How To Make THC E-Cig Juice Using MBM Glycerin Tincture

THC E-Cig Juice from Tincture -

When we reviewed the Magical Butter Machine, I used it to make a batch of glycerin tincture, and then added, almost as a throwaway line, that “this needs just one more step to make e-cig juice”. I’m glad that so many people are careful readers, because a number of them have been noodging me to tell them how ever since. In any case, your patience has finally paid off, just please don’t hate me when you see how easy it is 🙂

Most available tinctures are alcohol-based. It’s generally not economical for commercial producers to make glycerin-based tincture, because glycerin doesn’t seem to be as good as dissolving cannabinoids as alcohol, so it takes far more cannabis to make the finished product strong enough for most people. But when you do it yourself, everything becomes much more affordable if it works.

As I related in the second half of the MBM product review, I had never been able to successfully make a good glycerin tincture before I got my Magical Butter Machine. But once I made two cups of the good stuff, the first thing I did after trying a few dropperfuls (whee!) was to see how it worked as e-cig juice (which was another thing I had been trying to work out). Because…

The vegetable glycerine (VG) you use to make glycerin tincture
is exactly the same stuff that’s mixed into e-juice!

So really all you have to do is add some PG (propylene glycol) to dilute it so it’s the correct viscosity, and you’re done. I poured a small amount of my finished tincture into a calibrated shot glass, then added PG using an oral syringe at about 1/3 (30%) on top of the original volume and mixed well. I was trying to get close to the viscosity (“runniness”) of e-juice while adding as little PG as possible, to keep it strong. Many people prefer to get big clouds of vapor, so feel free experiment with the amount of PG. VG creates the vapor itself, but PG lets it flow through the vape pen or ecig. A common ratio is 50% PG to 50% VG (the VG is your tincture).

Here’s the final result, loaded into a clearomizer, and it works quite well:

THC E-Cig Juice from Tincture -
THC E-Cig Juice from Tincture

It does take a minimum of a full ounce of cannabis (in the original 2 cups of vegetable glycerine) to make this stuff work so well (not to mention the Magical Butter Machine itself and some lecithin), so there’s a certain amount of expense involved. And it would take you a long time to go through 3 cups of e-juice! But by itself, glycerin-based tincture is great to have around for lots of other reasons:

  • You can put a dropperful or two into your morning coffee or tea (it even acts as a sweetener!)
  • You can put it into soft drinks.
  • You can use it as a base for making medicated candy or other sweet treats.
  • You can just put it under your tongue, where you will feel it almost as fast as smoking.

Just please be careful and don’t leave this or any dosed food or drinks where children, pets, or non-MMJ patients could get to it by mistake.

Please read this: as discussed in the comments, this will not make “one hit knockout/just like dabs” e-juice! E-juice in general is designed to be puffed on repeatedly, and this will work the same way. So please don’t expect a “one-hit wonder” like hash oil cartridges!

Important note! As one of the commenters reminded me, lecithin is considered safe for oral consumption only! So if your intent is to make e-juice, please do not add lecithin to the mix, because nobody knows if it’s safe to inhale. (BTW, we no longer recommend using lecithin at all because it may cause cardiac damage).

Another important safety tip: you (hopefully obviously) should never use Green Dragon or other alcohol-based tincture in any ecig or vape pen, because alcohol vapors could ignite and burn your lungs or trachea or other body parts.

Revision 1.1 / 30 May 2015 / details of PG VG proportion, GD warning
Revision 1.2 / 5 Sep 2015 / e-juice not supposed to be strong

Old Hippie is a father of two boys and thankfully living in California where all this kind of thing is legal. He started smoking marijuana in 1967 in high school, experimented with mind-expanding drugs of all kinds, and then straightened out 15 or so years later to become an airplane pilot. After being diagnosed with depression in 2000, he lost his job and most of the following decade to prescription medications (such as antidepressants) which sapped his energy and will. Finally, a chance conversation with a friend led to a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana (MMJ). This changed his entire life, health, and outlook for the better. is his continuing story. It’s also his way to provide experienced advice on using medical marijuana effectively and responsibly, as well as advocacy, activism, and support for others. Old Hippie teaches about safe use of cannabis edibles, Canna Caps, vaporizers, dosing, and even microdosing.


Bless You Old Hippie For All You Do My Brother…
I Shall Be Coming Back More… Brother Will

With all the reviews of how to for cartridges is it safe to vape vegetable glycerin and PG 50/50 mix or 80/20. Thanks OH a even older hippie here 1966 and 16 yrs old. Lol nugs and hugs.

This is “generally regarded as safe” territory, but that’s based on oral ingestion of those substances. I don’t know of any long-term studies on inhaling vaporized VG or PG, but personally I prefer vaping flower for the safest experience in terms of inhaling. Great to hear from another old-timer! Nugs and hugs indeed!

How do you vape flower I’m new to this world and use for medicinal purposes

Your great reviews have sealed the deal for me on purchasing this, and I would do so today, except for this hint you dropped in the previous article:

“Garyn also was kind enough to share some future product plans with us in advance; all we can say at this time is that they are thinking way ahead and out of the box, and the next six months should be extremely interesting!”

Does this mean an MB3 is in the offing? Or something totally different? Can I buy an MB2 today and trust it won’t be obsolete by year’s end? Thanks for any hints you can provide. And I really appreciate your blog.

Well…Garyn was mostly talking about an entirely different product that’s still in testing. And I was making a deep double entendre with “out of the box”. As far as the MBM itself, they’ve been making improvements since the beginning, and they’ve also made some nice upgrades available for owners of their early machines. So I think they go above and beyond what most companies do for their customers! I can’t imagine the MBM being “obsolete”, considering it pays for itself in saved cannabis anyway.

And the quadrupled potency is no joke…the last batch of oil I made used just 7 grams for 2 cups of oil and still came out too strong. Unless I missed a digit somewhere, that’s enough for 800 capsules!

Nugs and hugs!

Thanks for that reassurance. I was already completely on that page to be honest, but the consumer whore in me just hate-hate-hates buyer’s remorse via premature obsolescence. I had to ask. 🙂 That said, it’s in the mail and I’m stoked!

Hi! Can I ask a question? You said you used 7 grams for 2 cups of oil. Was that tincture? And are you saying 2 cups of tincture oil could be 800 capsules worth?

we have 2 Mb2’s on the way, as well as various other items, planning to start a small business(legal) making meds for other MMJ patients, we are hoping to come up with an affordable way to make decently strong ejuice for the o.pen vape cartridges (and any other vape), as well as canacaps.

this all started because I was looking to make the stuff for myself but found doing oils was really a pain even with the crockpot method results wherent very consistent, after talking to a buddy, i google the mb2 and found your reviews(as well as others) and decided to give it a go.

I was wondering if you have compared oil or tincture from the default time and the full 8hr run?

I would be willing to run a large batch of ejuice for 8hrs if it ment getting even more thc/cdb/ect making the ejuice more potent.

as to flavoring, I have been told by 3 people so far, the easiest and healthiest way to flavor your ejuice is when you make it, toss some fresh peppermint in, fresh or dried catnip is good as well, limon/lime/orange zest is good, that kinda thing, lots of other herbs you can use to help flavor and medicate, my first batch will have a handfull of fresh mint in it, as that should give a good flavor.

Oh also been told, you will get a better ejuice product if you put the PG in with the VG when you run the batch, havent tried either way myself yet….

Hi. Could you please give an update re how effective the ejuice is in actual practice? I’m interested in the following information:

a) how many puffs does it take to feel an effect comparable with smoking or vaporizing?

b) also, what ratio of grams was used?

I have read that 14 grams per cup (28 grams or 1 ounce for 2 cups) is the standard, but I have also read from experienced ejuice makers that an 8 to 1 ratio of liquid solution to plant matter is ideal; I am curious to know if 14 grams per cup proved sufficient. My curiosity is compounded by the fact Old Hippie lets us know that he used less than even 14 grams per cup in some runs and how the MBM somehow allows for a more potent final product…. could it be that the standard 8 to 1 ratio for ejuice can be weakened and the extra potency delivered by using the MBM will make up for it?

I’m very interested in a reply from anyone who uses the MBM for the making of glycerin for use in ejuice type delivery systems. Thanks very much to any responses.

I am sittin here wondering why anybody would want to change the taste of primo cannabis to anything else………..

Lucky to get brick let alone primo. $140.00 for 7 grams, who could afford the minimum lol.

a suggestion, you could go to a vapor store and buy plain flavored juice/ no nicotine, unless you want it. Flavorings used are food grade extracts.

buy some capella flavor drops in the pre-mixed flavor you prefer (the chocolate fudge brownie is awesome in the tincture, so is banana nut bread) and put about 25-30 drops in a one ounce bottle (or to your flavor preference).
I would also recommend adding the PG before you make your tincture, so you don’t have to weaken it when you thin it out for your cleromizers. I would recommend a 70PG/30VG or 50PG/50VG mixture, depending on the pen you use.
The smaller the wick the more PG you should use.

I am new to all of this. I got injured at work 5+ years ago and now I am disabled. I cannot take narcotics for breakthrough pain as if it has a side effect I get it. Oh yeah I have a pain pump in my spine but its not 100 %. So my doctor suggest vape as I don’t smoke to help with pain also with anxiety from same pain. Sorry for drawn out explanation I just am nervous yet excited to help alleviate this pain. So my question is a newbie like me going to figure out how to make vape juice with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Steve

What vaporizer are you using? Since I quit smoking and focus on caps and edibles, I hadn’t considered getting a ‘pen’ style vaporizer until now. Thanks for the info, always the best.

thanks for your review, I will now save up for the Magical Butter…All I have to sell are art glass windows and two adorable corgi puppies….should not take too long hee!

I have a MB2 on the way. I will be Decarbing @427 degrees for 1 hour using 30g herb, and a 70/30 VG/PG mix in the MB using the 4 hr Tinture. My one big question is should I grind the Herb b4 I Decarb? I know the MB2 has a Decarb cycle, but I have read that it really needs to be done to get the most out of the Herb. Any one heard anything different?

427 degrees is not “decarbing”, it’s burning.

Personally I grind afterwards to make sure it’s properly decarbed, but everyone has their own idea. It’s not a big deal either way…at least compared to decarbing at the wrong temperature!

Sorry yes I meant grind, when I am done my cycle my product is always like a wet sludge and is an extreme pain and mess to filter. Just wondering where in the process you grind.

It’s says you only add in as little pg as possible to the end to make a good e liquid. But at the very end, you wrote to use 80% pg and 20% vg.. Is that right? I never heard of that ratio, especially with pg

No, I did not say “use 80% PG and 20% VG”. I said that I used 30% PG and 70% VG, but some people like to use a lot more. I also noted that it appeared to be pretty common for people to use 80% PG/20% VG, because I’ve seen that ratio touted many times on e-juice forums and such.

A lot of people get hung up on exact ratios and recipes, but the most important thing is that YOU like it. I don’t personally like the taste of PG or huge clouds of vapor, so I use as little as possible. Some people might prefer the 80/20 ratio specifically because it keeps the THC per puff low, and then they can vape for 5 or 10 minutes and not get too high.

The viscosity and “clouds” and color all seem to be very personal preferences, which is why there are so many “debates” about them. Just use what you like, but it has to be at least thin enough to work with your e-cig’s wick system. And best to experiment with a small vial of VG tincture, before you commit to a final ratio with 2 cups’ worth!

“Huge clouds of vapor” come from VG, not PG. PG is the flavor/nic carrier, and VG is what makes it vape. Otherwise…. I love the article, O.H. I will definitely be trying this soon. My roommate came home the other day with 10mL of thc e-juice, and man oh man…. this stuff is good. Thanks for the write up!!

Thanks, I’ll have to clarify/rewrite that part. One thing for sure, though, is that you can’t just put straight VG tincture into most cartomizers because it’s too thick to flow, so you’ll almost have to use some PG no matter what. Thanks again, and nugs and hugs!


Just got the machine myself and had a few questions and comments for you

1) Since everything runs at 130 or 160 F what is the point of higher temps? I read your part about THC-A, but don’t understand why they have the higher temps and nothing about why they are there in the manual

2) I see you used a lot less cannabis then stated in the manual (I have mb2e), do you know why the amount they have is so high? (says to use 14-28g per stick of butter)

3) Do you personally decarb before? It is in the manual (pg 9) but not in instructions, maybe for increased potency?

Also as a final comment, I do not think soy lecithin is safe for inhalation so if you are using your tincure for e-cig I would avoid using it when making the tincure. Unless I am misinformed

Anyways thanks for the great review. I have 28 grams and 2 cups of butter running at the moment, hoping it goes well. Didn’t have any soy lecithin so went without it.

I have extremely high tolerance and smoking just doesn’t seem to get me high for more then 12-30 minutes.

They’ve changed the programming on the new version (MB2e) – it no longer includes a decarb cycle be default, and their instructions now recommend an oven decarb.

That said, it does include a 220* setting, and some people find that running a 1hr cycle at 220 (instead of oven decarb) followed by 2 or 4 hours at 160 works just fine.

The omission of the automatic decarb cycle also makes it more suitable for use with ABV.

What do you have to do in order to decarb it on the 1-hr 220 setting? do you just put the dry herbs in there with or without the liquid?

I have to say overall I am quite disappointed with this machine. The butter it made was average, my tincture was a big slimy sludge that was impossible to strain.

beyond that the extraction process and the filtering waste an enormous amount of product. Unless your starting material grows on trees for you, this machine just seems to be a big waste of $$ to me.

try using a couple of metal strainers before the filter bag, I have made the butter and vegetable glycogen, both excellent. Try the eight hour cycle, it makes it more intense and stronger.

You have to learn how to use it, I have a first gen and use it all the time, it works great for everything and I have been getting high since I was 13 years old now 63 and love edibles most of all.

So for a smaller less expensive methdos, what are your opinions on this Old hippie? If you had a 2:1 ratio of ejuice to oil (honey oil or bubble hash) If you take your mj, cover it in you juice, let it soak and cover it again until the mj is slightly under the juice, in a small glass. Boil this in a small pan of water,stirring until an even mixture. Suck into a dropper and let sit for half an hour, and load into a basic cartomizer for a vape (im using an MVP). I’m going to try this method as it seems cheaper, but also a bit more filthy hahah what are your personal thoughts on this method?

decarb @ no more than 220 degree. you do damage to the canniboids over that temp. 30 to 40 min. cover dish with foil completely. do not remove foil till completely cooled down.

Can I mix the PG in with the VG when I put it all in the MBM2???
Will the final product go “bad” if not used within a certain amount of time??

PG is generally food safe, but I personally try not to eat anything I don’t have to. Why not make VG tincture, and add PG for the amount you want to use as e-juice?

I have a couple quarts of a 50/50 blend but I think I just going to use your suggestion and make vg and then add pg to the amount I intend to use for e juice. Thanks Hippie!

This is incredible! Thank you so much Old Hippie for sharing this info. I can’t wait to make this in my MBM! Buf first… One quick question…

I’ve read that you shouldn’t decarb material that you plan on smoking. But I’d like to make this to use it as a tincture and try it as e-cig juice as well. Is there any credence to the idea that decarbing something you plan on smoking will lead to a less enjoyable experience (headaches, etc.)?

Also, can I add the lecithin after the magical butter does its thing? I’ve been getting questions like this a lot lately and I thought you may have a better idea. I’d like to make a batch to use for tincture, save some to experiment with e-juice and I’d like the tincture to contain lecithin. Any help would be incredible 🙂

Thank you so much for all that you do <3

Much love,

Very interesting questions, Corinne!

I’ve read that you shouldn’t decarb material that you plan on smoking. But I’d like to make this to use it as a tincture and try it as e-cig juice as well. Is there any credence to the idea that decarbing something you plan on smoking will lead to a less enjoyable experience (headaches, etc.)?

Wow, first time I’ve heard that one. It makes no sense to me, because smoking decarbs everything instantly! But like most marijuana-related “urban legends”, I think I can imagine the thought process that went into this one, because a lot of people confuse decarbing (which is gentle heating that “activates” the THCa/CBDa as it exists in the plant to the final THC/CBD form most people want in their bodies) with vaporizing (which is heating at higher temperatures to vaporize the THC/CBD so we can inhale it). I think that’s where the confusion lies because (a) so many people still think that decarbing somehow “vaporizes all your THC and ruins your weed” and (b) actually vaporizing your cannabis, and then trying to smoke it (something I’ve warned against doing) may well result in headaches, because it usually means you’ve vaporized off all your THC. What are you smoking if you have cannabis and no THC? That’s right, basically it’s just hemp…which is famous for causing headaches!

But wait, there’s more.

If you’re planning on making e-cig juice, you have nothing to worry about even if you decarb your cannabis, because vaping is not smoking! The headaches with hemp come from actually smoking/burning the fibers and getting an unnatural mix of cannabinoids: all the “trace elements” in cannabis, with none of the THC. Just another reason I prefer vaping to smoking.

Also, can I add the lecithin after the magical butter does its thing? I’d like to make a batch to use for tincture, save some to experiment with e-juice and I’d like the tincture to contain lecithin.

You sure can, but it will work far better if it’s processed with heat and especially with that amazing blender. So here’s my idea for you: make your VG tincture, pour off and save 1/2 cup or whatever for your future e-cig juice (and check my answer to the previous comment!), then add your lecithin, and process at 160F in your MBM for an hour.

Nugs and hugs, and please let us know how it goes.

i live in a state where this isnt legal, but i really want to try this to make an ecig juice… more notably to use in my rda on cotton. im wondering about the potency… if i use a couple grams in a small batch of 50-50 pg-vg (using high grade weed) say…10-15ml total liquid… do you think the effects would be similar to smoking? would i have to spend too much time vaping squirt after squirt to get high? im really looking for something to vape at work… thanks!

I’m assuming that you’re talking about using a mini-crockpot or something to infuse the liquid here, because the MBM will not work with anything less than 2 cups of liquid. Past that, please see my response to Ed’s question above.

Its worth noting as an experienced nicotine vaper that PG is what causes the minor irritation in the airway known as throat hit, something people switching from cigarettes often seek. PG in fact does NOT contribute largely to vapor production, but is rather used to help keep tanks running smoothly (thinner liquid=less chance of hitting a dry wick in a tank.) The VG is what is used to produce thick plumes of vapor. Someone seeking thick plumes of vapor would want to make a VG only tincture, and vape it on a rebuildable dripping atomizer. If one were to decide to take this route, I personally would recommend diluting the tincture with non tinctured VG, since dripping atomizers put much more vapor in the users mouth.

Interesting perspective. I don’t at all claim to be a juice expert, but I’ve only seen the big clouds when PG is added. OTOH, without PG the VG tincture is pretty thick, so maybe it’s not the PG itself but the fact that it’s flowing better!

I Merry Christmas! For Christmas our son got my wife the MBM2! Now to get some herb to make some ejuice. My wife is a MMJ patient. For about 2 months now I have been making ejuice for her with VG. I grind up some herb, put in some VG put it into a baby jar and into a water bath in a crockpot for 8 – 10 hours. I dilute it with water and flavor it with a water based Cherry flavoring. She says it works OK but not as good as when she vapes the dry herb. So the only reason for using the PG is to diute the tincture to a consistancy that will work in her ecig then? We aren’t interested in big clouds of vapor, just the results. Once I make the tincture according to directions. I also take it that decarbing is not done in the MBM, and should be done before starting the MBM process.

Thanks again for all the info here!

One thing that it’s very easy to lose sight of…ejuice isn’t actually supposed to be strong! Think about how regular e-cigs work. They deliver a tiny amount of nicotine in each puff, just like cigarettes. Imagine if each puff was like smoking a half cigarette at a time…people would be keeling over from nicotine poisoning! It’s the same way with THC ejuice…the experience should be more like smoking a “classic” 5% THC joint…one puff shouldn’t be overwhelming. Leave that to the e-dabs and hash oil crowd!

That said, diluting it will definitely make it weaker than otherwise, but you’ll probably have to dilute with something (like PG…I’ve never heard of using water) to get it to work in most ecigs. And vaping cannabis will surely give different results than ejuice, although it’s impossible to predict whether those results will be better or worse, especially for an MMJ patient (who might have any number of three dozen conditions). That’s why it’s always a good idea to try smoking, vaping, tinctures, and edibles to see which works best for you.

Decarbing is best done in the oven, but remember it’s unnecessary for ejuice or anything you’re not actually digesting.

Hey there ! I just made my first vg tincture but didn’t decarb it prior (didn’t know I needed to) but am wondering what I still can do with it? Is there an option to decarb the mix? (It’s still curing so it’s not yet strained) or would I be better buying one of these vap things and using it in it? It’s a big beautiful batch & I’d hate to see I go to waste, any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

Well, a lot depends on the quantity. If you made it in the MBM, you have 2 cups and it will take a Really Long Time to vape that much. OTOH, I’ve had good results re-heating to decarb after the fact, so if you want to do that, I suggest slowly heating it to somewhere between 220F and 250F, and watching for when the bubbles stop which will indicate that decarboxylation is complete. VG itself will not actually boil under 554F, so you’ll know the bubbles are from the CO2 being drivien off by heat.

Hey Old Hippie,

I’ve enjoyed reading your site and appreciate your efforts. Have you tried one of those commercially available hash oil based e-cigs like Eureka Vapor? What do you think of them? Think a hash oil based e-cig juice would be easy to make at home?

I’m presently testing a Bhang Stick, which is similar to the Eureka Vapor as far as I can tell. You could dilute hash oil at home to make it flow like e-juice, but it won’t taste or work quite the same way. The Bhang Stick has its own sealed heater system, and I don’t think it’s refillable, but it also doesn’t leak and is very reliable so far.

The only problem I’ve run into is that it’s just too damn strong! One quick hit and I’m at [8].

Thought I’d just mention that some commercial producers market a hash-oil based e-cig cartridge with a claimed 100% THC content. Would be great to approach that kind of potency at home.

This I never heard, and I believe nothing can be 100% THC and still flow in an e-cig. Besides, 100% THC is dangerous! People have died taking Marinol, the FDA-approved 100% THC (in sesame oil) capsules. I’ve had some 85% THC hash oil but found the Bhang Stick even stronger, though it’s tested at 60% THC.

Hi Old Hippie. I asked this on another page, but this may be a more appropriate place to ask. Do you know how to flavor the e-cig juice mixture and at what point I would add the flavoring?

I’ve never done this myself, but I would guess it’s done best by using regular e-juice flavorings that they sell in smoke shops…probably after you get your ratio down and you like the potency of the end result.

The time you spend with our community is awesome! Thanks for all your hard work. Can you recommend how to flavor the vg tincture for consuming orally?

Hmm…well, it’s very sweet, so you’d probably want to use a syrup or something that works with that kind of thick stuff…maybe the Torani flavorings or something like that?

Thank you OH, for your detailed blog posts. They have been highly informative and also thank you for the code! My MBM2 is on its way and we are very excited. However, I have a few questions. I’ve searched all over forums and google but haven’t really found an answer.

Can you make a tincture with both alcohol and VG? Everything I’ve read says alcohol extracts better than VG and that it’ll boil/evaporate at a lower temperature.

What I’m curious about is…If I soak the herbs in alcohol for a bit, put it in the MBM2 with VG and put it on 220 for an hour for decarbing, then 4-hour tincture cycle. After that, I’d like to concentrate it by putting the tincture in a water bath to evaporate whatever alcohol is left. I would like to add flavoring to it too, bullcityvapors sells flavoring for diy e-juices. Would I be able to use these? Or do I need Puff Majic, etc? Does this all sound too insane? Am I trying to over-achieve?

Mostly it’s because the minimum liquid requirement in MBM is 2 cups and I’m very frugal. I want to make sure I get as much as I can from what I’m paying. And because adding flavors or Puff Majic will essentially dilute the potency right?

Very good idea! But first, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing. You must use ethanol (drinkable alcohol), which would best be Everclear in the highest proof you can obtain it, or 151 proof rum as another possibility. Otherwise it’s not even worth bothering with this complex procedure. You wouldn’t need a water bath because the alcohol will start boiling off at 160 anyway, but see this new article before you start…220 might be pushing it while there’s still alcohol in the mix. In any case, your best decarb strategy is dry in the oven at 250F for 22 to 30 minutes.

You won’t dilute anything if you add the flavors/Puff Majic at the beginning, and then add VG to the mix until you hit 2 cups. Not sure if they’re compatible with heat though.

For BIG CLOUDS, you want MAX Vegetable Glycerin so the suitable formula would be 20PG/80VG, Many people have a PG intolerance, if they are using a tank as the one pictured you want 50PG/50VG, but you really never want to go 80PG/20VG that is a Really Thin viscosity in your E-juice

2 cups are ~480ml, 1 ounce is ~28g, right? (sorry, metric system here..)
So… about 0,06g of weed per ml of glycerin.
1ml of e-juice takes quite some time to vape. So, let’s assume you inhale the equivalent of 0,06g weed in ten minutes vaping, how can that have any effect?
Did I get something wrong?

OK, say I make a tincture as you describe than make a very small batch of e-juice for testing.that comes out not strong enough for my needs. Can I use 1 cup of the tincture with 1 cup of VG and another 28 grams to increase the strength by 50%? Will I run the same 4 hour cycle as the first time or will this ruin the batch? tia

That sounds like a very good idea! If you decarb the 28 grams separately, and run it for 4 hours at a low temperature, it should be fine. MBM means never having to waste anything!

I didn’t know which of your blogs to leave this comment so lets go for both! I’m a paraplegic with severe nerve pain. I’m looking to make strong e-juice? ??

Hi Old Hippie,

For the past two years I’ve been an MMJ patient in WA state. I make tinctures & edibles from buds and sugar leaves only (no fan leaves) because I want a stronger medicine for my needs. I wanted to thank you for your input & reviews of the MBM2, thanks to you I’ll be getting one soon! Being unable to work, I would definitely appreciate being able to make my medicine with less cannabis to save money.

I also wanted to mention that I made mmj e-juice one time and it only burned and tasted terrible because it was too thick, (and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong). Now thanks to you I know I need to add up to 30% PG to thin it out so I’m going to make it again!

Thanks for all that you do to help patients. I appreciate you sharing your extensive knowledge with us 🙂

Take care,
Canna Nana

Thanks for the feedback! Save those fan leaves though…use 3 to 4 times as much of them as you would of bud and you’ll be amazed how strong they can be! It’s easier to do that with the MBM too. Feel better soon…nugs and hugs!

Hi there, can I make the ecig juice using tincture made with everclear? I’ve made both the glycerine and grain alcohol tinctures with the mgical butter and prefer the taste and potency of the one with alcohol and would like to put them in cartridges if possible.

The problem is that once you heat up the alcohol, there’s a possibility of it igniting and since you’re inhaling at the same time, it could be Bad.

If you put your Everclear tincture in a Teflon pan, in the top of a double boiler, you can boil off the alcohol (once the waters boiling I turn the flame down and turn on the stove fan) and make Cannibis oil. I add that to my VG and shake it up and add it to my vaporizer. My V2 pro vaporizer doesn’t seem to need the PG.

Hey O.H.
I have already reported about the 8 hour glycerin tincture I made last week per your recommendations. It is and was great. A 50/50 ratio THC/CBD bud used for making the tincture. Very successful. Today, one of my friends came over. We started out by ordering a MBM2 for him online. We then got down to personal medical business and made a tincture for him from Girl Scout Cookie indoor. We decarbed in the oven @ 250 f, for 30 min. Herb looked perfectly golden. Per the recipe we used 2 cups of VG. We did it on the 4 hour tincture cycle at 160 f. Result: produced 12 oz. of tincture. We then cut with PG at 30% by volume. Wow, what a tincture. You can feel it after 1 vape hit. 2 hits I was stoned. I use MMJ daily and so does my friend who has Crohn’s disease. Be careful with this stuff. I don’t understand how some have reported that the purchase of the MBM2 was not recommended. I have never done anything on the level of this with pot, but the machine makes it so easy. The first batch was 2nd shelf rated strain at only $ 130 per oz. This stuff was top shelf at $300 per oz at only 4 hours. Nothing but praise. Thanks again Old Hippie. Keep up the good work. My friend and I shared generously on the two batches. Everyone is happy.

Hey, awesome hearing your ejuice is working so good. I am planning to make some myself, but am a bit unsure (and low on budget to waste 30 grams of weed).
I have this pen vape

So the plan is to put the bud and VG in MB2 for 8 hours (or 4 I don’t know which is better) , then mix with PG afterwards and put in pen.

Is this really it? Seems too easy haha. And can I just mix it with ejuice for flavour?

That’s the way it works, as me and all these other people have found, including the ejuice, but that pen sounds like it’s more for oil or thicker things than e-juice. One of the reviews said it should work with straight VG tincture though, so you might be fine as is if you don’t thin it too much with PG or e-juice. OTOH, if it’s too thin, you could screw a cartomizer (made for e-juice) onto that battery and go with that, they’re very cheap.

Cool. Thanks for the reply. What Oils do you mean? Like MBO? I’m so new to all this stuff, here people mostly just smoke the greens since MMJ ain’t even legal yet.

I tried VG in the pen – only tiny little bits of vapor coming through, not enough for any effect

Not sure what MBO is, but I mean hash oil and wax, which are very hard to find in non-legal states. And please read my warning about not vaping edible oils!

Wow, great results! You don’t actually have to decarb if you’re going to vape it, but it never hurts to religiously incorporate decarbing into your process (except for the lost terpenes, perhaps) because this way you’ll never forget to do it. What quantity of herb did you use with the 2 cups of VG for these stellar results?

We used 1 oz of herb to 2 cups VG. I made 8 hour tincture with THC/CDB Sungrown Sierra. My friend used the same ratio with Indoor Girl Scout Cookie for 4 hour tincture. We use it for oral and vape. We both medicate daily. He was happy with it but a couple of days later he was not as happy as earlier with his 4 hour tincture. He has Crohn’s so he needs CBD, but he also likes getting really ripped so we are now discussing Golden Dragon so he can get that real stoned head high. We were discussing more MMJ for 6 hour tincture. Any suggestions appreciated.

The thing about all tinctures is that when you apply them to your mouth, they get absorbed directly into your bloodstream rapidly. That’s the advantage, but the disadvantage is they then wear off quicker, as with smoking/vaping. So for the longest action, don’t necessarily use more cannabis in the mix, but make sure you use the tincture in stuff you eat so it’s all absorbed through the digestive system. Either that, or make up some coconut oil (better than butter, but again you must decarb first; also 2 hours in the MBM at 190F or so is recommended) and use it as a spread or instead of butter when cooking. That is one of the longest lasting and powerful/efficient ways of using cannabis.

Thanks O.H. Copy that. Seriously grateful to the creator of this God given herb and people who think out of the box like you.

Some more nuggets of info that should be of use. After talking to a manufacturer of CBD products in Florida (an engineer) and doing some fairly extensive research on the Internet, I found that Sunflower seed lecithin is used in the production of most medical aerosols on the market as an emulsifier, therefore tested and safe for inhalation. It is also the most hypo-allergenic emulsifier available. In addition, the electricity from the vape pen battery causes the droplet size to decrease with increased voltage applied.

Ha! Very good to know. The last bottle of lecithin I bought was sunflower; now I just have to see whether it’s safe for the heart before I try using it again. Thanks for your input! Nugs and hugs!

Here is a great info link on sunflower vs. soy:
There are antidotal reports of “Sunflower Allergies” on the Internet, so nothing is perfect.
About heart disease and TMAO, or trimethylamine N-oxide: it has been shown that high blood levels of TMAO are linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke. In fact, this is what doctors are looking for in your blood tests if a heart-attack is suspected. On medical studies the lecithin used to examine the effects of this was Soy, not Sunflower. I have not been able to find similar studies using Sunflower. In addition, Sunflower oil is produced by pressing the seed and catching the oil, unlike soy which is derived by chemical extraction processes.

I have an extremely low tolerance for smoking bud, as it only takes one hit of MMJ for me to get “uncomfortably” high and begin feeling anxious and paranoid. I’ve had much better luck with edibles and with vaping since it seems to be more of a body high than a cerebral experience.

Having said that, my question is this: What is a minimum recommended ratios of ingredients that I can use in the MBM to make a decent juice for vaping? I’m looking for something that provides a decent controllable buzz but not extreme, where a single hit gets me too high. I know this is contrary to most, where they want the highest (no pun intended) quality mix, but that is.most definitely not for me.

Thanks for all the great info!!

I’m with you! A lot of the “good stuff” on this page isn’t just in the article itself, but in the discussion. So please see this comment (where I talk about ratios and diluting) and this one (where I talk about the fact that e-juice isn’t even supposed to be strong).

That said, I would still advise using the minimum quantity of a full ounce of cannabis to make the VG tincture itself (which then will be strong enough to use in drinks, etc) and then make a few test dilutions using PG for e-juice. I also have a low tolerance, and this is what worked for me.

Hey OH,

I am new to your site but this thread alone prompted me to purchase a MBM. You are truly amazing for all of this information. I see a lot of people asking about putting the PG in with the VG for the tincture and just cooking it all together with the herb. I guess my question is this. Since the machine has a 2 cup minimum and I see a common theme of a 50/50 PG VG ratio. Is it possible to cut the recipe in half by using using 1 cup PG/ 1 cup VG with 14 grams? It would take me personally so long to go theough the e-juice that I feel it would go bad. I don’t drink and I only smoke. Edibles and tincture is cool. Tried it all before but it ALWAYS takes me too far. Not uncomfortably far, but more of a “life can wait holy shit everything is awesome that I cant even function and speak to living beings”. Hah. Thats really not over exaggeration. I go full zombie. Not trying to get ripped and my tolerance level is fair/low. It doesn’t take but 2-3 hits for me to be in a comfortable state if that. Obviously depending on quality. I feel vaping will allow me to control that level even more and the ability to flavor it is intriguing. Never tried flavors before. I don’t believe anyone has asked this and if so I apologize for the repeated question.

Hi Peacock,

First off, welcome! There’s a lot of info in this comment thread, so don’t feel bad if you missed something. Let’s start with your low tolerance. I also have a high sensitivity to cannabis, and that helps my sensitivity to this “problem”!

Making the mixture with only 1/2 an ounce of cannabis will definitely cut down on the strength so that you don’t get too high, but you’re still going to have the same problem with the fact that it takes a long time to go through 2 cups of e-juice. So why not take advantage of the answer I gave to that other person a few questions up, and make the 2 cups with all VG? This way, you’ll have some lighter strength tincture, which won’t get you too high to function (remember, you can always use a few drops rather than a whole dropperful), and you can always mix some of it with the PG to make e-juice. That way, you can still use it in different ways…and trust me, tincture of the right strength has a lot of uses!

O.H. thank you for all of the information you have made available. I just have a few questions that i need clarification on. I just purchased a MB2 and i want to make an ejuice that is 100% VG but to my understanding i need to use PG to thin it out. I can mix them together with the herbs in the MB2. Do i decarb them before for the ejuice to be more potent or decarbing is just for edibles? Would an oz of mid-grade be potent enough with the 2 cups or do i have to use high grade? ($300 is alot for me to spend right now) do i use the 4 hr cycle on the mb2 or do i use the 8 hŕ cycle? Would the 4hr or 8hr be more potent or would it just be the same? Is the potency of this close to dabs or wax?

Yes, decarbing is only necessary for edibles; since you’re vaping at a high temperature, the cannabis gets decarbed then. But I really wouldn’t mix VG and PG together in advance, unless you’ve tried that mixture already with your own equipment.

Magical Butter recommends 4 hours for tincture and I’ve personally had problems when cooking VG too long, so I would play it safe and follow them and use 4.

Let’s talk about potency again: E-juice is not even supposed to be super strong! E-Juice is meant to be a “cigarette-like experience”, so you puff away and gradually get to where you want. If you’re looking for a “one-hit wonder”, you probably should be trying wax or dabs. But e-juice isn’t going to be anything like that, even with an ounce of high-grade medical weed.

Ok thank you so much O.H., my tolerance is low lol but my gf has a very high tolerance so that’s why i was thinking about doing the ejuice, i can’t wait to try it. One more question, would this have the same effect of vaping it dry?

Every different way you use cannabis gives it slightly different effects. Vaping, smoking, tincture, capsules…I’ve tried them all with the same strain and they all feel different to me. So you will probably notice a difference too, but nobody can predict how it will be different. But definitely similar!

Made some vg tincture earlier and made some vape pens with it. But for some reason it tastes funny. Be in search for help and cand find anything. Can someone please help

Hey Old hippie! I am having BIG problems with the MB2. I made a tincture with 1 oz AAA+ product and 2 cups VG. After it was mixed with some PG I vaped and nothing happened. Nada! I vaped all day the next day with it annnnd… nothing! I ran it at 160 for 4 hours and did everything perfect. I am SO confused right now. I thought I’d be vaping just like everybody else but now I see I just threw the next couple weeks meds into the garbage 🙁

I have so confused…Do you make the tincture according to your directions using VG then put that tincture back in MB and add more cannabis and follow tincture directions again….then mix with the PG???
I would appreciate an answer to clear this up in my head…with me people need to talk slow and explain to me in
Not saying you didn’t Hippie !! ?

Yeah I have. What would be the reason of it being so weak? I see other people are getting great results and I followed the exact same instructions

The strength is very high AAAA+ bud and my tolerance is average. I have had people try my juice that only smoke a couple times a year and it didn’t do anything to them. The tincture is so weak and I followed the exact instructions and used the best product I could.

I really don’t know what to say. It’s obviously worked for me and it’s worked for many readers. How well does the straight VG tincture work when you put it under your tongue?

I need 2 shots of VG tincture to feel it. I see a lot of people are decarbing in their oven. I didn’t do that step because the machine is supposed to

You shouldn’t have to decarb if you are vaping it, but the machine does not fully decarb on its own, so it’s definitely a good idea to do that if you intend to use it orally.

OH, you really do a fine job of explanation and moderation on this site. I am excited to try all of the methods you have described with my new machine. Never thought I’d be this excited to make my own!

So I didn’t decarbing because I remember you said it wasn’t necessary if I wasn’t planning to consume it. I used 30 grams of some high grade(15 platinum og / 15 citrus og). I used the recommended 2 cups of vg. I ran it on the 8hr cycle because I figured it would be stronger. It came out good. Tasted good. Vaporized amazingly. My question is how strong should the liquid ejuice be? Should I be stoned after 2 hits? Or is it equivalent to smoking a joint, where I would have to take at least 5 to 10hits to feel the effect? How much would I have to use to make it just as strong as dabbing or wax?

About a week or so ago, I actually added a paragraph to call out the information I had repeatedly put into comments about how e-juice is supposed to be fairly weak to replicate the “e-cigarette” effect. Apparently that was still too subtle, so now I colored it bright orange!

I must say though…I get pretty stoned off 2 hits myself, and “5 or 10” from a joint would leave me on the floor. You must have one hell of a tolerance, so I’m glad this worked for you at all.

And if you think about it, if it was as strong as dabbing, it would be dabbing. Wax is made by extracting and concentrating the cannabinoids into a very small volume, which is why it’s so strong. You’re starting with an ounce, but extracting it into 2 cups of liquid…so it necessarily has to be weaker. Super-strong e-juice is made by basically slightly diluting hash oil until it will reliably flow…and that stuff is pretty damn powerful! But you wouldn’t be making it with an MBM.

So if I were to take a ounce and use one cup of VG was that increase the intensity by double fold? I’m attempting to make a ejuice which has the same intensity as dabbing or something close to hitting a bowl of cali’s finest. I gave it to a few people to try and they all said the same thing that it took about 10 vapes to feel an effect. But you say that the mb2 will not make a solution that strong?

Well, first off you can’t use just one cup of VG because there’s a two-cup minimum.

But you’re missing what I’m saying. It’s not the MBM, it’s physics and chemistry that are against you. The key is to start with hash oil, rather than bud, and then dilute it with VG and/or PG until it will flow. But you’d have to experiment with small quantities first to get the hang of the proportions.

So there isn’t a way to use BHO in the MBM? I’m hearing others saying they do use BHO wax in the machine, but they say they use 8grams of dabs per 2 cups of VG. What are your thoughts O.H.?

Well, I suppose you could, but why bother? The MBM is specifically designed to grind buds and very efficiently mix them with liquid. If you have BHO, wax, or shatter, all you have to do is decarb it in the oven (250F/30 minutes), where it will get nicely liquified, and then just mix it with any liquid you have, and when the color is uniform, you’re done! Your proportions seem about right as well.

With VG, which is a bit thicker than things like coconut oil, you might want to warm it up to around 120F just to help things along though. But as you just learned, why not make a much smaller proportional batch with a gram of oil first to see how it goes…especially since you don’t need to work with 2 whole cups at once?

You can make it stronger by adding more weed. Use 2 oz instead of 1 oz. Also, you should always decarb regardless. I’m too cheap to do all that though. Too expensive anyway buying all that weed. If I want to get wasted vaping you should do as already suggested by O.H. Get some hash oil, very cheap in East Bay, mix and cook with PG or VG. I have used 1 to 1 ratio in small double boiler using shot glass and mini Crock Pot. Cook for 15-30 minutes stirring frequently. That rocks my world.

Okay. I got it now. The best option fit is decarbing an additional half ounce and then adding it to the mb2 with original batch. Its worth a try. Hopefully it will mimic the effect I am looking for. It’s worth the experiment.

Kevin, I’m not trying to negotiate with you here, I’m trying to help you. As I mentioned in the article and tried to make clear in the comments, an ounce of top quality medical grade cannabis is the least you should consider using for glycerin tincture, because glycerin is less effective at dissolving and absorbing the cannabinoids. I got away with using only an ounce because I’m fairly sensitive. If you’re using “mids” or typical street weed, and especially if you have any kind of tolerance, I recommend 2 ounces. You want it to work, right? Luckily it’s harvest season so you should be able to pick up good deals now!

OK. So is it as simple as this: 1 oz of herbal product and two cups of vg in my mbm for 4 hrs. and then it will be usable in a ecig?

Good day. Pardon my ignorance. Can VG be used in place of PG for the viscosity issue? Curious as I am about to give a batch of “e-juice” a go but have only VG on hand.

Many thanks for all the extremely helpful information here.

VG is what you’d make the e-juice out of. It works fine with that, except most people want it a bit thinner and so they dilute it with PG. Really you should read through all the comments for hints on how to make it stronger before you commit to a huge run of this stuff. It’s a lot cheaper to buy a new vape pen that works with concentrate (which you can also make in the MBM) than end up with 2 cups of super weak e-juice that you made with $300 of weed.

Silly question but, what do you strain it in to and what do you store it in? In preparing to do a run I am uncertain as to what my yield is going to be from the herb.

Well, I take my filter bag and put it into a large funnel and put that into a Pyrex measuring cup. If you’re filtering the glycerin tincture, you’re going to have to carefully prop it up or use clamps to hold things in place because it will take a good few hours to all make it through the filter. After that, pour it into a good Mason jar.

Using 1 oz of herb and 2 cups of vg on 130 for 8 hrs my results came out kind of thin in viscosity. What can I do?

Sounds like PG was used by accident. I have them both, PG & VG, right next to each other on the shelf. Easy error to make.

No mistake, used vg, as instructed by mbm. Now I have a tincture, which was not decarbed first. Any suggestions as to how I can use this stuff to make my ejuice? Can I run this stuff again and add additional product? Not very strong as a tincture either.

Did not decarb. Should I decarb the amount I am going to add to the exisitng, prior to puting it in to the mbm?Also, the tincture is not real thin, more like the consistency of , not quite like maple syrup , but almost.

That is what I thought. Was first told to run it as a tincture not to bother decarbing. Now I’m being told to decarb first. Process with ever ever clear in the MBM and then on a hot plate boil off the alcohol. Then back into the MBM with a mix of vg/pg and distilled water.

MBM one recipe from one individual who answers the phone the other recipe from another different individual who answers the phone

I am going to try 7 grams with the everclear method. How long do I decarb for and at what oven temp? Also do you decarb the run I mentioned above, prior to putting it in the mbm?

I bought the machine, followed the directions to a T; this crap doesn’t work. I have made quite a few batches so far in the magic butter machine and I have the newest one. I have taken it to labs so I could have it tested, always the content of THC is zero. The place where they test it is having a hard time getting the glycerin to hold THC also. Get yours tested and post those.

I can show you the report it got .25% not even 1% THC. I have put in the hundreds of dollars, ounces and more trying to make it work. So it’s time to make a batch yourself and get it tested, then you’ll know. I would hate to see people wasting all that money on the magic butter 2 machine that doesn’t work on the vegetable glycerin. The owner of the shop has been trying to make it too. Highest he got was .9%. So do all the other people that are going to jump on this as a favor and let them know that your vegetable glycerin for e-cig juice doesn’t work.

Well, what you’re saying flies in the face of the many people who have been making tincture with VG for many years. The MBM is not actually “magic”; it simply automates a lot of tasks and makes them more efficient. And there’s nothing special about what I’m doing either except just letting people know that they can vape VG tincture. So while it’s true there are probably lots of ways to make VG tincture or e-juice stronger, in my experience it’s certainly not true that it doesn’t work at all.

Thank you for your experience. I have enjoyed butter with my MB2. VG, soy lecithin, 56g Northern Lights Trim( decarbed in oven 240F 30 mins, then cooled in freezer).
Would an additional 14g AAA+ buds be overkill for a sublingual tincture?
Additionally, interested in ejuice.
Do I add the lecithin after removing a cup for ejuice? And just run another cycle with lecithin?

Hey OH read all the comments and tried to make a batch. Not sure what I got. Glycerin is brown and I can feel it when I put it under my tongue. But when I mix a small amount with pg it vapes a little but not really strong and taste like a little burnt taste.
I didn’t decarb the herb and put in 2 cups of Vg but it didn’t go all the way to the min line. I’m thinking it’s the measuring cup I think it’s counting cup 6oz .is it suppose to be 6oz or 8oz .
I threw in the herbs after the liquid and let it run 160 4 hours .
When I opened it after it was done I found a lot of material on wall of the mbm.
Is it suppose to be like that or all the herbs suppose to go in first then Vg

I would try to vape the VG you made directly if possible. Anyway, a cup is always 8 ounces and you should always fill to the minimum line for safety in any case. The ground weed gets on the walls because it’s not full. And it really doesn’t matter which order you put things in.

When done straining the VG mixture after using the MBM2. Can I make a everclear tincture with the leftover pulp. Everyone says that the everclear strips better, so does that mean there is thc left over from the VG batch?

If I am looking for a golden color as the final product for e-juice, is all I have to do is decarb @ 250 deg for 30 min?

Hi Hippie,

First of all, thank you for providing such a great site. It is appreciated.

I wanted to ask you about an alternative to lecithin, have you found or do you know of any safe alternatives?

I haven’t tried it, but potassium sorbate may be a safe emulsifier. I know some people are using sunflower lecithin rather than soy lecithin, but I don’t know if that’s any safer myself.

Glad you like the site. Nugs and hugs!

Hi have a product right now that will be marketed shortly. Potency and consistency was a primary concern when doing this as well as giving enough product to justify it being an ejuice (you can puff on it, enjoy the o flavor and blow clouds and it wont mess up your device but it will do its job of medicating}. We settled on a 50/50 blend of vg and pg at 340mg of thc in a 30ml (1gram of shatter) per bottle for our initial strains. It might get stronger as it steeps longer but we tested right after the batch was made. Before we lab tested the product, we were suspect that the lab tests would do justice to the actual potency of this product as we have tested it extensively and were more than satisfied with the experience. We field tested and we got positive responses with the juice as well. Everyone that tested is a concentrate dabber. We decided to take it to market. The total ejuice experience with a more than satisfying high. The point of an ejuice is to enjoy the vape, not to put it down with 1 or 2 puffs and it is a creeper. We found that the juice will get you medicated with more than enough to spare and vaping to much can exceed tolerance. Vapers tend to vape all day (alot). There is a gram so the more you vape the higher the dose. It taste awesome and you has great vapor production and you can add your regular ejuice to it to cater the flavor. It is product that is hard to put down and I seem to want to vape it all the time. It is very discreet and having vaped this around everyone nobody suspected a thing. We will see how this goes. I have a dispensary ordering 70 bottles from me as soon as I get it labled.

Thanks for the info Byron.
So if I am reading your number correctly. you 30ml of liquid. (50pg/50vg) to 1 gram of shatter? The shatter is 340mg of thc?
How did you test the amount of THC in your shatter?
How much flower did it take to get 1g of shatter, What type is it, and how is the flavor of the finished product?
Why I am asking is that I have tried the above method in the MBM2 decarbed 1oz of bud added 2 cups of vg and cooked for 8 hours. It doesn’t even get me cloudy. That 2cups (16oz) yielded about 10oz or 295ml of liquid. It has little to no taste. before I go and use this liquid with another oz of flower I want to see what way will get me the best results. I don’t mind experimenting but this could get out of control if I have to keep dropping oz’s into the MBM2 to feel anything.

A 30ml juice bottle will likely last the equivalent of an 8th of flower and if you smoke anything before hand it will keep you medicated all day.

Looking at buying the magical butter contraption want to make oil for me mum who has had a bowel cancer opp
Plus want to find the correct method i can make thc e-liquid properly an safely

Hi everyone,
After reading quite a few interesting posts on how to make THC e-juice with Glycerine, I decided to give it a try and bought the MBM2e (Magical Butter Machine).
I must say I’m a bit disappointed, because the final product doesn’t correspond to what I expected. What I wanted was to be able to chain-vape as I would have done with a classic herb joint.
I followed the instructions and recipes (including quantities) mentioned on most posts I found on the subject, but the e-juice is way too weak as far as THC is concerned. Not even a mild buzz after many puffs.
I’ve tried to think about the correct amount of herb one should use for a typical 2-cup (480 mL) tincture, and what I found was -if correct- that instead of 28 g (1 oz) of cannabis, one should rather use at least 70 g (2.5 oz). Here’s my reasoning :
I smoke about 20 g per month, that’s about 0.7 g per day.
My objective is to concentrate “the equivalent of 0.7 g of cannabis” in one clearomizer (in my case a 4.5 mL Subtank), so as to be able to chain-vape during the whole evening (I estimated that I would consume about one full 4.5 mL tank in one evening) the equivalent of what I would have smoked in the same time.
So :
0.7 g for 4.5 mL 70 g for 450 mL, which is approximately the quantity of liquid I got with my first batch, after dilution with 30% PG (with only 28 g of cannabis).
Conclusion : I think at least 70 g (2.5 oz) of cannabis are required to make an efficient THC e-juice.
Other hypotheses : it just won’t work, because THC can’t be vaped, for some reason.
What do you think of my calculation? Am I totally wrong? Is there another reason why it doesn’t work for me?
What do you recommend? I’ve already lost 28 g of good herb, so I’m a bit worried about doing it all over again with 70 g, which is quite an amount…
Did it work for you? Do you think it would be better to do it with Everclear instead of Glycerin? If so, wouldn’t it be dangerous to vape it?
One last question : I didn’t decarb my weed, because I read that you shouldn’t do it if you intended to vape it as e-juice, but some people do decarb it anyway. So, decarb or not?
Thanks in advance for your time, and good luck with all your experiences!

Hi, i did the same thing. wasted 2oz. my 3rd batch, i soaked (and shaked every day) 1 oz in vg for 30 days. i do get a good buz, but not like smoking a joint. i have another batch soaking for 60 days, so i can see the diff & if it is worth the time. I have not tried the everclear method yet, because it is explosive. if u try that method, u must burn off the alcohol. better to use a rice cooker to keep temp at 160 deg F so not to explode. I like the 30 day soak & im sure the 60 day will be better. The oil is already gold in the jar! i am going to try the everclear method soon. it is suppose to leatch all the thc out of the herb. then i can compare all 3 methods. i always decarb at 240 deg f for 60 min. i like to put it in my coffee & soda also. the diff from decarb is, gold dragon is decarb, green dragon is not. Gold is suppose to be better. i will post when i have finished, but soaking differently gave me higher thc.

High OH. I know this has probably been covered and lost among all the comments, however, I’m interested in making the e liquid without PG. I’m aware that PG is supposed to be safe, I’d rather just not risk it. My apprehension lies in potency with VG only method that you talked about vs. the everclear method. I’m not looking for a dab but I would like to maintain effects mimicking that of a dry herb vape. Also how is the viscosity of your MBM VG liquid compared to the 100% VG e liquid that is sold by Vaping Retailers. I’m pretty ignorant in terms of e-cigs and vape pens, but I’m aware that there are pens that would be better suited to vaporize the 100%VG mixture that I intend to create vs. the traditional 70VG/30PG. I’m very interested in a healthier way to consume. Thanks in advance

what about using keif instead of flowers to make ejuice. would it be stronger as it has most plant matter removed. what would be a desireable vg/pg mix ratio that would be as close to a rolled joint? would i want to decarb first?

Using kief will make it stronger. But as I told a few people already, nothing is going to make it “strong like a joint” unless you use hash oil…and if you have hash oil, why bother diluting it with any VG or PG and going to all this trouble when you can just use a regular vape pen?

And no, you don’t have to decarb if you are vaping it…only if you are eating it.


I just finished making tinctures, and wanted to make vape for my Vape pen. I’m wondering that if I mix my VG based Tincture with PG and put 30% or 50% of PG, it will be good to vape at that point? I’m confused whether to put 30 or 50 percent?


You must try it, my friend…the whole discussion can be found in the comments, but try diluting only a tiny bit and see how it goes, before dumping PG into your whole mix and maybe screwing it up. Some people don’t even dilute at all. Always try it before committing yourself!

I need some help! I just made a batch of vegetable glycerin extract. Used 64 g of premo buds with 2 cups of vegetable glycerin. I decarbed for 40mins @ 240 degrees. I did 2 sets of 8 hours at the 160 degree setting on the MBM. I ended up with about 1.25 cups of infused glycerin. It smells just like vape’d buds. I did a 70/30 mix with PG, and it vapes well, but it tastes just like it smells…liked vape’d buds. Plus, it doesn’t seem to be getting me high, just a little mellow. Took about 15 big hits off ecig.

I have the infused VG, and I don’t want any of it to go to waste. Should I try to throw it back in the machine with more fresh buds, and just run it for 1 set of 4 hours?

Any and all advice is welcomed. Thanks in advance for your help!

Wow, how sad…64 grams. It’s probably something you already just learned, but in case it’s not obvious to anyone, the concept “if a little is good, a lot is better” does not often apply to processing cannabis! You processed it 4 times longer than necessary, and I’m guessing that even at 160F, the THC probably got degraded to CBN or got otherwise lost.

So yes, I like that plan. I think we both wish you had done it that way the first time. I will take some vape hits in memory of your THC. Nugs and hugs!

Hi OH,

I just made some VG mixture using the MB2 machine last night (28g and 2 cuprs VG). I used the 8 hour option for a deeper saturation (and taste). I did not decarb as others have since decarbing is only really necessary for edibles as you have stated.

With that being said, I should have about 12-14 oz of VG tincture to play with and I have a couple questions if you can help me out;

1. Is it wise to infuse with flavored extracts, such as mint and blueberry to mix with the pg/vg solution to mask smell? Obviously taking into account of the PG volume content of that flavoring.
2. Should I decarb the VG Tinture before mixing with PG? Read on an earlier comment that this may strengthen the vape experience.
3. I’ve read on other sites that some people allow their PG/VG mixture sit for up to 2 months. Is this recommended or can I just vape the PG/VG mixture once everything has been fully mixed?
4. If I keep my THC infused VG in an opened mason jar, will it affect the consistency or potency of the tincture?
5. How long is the shelf life of the VG and shelf life of the PG/VG mixture?

I’ve used my MB2 machine to make tincture before, but never to make E-Juice whatsoever. I’ve made gummies, hard candies, Essential Cannabis Oil and several others. While I’m a heavy smoker, I’m very new to the vaping world. Any pointers??

Hi, sorry for the delay, this has been a crazy week.

1. I have never used flavorings, but it sounds like a nice idea as far as stealth if that’s important to you.
2. First off…you don’t decarb mixtures, you decarb weed. Second, you don’t have to decarb anything unless you’re eating it! If you’re vaping something, the act of vaping will decarb anything at the time you vape.
3. If you’ve made it with heat, it’s good to go. The stuff may taste better by the end because it’s been “marinating” longer though.
4. Do you mean an “open mason jar”? Usually people close the lids for best results, I have no idea why anyone would store things in an open jar.
5. I don’t know any magic data, but I made my mix about two years ago and it was fine a few weeks ago just sitting in a little glass bottle 🙂

As I’ve said a few times, I’m not really much of an e-juice guy myself, I just made this to see if it would work. I do vape a lot, but almost exclusively either with straight herb or wax/oil. I’ll tell you one tip though…don’t start fooling around with modding vapes unless you like burning things out! Nugs and hugs!

Thanks for the reply OH,

This batch came out good and vapes perfectly but is definitely not strong enough. If I put that same VG mixture back in the MBM and run another cycle of 28g of botanicals with that same mixture, would that affect the end product or would it make the VG mixture stronger? I like it its just not getting me high

OH I just got a 311 vape pen. Comes with a syringe. My question is I have MJ butter and also CDB oil / thick. How would I go about using this for the pen? Would I also want to add any juice to mask the real deal. Any info is greatly appreciated. Pce

I read this article and it inspired me to get the MBM. I didn’t do the math prior to reading the article to see how strong something like this could be (my fault). If you do two cups of glycerine and an oz of herb, a typical dose of 10mg THC would amount to somewhere between 2, 3 dropperfulls (as mentioned in this article). That should’ve allerted me, that to get that dose, you’d also have to SMOKE that amount PLUS the pg you add. That means when you take an o vape or similar cartridges and fill it, you’d have to smoke 2 or 3 full ones to feel the minimum 10mg dose! Does anyone get high from less than that?
Happy to do the math for you as well, but this just doesn’t make sense. If people here claim they can feel it from less than that, we have some Uber sensitive smokers on the forum.


I want to make e liquid to smoke with my sub ohm tank vaporizer using VG/ PG and Afgani hashish blocks ( hard pressed Dark brown resin). I saw your video and I have some questions.

1- do I have to decarbe the Hashish blocks in the oven first? ( I’m looking for the maximum potency THC HIGH)
If yes
2- How long and on what temperature should I decarb it? Should I dilute the hashish blocks first in warm VG placed in a glass bowl before placing it in the oven for decarbing?( this will give it an even spread of heat). Is this a good approach?

3- after making this hashish infused e liquid, can I then dilute it with my regular 12 mg nicotine e liquids? Would the nicotine e liquid effect the potency?

4- I have a temperature Controlled mod with a crown 2 Uwell tank 0.5 ohm ss coil. What temperature should I use to get the most potent THC out of my puffs? I heard that 220 c is the best to evaporate all THC and CBD out of the juice.

5- since I’m using Hashish blocks and not marijuana buds to make this, What is the mixing ratio for every ml of VG /PG mix? Meaning how many grams of the Hashish block should I use for every ml of e liquid to get the most potency?

6- do I have to change temperature or time in your process since I’m using hashish blocks and not marijuana?

I know it’s too much info to ask but I’m tired of waisting good hashish on low potency Vape puffs. Kindly help me.


Oh, definitely quite a few questions. I don’t want you to waste a lot of money so I will try to help you. Please read the comments on this article carefully, because I’ve explained some of this before, and there is more detail there.

The most important thing to remember is to use common sense: the more you dilute this stuff, the weaker it will be. Make sense? OK:

  1. Yes, you always must decarb if you want it to work.
  2. Decarb at 250F for 30 minutes. Since you have blocks of hash, you should carve or crumble them into small pieces, like BB or pebble size. Do NOT heat it in any liquid while decarbing, or the liquid will draw the heat away from the hash.
  3. If you make the VG e-juice, and then add nicotine e-juice, you will be diluting it and get less potency. See above.
  4. THC vaporizes at 157C. CBD (of which there is probably close to zero in Afghani hash) vaporizes at 180C. At 200C you will start inhaling benzene, which is a carcinogen. Whoever is telling you 220 either doesn’t know what they are talking about or doesn’t like you 🙂
  5. Well…frankly, you’re going to need a hell of a lot of hash to make 2 cups of strong e-juice from VG. So before you do something that might not work (because the MBM isn’t really made to work with hash), I strongly suggest you make a test run with maybe 30 ml of VG and 2 grams of hash. Decarb the hash, then powder it, mix it with the VG and PG, and put it in a heatproof container in the oven for 2 or 3 hours at 95C or so. Then you can test that and see how it works for you. And then you’ll have a better idea, since everyone’s idea of “strong” is different. You’ll have to pre-crumble the hash if you use the MBM.
  6. Not really.

Hi Old Hippie
Thanks for the info.

However I’m confused now,
I’m going to Vape it. So decarb or no decarb?

In this conversation thread you replied to someone els saying that decarb is Only for edibles!! I quote from your reply “2. First off…you don’t decarb mixtures, you decarb weed. Second, you don’t have to decarb anything unless you’re eating it! If you’re vaping something, the act of vaping will decarb anything at the time you vape.

Kindly clarify

Did you change your mind or openion about decarbing when making e juice?

I made your suggestion of 2 grams for 30 ml
It’s ok a 6/10 High in my opinion ????
I vaped on 5 ml as I’m writing this on 190c and tying to catch those THC’s. I need more more more ????????

After filtering I got the wight of the residual hashish in the filter and it’s 1.2 grams out of my original 2
Can I use the residual in another batch? or is it just waste?

Awaiting your reply


Sorry, Salem!

You’re right, of course. If you’re making stuff to vape, you don’t have to decarb it. In my defense I had just been answering questions on /r/treedibles all day about decarbing, and I automatically defaulted to that answer. I also generally recommend decarbing to people in this thread, because few people can get through entire 2 cups of VG for exclusive e-juice use, and many split it up and use some of their VG tincture for edibles and some for e-juice.

I didn’t mention this before, because you really sound like you know what you wanted, but e-juice is absolutely the most inefficient way to get high. It’s basically taking an infused liquid and deliberately diluting it just so it will work in one particular style of vaporizer. It’s far easier to just vape hash directly! But I’m just pointing that out to you, not judging.

As for your residual hash, it’s had some but not all THC removed, so you could definitely use it again in another mix, or use it to make edibles.

Old Hippie,

I have tinctures made as you suggested with one ounce of herb and a pint of veg gly, in my MBM, after decarbing. I have a vape device and want to thin the tincture. Can I use water? If not,why?

NOVA or LIFT* + MB2e = Guaranteed Perfection

*decarb machines by Ardent, Components and functions are identical for each; NOVA is for MMJ states, LIFT is for non-MMJ states.

These are two of the most practical cannabis products I’ve ever purchased.

Thanks Old Hippie:
I am a Med patient and grew my own Moby Dick CBD by Dinafem. It is supposed to be 50/50 THC/CBD. I made coconut oil in the MBM2 with the trim and popcorn buds decarbed in the oven It lost a lot of flavor and tastes a little toasty. Then I made the oil into chocolate candies; it works great but it takes a couple of hours to provide pain relief which is a long time to wait when the stabbing pain from my bad disc goes shooting down my leg. When it does kick in it lasts 8 to 12 hours.

So the aroma and flavor of the cured buds is so wonderful I wanted to make a tincture to capture as much of that as possible so I used 2 cups of VG with 28g of bud at 130F for 8 hours. The flavor and smell are fantastic but the potency was low so I put it all back in the MBM2 and ran it at 160F for 4 hours. Now we’re talking, the flavor remained for the most part excellent and the head high is there with a dropper full. The effect is short lived at an hour or so. Then I wanted to try vaping some so I mixed it 50/50 VG/PG and bam 3 or 4 puffs and away I go. So I now have speedy discreet vape, great tasting semi-fast acting tincture and great coconut oil candies for long term relief.

Thank you,

Thank YOU! I didn’t realize the new models went as low as 130F. That’s probably better for alcohol tincture, not VG. I’m glad you realized it wasn’t working for you and decided to experiment…so many people just give up and throw it out. Mistakes can (almost) always be saved!

Old Hippie:

I don’t think using 130F was a mistake; I think it captured more of the terpenes before I heated it to the higher 160F. The terpenes seem to be bound to the VG and didn’t boil off on the second pass at 160F. IMHO

Hey OH,

Quick question. Would it be better potency wise to use the mb2 to make a alcohol tincture and then cook out the alcohol and mix the oil with vg and pg or is it better to just use straight vg to make the tincture and mix it with pg to make the juice?

If you’re really trying for maximum potency, it is definitely better to go the extra step of making a strong alcohol tincture first. You probably don’t have to cook it out separately though, because alcohol evaporates at only 170F.

I used CBD extracted with veg glycerine in a e-Cig device. After a day or so I got this pain in my chest that felt like a cracked rib. Serious pain when I coughed or even stretched. I stopped using the vaporizer and within 3 or 4 days the pain was gone. I am assuming the glycerine condensed in my lung, and was not welcome.

Anyone have a similar experience, or another explanation?

I’ve never heard of glycerine condensing in anyone’s lung, but clearly something wasn’t agreeing with you. How legit was this CBD e-juice, I wonder? I mean…did you get it in a convenience store, or in a dispensary where they lab-test stuff for contamination? And do you have past experience with vaping VG-based e-juice, or was this whole thing new to you?

I had never vaped before. All new to me. I hoped it was a faster way to get the CBD into the blood stream. I made the CBD with my Magic Butter Machine, after decarbing; an ounce of Charlotte’s Web bud with 16 ounces of Veg Gly. Of course, it may not have been the vaping that caused the pain at all. But it went away when I stopped. ?????

If you just have VG and CBD in that mixture, you’re in luck! Take a dropperful or two in a drink and it will act like sweetener…you just made tincture!

Thanks, I have been using the tinctures under the tongue. I thought the vapor directly into the lungs would get more CBD directly into the blood stream, since the tincture that was swallowed, after holding under the tongue, would be digested in the stomach and the liver. Thus reduced in the process. I am now using about .5ml, every 90 minutes, so 2 ounces does not last that long.

Hey O.H.,
I’m very interested in the whole ejuice idea for vaping and am considering purchasing the MBM.
I’ve attempted to produce some vape liquid with poor results using an electric hotplate and some other methods found elsewhere.
My question today is: Can I premix my VG/PG prior to extraction or do I have to use strictly VG during extraction and add the PG in the end.
Thanks for your help.


You could premix, but I’m not sure how you’d know what final ratio you’d like until you tried it. That’s why I advise mixing afterwards. Please read through the comments, there’s a lot of good ideas in here!

Hi there! I got a MB2e and I happen to have a big bag of AVB stocked up and a bottle of VG. I decided to make a tincture with it and try it in a vape pen. I put in 60g of AVB and 500mL of VG (2oz, 2 cups respectively). I set the MBM to 130 for 8 hours thinking because its AVB it might benefit from a longer “cook”. When it was done, in the kettle the AVB was coating the walls of the kettle all the way to the top! This was a disappointment. in the bottom was a puddle of about 250mL (1 cup) of deep brown liquid. I used the filter to filter off the tincture. But why was so much of the AVB coating the walls of the kettle? and since the mixer blade doesn’t extend deeper into the kettle, as the liquid level dropped the blade would not be touching any material and hence not doing anything. Is this the correct way it’s supposed to go? I haven’t yet tried the tincture.

Well…I’ve seen that happen too, and I wouldn’t worry too much because the only way it got there was being flung by the mixer blades out of the liquid, which means it was mixed IN the liquid.

Save all your dregs for reuse later anyway, and you’ll get the most out of every last milligram!

I have a very high, 18 year tolerance. I’ve read every comment here but am still hesitant to commit to the MBM ejuice experiment. I just don’t think it will be anywhere near strong enough. But i’m desperate to quite smoking.

I understand you’ve repeatedly tried to answer this question however if you could indulge me…

After using your ratios and tincture method…How much ejuice will I have to smoke to get to a similar high a joint of nice bud would get me? I like to get pretty blitzed at the end of my day and usualy smoke about 3 joints. I have no intention of trying to get hash oil as it’s not easily available to me, but am interested in the MBM ejuice method using bud. Mainly because I can easily get bud and I like vaping.

Ultimately…Will this method & its ratios get me stoned like I am used to if I vape enough, or will it be a tame, hardly stoned at all high no matter how much I vape?

I just don’t want to waste any more money trying to figure out a good way of getting my high whilst quitting smoking (bought a volcano last month, don’t think I can commit). Your method sounds perfect, my only concern is will a 10 minute session of vaping the final product have a similar result to that of smoking a joint? If so, I’ll give it a try.

Many thanks.

Frankly, I’m puzzled as to why anyone with a Volcano would want to go with e-juice at all. E-juice is nothing really like true vaping, which is simply grinding bud and using it in a vaporizer (like a Volcano!). E-juice (and I know I’ve mentioned this before here in comments) is pretty much used by a particular niche community of mostly young males who go for big clouds of vapor and like to have something to puff on constantly. It’s great that you can infuse THC into it, but you’ll get pretty much the same experience with THC e-juice as you do with nicotine e-juice…lots of clouds and very little active ingredient. It is nothing like a joint at all. You’d probably go through a whole cartomizer full of THC e-juice before getting even a little high, especially with your tolerance.

Now, actually vaping bud IS very much like smoking, although the actual effect is slightly different. But it’s a lot more efficient (as well as healthier), so you use less. But to answer your question…no, I don’t think e-juice would make sense for you.

I’ve quit smoking cigs through vaping, but not joints. Ultimately vaping was so effective at helping me quit cigarettes I was hoping I could apply the same logic to my joints. The thing that helped me commit to vaping e-juice the most, was the sub ohm clouds / draw you can achieve, as it makes me feel like I’m smoking again.

I bought the volcano to quit the joints as well, but I find it way too harsh and miss the draw you get from a dub, so I’m struggling to commit to it entirely. I was hoping the infusion of bud into ejuice would be effective enough to allow me to puff on my ecig & get the high I enjoy through the volcano but also the draw I enjoy through a joint. I know the difference between ejuice vaping & volcano vaping, I just didn’t want to have to explain myself.

Thanks for your response though, saved me investing cash & bud trying this and being bummed out when it didn’t work to the extent I was hoping it would.

Oh! Well, that wasn’t clear. I thought you meant you were literally trying to change from smoking weed to vaporizing it.

I suggest you check out /r/petioles and /r/leaves on Reddit. Those are forums where people support each other in trying to cut down or quit.

And if you’re willing to invest just a bit more…I believe there are adapters available for the Volcano that let you attach a whip/hose to it, so you can get your “draw” back. The whole point of the standard Volcano is that there’s no resistance, which makes it good for patients with frail lungs.

I’ll buy the whip adapter and give it a try. The issue is a combination of draw, the amount of vapour you inhale using the volcano & harshness of the vapour that I struggle with. I feel like i’m hardly inhaling anything, there’s no draw at all & I choke my guts up after the first bag.

Last night I was pondering whether you could use the volcano with herb as usual but also pop a little cotton bud & ejuice above the herb chamber when you fill a bag. Hopefully will create more vapour and make it less harsh which will eliminate 2 of the 3 problems I mentioned. I’m experimenting dude, there must be a suitable alternative to joints that I can commit to, I just need to find it 🙂 Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

The soaked cotton is an interesting idea! Best of luck in cutting down and modding your Volcano, sounds like you will discover something interesting!

I legally get medical marijuana but in my state, it’s very restricted and the options are limited. No edibles, nothing that can be smoked. I get vape cartridges which deliver 90 doses of 2 mg of THC per dose. Very weak stuff. Plus they cost $100 each.
For me, the cost is an issue as is the relatively weak dosage. So my goal was to make a more affordable substitute with high potency. Here’s how I did it:
1. Decarb 2.5 oz (70 g) dry herb. This is NOT an optional step. I used some Granddaddy Purp that I knew was powerful, with an estimated THC content of 20%. (For my next batch, I’ll probably use something more indica-leaning, more energetic, less sedating). Yes, dry herb is illegal in my state.
2. How to decarb: THCA is non-psychoactive and must be converted to THC. One method is to apply heat, but be careful. You should aim for a range of 220° to 240° F [all references to temperature are in Fahrenheit]. Decarb starts around 205° but THC itself starts to boil off at around 315°. You don’t have to be precise to the degree, but you do have to keep it between 220° to 240° for best results. 90 minutes is usually good. I invested about $180 in a Lift decarboxylator, but you can do this using an oven, water bath, etc. The Lift doesn’t require that you grind your leaf first. I would probably do a rough grind if I was using any other method. You can look up do-it-yourself decarb methods on the internet, but whatever method you use, proper temperature range of 220° to 240° is critical.
3. The Lift decarbs ½ oz at a time, so the decarb process took me about 8 hrs. I already loaded my infuser with 1 liter of 190 proof (95% alcohol) Everclear, and as ½ oz batches were decarbed, they went into the alcohol to soak. I gave everything a good soak overnight. Even if you decarb all at once, I would let it soak overnight, maybe longer.
4. For the alcohol, it’s very important that you use a neutral spirit (grain alcohol or vodka work well) of as high a proof as you can find. I haven’t tried anything other than Everclear (which works really well) and I wouldn’t go below 150 proof. Use only ethyl alcohol. Do NOT use rubbing or other non-drinkable alcohols. You don’t want to use anything in this process that you couldn’t safely put in your body directly.
5. In the morning, I infused the decarbed leaf into the alcohol. I used a Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser available online for about $125. The Magical Butter Machine is another option. I ran 2 long cycles of 8 hours each. You could probably get away with less but I didn’t want to take shortcuts. If you don’t have an infuser, you can also find do-it-yourself infusion methods on the internet that require just alcohol and time or heat.
6. Strain, strain, strain. When the infusion is done, I ran the mixture through a fine mesh wire strainer a few times. You want to get out as much of the plant material as possible. I then ran the mixture through a 75 micron nut milk bag a few times (you can also use cheesecloth). Squeeze the bag to make sure to get all the liquid out (wear gloves if possible). I then ran everything through a conical coffee filter a few more times. You’ll be left with a dark, STICKY liquid. (If you’re going to vape the end product, you’ll want it as pure as possible so it vapes cleanly, doesn’t clog, and doesn’t have that telltale SMELL. If you’ll be talking it orally, it’s fine if some plant residue remains and you can be less thorough in straining.)
7. Set up a water bath to boil off the remaining alcohol. I took a large aluminum pot filled with water almost to the top and brought it to a boil. Move your infused liquid into a Pyrex bowl slightly larger than the top of your pot. Once the water boils, place the Pyrex on top of the pot, stirring the infused liquid constantly with a spatula. (The water will boil over, so have towels nearby.) Alcohol starts to boil at about 173°, water at 212°, and THC at 315°. By heating the infused liquid to 212°, you’re removing the alcohol but keeping the THC you worked so hard to get. I reduced the liquid by about 2/3. It should be around the consistency of maple syrup. [If you’re making THC vape juice, you can add those ingredients now (see below) and heat about 10 minutes more until it’s all dissolved.]
8. Congratulations, you’ve now got a concentrated THC tincture. Be careful: the concentrate is VERY sticky and will STAIN clothes, counters, skin, etc. It’s almost like super glue, if it gets on your hands or surfaces, you will need to SCRUB to get it off. Did I mention it’s super sticky?
9. Decide on a delivery system.
a. You can fill a dropper with the tincture and take it sublingually. It’s very effective this way.
b. You can also take orally like an edible, but the onset will be delayed like any other edible.
c. I mixed with 1/3 vegetable glycerin (VG) and 1/3 propylene glycol (PG), both of which are used commercially to make e-vape juice. [VG, PG, and lecithin are all readily available on the internet.] Make sure to use food-grade. I also added a little soy lecithin as an emulsifier and some flavoring. [Would probably skip the flavoring next time. Not sure it’s 100% safe to ingest. Was looking more to cover the smell, but if you strain well, smell won’t be an issue.] It worked well for vaping but I ended up with a slightly diluted product. It does work with generic vape pens and with the cartridges I get from my dispensary. But I had the best results using a portable vape nail (or e-Nail) rather than a vape pen. Next time I would use much less VG and PG for a more concentrated product and use an e-Nail exclusively. See d.
d. I’ve since determined that the cartridges I get from the dispensary contain THC infused Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil. I’m planning on making a concentrated alcohol infusion again and mixing with equal parts MCT oil. Will let you know if it works better than VG/PG mixture.
10. USE CAREFULLY, THIS IS STRONG SHIT. You’ll wind up with a very concentrated product and you need to start slow and slowly increase the dosages until you find something that works for you. I found the end product exponentially stronger than what I was getting from the dispensary.
11. The total cost for equipment (Lift, infuser, vape pens, e-Nail) and materials was about $1,300. I ended up with the equivalent of about 78 cartridges (a retail value of $7,800) at a cost of about $17 each. I figure I have about a 25 month supply now.
My biggest fear was that I’d waste 2.5 oz of primo leaf and wind up with an ineffective final product. I’m happy to say that did not happen. Now I’m working on finetuning the delivery system.

Hello. Thank you for all of the interesting and educational information I have found here. I have 2 questions and in advance would like to thank you for any help and your patience as I am still new to making my own products. I have had great luck making gummies and I am currently looking to make e-juice.
Question 1: Is there anything that can be done with the flower after if has been strained of its liquid (I use MBM2)?
Question 2: Has anyone used AVB in the MBM? I have a significant amount saved from my PAX.
Thanks for any assistance. Learning so much from the wonderful people here.

1. The MBM is quite efficient, but we’ve found that saving the dregs from 5 or 6 runs will give you one last “free” batch!
2. Yes, the MBM is great at blending and heating, and that’s all you need to process AVB. Use twice as much as usual to compensate, but you will probably be quite satisfied with the result unless you’ve vaped it black.

Have fun! Nugs and hugs!

Did you cook MBTinture down into MBO and then add PG. Or did you just add PG to the MBTinture? Making mine now… thx

I have made a tincture with 151… I read somehere i just had to coo this down such as the alcohol cooked out. I started with a mason jar with 100ml of 151/ganja. I cooked down over several days to 200 ml. Can The prop glyc and pure veg oil be combined at this point if so what is the ration and has the tinc been cooked down enough. Please help thanks!!!!

So…I made my first VG tincture with 22 g Lemon Skunk and I guess it’s good…never had the strain before and never made VG tincture…only Green Dragon…my question is, I was wanting to experiment with the ejuice, but had added 2 tb. sunflower lecithin already. I’m assuming it’s a no-go to make ejuice now?? Bummer too, cuz, much as I love tincture, this VG batch is nowhere near as potent as the Everclear batch, so I was going to try the ejuice method, but had added the lecithin out of habit (I normally use MBM to make canna caps).

Well, nobody knows what happens when you vape lecithin, but nobody really knows what happens when you vape VG long-term either. If you don’t want to vape it, you can just use it in your drinks!

I simply mean if you’ve saved the dregs from 5 or 6 previous runs, you can put them all together with another fillup of your favorite solvent (whatever you’ve been using: butter, oil, or ethanol) and make another batch that’s about as strong as the original ones.

Hi, I’m getting ready to make my own e juice. I’m having problems figuring out the math for how many mg of thc is in a ML of e juice. It doesn’t breakdown the same way edibles do. Do they?

So I just bought myself a magic butter machine and made my first batch of VG tincture, I used 1 1/4oz decarbed bud, about 3.5 grams of kief and 2 cups VG. I did the 8 hour cycle and ran through the filter bag. After filtering it still looks like there is fine particulate in the tincture which I am worried will clog up a vaporizer if I try and vape it which was my intention when making it. Should I buy a finer filter or just wait for it to settle and siphon from the top?

Damn idk if u will even reply, but anyways my question Is if I’m a regular smoker (1J everyday) and follow your recipe of “2 cups of Vg and 1oz of dry herb” or how ever much dry herb I decide to put ex: 3oz. With those combinations would it be worth going through all the process of investing to make the thc juice? If you were in my position would u find a new method to smoke thc or do this

I’m not sure why you’d want to do this rather than just vape herb normally. I don’t know how much clearer I can be…(a) e-cig juice is very inefficient…it’s a waste of money (b) nobody should buy an MBM just to make e-cig juice (c) I posted this only for people who are really into e-juice and already have an MBM.

Hi there interesting read here !
Now I was just wondering if anyone has tried making this with pure PG I. The MBM?
As Pg absorbs cannabis at a much higher rate than vg!
There are some lab reports out there by arden which confirms that pg had over a 90% recovery of available cannabis . Where vg struggled to get 10% .

So it makes sense to start with a pure PG mix and add a small amount of vg after.
I’d be keen to here peoples thoughts on this , and if anyone has used this method

Hi Old Hippie,

first of all thank you for your article and all the comments/replies you gave.
I’ll try to make my first batch soon, but I would like to check if recipe below is good, or can be improved :):
1. Decarb. 1 oz. of premium bud on 250 F for 30 mins. (or maybe 2 oz. for more potency?)
2. Put the bud in MBM & add 2 cups of VG
3. Use a 160 F tincture button for 8 hours (8 hours for more potency?)
4. Filter it through MBM filter mesh first & later with cheesecloth on strainer as-well
5. Q: I’ll be mixing with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, so, should I use 5 oz. PG (30% of VG used when starting), or should I dilute it with a 30% of VG volume that came out from the MBM + filtration)?

Do you have any feedback on using 1 oz. or 2 oz. of bud?
How many puffs you have to take to feel the effect with 1 oz.?

Have a good day!

Hi OH,

thank you for the great recipe & instructions!
I decarboxylate 50 g of top shelf botanicals on 250 F for 30 min, then threw into MBM, with 2 cups of VG, set it on 160 F for 8 hours cycle mix the end product with 30% weight with PG.
The end product came out nicely, clean high – not too strong.

Do you maybe know, if mixing it with other herb concentrate could make it stronger/more potent?
If so, please advise which concentrate? I have some RSO at home made with MBM and isopropyl, but I don’t think mixing that would be healthy?

Thanks again and enjoy.

Hi OH,

if I want to make a stronger hit, can I make kief with sifter box.
Then I would make oil from the flowers I used for kief (recipe below/4 hours cycle):
After I got some oil, I would add this oil + the collected kief into the MBM again, with 2 cups of VG and turn another 4 hours cycle?

Thank you, enjoy.

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