Saber Vape Pen For Wax Product Review

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The Saber Vape pen is a nifty oil/wax vaporizer with a ceramic atomizer, glass mouthpiece, and cleverly designed around magnets. Smaller than many vape pens, the Saber Vape is about 4.75″L x 0.5″D (120mm x 14mm), black, stealthy, and costs only $59.99 with free shipping in the USA.

The Saber Vape comes in a high-quality cardboard case (also magnetic!) with a flocked interior which holds a dabbing tool, USB charger, and an extra atomizer with two quartz rods (the heating chamber is approximately 5mm deep and 8mm in diameter).

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Saber Vape Pen in Case

I’ve been using the Saber Vape for the past few months. While I obviously haven’t tried every vape pen on the market, I’ve used quite a few pens and regular vapes as well. I was shocked that this inexpensive vape pen from a small manufacturer had absolutely the cleanest taste I’ve ever experienced from concentrate. I asked Greg at the NY Vape Shop, who told me that the entire inside of both atomizer heating chambers are lined with quartz! While many vape pens have no lining whatsoever, and some other nice ones I’ve used have ceramic lining (which is good, don’t get me wrong), I’ve never seen one with quartz before. The quartz appears to even cover the heating elements themselves.

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The advantage that quartz has over ceramic is that ceramic is porous, so it can retain the taste of old oil, whereas quartz is basically pure silica in glass form, so it has all the taste-neutral properties we’re used to with glass. Both quartz and ceramic are resistant to high temperature, so they’re ideal for a dedicated oil pen that can hit almost 900°F. In any case, I continue to admire the delicate taste of all the terpenes in whatever oil, wax, crumble, and shatter I’ve tried in the Saber Vape.

Button, Button

Let’s talk about how this thing works. Holding down the button to heat it up gives almost instant heating, boiling, and vapor. Apart from the usual 5 clicks of the button to lock/unlock it, the Saber Vape has three distinct temperature ranges, and you switch among them by clicking the button 3 times. This changes the color of the button (as well as the light-up “S” logo on the bottom of the vape) to match the current temperature range:

  • Green: 3.7V (390°F-570°F)

  • Blue: 3.9V (570°F-750°F)

  • Red: 4.2V (750°F-895°F)

It’s kind of amazing what kind of clouds you can get out of the Saber Vape if you set it on Red, though I don’t personally enjoy anything that always gets me coughing the way that does! I generally go for a lower (green) setting for oil/wax and medium (blue) for crumble/shatter (at least to melt it into the atomizer). But you’ll have to find your favorite setting that balances taste with how much of a thick hit you prefer.

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There’s one more button trick. If you click the button 2 times, the Saber Vape enters a mode where it heats up for precisely 15 seconds, then turns itself off. This is very cool because you can click it twice, put your hand (with the Saber Vape concealed in it) to your mouth, hold it there for a hit, and then put the vape back into your pocket, knowing it will be safely off. That’s what I mean by stealthy!

Greg also told me, “The low-heat technology is what’s contributing most. When you heat up the Saber Vape, it’ll slowly reach the set temperature so that you never get that burnt taste. Temperature control for wax vaping is very important.” I might add that the ceramic atomizer will do this “slow” thing a lot more noticeably than the one with the exposed coils. I use the latter specifically with sativa concentrates, partly because most of the crumble I have is sativa and this atomizer is more aggressive in the heating department.

Magnets! How Does It Work?

Possibly almost as cool as the taste and settings is the fact that the mouthpiece, atomizers, and battery all click together using magnets, so there’s no hassle with having to unscrew anything that’s been crazy-glued together inadvertently with cannabis resin. That means it’s literally the work of 10 seconds to switch atomizers. I keep a sativa strain in one and indica in the other, so I can quickly “switch gears” whenever I want to.

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When it comes time to recharge the internal 650mah battery (which lasts me a few weeks at a time when I use it once or twice daily), you’ll be pleased to see that it also uses magnets to snap onto the USB charger. This means if you walk too closely and it’s sticking out of your desk USB socket while charging, you won’t break anything because it’s not screwed in to the charger like virtually every other vape pen in the universe.

Buy a Saber Vape Pen

Greg, who is co-founder of the NY Vape Shop (one of the sellers of this brand online), told me that the Saber Vape was designed by the company in New York that launched both the E-Clipse and Saber Vape brands. Greg assured me that carries replacement parts for the Saber Vape if necessary, and that they have a loyalty program and free US shipping policy. Greg also told me that if you use our BC420 code during checkout, you’ll not only get 15% off your order, but you’ll also get a free gift with any purchase (this could be a mini grinder, mouthpiece, silicone dab container, coil, dab tool, filter screen or ??). Pretty cool all around!

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