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Mick Mullet asked 2 years ago

Hello Old Hippie. I’m about to venture into making edibles and could use some advice. I bought a Magical Butter machine and am wanting to make an alcohol tincture. Since I don’t want to ingest the alcohol, my plan is to cook off the alcohol and work the the concentrate as the base for multiple things. I’d like to make both tinctures and edibles (gummies). My plan is to use 56 grams of Rugburn OG to two cups Everclear. Should I cook i the Magical Butter machine longer than their recommendation? Once I’ve heated off the alcohol and am down to the concentrate, how do I get to tinctures and gummies? Specifically, what can I add to concentrate to make a palatable tincture? Same with the MBO, or can I just add MBO to the gummies recipe? In both, how do I make sure the concentrate is well mixed. I’m clear on calculating THC/CBD levels so I should be able to “rehydrate” to arrive at reasonable dosage. I’ve made Magical Oil with high CBD strains (14 grams each – Cannatonic and Harlequin) that seemed to turn out alright. I’ve really noticed how the CBD knocks out a lot of the THC effects. This is effective for my chronic back pain but I’m looking to introduce tinctures/edibles to afford a decent head high. Sorry about the long-winded post. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Old Hippie Staff answered 2 years ago

Hmm…first of all, decarb! You don’t want to take a chance of messing up potency with hundreds of dollars worth of product at stake. 
Cooking too long (in our experience, over 4 to 6 hours) can turn some of your THC into CBN, which tends to put people to sleep. That might help for your back pain, but it’s not what you want if you’re after a head high.
I hope you know, when heating alcohol, never to do it in a sealed container or over a flame, and always have a fan going (or do it outside) to prevent alcohol vapors from building up. Alcohol burns almost invisibly so it can be quite dangerous.
However, I’m not sure why you say you want to “get to a tincture” after making concentrate. When you finish processing your cannabis and alcohol in the MBM, that’s what you’re left with: a tincture. So I’m not sure of your terminology here. You also mention MBO, which I’m going to guess is “Magical Butter Oil”. If you use MCT oil to make that, that could potentially used to make gummies, I think (never did that before, but you want something fairly low in viscosity and MCT oil fits). As far as mixing infused liquid with the gummie recipe liquid…you could use your MBM’s blender! A bit of sunflower lecithin (a tablespoon per cup) added should keep them mixed as well. Hope that helps!