Official-Looking Anti-Marijuana Document Proves…Nothing

In response to this nonsense, as seen on /r/trees: Like most government propaganda, a lot of what Wikipedia calls “weasel words” and other techniques of stretching the truth and intimating things without actually lying 100% of the time, which would be too obvious. Actually, learning how these things are done — especially easy to do […]

My Secret Business Highdea

I used to work behind the counter at my grandfather’s candy store (this was a real NYC candy store in the 1950s) and I still remember how to make every kind of serious soft drink, including the infamous egg cream. In fact, I remember distinctly mixing Cokes. By hand. With syrup and seltzer. But wait, there’s […]

Stuff My Wife Told Me

During the Great Depression, a lot of people survived mentally by doing hobby stuff at home, and others survived physically by baking and cooking at home, which was obviously cheaper than going out to eat (not to mention that most people outside big cities had vegetable gardens and such). After WW2 there was money around […]

Lavender and Me

This whole thing happened because some guy thought his vaporizer might overheat, so I had to try it out for him. If you read one of my replies to him, you’ll see I took two careful hits. Well…wow. On weekends I switch strains to develop less of a tolerance, and this weekend I picked Lavender. […]

An Apostrophe About Brain Chemistry

So there are these cannabinoid receptor thingies in your brain, and when you smoke enough, they get clogged or tired out (conceptually, anyway) and you start developing a tolerance. Now here’s the interesting part. Before I started using MMJ, I had an almost constant “fogginess” in my head (there’s really not much of a better […]

It Was Just…An Experiment

So…I’ve been mostly vaping Sour Diesel lately, and maybe once a day alternating with Lemon Larry/OG Kush. I’ve also been trying out some of that Purple/OG Kush. Well, today I got back from some time outside, so as an experiment I mixed some of all three of them together. Then I put the mixture in […]