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Paul McCartney Admits Using Dangerous Drug

OK, even we can use a clickbait headline every once in awhile. But we always do it with a higher purpose, which is generally exposing hypocrisy. In this case, it’s the hypocrisy of celebrated ex-Beatles bassist and songwriter Paul McCartney. Here’s a man who’s accumulated nearly a billion dollars, much of it from his songwriting — […]

How To Roll A Joint Sixties Style

No machines. No “filters”. No “crutches”. No bullshit! Just rolling paper, weed…and a double album! In the video, I show how to use two rolling papers stuck together to make it easier to roll a joint, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be smoking better with just one (better weed to paper […]

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Where Have All the Hippies Gone?

And by that I mean…WTF happened to me and Felicity, considering our last post here was like six weeks ago? Well. We’ve been OK, but somehow, one of the myriad pieces of baling wire holding our website together seemed to have failed or gone crazy or whatever. Even though we could all keep visiting the website, […]