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Cody Beastman asked 1 year ago

hey there old hippie! 
i’ve been making some pretty rad tinctures lately, finally switching from everclear to mct oil and adding lecithin. this time i’m trying an irrelevant experiment (cbn sleepy potion? 🙂 ), when faced with an interesting question, i first figured you might have some insight.
most recipes for mct tinctures i see call for lecithin based on volume of oil, but for this experiment, i’ve decarbed 2.5g into what should be a good portion cbn, and added mct to a ratio  of 100 mg:1 ml. 
i figure i already should have added the lecithin but better late than never, eh? do i add a whole >5 g as badkitty suggests for just 15 ml? or should i add it individually to each bottle according to concentration? basically, any thoughts?
thanks for your time man, and for all the thoughts you’ve shared over the years. hope to hear back.
cody b.

1 Answers
Old Hippie Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Cody! 
Most people use way too much lecithin. The main purpose is to help the mixture become more homogenized, which apparently aids your body’s ability to utilize cannabinoids. The problem is that lecithin has been associated with cardiac damage in several studies, so I recommend using as little as possible. When I make a batch of capsules from concentrate, I use 2 drops of liquid sunflower lecithin to approximately 33 ml of infused coconut oil, and that seems to be enough to allow the concentrate to mix thoroughly with the oil…you can watch it happen!
Nugs and hugs!