Marie-Andrée asked 2 years ago

Good morning Master!
hope You and Felicity are well.
Should i buy the Ardent decarboxylator? Have You ever tried it? And If so, is it as efficient as their website says?
I still do it in my convection oven, follow the charts but having a hard time getting consistent results…
it’s quite expensive, at least for my budget.
Nugs and hugs!

1 Answers
Old Hippie Staff answered 2 years ago

Oh, I am nobody’s master! But thank you for the good wishes.
As far as the Ardent, I have not tried it, but I also have not seen anything from them that would explain how they can guarantee such theoretically perfect results. 
As far as your predicament, I think I can help you. A convection oven is a really bad thing to use for decarbing, because it heats the material much faster than a regular oven, so you would tend to over-decarb. Also, that famous chart with all the lovely curving lines was derived from testing concentrate on a glass plate…nothing like flowers at all. Use a regular oven (not toaster, not convection), try 30 minutes at 250F, and see how it goes. Nugs and hugs!