SCHULTZ asked 2 years ago

Hello Old Hippie,
I need some help making the coconut oil. I decarbed in oven for like 45 at 250 the bud and shake. I have medicine which has 22% thc and higher used about oz of this and about 3/4 oz of vaped stuff same % and let it run 4 hours even longer because I heard longer better and don’t feel anything from it and it is dispensary medicine. Can you give me some hints on this I would like to take about a gram which would take care of chronic pain. I laid the oil after cook in a glass bowl let it harden. I had eaten 15 grams of this with no effects? I would like to find out how I can make this oil and when it hardens eat a gram and feel no pain. Can you help me on this?
Thank You
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Old Hippie Staff answered 2 years ago

Hmm…well, 45 minutes is a long time to decarb at 250F, I prefer 30. But in either case it should work. So I’m wondering how you processed it, in other words, how much coconut oil did you use and what temperature did you cook it at?