How Anti-Marijuana Arguments Warp Reality

There is such a thing as disagreement, where two sides have different opinions about facts. And then there are times when one side has complete and utter disregard for not only the facts, but the nature of reality itself. Ironically, though drug warriors have been attempting to paint marijuana users as unstable mentally for decades, it’s […]

Mexican Army Finds 300 Acres Of 8-Foot Marijuana Plants

Reuters reports that a huge grow operation was found in Baja California, involving a crew of “dozens of men” and an estimated yield of over 130 tons of marijuana. They claim it’s the single largest “plantation” ever found in Mexico, a country already known for growing large quantities of weed and our top importing country. […]

Government Hypocrisy and Marijuana

It’s all about the money. Every time. The most cynical thing is that Reagan claimed marijuana was the most dangerous drug in America…and wasn’t it the CIA that was trafficking crack and powder cocaine by the ton while he was President? Government anti-drug propaganda has made fools out of a large number of Americans, prisoners […]