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Lee Smith asked 12 months ago

I have been having trouble with my caps. I follow your recipe and my last set of caps didn’t seem to work.  They do if I take 2 or so. I finally checked my dippers heat…its getting up to 240°. Is this to hot and is that what is happening?  I can use other methods , but will be sad not to use this. I could also just use the crock part in the oven at 200° . Just looking for input. Ty although it been said many times- your site is wonderful!

1 Answers
Old Hippie Staff answered 8 months ago

Well…did your last set of caps come from either a new batch or a fairly old batch of cannabis? Because that would be a more likely cause of problem than your infusing temperature being too high. 240F is warmer than I generally use but it’s still way too low to hurt anything.