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dragonlady asked 1 year ago

Recently I had an experience that left me with out any weed and in considerable pain. I was able to get my hands on a THC vape pen, within 20 minutes I could feel the pain subsiding and I actually got a little high. So I went on line to find a recipe. I found several, some using alcohol and some using Vegetable Glycerin. I opted for the VG as I feel it’s probably safer to vape. Using the MBM2 machine I followed the recipe to the letter. Yes, I did decarb, I used 1 oz to 2 cups of VG and 5 oz of VP set the MBM2 machine for 8 hours at 160 degrees. After straining and filling my vape pen, I felt nothing. OK, so I figured I didn’t use enough weed, so I put I the e-liquid back in the machine, decarbed another oz of weed (I grow my own so I have plenty) and ran it for 4 hours.  (my weed is high quality, about 20%) I am now vaping this concoction but I don’t feel anything unless I hit some dry weed. It only takes a couple of hits of dry weed then the vape pen allows me to maintain the high. I need to know how to be able to achieve the light high using just the vape pen. (as I was able to with the commercially sold pen) can you help me?

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Old Hippie Staff answered 1 year ago

Dear Dragonlady,
I’ve talked quite a bit about e-juice, and I must admit to not being a big fan, because (a) VG is a very poor solvent for THC (b) VG is safe to eat, but not necessarily safe to vape and (c) it takes an awful lot of puffing to get enough THC to work. The only liquid I recommend using in a vape pen is pure THC oil/shatter/resin/wax. But I’m not judging you, just trying to help you understand why this is a repeated discussion here. Everybody wants to make their e-juice stronger, but IMHO it’s ultimately a waste.
If I read your question correctly, you’ve already used 2 oz of good stuff with 2 cups of VG (plus 5 oz of VP, whatever that is), which is twice as much cannabis as I used. It sounds like you’ve done everything about right, so if you don’t want to give it all up as a bad thing, you could take another decarbed ounce, make a 151 or Everclear tincture using the minimum amount of alcohol that saturates the cannabis (for at least 48 hours), mix this much stronger tincture with the e-juice, then evaporate the alcohol from the e-juice safely outside using an electrical warming device (not an open flame) and open-top vessel until you’re back to around the original volume of juice.