Uncle Buck’s Cooking Class: Those Triangle Things Always Get Me

OK, I didn’t write up Uncle Buck’s last cooking class at Magnolia Wellness because he made pizza and I got pied. But that’s no excuse, really…I always get a bit pied after his classes. I just make sure to do most of my tasting toward the end of his class now 🙂

I can’t help eating the stuff…it’s just that it tastes so good.

Anyway, this week he promised to make us quesadillas. But not just any quesadillas…Black Bean and Cannabis Quesadillas! The recipe is semi-secret, but I can tell you that it involves cannabis oil added to just about every major ingredient and a few grams of bud in da beans.

I had just two or three pieces of this wonderful stuff. As with all of Uncle Buck’s creations, it tasted like an entrée at a great restaurant with only the slightest hint of the goodies within. Usually a strong smell or taste of cannabis will be a dead giveaway that I’ll soon be flying from my food, but his stuff is Stealth City. I hung around after class anyway, talking to a few people, including my buddy M. who gave me a sample of his bubble hash (which smelled exactly like hash from the 60s!).

Luckily I made it home before the quesas kicked in, because I was “giggling like an 8-year-old girl” according to my wife. So I giggled myself to sleep, happily and silly. It sure beats being in pain or being unhappy, that’s for sure!

P.S. About the headline…the pizza slices were triangles, the quesadillas were cut into triangles…what can I say…?

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