Old Hippie Kenobi

Ask Old Hippie: How Have Words About Marijuana Changed Since The Sixties?

We never heard of “smoking out” or “smoking up” anyone. It was “getting high with”, “turning on”, “smoking grass with”. We called it “grass” among ourselves; “pot” was something parents or news media said. Nobody ever said “marijuana” unless they were talking to an authority figure or were being cute. “Turn on”, of course, was […]

Old Hippie Kenobi

Ask Old Hippie: How Has Marijuana Changed Since The Sixties?

Nugs? Buds? Never heard of them. All we ever saw was ground-up powdery stuff or crushed leaves (and twigs, and seeds…often all mushed together in what’s called “brick” today). Sometimes we saw little pieces of crushed flower, and we were amazed: it was actual proof that it came from an actual plant! Even on the […]

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Cannabis Ice Cream!

Well, it’s Friday, so I’ve survived yet another of Uncle Buck’s cooking classes, which are held on occasional Thursdays at Magnolia Wellness. This time, it didn’t involve cooking so much as waiting…waiting for the homemade ice cream to freeze! Sure, you can just drop some cannabis tincture on a cup or cone of ice cream, […]

Old Hippie’s Guide To Growing – How To Grow Your Own Cannabis Medicine

In the July 2011 issue of The 420 Times, I finally reveal the secrets of growing your own medical marijuana legally in California, based largely on research I’ve done for my buddy The Ninja Grower. It’s the first of a four-month series where I take you as a complete newbie through all the equipment you […]

Mexican Army Finds 300 Acres Of 8-Foot Marijuana Plants

Reuters reports that a huge grow operation was found in Baja California, involving a crew of “dozens of men” and an estimated yield of over 130 tons of marijuana. They claim it’s the single largest “plantation” ever found in Mexico, a country already known for growing large quantities of weed and our top importing country. […]

Mom! Here’s How To Get Your Teenagers To Eat Their Vegetables!

…assuming that your teenagers have medical marijuana recommendations, of course 🙂 It all started, as many of these adventures do, with Uncle Buck and his cooking class at Magnolia Wellness in Orangevale (a suburb of Sacramento). This was a two-day cooking class focusing on making cannaoil and cannabutter, teaching people how to decarboxylate their cannabis […]