Tamara Scribner asked 10 months ago

Hello. You had mentioned the treatment of esophageal spasms with cannabis. I have severe hypercontractile (nutcracker or jackhammer) esophagus. My pain is daily and near constant.  I have enlarged lymph nodes in my neck that seem to be related to the spasms. I have the most pain in the area of the enlarged lymph node and at my upper throat (like there’s a hard metal ball in ther at all time). I have a medical marijuana card and have recently tried a few things with no success. What ratio of THC to CBD would you recommend for this? Any specific strains, percentages, etc? What formula (ie. capsules, tincture, vale, etc) would work best? Should relief be immediate or would it take some time for the substances to work? Thank you!

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Old Hippie Staff answered 10 months ago

Wow, I’m really sorry to hear of your trouble. I hope you’re under a doctor’s care, because enlarged lymph nodes is generally a sign of something serious.
My problem was not quite so severe or chronic, but using cannabis definitely helped me and the right muscles relax. Since indica is kind of the go-to for pain in general and CBD helps people relax, I would start with an approximate 50/50 mix of indica and high CBD cannabis (unless you can find some 50:50 THC:CBD indica, which would be even better!) and try that for awhile.
If you need more pain relief or more relaxation of the muscles, you could potentially try raising the proportion of either side, but raising the dosage will generally be easier and probably more effective. If you’re safe at home and don’t have to go anywhere, don’t be afraid to try doses high enough to get you quite high…if it works, you have a head start! Vaping will work fairly instantly, so that would be the way to go for fast relief, but capsules/tincture are good for long-term usage too.
Best of luck. Nugs and hugs!