Cannabis Wins Big On Election Night

Beyond my wildest dreams.

California passed Prop 64 and now we have full legal recreational marijuana, literally as of today (stores won’t open until January 2018 though)! Adults over 21 can now legally possess up to an ounce of flower and 8 grams of concentrate.

But that’s not all.

Nevada also legalized recreational cannabis, and so did Maine and Massachusetts as the first two Eastern states to do so (and Massachusetts is a big deal)! Arizona’s proposition just missed this year, but 4 out of 5 ain’t bad.

But wait, there’s more!

A bunch of states just legalized medical cannabis, and that list includes Florida, North Dakota, Montana, and Arkansas. This list includes the first Southern (Florida) and Bible Belt (Arkansas) states, and ALL of these are basically conservative states! We have well over a majority now!

Now hopefully President Trump will keep his campaign promise to allow the states to run things as they see fit. And maybe President Obama will direct his DEA to deschedule cannabis so it will no longer be illegal on the federal level, which would finally bring our legal system into accord with our scientific knowledge of cannabis!

About Old Hippie Old Hippie is a father of two boys and thankfully living in California where all this kind of thing is legal. He started smoking marijuana in 1967 in high school, experimented with mind-expanding drugs of all kinds, and then straightened out 15 or so years later to become an airplane pilot. After being diagnosed with depression in 2000, he lost his job and most of the following decade to prescription medications (such as antidepressants) which sapped his energy and will. Finally, a chance conversation with a friend led to a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana (MMJ). This changed his entire life, health, and outlook for the better. is his continuing story. It’s also his way to provide experienced advice on using medical marijuana effectively and responsibly, as well as advocacy, activism, and support for others. Old Hippie teaches about safe use of cannabis edibles, Canna Caps, vaporizers, dosing, and even microdosing.


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