Live Blogging At Summer 67 Monterey!

So far at 10 AM or so, it’s cloudy and there’s hardly anyone here but some hardcore types. I’ve seen The Dude,  Roddy McDowell, some classic hippie chicks (mostly grown)…or at least their doppelgangers. First World problem: can’t get a fast mobile Internet connection on my Android phone. Definitely not something we worried about in […]

AVB On Pizza After Heating

AVB Pizza Revisited

About six weeks ago, I talked about one of my old standby favorite edibles, AVB Pizza, in detail. I warned in that article (in bold letters!) that you can feel “surges of highness” four hours later, and last night I proved that beyond the shadow of a doubt. As usual, I try to recreate the […]

The Magic-Flight Launch Box, aka MFLB (click for larger)

Vaporizing Medical Marijuana In a MFLB (Video)

For literally years now, I’ve been telling people all about the wonderful little Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) vaporizer and how it lets you inhale medical marijuana almost anywhere discreetly and healthfully. Well, now you can see exactly what happens inside one while in operation with actual cannabis. And this is pretty fascinating stuff, whether you […]

Busy Week At Weedist

So I started writing some news and features over at the great new site, and thought you might like to see what I’ve been up to in my first week: A medical study on how CBDV can reduce epileptic seizures Some comments on a generally favorable article in the NY Times about parenting and […]

Asking Obama Some Hard Questions About Medical Marijuana

I just joined the staff of Weedist, and my first story was an exclusive, pull-no-punches video interview with Barack Obama about his medical marijuana policies and promises! Check it out here! Update: quite a few people are starting to weigh in on Obama’s hypocrisy… Another update: full transcript of the video interview.