In The Freezer, And What Felicity Found There

Finished cannabutter (photo courtesy

So Felicity was rummaging through our freezer, and among some ancient burger buns and frozen cilantro, she uncovered a forgotten container with 3/4 pound of cannabutter, dated January 2014. That makes it just about 3 1/2 years old.

We’ve been performing metabolic testing on the contents for over a week now, and it seems to have held onto its potency pretty well. I remember when Felicity needed only a pea-size piece to feel the effects, and nowadays she needs a bit more, but it’s the old question of whether it lost potency, her tolerance has increased, or she’s dealing with more “stuff” internally. Our guess is…a little of all of the above.

She’s using one to two teaspoons at this point, having noticed that (probably due to liquid flow as it was freezing), the outside of the batch is much weaker than the inside. There are also noticeable layers; you can see that the top and bottom are much darker than the middle for some reason.

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