Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong: The Beyond Chronic Interview

Interview by Old Hippie Introduction, Research, Hyperlinks, and Annotations by David Fiedler Tommy Chong has been around so long that he’s a cannabis icon, not just to baby boomers who fondly remember the Cheech and Chong albums and movies, but also to the zillions of fans of That 70s Show, where he starred as Leo […]

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Haze V3 Vaporizer Product Review

What would you get if you wanted a vaporizer that didn’t look like a vaporizer? No, let’s try that again. How about a stealthy portable vaporizer that fits in your pocket and is practically armor-plated? What if I told you it would also let you load two different strains and switch between them? Indica and […]


Beyond Chronic Celebrates Six Years Of Cannabis Education

This entire website started six years ago yesterday, but it’s today that I celebrate as my “re-birthday”…the first day of my new life as a medical marijuana patient. Over 250 posts and 1.5 million visitors later, Beyond Chronic has become a respected source of cannabis information, and certainly one of the most widely-read blogs in […]

Just A Minor Disaster

It was only a minor disaster as computer problems go, and nobody quite knows what happened, but it took us offline for 3 days and it lost 5 days’ worth of comments and questions. However, if you did post a comment or question between May 5 and 10th, take heart, for I will be attempting […]

Grizzly Guru glamor shot

Grizzly Guru Vaporizer Product Review

Every once in a while, I get a mysterious package forwarded from my publisher. This one was bigger than most, and came with an intriguing note: “This one will really blow your mind.” So I opened it to see once again that the guy knows my taste: The Grizzly Guru is the first portable vaporizer […]

420 J is for Joint

Back To Vaping and Happy Bicycle Day!

Those of you into psychedelic drugs, especially LSD, know that today is universally celebrated as Bicycle Day, the anniversary of the first intentional LSD trip. On this date, back in 1943, Albert Hofmann experimented with 250 ug. of LSD and started feeling…strange, so he rode back home on his bicycle and felt even stranger. By […]

Granny Storm Crow

Granny Storm Crow’s Medical Marijuana Research List January 2016

Granny Storm Crow has been carefully compiling and disseminating this vast collection of information quietly and freely for years, and is a true grassroots pioneer of simply telling the truth about cannabis. And we help support her, by distributing her list equally freely. But I must warn you…it’s now up to 20 honking megabytes, despite being […]