. If you can only find flower, you should forget about things like Levos and MBMs and just make Rick Simpson Oil yourself like he teaches online. A rice cooker is much cheaper anyway! 
Hugs and nugs and write back if you have any more questions!