Cool Sortable Cannabinoid Chart Lets You Decide How To Medicate

The cool new site got my attention by publishing this amazingly detailed chart that lists not only the cannabinoids in our favorite plant, but also their boiling temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, effects and cautions, and even terpenes and toxins for good measure. Best of all, you can click the top of any column to sort it, so you can, for example, decide to set your digital vaporizer to just under 160°C and get only THC, not CBD…or just let all the THC evaporate at that temperature for 5 or 10 minutes and then crank it up to 180°C to just get CBD (and a few others too, but that’s why the chart is so awesome)!

Old Hippie is a father of two boys and thankfully living in California where all this kind of thing is legal. He started smoking marijuana in 1967 in high school, experimented with mind-expanding drugs of all kinds, and then straightened out 15 or so years later to become an airplane pilot. After being diagnosed with depression in 2000, he lost his job and most of the following decade to prescription medications (such as antidepressants) which sapped his energy and will. Finally, a chance conversation with a friend led to a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana (MMJ). This changed his entire life, health, and outlook for the better. is his continuing story. It’s also his way to provide experienced advice on using medical marijuana effectively and responsibly, as well as advocacy, activism, and support for others. Old Hippie teaches about safe use of cannabis edibles, Canna Caps, vaporizers, dosing, and even microdosing.


Amazing and VERY helpful. I will buy a vaporizer and update how it goes, thank you so much, couldn’t really find info somewhere else on this topic.
All the best!

So basically if you let the THC evaporate, raise the temperature to 180 (or more depends on strain) and inhale the CBD’s without the THC, it will have a body effect without the dizziness/thoughts running fast/Lack of concentration, like when inhaling THC and CBD together?

Well…as I mentioned in a previous comment reply, it’s a bit more complicated than that, because there are all kinds of other trace cannabinoids, because most cannabis has very little CBD in the first place, and because the various constituents have interactions, so they actually work together. But theoretically, yes, something similar to that should happen.

You are experimenting if you do this, though, so I would be very slow and careful. Frankly, I’ve had better results just mixing strains, but I’m working towards some of this stuff myself.

I almost bought today the Arizer extreme, but I must ask something, is it dangerous to just vape the THC (or mostly the THC at 160 celsius) ? It’s like isolating the THC and taking it alone without other CBD that release on higher temperatures, right? You believe it is safe to do?
Best regards.

Well, let’s put it this way. Taking THC pills by themselves can be bad because there’s nothing to balance it out, and pure THC can make some people paranoid and anxious. But cannabis is a plant and therefore subject to a great deal of individual variation, like people, so heating the plant — even deliberately at 160C which should theoretically “only” release THC — will still manage to release other compounds (as shown by the chart). And only if you were particularly sensitive to THC would you experience those symptoms, and only while you’re high.

But never forget that what we’re doing here is experimenting with drugs! So, it makes sense that when you try anything like this, you try it slowly and safely. One hit at a time, and wait 10 minutes for the full effect before deciding to take another one or not.

The four people who died from taking pure THC pills were using edibles at possibly a high dose. They didn’t have the benefit, as you will, of titrating their dosage one hit at a time. And they might have had other medical problems.

So, yes, it can be dangerous theoretically…but it can also be safe. Only you know your own experience, limitations, and medical condition well enough to decide whether you want to try that.

But if you do, please let us know what happened!

Nugs and hugs,
Old Hippie

Thc on it own can be unpleasant physcologically. Being soley an agonist to Cb1 receptors, and no affect to the balancing effects of cb2 agonists. The only true agonising key to Cb2 is thcv, although this actually antogginises cb1 recrptors, reducing thc effects. Thv boils above 220… although, even without thv as long as you have thc, beta-caryophylene does increase cb2 receptor activity. Cbd is a sedative, a sri, enhances norepenephrine and increases dopemine, reducing the stimulating and anxiety affetcs of pure thc. It potentially helps relieve the respirotory irrating effects brought on by pure thc. It plays a roll in balancing cb1 and cb2 receptors….its safe whilst vaporized (limonene stops the carcigenisis of a compound in the comustible cannabis smoke), but why not enjoy your cbd 🙂 alot of the essential oils and terpenes are potent with very pleasant effects as well… and it’s only a theory…but im thinking those people taking drobinol that died, mostly likely occured due allergic reaction. Some of that terpenes act as an antihistimine and in other neurological ways as an anti-allergen. Somethings a pure chemical synthesized drobinol wouldnt contain

Thanks for the wonderful answer, I appreciate it.
I’m kind of scared after you mentioned 4 people had died from it,
A few hits from a strong weed (let’s say 15%thc) joint will get me tripping and freaked out, paranoid, very self conscious, anxious, feeling messy and just waiting for it to go so I can be normal again. the opposite from relax. From one side I feel so high, but on the other hand my body is glued to the couch, so heavy which makes me feel so uncontrolled and messy. I hate it so much. At times I felt like I’m going to die from smoking too much of a strong weed especially when I’ve been to Amsterdam, where their weed is so strong and makes you feel exhausted. I can see the great medical use of the CBD’s, but only at night time, or when there is nothing serious to do, or where you can be stoned and no one will care. I just don’t like it, because I’m already a sleepy person, I need the sativa energetic effects! I decided to go for more natural way and bought a 4%-5%thc outdoor weed (I believe it’s ‘Swazi’ heads) it has some seeds in it, but the smoke is easy and not controlling my life. If I smoke now a dank bud, it will make me stay home and be afraid to go out so I won’t do things I will regret or people will see me so high and clumsy. I’ve wrote all that because I needed once to share it with someone because my friends don’t feel the same as I do, but my big brother agrees with me on the symptoms. We just love the taste of it, the ritual, the connection it builds between people. I found it very nice to smoke (a bit) at home, but when I’m outside I become so paranoid and freakey. I love sativas, but hate when the sativa is hybrid with indica, because the body high effects cause me to feel so limited and to not want to do nothing, while the head is high and want to talk, the mouth barely opens because of the indica effects… I found out some of the people I know actually love this heavy feeling of painkillers, Which I totally understand, everyone is different right? 🙂
So have you had an experience with a clear sativas like Durban poison for example, which caused you to feel only the head high without body stoned feeling? Ive never experienced it and I can’t wait to try a fully sativa strain which is so hard to find here. So thanks for your time and kindness 🙂 and all the beat from the other part of the world..!

Very interesting. And since I now understand a little more of your experience and background with this, that really helps me.

I think in some ways you are much like me, in that you are very sensitive to the effects. In your case, it seems that the effects of the cannabis are exaggerated, like there is no middle ground…kind of like digital (binary) vs. analog. In the binary world of computers, everything is either on or off, kind of like what you’re reporting with cannabis: indicas give you nothing but couch lock, but sativas make you paranoid. In the analog world most of us live in, there are “levels” between these effects, where you can feel relaxed without being couch-locked (from indicas), and energized without being freaked out (from sativas).

So my advice to you is to read two articles for “homework”: this one, which will teach you to mix strains to allow them to offset each other’s effects, and this, which will encourage you to take smaller doses more slowly. I think that combining those techniques will solve your problem!

First in my life someone understands me on this topic. Thank you so much, your answer really let me feel better I appreciate that a lot, I will follow your two guides ASAP. it’s very hard to just smoke a bit because I love the smoking act, the taste, and my friends smoke A LOT and dank stuff, so it’s hard to smoke so little, but I guess I will just have my own weed (easy strains) and smoke joints instead bowls. and if someone wants to join he would have to accept the fact I will roll smaller joints with more tobacco until I decide if to get Arizer vaporizer which costs $200 vaporizer.
Thanks again, you are awesome and your post helped me feel more ‘normal’

This is why the point that needs to made in legalization, truely controlled substance, if it isn’t before its legalized, no one says anything, the gov won’t give any more of a fuck then street growers, just a profit thing. A small bit cbd and thcv, a little thc and fair bit of caryophylene, as well as a nice balance of everything, maybe a little more cnd and cbn, for a greater sedative, etc. If the right research goes into growing these things can be achieved. Id recommend vaping at 160, a small yet fair dose,and turn up the vape (carefull to avoid combustion) to at least 180… maybe 190, if possible, slowly noting to the effects. Vape as much more at this temp ( the taste is never preferred at this point, with the essential oils) until you feel more relaxed, just note the amount of sedation to euphoria as careful as possible. If you still feel too shakey, and you can find legitimate known strains with low thc and higher thcv, have some to smoke afterwards, only in sparring amounts, to avoid overmedicating cbd/cbn. But aquiring thcv, if you are willing to vape bf at over 220 and most likely end up smoking it, you will be intaking thcv this way without more cbd/cbn and other sedating terpenes. Remember though, borneol is a respitory irratant…so unpleasant indeed..

Ive experimented with certain temperatures with my oven and volcano leftovers and being very sensitive to mj there is a considerable difference in effects. As old_hippie has pointed out in previous articles mixing strains and dosage is key to getting your own individual desired effect. I’m yet to try a high cbd strain which may make it easier to tailor the right dose without getting to much unwanted thc side effects.

Yesterday I cranked my oven to 160c with few grams of ground bud in a oven proof dish covered with foil to artificially create AVB with little THC for a hour. The result was a off brownish colour so Im thinking I took it to far and worried about digesting any carcinogens like Benzene with your canna cap recipe. Could this be the case as Ive heard even burnt toast contains harmful carcinogens and should not be ingested?

I don’t see how that would be possible at 160C. According to that chart, no carcinogens show up until 200C, and the only toxin listed will be long gone before you even get to the point where THC is released. I guess that’s just another reason it’s so much safer to vaporize than smoke!

ok thanks . I will makesure not to go over 190c/200c on the
vaporizer so I can use the avb for edibles without ingesting

Benzene toulene and napathlene are more than likely only constiuents from the combustion of butane, and possibly impurities in the extract tested. Thcvs boiling point is actually greater than 220 but the exact temp is unknown

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