Government To U.S. Citizens: Drop Dead

It’s not just medical marijuana patients anymore. It’s a hard-working former U.S. Marine who was shot 60 times, then denied medical attention until he died. It’s the U.S Government slapping down Texas legislators attempting to do something about the TSA invasive body scans and “patdowns”. It’s a Hispanic man in California sent to prison for […]

Farewell To Macho Man Randy Savage

This is kind of another one of those second-guessing games. According to news reports, Randy Savage was found dead after a car crash, which (it’s suspected) occurred after he had a heart attack. He was exactly my age (to the year, anyway). And what makes this so spooky is that it’s less than two weeks […]

I Died (Twice), But I’m Feeling Much Better Now

Last Monday started out about as low-stress as any Monday could be. I had just passed an important milestone: 10 years since my heart attack, with very little to worry about since. I’ve been pretty good about keeping to my diet, even losing 20 pounds recently. I was a little less good about my exercise […]