A brief explanation of how this site got its name…

About a week before my MMJ recommendation (finally!) showed up, I started doing research on all kinds of cannabis-related terms that I had seen/heard on the Internet. A lot had changed in 40 years: for instance, “turning someone on”, or getting them high, was now “smoking someone up”. “Nugs” was obvious, as soon as I saw what good marijuana looked like these days. But “chronic” eluded me, so I had to look that one up in the Urban Dictionary: it means really top-notch pot (apparently named after a particular strain).

Anyway, after I had told my youngest son about my connection to medical marijuana, he said a bunch of things and one of them was “chronic”. I was more than a bit surprised, because he generally tends to look down on “stoners” and doesn’t hang out with any. I asked him where he heard that particular word and he said, “Hey, I’ve known about chronic since 7th grade!”

I gave Mr. Cool an ORLY eyebrow lift, but said nothing much else at the time.

A few hours later, after I was feeling a bit more confident, I went up to him and said, “Listen, the stuff I’m getting is medical grade. It’s beyond chronic!”

But apart from that, the deeper explanation is that “chronic” is a term almost exclusively thrown around by recreational users, and the entire point of what we’re doing here is strictly medical.


Hi man! Loving the articles in Treating Yourself this issue! Awesome stuff! I’d love to feature your step by step photos in our books, too! How cool!

Cheers man! Email me any time at XXXXXXXXX.

I just discovered your site when googling for using AVB. I just put graham crackers and Nutella on my shopping list, thanks!

I started toking in ’69 so you’re a bit ahead of me. I took an on and off hiatus from toking between ’85 and ’99 when I rediscovered weed for pain (I’ve had three back surgeries and the last one was an abject failure) and been using it since. I have brownies down to a science, a friend had a dose, 1/32nd of a 9×13 pan of brownies and he said it was like half a hit of mescaline. I’ve only made an alcohol tincture with the AVB so far and am looking forward to trying your Nutella recipe. Thanks again!

If you use such strong stuff yourself, you might not get very far with some of my recipes, because they’re mostly designed to be safe starting points. But you can add a *lot* of weed or infused coconut oil to Nutella, so you sure picked a good one. Nugs and hugs, and extra tokes for the 60s, man!

Man, ‘chronic’ was coined by Snoop Dog in the nineties, man.

Snoop dog explains, while on the show GGN, with Seth Rogen:

“White boy came; he had some sh– called hydroponic,” the Los Angeles native recalled of a day in 1991. “But, we got so motherf–kin’ high, n—as said, ’hydrochronic.’ And that’s when we started calling it ’chronic.’”

But, yeah, it DOES mean top notch pot. Abosultely!

hi i have peripheral neuropathy and am looking to find out should i eat sativa or indica. i like to just eat the buds raw like.

Well…CBD is what really helps peripheral neuropathy most, not THC. But if you eat raw buds, you’re not going to get much THC either. They’d have to be decarboxylated first. Some people, like Dr. William Courtney, prefer eating raw buds for some conditions though. See if you can get some good CBD, because that will probably help you a lot more than random buds of any kind.

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