Old Hippie’s Definitive Guide To CBD


If you’re one of the people who needs cannabis regularly for medical purposes, you should know that the wonderful healing substance dismissed by the government as “weed” is made of a number of compounds known as cannabinoids, which all have different effects on the human body. If you’re someone looking out for a good time…stick around, you might learn something too!

MMJ = THC + CBD + (Other cannabinoids) + (terpenes and terpenoids)

THC (technically, it’s delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, but there’s no need to get formal with friends) is the part that gets people high, which consists mainly of relaxing you, heightening your senses, making you think that time is going slower, and giving you the munchies. For certain people, it can cause anxiety or paranoia; it can also kill pain to an extent and is anti-inflammatory.

CBD (Cannabidiol) goes along with THC like brother and sister in the cannabis plant. It moderates the high by reducing the body’s response to THC, helps make you less anxious, and relaxes the mind as well as the body. CBD is what many people with physical ailments are looking for to reduce anxiety, pain, inflammation, and nausea. CBD also functions as an anti-convulsive and anti-psychotic, and has been shown to be effective against neuropathic pain, which is generally harder to treat than “normal” pain.

Both THC and CBD have been proven individually to work against cancer…but because cannabis is illegal in most countries, nobody has been able to do the same kind of studies using cannabis itself, where presumably they might work much better when they’re working together. And by preventing studies, governments can say, “See, it’s not proven medicine!” Thousands of patients have used cannabis to fight cancer, but it’s not “proven”. Sigh.

Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

It turns out that cannabis is a complex plant indeed — there are anywhere between 60 and 120 cannabinoids alone in the plant itself, plus hundreds of terpenes and terpenoids that all contribute their own effects to the mix — and it’s the total mix of them that has the safest, best and most natural effect on people. That’s similar to the way that organic food has a healthier effect on most people who eat it, even though it’s “technically” exactly the same as food grown with dangerous fertilizers and pesticides. And that’s why none of the synthetic cannabinoids whipped up in a laboratory have yet proved nearly as effective on people as a few good tokes of weed!

Here’s the interesting thing. For decades, marijuana breeders have worked to increase the THC levels of their plants in an attempt to get people as high as possible. That ended up being good for some people and bad for others, since that led to a reduction in CBD. Now, with cannabis being looked at more seriously as a medicine, CBD has regained the interest of researchers, who have managed to create a number of strains with high CBD.

Now, I’ve only heard of four or five high-CBD strains, and only used a few personally. This stuff is still hard to get. So in the interest of spreading healing and cheer and knowledge, I’m going to talk about all the ways of increasing your CBD effective yield no matter what kind of strain you have.

How To Get More CBD

According to a well-known NorCal expert named Baker Buck, the leaves of a plant have more CBD than the buds. I’ve made tinctures and capsules with leaves alone, but also from stems, branches, and even roots. These tend to give a much stronger body effect than is typical from random strains. You can get the same effect by using stems and leaves, rather than bud, for cooking or making QWISO hash.

But wait, there’s more. It turns out that Dr. William Courtney (a so-called “pot doctor” who actually does serious research on the matter) recommends eating raw leaves to many people for medical reasons. He also talks about juicing the leaves (use one of these) to get the essence without the stomach upsets that can come from the leaves themselves. And of course, eating or juicing marijuana, or carefully cooking with it, will guarantee that you get virtually complete availability of all the important compounds in it. Heck…smoking it is going to burn out half the good stuff at random…it’s about the worst way to consume it there is!

And that brings us to the third way of increasing your CBD intake. If you have a vaporizer with a digital temperature readout, you can actually decide to “boil off” the THC and leave the CBD alone¹. THC will begin to boil and vaporize at only 150° to 157°C (302° to 315°F), while CBD waits until somewhere around 160° to 188°C (depending on who you believe), which corresponds to 320° to 370°F. So if you set your vaporizer to 160°C/320°F, your THC will be vaporizing…you can inhale it or wait for it to dissipate. After the cannabis changes color to brown, you can crank up the temperature setting above 188°C/370°F and now inhale the CBD, with far less of a “high”. You’re essENTially now performing fractional distillation…it’s the same way they make fine brandy…and gasoline!

This is great in theory, but in practice it will not be effective with most strains, because virtually all cannabis available, even in dispensaries, has 1% CBD or less (usually a lot less). So, unless you’re experimenting with an actual high CBD strain, you’ll just end up burning off a lot of THC and end up with nothing much at the end, unless you use a larger amount of cannabis than usually necessary. Deliberately using AVB in tinctures, edibles, or capsules will easily demonstrate this effect without wasting anything, since AVB already has had much of the THC removed, and you’re recycling it anyway!

Marijuana generally comes in two basic types: Indica and Sativa. Sativas tend to have a higher THC:CBD ratio, and indicas generally have more CBD than sativas, though again both types usually have less than 1% CBD in any case. It’s the “other” components: the terpenes, terpenoids, and minor cannabinoids (0.1% or less) that influence the type of high you get, in combination with the CBD:THC ratio. All this combines to make sativas more likely to cause anxiety or paranoia, whereas indicas are usually used to treat anxiety or paranoia! But dosage plays a big part in this as well; keep the dosage down, and you’re less likely to have a bad time.

This adverse side effect of anxiety comes from THC, and that’s most evident when looking at Marinol, the only form of “medical marijuana” sanctioned by the Federal government at this time for prescription use. I put “medical marijuana” in scare quotes there because Marinol is not even made from cannabis; it’s pure synthesized THC (in sesame oil caplets). And, because it’s not moderated by CBD (as it would be in the natural plant), Marinol often causes users severe anxiety or worse: at least four people have died from using it.

But many of the high CBD strains around, for whatever horticultural reason, are actually sativas. Harlequin, which is generally available at SPARC, is 6.5% THC and 8.5% CBD. I’ve also gotten some Omrita RX3, which (according to Abby on the MassSpec) is just 5.5% THC and an astounding 10% CBD. It usually takes two hits of cannabis on my MFLB for me to start feeling any head effects; with Omrita it took 4 hits to feel that (makes perfect sense by the THC percentage). It doesn’t make me feel “numb” at all, but all pain just magically…goes…away.

¹If you use a more basic vaporizer, like I do, you can get the same effect by using your ABV/AVB (the residual weed left over after vaping) for cooking. It’s had the THC removed already.

Revision 1.1 – 18 March 2013
Revision 1.2 – 21 March 2013 (recover from data loss)
Revision 1.3 – 28 May 2013 (noticed the neuropathic pain stuff was lost)
Revision 1.4 – 27 March 2016 (clarified that it’s not the CBD in indicas that makes you calmer)


Old Hippie is a father of two boys and thankfully living in California where all this kind of thing is legal. He started smoking marijuana in 1967 in high school, experimented with mind-expanding drugs of all kinds, and then straightened out 15 or so years later to become an airplane pilot. After being diagnosed with depression in 2000, he lost his job and most of the following decade to prescription medications (such as antidepressants) which sapped his energy and will. Finally, a chance conversation with a friend led to a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana (MMJ). This changed his entire life, health, and outlook for the better. BeyondChronic.com is his continuing story. It’s also his way to provide experienced advice on using medical marijuana effectively and responsibly, as well as advocacy, activism, and support for others. Old Hippie teaches about safe use of cannabis edibles, Canna Caps, vaporizers, dosing, and even microdosing.


Old Hippie, can you point us to any recipes for edibles for the cannabis which has been through the vaporizer? Am I naive in thinking the taste of the cannabis is stronger in taste and smell in edibles after being vaporized? Or perhaps it is just different?
How about tincture recipes for the vaporized cannabis buds?

Hi, Ty 🙂

Actually any recipe that uses cannabis (whether for cooking or tincture/extract) can be used with ABV. Just use an extra percentage, about 1/3 to 1/2 more. For example, if a recipe calls for 5 grams of bud, use 7 to 8 grams of ABV. You won’t be getting much THC, of course, but plenty of CBD, so prepare for couch lock 🙂 The taste will be different; I feel it is less strong than bud, and certainly less strong than raw leaves which have a lot of chlorophyll. This assumes that you’re using a vaporizer at a relatively low temperature (i.e. just enough to get the THC); if you’re one of those people who adjusts your digital vape to get every last bit of every cannabinoid out of your weed…well, you’ve already got it all and there won’t be much left 🙂

This brings up another point, which is that cannabis should be decarboxylated for best potency in edibles, and I’m working on an article about that too!

Hey man, LOVE your blog. I am a Sativa fan, and after almost 1 year of searching I reached a good source for a good hybrid, which don’t makes me numb or dumb like other indicas. If I smoke very little I can seize the day with a better mood, but when smoke more than that the high become psychedelic trippy and also stony feeling which i hate. I never knew about what you wrote here, thanks so much for the great info! I have some q’s though.
If I want to extract only the THC in cooking, should I cook on 120 celsius? The article also made me want to buy a vaporizer for extracting all the THC and with the CBD that left to cook for my friends or take it when having insomnia. A friend of mine has the Digital “Volcano” vapo, but it’s way too pricey than I can afford, what other Vaporizer can serve me for my needs (Break down only the THC when I smoke) so I get no stoney feeling

Many thanks, love your blog!!

Hi, Super!

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. “Extract” usually means to remove, but when people talk about extracting cannabinoids into oil or food, they mean they want to remove it from the plant matter and put it into the food.

The thing is that the effects of cannabis generally depend on a mix of cannabinoids, not just isolating one or two. This is where industrial-scale pharmaceutical companies often make their mistake (as my beautiful wife just pointed out). You can’t just say “THC is the active ingredient, so let’s isolate THC and put it into a pill” because THC all by itself causes mental and physical problems. You may not even be able to take CBD on its own; I’m still doing experiments on myself but so far, artificially lowering the THC content (by using AVB, which has had the THC largely removed in capsules) has caused problems too. Personally, I hope that’s not the case, but there’s still plenty of room for research in finding a good balance between the two major cannabinoids (THC and CBD). But making pills or even sprays with just these two ignores the fact that there are dozens of other cannabinoids in the plant that could be working synergistically, and even modern science barely knows what’s going on yet.

So experimenting, as we are all doing, actually is adding to scientific knowledge, even if some scientists refuse to listen to any actual experiences of actual people who aren’t sitting in a lab with tubes attached all over them.

Anyway, to answer your last question partially, I am actually working on creating a relatively inexpensive tool that people can use to accurately heat their cannabis to boil off the lighter cannabinoids for experimentation purposes. You could process relatively large quantities at once for the fraction of the price of a digital vaporizer or lab oven. But I will only proceed with this project if I can get some good results with AVB capsules, because feeling sick is no fun 🙂 Nugs and hugs, and please write back!

Hi! Thanks for the amazing answer, so helpful.
The thing is… People around me smoke everyday and enjoy it while I just become unmotivated, lazy and negative when smoking. I’m pretty sure it’s because we smoke only indica dominant strains, and the CBD level is high, so my question was, if I use a vaporizer on 160°, will I be able to inhale only the THC, which creates an energetic/euphoric type of high? Basically just to avoid the CBD is possible? It’s so hard to get a sativa strains where I live and in general even in Amsterdam the majority are strong couch locky indicas… Hope there is a solution cause I smoke for couple of years now, and I just do not enjoy this kind of high, I really love the herb taste and the smoking, just not the indica effects, which kinda just lead to me not doing anything and just sit tired and paranoid…

Many thanks for this wonderful blog and your quick response!

Well, yes. And coincidentally, I just came across this awesome chart that lets you see exactly what you’re getting at the various temperatures.

Though I’m kind of shocked that you can’t find sativa strains in Amesterdam, where they love their White Widow…

Is there any way to increase the amount of CBD in the plant you’re growing? I’m more interested in CBD now because most of the time when I smoke I get panic attacks and feel like my heart is going all crazy, not really beating fast, but extremely strong and hard. Any info is greatly appreciated(:

My dear friend!

Remember, marijuana enhances your sensations, so it’s not too surprising that you’re feeling your bodily sensations more.

I suspect you’re smoking a sativa strain, though, because they’re more likely to give people panic attacks. Unfortunately, the only way to get more CBD when growing is to grow a strain with more CBD. I know there’s a lot of misinformation and even misspelling around. In an earlier version of this article, even I managed to pick up some of this and perpetuate the myth that “waiting until the trichomes turn amber or brown will get you more CBD”, but that’s just plain incorrect. What you get with amber trichomes is not CBD, it’s CBN, which is what you get when THC begins degrading and why very old weed will put you right to sleep!

I’m sure you can understand how the confusion started, since they only differ by a single letter. It would be great if CBD magically came from THC, but that’s just not the case.

So please look out for some pure indica or high-CBD strains to grow, and I think you’ll be a lot happier!

hi thanks for sharing….i am interested in what you observe……you are right there are so many ways and different strains no one really knows the exact amounts and its different for everyone…….keep sharing i will look for your discoveries……peace jai

Great article. You’re spot on in describing that edibles can give you a large amount CBD, but the other reason edibles can be so strong is that your liver metabolizes certain cannabinoids. As your body takes in THC your liver converts it to a compound called 11 Hydroxy Metabolite. This is considered to be equally or more psychoactive than THC. Obviously there are a lot of factors when consuming cannabis, but 11 Hydroxy plays a very large part.

Just a thought, isn’t there a high concentration of CBD in pressed hemp seed oil. Some say a tablespoon a day keeps the doctor away. And it is legal to buy! I just ordered six quarts of Manatoba Hemp Seed Oil. And the stuff is still green. And they sell hemp hearts seeds that some say can be germinated but not viable as a plant, but who Knows. Tons of nutrition in the oil and seeds. I’ll share any CBD numbers if I find them.

I’ve been checking around other sites for information about CBD and your site rocks for accuracy and information content. Other sites are just twitts but your’s is almost fourth-dimensinally…

Karl, I just read your comment from last year. Did you order the Manitoba Hemp Seed Oil? How did you like it? I want something that kills pain, but has little THC in it.

Thanks for this article! I also use for pain, sleep, and PTSD and anxiety. I’ve been wanting to learn more about CBD, and this article is a great start for me.

Sadly, I dislike feeling stoned, so I’m trying to find a hybrid that works for me, or an indica that can handle my symptoms. LOL, the search is certainly fun tho!

Hi Jinx (hey…wait a minute… :-),

I can say that the Omrita strain is great for pain and not feeling stoned. Hope you get to try some soon!

Nugs and hugs,
Old Hippie

Thanks for the blog, OH. I have just started using a tincture supposedly high in CBD made by “Loaded” in Olympia, WA. It is working for me. I have a lot of pain but hate feeling stoned. Just a few drops and I’m more relaxed and functional. Don’t have any idea what’s in it. I’ll be looking for some Omrita.

I also use Loaded CBD tincture. However, I came across this blog while trying to find something not suspended in glycerine, which gives me nausea. Have you tried anything else that is glycerine free and not ridiculously expensive? The only other tincture I found without glycerine so far is $135/250 mg bottle!

Found this when I googled “cbd from eating marijuana”.

What a gold mine you are! I have recently been prescribed marijuana (this Monday past, so only 4 days). I don’t like the heady stone I used to get years ago when I smoked pot. I get too paranoid. A friend encouraged me to try a little piece of her cannabutter a few months ago, and I was astonished at how much it helped my pain!

So I bought some canna olive oil from my local compassion club here on vancouver island in British Columbia, and the first night I tried it, it was little intense. A few days later though, I am finding that I don’t feel stoned, but rather quite nicely relaxed, physically and mentally, which is an amazing feeling when suffering from chronic pain and also PTSD.

I look forward to reading through more of your entries! Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom.

Oh, how sweet of you! Welcome to the “clan”…sounds like you’re the Indica type. Generally, edibles will bring out the extra “goodies” like CBD and be better for pain. Glad you like my writing…nugs and hugs!

I also suffered from PTSD, had the worst nightmares and sleep paralysis, as well as general anxiety. It was hard not to have a day when i didnt think about about all the crap that happened to me. when i first started smoking i began to notice i was feeling better, but not just when i smoked. it really felt like i was being cured. i thought it was just the placebo effect, wishful thinking or something. but then i did some research and it turns out THC acts on the CB1 receptors in a certain part of the amygdala responsible for “fear extinction”, in other words, without those CB1 receptors you would never get over your fear of anything. (they found this out through genetically engineered mice that lacked the Cb1 receptors) i guess stimulating those receptors is why some people get paranoid on sativa strains, but that kind of stimulation can have a very positive outcome with the anti-anxiety effects CBD that transcends just temporary relief–it can literally cure the damage done by phobias and traumas.

I’ve also found it accidentally while searching on google and I also think that it is gold mine here for us.

I am suffer from schizoprhenia every now and then and I read recently that CBD helps with dealing with the issue. I am currently on prescription meds atm, but they don’t really work all that well. I don’t like the head high as much as I used to like the above poster and I thank and applaud you for this information here. Keep up the good work, you are a lifesaver.

Glad to help! I suspect what you read has to do with CBD’s anti-psychotic effects, which are still being researched. If you can use some of these techniques, you will hopefully be ahead of the game (and ahead of Big Pharma too :-)!

dude you shouldn’t be smoking weed if you’re prone to schizophrenia. its never been proved to cause mental illness, but it will exacerbate symptoms in those who are already schizophrenic.

THC, i mean. CBD is non psychoactive, but it’d be hard to find the isolated compound all on its own.

I use Dixie’s CBD (Hemp Oil) tincture and it definitely helps for pain and inflammation and mild anxiety, but falls short in aiding me on my days with extreme anxiety. I also suffer from PTSD.

The thing with Dixie’s CBD is that it’s derived from a particular hemp plant that is closer to cannabis rather than industrial hemp. As OH mentioned, the stems, seeds and roots are used for the extraction as they contain quite a bit of usable CBD.

I think it’s extremely important to receive the synergistic effects of THC/CBD/CBN, as well as the vast number of other, lesser-known cannabinoids. So I’ve ordered a bottle of CBD olive oil from a small vendor and should receive it soon. I know it contains far more CBD than Dixie’s and also contains many of the other important compounds, as it was derived from the cannabis (indica) plant.

I cannot speak from experience, but I read a couple of posts from different people in a medical cannabis group on Facebook who tried Dixie Dew Drops for seizures and claimed that certain additives in Dixie’s tinctures actually increased the symptoms of the seizures.

Some argue that synthetic (laboratory created) CBD is not as effective as “whole-plant” CBD due to the lack of the other synergistic cannabinoids that are absent from the mix, if even in the smallest amounts.

My belief is that we posses the endocannabinoid system because we were created to use cannabis. The plant/medicine was created perfectly and believe, based on my many years of cannabis use and experimentation, that at least the three main cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN), if not all of them, should be used in conjunction and in varied combinations of amounts, as is needed for the particular ailment.

Here’s a great piece of info, featuring clinical studies and their results of the treatment of Social Anxiet Disorder with CBD:


This is a great site! Thanks for all of the hard work and for passing along the knowledge and wisdom!!!



OH, so, Dixie manufactures oil that extracts CBD out of hemp oil? Do you recommend it, OH?
P.S. I’ve heard that hemp SEED oil is the best, because it extracts CHD oil from the seeds only, & not the whole plant. Is that true?

I have heard conflicting things about Dixie oil and have not tried it myself. Hemp seed oil is the normal stuff they sell in health food stores and has no significant CBD content whatsoever, as far as I can tell. Furthermore, there’s no particular reason that “CBD from seeds should be better”, considering that most of the CBD in real high-CBD strains (i.e. medical marijuana, not hemp) is found in the flowers. There is a LOT of BS in the “legal hemp/CBD oil” field because it is so easy to rip people off legally.

if you grow your weed an extra month or two and let the resin glands turn brown and black you should get weed that makes you sleep and not so mental.

Hi, Old Hippie:
Whoever wrote above that you are a gold mine is NOT kidding. I am just getting started as a future medicinal MMJ user, and I can say I have learned 80% of whatever I already know from you.
I live in a non-legalized state. I will have to acquire my MMJ one way or the other, which I am worried about, of course, ’cause I would like to use clean, pesticide-free, and organic, base material. But I am not sure how I can ensure that my merchandise meets my standards. Any suggestions?
I am also wondering if you might have some tips Re: How do you know that what you are buying is indica or sativa, for instance? (I assume that the medicine is sold dried and already in powder form, most of the time, right?) Is it possible to get fresh leaves? (as opposed to growing them).

I am definitely going for edibles, though I think vaporizers are an excellent option. But I live in an apartment, and when my neighbors are making a spicy stew, I can smell it in my living room, so……(actually, I’ ll have to use my friend’s kitchen when I start trying my hand at making oil and capsules, as she lives in a house).

I am thinking about making some indica capsules, and sativa oil (for better control). I would use the indica capsules during the day for anxiety issues , and some sativa drops in the evening . Do you think this might be a good way to go? (of course, I would have to find my level of tolerance, first). Thanks again, Old Hippie.

Wow, I’m glad to be helping! Let me see if I can give you some guidance on all those questions.
The biggest problem you have, of course, is a legal one. I obviously can’t suggest that you break the law, but theoretically if I didn’t have any handy dispensaries around, the only way I could guarantee that my medicine was safe, organically-grown, and additive-free would be to grow it myself. Past that, I would try to somehow acquire tested medicine from somewhere it was legal (many top dispensaries now test and certify their medicine in terms of %THC, %CBD, no mold, mildew, fungus, etc.).
Your next question brings me back to the Sixties, when everything we bought back then *was* all ground up, most of the time, which is why “street vendors” would often be able to cut it with oregano and catnip! But now good stuff is sold in bud form: dried flowers, straight from the plant. That way, you have a chance at identifying them by looking at pictures on the web. If you know what the strain is, you’ll also know whether it’s indica or sativa, although you can’t tell otherwise. Each strain looks different, but indicas don’t all look one way and sativas another.
The other thing is that many strains are hybrids (part sativa, part indica), so the best advice is to try to find one that works best for you, rather than holding out for one specific thing that might well be impossible to reliably find in a non-medical state anyway. Some dealers will claim that anything they have is what you want just to make a sale.
You don’t even *want* leaves, unless you’re doing something special medically, like juicing (something I’ll have to talk about here in detail one day). The only way to get them is by growing yourself, unless you know a grower (and they usually throw them away, although you can make tons of edibles with them).
Generally, sativas are *not* what you want in the evening to fall asleep, because the classic effect of a sativa is to energize you and get your thoughts going. Also, capsules last much longer than most anything else, so they’d be better for night. Of course, you didn’t actually say “sleep issues”, so for all I know you meant something else entirely.
With anxiety, what I’ve personally found is that the dosage changes greatly depending on how much stress you’re under. My own Canna Caps are totally consistent, but on tough days I can take two and literally not notice them at all, kind of like how you can suck down a cold beer after working hard on a hot day and it doesn’t do anything but taste good. And I highly recommend Kush for anxiety…any Kush! We mostly get Purple Kush around here, but they’re all quite similar (and quite indica, if you were wondering).

“…You don’t even *want* leaves, unless you’re doing something special medically…”

Dosage is wild stuff.
My definition of a dose is: find out how much gets you high and then back off a bit so it could be a daily dose to keep you healthier.
Some people need a bigger dose than others, a lot more at times, to get to a point where life makes sense again.
If you have pain free days, and then you feel a whopper coming on, you will do almost anything to prevent the whopper from crushing you.
That makes pot so nice, reach for that green oatmeal cookie in your cookie jar, put a bit under your tongue, and repeat until the pain is manageable.
For example: a dose to me is a tablespoon of decarboxylazed leaf pot, a tbsp of oil, and have an egg mixed in cooked on low heat and then I am pretty happy for most of the day. So, when I make pot cookies, I figure a tbsp of pot for every cookie. I like that dose to prevent my sinus migraines, help with my allergies, and keep depression far away.
A dose for my partner is only an eighth of a cookie before the effects are felt an hour or so later, and it help us go to sleep.
So, I could probably go with less of a dose, but the fear thing of the pain and depression returning is haunting.
I’m talking about leaf pot, the fan leaves from mature plants, the leaves that get thrown away.
I think the leaf pot is the most medicinal part of the plant because it has pretty much everything a healthy body needs and it is green.
And leaf pot is cheap and easy to grow in a confined space year round with a couple of those new led lights.
I read that medicinal bud can cost easily $10K a year, and no way can I afford that kind of medicine.
So, maybe people who need medicine can reduce their cost by using leaf pot instead. It is like drinking beer instead of whiskey.
I am considering that the getting high thing is getting confused with the medicinal thing.
Getting high is a side-effect of the medical dose. Thankfully, the only major side-effect of a higher dosage is
“loss of mental acuity,” and you just are not as sharp as you could be,
and maybe you may need to take a nap until the pain passes if you remember where your nap-time rug is.
I was reading some blogger who said a person in pain needs pot to help them heal and then when they are healed, they no longer need pot.

I knew I was at the right place when I finally found beyondchronic. Thanks so much for this wealth of information. Of course, I’ll have to re-read several times to “suck in” everything here. What would I have done if I had not found Old Hippie!

….And I am looking forward to one of your future articles about fresh leaves. Now, you got me curious: juicing is, indeed,one of the things I had in mind.

Isn’t that something? if I wanted to load myself with, say, Xanax, all I would have to do is to ask any doctor. It has happened before, when I got addicted to Xanax under medical supervision, and had the HARDEST time weaning myself (though the doc was willing to just keep on drugging me away). I refuse to be put back on Xanax or any medicine for that matter; my health is at stake.

And for that, I have to accept to take chances that I really did not bargain for…..Hum…..All this does not make any sense at all.

I am in the same boat as you regarding prescription drugs. I will never again take another pill that has the potential for addiction. I’ve not experienced benzo withdrawals, but I have heard the horror stories. I have experienced opiate withdrawals and it’s no fun.

So it’s cannabis or nothing for me now and the possibilities from the plant are endless…it just takes time, research and a genuine interest to heal/feel better.

Good luck!



Nice site but check your facts on higher cbd as a result of flowering longer because it doesn’t jive with any other source on CBD I’ve ever read and I’ve done a *LOT* of studying about CBD. What I’ve read is it’s all genetic and nothing you can do will influence the ratio.

I have to agree with LAD ! I also am a huge Indica fan and found the same thing. Amber is higher in cbd then if 50/50 cloudy clear. When the amber kicks in its way more couch lock high.
35 Years experience

Is there any way you could point me to something that could help my anxiety and seizures without being prescribed to marijauna. I am in recovery and get drug tested. I also am in hell from this anxiety and praying there is something legal that can help me

Hey Eric,
I’m sorry you’re suffering. My BF has just started acupuncture for his stress, anxiety and drinking. The practitioner focused on supporting and healing his adrenal glands. You can also do this with food and supplements. This may help with the anxiety.

Hi Eric 🙂
In my searches for tinctures, I found a site that sells 100% legal CDB tinctures. If a product has a low enough %THC (like these tinctures), a drug test will not test positive, as it test for the metabolites of THC, not CBD. However, they are REALLY expensive. Here is the site, if you want to use it as a jumping-off point in your searches. If you can afford their products, I say go for it! https://www.hemplifetoday.com/lp/

@JC, As a grower, I know that if I wait until all the trichomes are amber, I’m going to have a bud that is as couch lock as they come. I associate that couch lock with more CBD in the plant. Conversely, if I take a 100% Indica strain and harvest it with trichomes that all clear (not even milky), the effect is much more airy in the head and then peaks, finishing with a minor and comfortable body stone, but nothing compared to the body stone from allowing the trichomes to go all amber. Just my opinion.

Old Hippie,

I picked up a copy of Treating Yourself magazine and found this great article on making your own Canna Caps and Decarbing and….and…then I looked at who wrote it and saw it was you. Wow. Gotta tell you that the other writers in that magazine are AWFUL. You stand out big time from them.

So, I’ve been doing tons of research here in Colorado on sourcing high CBD strains to grow. Found out some interesting info.

Harlequin (THC: 6.5—7% CBD: 8.5—10%)

In Colorado, this has become a “coveted” strain by dispensaries and grow ops. I have made countless phone calls over the last week to dispensaries all around Colorado to enquire about getting a clone of it and I’ve been turned down FLAT. NOBODY is releasing this little lady because it’s literally the hottest thing around….at least right now. I know that within 6 months, a newer, “better” high CBD strain will be unveiled and we’ll see Harlequin back up for grabs for us growers. Until then, I can’t even get seed. Oh, but they’ll let me buy the bud ($400.00/oz) so I can make canna caps for my patients……Real decent of them.

Unicorn (THC: 7.27% CBD: 9.45%)

You saw the lab report on this that I posted on our Canna Caps post. Again, it’s “known” in some parts of Colorado but nobody is releasing the plant to anyone. Some state that it’s all about “city regulations” and others simply do not want to get it out there EVEN IF I sign an agreement to only grow it for myself and my patients and not sell to dispensaries (which I’ve never done anyway.)

CannaTonic (THC: 6.9% CBD: 6.92)

OK. This one interests me and I CAN get seeds from Resin Seeds, both regular and Feminized. The up side is that it’s considered the “perfect” 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, making it comparable to Sativex, the synthetic drug made from CBD. From my research, the so called “experts” seem to agree that it’s not just HIGH CBD but the proper RATIO of THC to CBD that should be taken into consideration. If the THC is TOO low, it can cause the weed to almost act as a depressant for some users. Thus, CannaTonic is considered within a good and still minor range of THC as to make it effective. It’s from a female MK Ultra (F1) and a male G13xHaze.

But here’s the question: When I go on Resin Seeds’ sites and check out the various sellers of the seed, some of them boast that CannaTonic is “25% THC” !!!!! Huh??? Other sites that sell Resin’s CannaTonic seeds simply state that it’s “the perfect 1:1 ratio” of THC and CBD. Went onto a Forum for more info and found out that as of February of this year, Resin was coming out with CannaTonic X (a revised and even better “perfect ratio”) but they don’t state anything about this “X” version on their website.

What do you know about CannaTonic, Old Hippie? If I get the seeds (they run about $10/bean), I’d buy the Regulars and not Feminized. Even though I’ve had luck with Feminized seeds, I’ve found that if you can struggle through the Regulars and cull out the ones that turn Female, it’s a more resilient strain. Part of that is also from good ol’ intuition. But I don’t want to plug down $100 for the 10 seeds and go through the lengthy process of growing and culling and then determining the strongest of the females and then developing five clones of THAT one and then testing…..you get the picture…..if you don’t think this is a strain worth trying.

Kushberry (OG Kush x Blueberry)

There are so many different reports of THC to CBD on this one, it’s not even funny. I’ve been growing it for 10 months and out of 10 seeds, only three germinated. Of those, two were female and of those two, one showed more Sativa-like leaf structure and one showed more broader Indica leaf structure. I kept them both and have clones growing outside right now in flower. But some sites claim that THC is upwards of 18% and CBD a mere 0.8 %!

This is the one I vaporized that gave me such an intense body stone (probably a 9 or 10 on the OH scale) that I felt totally out of it. I did process my frozen tincture yesterday made from Kushberry but it’s got to sit out a little longer to settle before I try it.

I plan to take let the bud material that I used for the frozen tincture dry and then vape some of it and see if I feel anything. IF I do, I’ll decarb it (since it was never decarbed) and then make canna OIL caps out of it (using more oil than normal to off-set the fact that it’s been soaking in vodka [not Everclear, BTW] for five days in the freezer. If the canna oil caps work, this might be a cool way to get two products out of one ounce of bud material. I’ve never heard of anyone doing this, so I figure it’s worth a shot. I just hate throwing out bud material after knowing what it took to grow it and keep it thriving for upwards of five months!

The Remedy: (Not available yet….From Resin seeds. A cross between Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk)

Supposedly this is a new strain from Resin Seeds that they will debut soon. I can’t find anything on it except on this thread here:

The OmritaR you mentioned is NOWHERE around Colorado. Short of packing a lunch and heading 250 miles to Boulder, CO where they have organic Harlequin for $400/oz so I can buy it and make canna oil caps…..I’m thinking my best bet here is the CannaTonic. What do you think???

I’ve already talked to three of my patients (one of whom is dealing with cancer and needs the CBD for sleep and [hopefully] slowing the cancer from spreading) and they are jacked up about me growing these high CBD strains…..I just wish others who have them would cooperate. I get how when you have something “coveted” you want to protect it, but it’s like protecting a special rose so only the special people can grow it and look at it.

Would love your thoughts on this as if I’m going to buy these CannaTonic seeds, I need to get going on it since it can take up to 3 weeks to get them in the mail.


Dear LAD,

Your first paragraph…oh my. Blush. Thank you! (Now just tell Marco! 🙂

OK, on to Cannatonic. This article and the other stuff you wrote gave me some insight. Someone planted Cannatonic seeds and got wildly different results, including one close to the 25% THC you mentioned as well as a 2:1 CBD/THC ratio. What that means to me is that the Cannatonic seeds have been scrambled with other ones (making it a crap shoot), the child plants from the same generation were all used to make seeds that were all labeled “Cannatonic”, even though they have different characteristics, or that the strain itself hasn’t actually settled down somehow (and I don’t know enough about genetics and such to know if this even makes sense). If you have time and energy to mess with this stuff, it might be worth doing. By next spring, it’s likely that some Omrita or Harlequin will be available…and I can imagine what you could do crossbreeding those with real high-CBD Cannatonic!

Also, that guy who had the mixed-result Cannatonic seeds in the article was selling feminized seeds, so I think you’re on the right track with “nature’s way”…in fact, always!

If the canna oil caps work, this might be a cool way to get two products out of one ounce of bud material. I’ve never heard of anyone doing this, so I figure it’s worth a shot.

And here I thought you loved my writing 🙂

“And speaking of recycling…after I filtered the oil, I was left with an oily mass of ground cannabis and before throwing it away, wondered if there was any useful medicinal properties left in it. So I stuffed some into the larger #00 capsules and tried one. It turns out that even though I had extracted much of the active CBD, the larger #00 capsule size and the actual plant material combined to make this an “extra strength” capsule that’s essentially free! Take that, Tylenol!”

“The Remedy” sounds like it’s not quite ready for prime time since we’re almost 2/3 through the year and nothing has been updated. So if I was you and I had patients that need it now, I would call to make sure and then make that drive to Boulder, and meanwhile start some kind of growing program. Don’t forget though for that one patient…AFAIK only THC has a shot at cancer, not CBD.

Now you know why I was so sad when my buddy’s Harlequin clones died. I really wanted to spread the stuff.

Nugs and hugs,
Old Hippie

I’m checking into a source for regular Cannatonic seeds in the UK, along with a strain called “Mr. Magoo’s Chocolate Orange.” They don’t have any stats on the THC/CBD of Mr. Magoo’s Chocolate Orange but from what I’ve read on the stat report, it’s great for pain, anxiety, motivation and sexual libido. If that’s the case, it’ll be perfect for one of my female patients who needs ALL that help.

Yes, I actually did read your piece about the “Tylenol” caps. But I didn’t make an oil out of this first; I made a frozen tincture. So, it’s been soaking in only alcohol. I just vaporized some of it and had my husband (i.e., the guinea pig) try it and he said it’s basically doing nothing for him in the vape. So, that tell me that the frozen method was able to get a lot of the THC. I’m just about to try 10 drops of it now and I’ll let you know what I experience. I “might” make the leftovers into an oil and see what happens.

What is AFAIK mean?

And I’m no way able to do breeding. It’s all I can do to keep my day job percolating and my grow op.

I truly was under the impression that both THC and CBD were for cancer, if not CBD being the most necessary. I think even the CBD Project mentions how CBD is what keeps the cancer from spreading. I know that Rick Simpson recommends ONLY using strong Indica strains for his cancer curing oil but that they must have high THC also (that’s why his first healing batch that he distilled was made from White Widow.)

Off to ingest some of my frozen (not frozen anymore) Kushberry tincture.


Oh, I wasn’t getting feisty…I’m just trying to encourage people to use the “dregs” in capsules because there’s usually something good left in there (if your stomach can take it, not everyone’s can). And of course when you swallow them, you’re getting everything in there to work for you.

AFAIK = As far as I know. Sorry about that, I’ve been on the net since 1984 or so 🙂

As far as cancer, well, I’m no doctor. It’s just that all the particular studies I’ve seen have worked with THC specifically, but they’ve also been more about killing cancer cells or tumors. If THC kills it and CBD stops it from spreading…no wonder those greedy government so-and-so’s are suppressing cannabis, may they all rot in hell!


P.S. Hope all those seeds work out for you!

I know you weren’t getting feisty. No worries.

Couple things. I’ve now taken a total of 60 drops of my Kushberry tincture I made in the freezer method. That was nearly 4 hours ago. I took 10 drops every 30 minutes. If anything, I feel more alert than sleepy. Mouth is dry now but not really into sleep. The taste of the tincture was incredible. Pure and clean is the best way to describe it and free of all terpenes and chlorophyll. After letting it sit out for one day in the dark with a cloth over the container to prevent dust and bugs from getting into it, I noticed a beautiful oil slick on top of the liquid.

My husband now says that he felt “some minor” relaxation after vaping the left over bud material that soaked in the vodka (not Everclear…..40% alcohol vodka.) Thus, I’ll decarb the remainder tomorrow and make an oil out of the leftovers and see what effects that has since it’s had the alcohol soaking in it for five days in the freezer. I figured that might have started some sort of interesting process on the bud. I’m going to slow decarb it at 250 first, BTW.

Two interesting notes here:

Found this link on Cannatonic and info on how the 1:1 ideal ratio with 6-ish THC and CBD is from Phenotype 3, a purple leafed variety that one “hopes” to get when growing the regular seeds. Supposedly, you have a 50/50 chance of getting that pheno from your female plants.

Here’s the link:

Also, re: CBD, one person I talked to who knows her nugs stated that “it takes about 5 consecutive days of ingesting or vaping high CBD strains before the CBD really connects in your brain. After that, you start to see the mental and physical changes within you. Also, you’ll notice that you don’t have to dose as high anymore, ESPECIALLY with high THC strains because the receptor sites in the brain are charging.”

Take it as you wish. I can say that since I’ve ingesting the Canna Oil Caps (made from the 100% Indica “Snow Fruit” strain) for the last five days, that today I felt “different” for the first time. Different in a good way. More centered, projects such as mowing the lawn were effortless, more centered and less bothered by minor issues. I really think the Canna Oil Caps (at least for me) are turning out to be a godsend. This is the first night since I made them that I have not taken them (because I wanted to see what the Kushberry tincture would do without interfering with its action) and I’m still not sleepy……

Here’s insight into waiting longer to harvest your plants to increase CBD:

“If you wait to harvest your plant until 50% or more the trichomes are amber colored, then you will get a final result that has a bit less THC, but more CBD. A simpler method to determine when to harvest is to just wait until the buds have only 10% or less total white pistols/hairs. You will notice that your cannabis buds keeps growing more and more white hairs over the course of the flowering stages, but eventually (it feels like forever) the buds will stop growing new white hairs and 90% or more of the hairs will have darkened. It’s hard but waiting to harvest until your cannabis plant has run it’s whole life course will maximize your CBD levels. This often means keeping your cannabis in the flowering stage for a full 3-4 months. Many growers like to harvest earlier than that, but if you allow your cannabis to run its full course, you will maximize your CBD levels and your yields.”

Link: http://www.classic-cannabis-seeds.co.uk/new-strains/thc-cbd

Some info that Boulder Dispensary that has organic Harlequin sent me re: CBD and cancer.

“Naples, Italy: Compounds in marijuana inhibit cancer cell growth in animals and in culture on a wide range of tumoral cell lines, including human breast carcinoma cells, human prostate carcimona cells, and human colectoral carcinoma cells, according to preclinical trial data published in the May issue of the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

Investigators at Italy’s Instuto di Chemica Biomolecolare assessed the anti-cancer activity of various non-psychoactive cannabinoids – including cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabichromine (CBC) – in vivo and in vitro. Researchers reported that CBD acts as a more potent inhibitor of cancer cell growth than other cannabinoids, including THC, and noted that the compound is particularly efficacious in halting the spread of breast cancer cells by triggering apoptosis (programmed cell death).

Cannabigerol and CBC also possess anti-tumor properties, but lack the potency of CBD, they found.

“These results suggest the use in cancer therapy for cannabidiol,” investigators concluded. ” — NORML.org

“Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a cannabinoid found in Cannabis.
CBD alone is not intoxicating, but displayed sedative effects in animal tests. It may decrease the rate of THC clearance from the body, perhaps by interfering with the metabolism of THC in the liver. CBD does not appear to affect either the CB1 or CB2 receptors. Some research, however, indicates that CBD can increase alertness.

Medically, it appears to relieve convulsion, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea, and to inhibit cancer cell growth. Recent studies have shown cannabidiol to be as effective as atypical antipsychotics in treating schizophrenia. In November 2007 it was reported that CBD reduces growth of aggressive human breast cancer cells in vitro and reduces their invasiveness. It thus represents the first non-toxic exogenous agent that can lead to down-regulation of tumor aggressiveness. It is also a neuroprotectiveantioxidant.” — ShowMeTheFacts.org/medical-marijuana-facts

Hi, OldHippie:

Well….I haven’t been able to find Purple Kush. I would very much like to know what you think of Hindu Kush? (I definitely need an Indica strain). Thank you………

Hi Tanit,

Sorry for the delay, this has been a weird week. Anyway, Purple Kush is a very close relation to Hindu Kush (which I have never tried, although I did eat in an Afghan restaurant last night). In fact, according to the KGB, it’s actually Hindu Kush crossed with Purple Afghani, which is where it gets its name. So they should be pretty similar, and you can hardly get more indica than Hindu Kush as it’s the grandpappy of all indica strains!

Nugs and hugs,
Old Hippie

Thanks so much, OldHippie. I did think so, read about it here and there on the web but…..was not going to be sure until YOU confirmed it.

Hi, Old Hippie,

I’d love for you to do a post on making tinctures and getting the best of both worlds from the freezer method and then heating method following it.

The reason I say this is I made a frozen tincture from the KUSHBERRY. Left it in the freezer for six days, shaking it at least three times a day. I then strained it and made an oil from the plant material. After that, I stuffed “00” caps with the leftover plant material. Here are the results:

The tincture, even at doses as high as 30 drops, keep me wide awake and then, about four hours in, a strong disorientation sets in that is very uncomfortable. (But the tincture tastes like fresh perfume!)

The oil was kept in a dropper bottle (not capsules) so I could manipulate the dose more effectively. Five drops = no effect. Ten drops = mild effect. Twenty drops = now we’re talking….but it takes three hours to kick in.

The capsules with the green leftover plant material (with still some coconut oil on them) I call these GREEN CAPS. These actually work pretty well and far more than just a Tylenol. I mean, these have some psychoactive properties with a body stone. Still, they take about three to four hours to kick in. If I take them on an empty stomach, a little faster.

The best luck I’ve had so far is with the Snow Fruit strain and making oil out of that. Since it’s apparently 100% Indica, it’s quite potent for sleep.

However, KUSHBERRY, which is noted in the CBD.ORG files as simply True Blueberry x OG Kush, is supposed to be one of those rare eight plants that have sufficient amounts of CBD vs. THC. I grew these from seeds and found them very hard to germinate. Two varieties seemed to emerge, one with a more Sativa leaf and one with a slightly more Indica broad leaf. The plant I made the tincture/oil caps/Green Caps with was from the more Sativa type plant. But since HARLEQUIN is a Sativa with a high CBD content, this could be replicated perhaps in my KUSHBERRY with the more Sativa leaf growth pattern.

I ran across this info about CBD and THC and how doses affect the body:

15 mg. THC = sedative
15 mg. CBD = alerting and focus

OK. I have NO idea how to create that exact mg. in my capsules. This is a “kitchen sink” operation around here. The stuff I make works, but it’s not the same from batch to batch (because it can’t be “standardized” in a lab.)

I guess my question here is once you START with a verified high CBD strain (Kushberry, Harlequin, Cannatonic, OmritaRx, etc.), and you want to make both a tincture and oil out of it, is it best to just make a tincture from freezing and heat methods and then a separate (new batch) to make the oil caps? I’m thinking so.

Also, any ideas what I can do with this KUSHBERRY tincture? I think it needs to be manipulated into something else. Since there is no plant matter left (so I can’t take the alcohol and cook it with the plant matter), would I be best to just boil it down in an open air pot and see what “resin tar” I can produce from it? I’ve done that to make Simpson’s Oil but not starting with the freezer method. I just don’t feel like it’s a viable and reliable (or enjoyable) tincture to take since it keeps me wired for four hours and then I crash as the psychoactive elements kick in. Not pleasant.

Oh, also something else I found that was rather interesting. Talking to a guy who knows his stuff, he told me that all these really high THC strains are actually causing MORE anxiety and adrenal crashing when people use them over long periods of time. I can attest to that as I’ve seen people who use ridiculously high THC meds (hash, ear wax, etc.) and are as jittery as a whore in church the next day. It’s like people who have to get their caffeine hit or they start shaking. Same adrenal shock. I’ve also felt the same effects when I was experimenting with Simpson’s Oil at only one or two rice grains every night. After 21 days of that schedule, I had to stop because I kind of intuitively knew that my adrenal glands were getting tired. Thoughts on this?



Dear LAD,

Wow, that’s great and fascinating stuff you’ve found as usual. First off, I’ve never heard of anything taking three hours to work before (are you swallowing this or using the under-the-tongue method?). Do you have a low or slow metabolism or something? Or is it that adrenal thing or thyroid perhaps? Just a bit worried for you.

Kushberry tincture: it almost sounds like there are two separate things at work here from a single plant, with a time delay no less. Could it be that Kushberry has another cannabinoid working here that we’re not generally aware of? Or could it be that the processing method changes the final result? I’ve never heard anything like that either. Guess it’s my day for surprises!

Now about the doses of CBD vs. THC…hmm. Why is it that some strains will work differently than others (let’s say Sour Diesel vs. Purple Kush, but it could be almost any indica/sativa split), even though their THC/CBD content and even ratio is generally in the same ballpark? Even CBN is represented in those links.

Well, I don’t know, other than it must be something else. If it wasn’t a plant, I’d have no clue. But I think that’s what so many people keep forgetting when they analyze things too much and fall into the same trap as the pharmaceutical companies do. Even though we’re in the digital age and all, you can’t just analyze things to death and expect them to work. You can’t take a bunch of DNA and raw materials, put them into a vat, and come out with a human, or even a grasshopper. There’s something in the organic body that cannot easily be isolated or replicated. I’m not going to say “soul” here, but as long as we’re dealing with plants and remember and understand that, I think we’ll stay safe.

You have a great idea about cooking down the tincture to heavy oil. If nothing else, it will remove any possible doubt that the alcohol is causing these effects, and you’ll be back down to somewhat of a purer essence.

Now, your last point is perhaps the best. Yes, I too think that too much THC (as a ratio) tends to cause anxiety, and could also be strain-specific. I have some Casey Jones around here that I can’t even use by itself (I mix it with Purple Kush normally) because it makes me feel like I’m on speed or something…raises my heart rate and that’s definitely no good for me! Beyond the bare THC level though, I have literally never heard of anyone getting anxiety from an identified indica strain, only sativas.

Now, these people using hash and earwax…are they using this to get high, or are they patients? Because almost every time I hear about jitters from people, it turns out they were at this party, or getting high with their friends…not patients per se. And yet even you were seeing this yourself, but Simpson’s Oil is a different level altogether anyway I think.

Nugs and hugs,
Old Hippie

Good point that we need to remember that cannabis is a plant – an organic entity whose exact effect will depend on a very complex variety of factors, not simply THC/CBD/CBN ratios.
Even with far simpler (in terms of their action on the brain/consciousness) drugs such as ethyl alcohol, users report a wide variety of different effects depending on the form and type consumed – most people, for example, will say that drinking vodka gives a different effect from drinking a quantity of red wine with the same amount of alcohol in it.
If this is the case even when a single, fairly simple substance is involved then its understandable that effects will vary massively morewhen dealing withh a plant that contains a variety of different interacting substances, many of which hae a more complex or less wel defined effect on the human neural system.

Hi, OH,

I’m going to take your advice and definitely boil the tincture down to a solid and see if that has a better effect. It’ll happen probably on the weekend as my work schedule prevents doing it earlier than that.

I don’t have a slow metabolism, but I have had some minor thyroid issues as I’ve gotten older. Frankly, I’m REALLY sensitive to herbs (cannabis and others) as well as chemicals. Can’t be around a diesel engine or I get serious headaches and feel dizzy. I think the slow onset of the capsules has to do with having food in my system. The two times I’ve taken the oil caps on an empty stomach, they kicked in within one hour STAT! So, I think food is the issue here.

Yes, the people I was referring to who get all screwed up are NOT patients. Since I’ve only been growing and using for one year now, I’ve encountered the typical stoner crowd. There’s definitely a difference between them and the medical crowd. Sitting around wasted all the time and unable to walk across the room is not something I need or want, thank you very much.

The stoner crowd is also bent on using far too many chemicals when they grow, IMO. I went to one grow op where they were using bloom mixes that were numbered “60.” !!!! The place smelled like metal burning. There’s no way these people are flushing their plants before harvest enough to get all that crap out of the cannabis. And since these people are literally stoned off their trolley WHILE they are growing and harvesting, I see them making mistakes and forgetting what they’re doing a lot. So, they put a little too much bloom mix in the water because they forget they just did it five minutes ago. An hour with these types (all guys, BTW) is enough to make you hate cannabis. I think the stoner culture gives cannabis a bad rap. I tried my best to get a couple of these guys to watch the DVD “What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?” and read stuff on CBD, and they weren’t interested. When I mentioned the whole CBD issue and how excited I was about it, one guy looked at me and said, “Fuck, why bother growing that shit?? I wanna get ripped!” So, needless to say, my visit with him was short.

Off subject here: got that Harlequin I emailed you about. Haven’t made anything with it yet. Bought some 10 mg. Harlequin canna caps but they are made from Harlequin HASH. Would this be like the concentrate that Rick Simpson makes? You said in one article that you made the Harlequin caps using your stove top method (water bath.) So, more like an infusion. I’m definitely going to save the dregs and cap that too as I’ve had great luck with the GREEN CAPS I made from the dregs of Snow Fruit.

Keep the articles coming!


Dear LAD,

I’m going to take your advice and definitely boil the tincture down to a solid and see if that has a better effect.

Can’t wait to hear how it works! Seems like the only alternative at this point, and from your sensitivity you might be picking up cross-effects from the alcohol. I hear alcohol has been known to have wacky effects on the brain :rolleyes:

I’ve gotten mixed results between food/no food when taking capsules. For me, it seems like most of the time they work faster when there’s something — but not a full meal — in my tummy. I think because the food starts the juices going. The tiny amount of stuff in a single capsule may not be enough to get things started, at least for me.

Sitting around wasted all the time and unable to walk across the room is not something I need or want, thank you very much.

Wow, that’s almost word for word like something I wrote about MMJ patients. You’re reading my mind again! 🙂

When I mentioned the whole CBD issue and how excited I was about it, one guy looked at me and said, “Fuck, why bother growing that shit?? I wanna get ripped!”

Yeah, I actually changed the title of my Pot Painkiller Pills article because it mentioned not getting you high…and nobody was reading it! Sigh…

Bought some 10 mg. Harlequin canna caps but they are made from Harlequin HASH. Would this be like the concentrate that Rick Simpson makes?

No, the Rick Simpson oil is, I believe, what we would call tincture that’s been heavily evaporated to get all the solvent out (in his case, naptha) and thus make it super-concentrated…like a super-saturated solution. I alluded to making high-strength canna caps out of hash in my Treating Yourself article (which is finally available online in PDF format). If your caps are powder, then it’s just ground-up hash; if oil, then it’s an extraction/infusion. Either way, they should be strong as hell and ideal for your most needy patients, pain-wise.

Nugs and hugs,
Old Hippie

OK. So, making the canna caps out of the Harlequin in the manner you described would be less of an effect or more than a 10 mg. hash-derived capsule?

I have not taken one of these 10 mg. capsules yet since I don’t know how they’re going to affect me. I always try new stuff on the weekends when I don’t have to be “up to snuff” during the day, in case it backfires. What intrigues me is that supposedly 15 mg. of CBD is alerting, so I’ll give one cap shot around noon on Sunday. Stay tuned…..


Oh, sorry if I didn’t make it clear. Anything made from hash should be far stronger than the same dose made from bud because it’s much more concentrated in the first place. But 10 mg = 0.01 grams, so it’s 10 times less quantity in the first place than the 0.1 gram dosage we were talking about before, so it should be an interesting comparison. If these folks really can do repeatable doses at that low level, they’re probably pretty good!

Apparently, it was tested for quality and milligrams at Full Spectrum Labs in Denver. I’m planning on sending some samples of my cured bud down there to see how they test. One will be the Kushberry for sure to check for CBDs. The other will be Snow Fruit just because I’ve had such good luck with it and I’m curious to see if they can tell me the THC/CBD and perhaps the genetics (??) Not sure if that’s possible at the lab.

Is there anything that I can replace the CBD with? Like a type of food or drink. Anything? Please let me know! And this was very helpful 🙂

I’m not sure what you mean by “replace the CBD with”. CBD, like THC or aspirin or any other medicine, is a unique molecule that works in a specific way. Maybe tell me a bit more about what you have in mind.

I really enjoyed your entry. I like your writing style and learned quite a lot.
I forgot what I searched and fell upon it, but I’m bookmarking this page. I am brand new to the marijuana thing. I’m 42, but only once -3 yrs ago- have I tried marijuana. It was a piece of a pre-packaged, dense, huge brownie in San Francisco given to me by a friend. It was bizarre. Rather like how I remember my initial days after a head injury. I had to trust what I thought was true was true. I was right, of course.

My true inquiry is about using marijuana to treat my epilepsy. As a result of the head injury I mentioned, I now have epilepsy. Since that day in April 1996 I have tried everything. I’m currently trying my 15th medication. (It isn’t working.) I’ve tried a “brain pacemaker” called Vagus Nerve Stimulator (I was one of the 3% it made worse). In 2007 I had 3 brain surgeries, including two resections. No go. I’ve had 3 seizures this week alone. I’ve reached the end of the line for available treatments.

I live in Georgia, which will ban bibles from church before it will legalize medical marijuana. I want to try it. The worst that happens is that it doesn’t work. Well, I suppose the worst that happens could be that my reward for FINALLY finding something that works will be incarceration. Then the gov’t will be on the hook for my medication or I fall into Status Epilepticus and die.

I know Oregon accepts applications for their mmj program from non-residents. I’ve researched the laws. I understand its limitations. I could do a yearly ‘pilgrimage’ of sorts, but that doesn’t solve the problem of finding high quality marijuana while I’m home.

I’m unable to work (gov’t is still deciding if I’m disabled) and live with my father. He supports me 100%. I would never risk him or his home by growing my own. Plants hate me, anyway.

The high was cool, but I’m not particularly interested in it. My health insurance runs out at the end of July. At that time, I’ll be on the hook for my $2,500/month all generic medication that doesn’t work. I’d grow hemp, but by your description here it seems it wouldn’t be enough to help. It’s also restricted just the same because (best I can manage) the officers can’t tell the difference between hemp and marijuana.

I have plans worked out in my head to travel to Oregon, rent a place for a month or so, see a doctor, get a recommendation, pay the fees, get a card and continue with my extended stay to feel better for a change. I want to do this ASAP. I have a friend who may have connections here and I can try it locally. Maybe. I don’t want to smoke it. I’d rather bake with it, make a tincture or something. I suppose that’s possible with stuff you find on the street. I’ve found recipes, at least.

Do you have any recommendation for someone like me?

Well, hell. Getting epilepsy by accident is bad enough, but to have to jump through transcontinental hoops just to get safe medicine legally…wow.

Since you’re commenting on this CBD page, I’m going to assume you have been reading about high-CBD strains of cannabis and their use for epilepsy, such as this. You should also understand that it’s virtually impossible to find high-CBD strains of cannabis anywhere except in a legal medical marijuana state (such as Oregon as you mentioned).

However, there’s still some good news. There have been numerous reports of “ordinary” marijuana (generally high sativa strains) helping people with epilepsy as well:

Of course, for best and safest long-term results, you really would want a source of known medical or at least cleanly-grown cannabis, but it sounds like even weed “off the street” might work for some people. Ironically, after reading some of the reports, it sounds like the best results would likely be with either high-grade, high-THC cannabis or low-quality “ditch weed” that is more likely to have higher CBD levels than anything this side of a medical marijuana dispensary.

And no, you don’t have to smoke it. I never even do that myself. But actually inhaling it is the fastest way to try the smallest amount of a new strain, whether you’re smoking or vaporizing. Then once you find “the right stuff” that works for you, you can obtain a larger quantity of it and make it into Canna Caps or tincture or whatever. The capsules are far and away the easiest and quickest to make and take, and their great advantage is that they are a consistent dosage (at least, each batch is pretty consistent). But they do need an hour to work, whereas smoking/vaporizing/tincture work much more quickly.

Good luck and by all means write back if you have more questions.

Nugs and hugs,
Old Hippie

Thanks for the quick response! That’s amazing!
You took it upon yourself to hunt and peck for links on my behalf, too! Thanks!!

I’m still learning about strains. I would MUCH rather do this legally and get ‘clean’ medically grown marijuana than street.

This was on one of the epilepsy boards you linked:
“The medicinal marijuana strains I have had the most effective “treatment” with were always sativas. Never indicas.
For instance, the Sativa Blue Dragon was phenomenal. The seizures I had immediately STOPPED. Stopped. And they did not return the whole time I had that strain.
I had an Indica over the past few days and felt like…well…it was not pretty. My seizures escalated.
I always knew that certain strains made me feel better and some made me feel worse, but it is my fiance who handles the purchasing of medicinal. I have always left it to him so I never knew the differences between CBD percentages vs. THC percentages.
I am also hoping to try Blue Vervain (Verbana Hastata) for seizures and the neuralgia this week. ”

So now I have an idea. I’ve seen these names in sites I’ve visited recently. Does this list help you in working out what else might/might not work for this person?

I’m already a huge burden on my father. He’s in his mid 60s. He’s retired and has health problems of his own. I’m early 40s and he supports me 100%. The very idea I’m thinking of asking him (and my 70 yr old mother) for money to take an extended trip to Oregon so I can enroll in a medical marijuana program eats me apart. I hate being dependent upon others. I hate it.
Maybe resolving all the trouble with my seizures would allow me to return to work and live on my own. I’ve lived with my dad since 2001. It was a voluntary thing. I might still choose to live here. He and I get along really well. But I hate that I NEED to live here.
I’m a paralegal by trade. I graduated university to teach special education. That was stomped flat. My head injury happened 4 mos after graduation. After my head injury I became interested in law. The doctors thought I would likely be drooling on myself someplace, but I was immediately living alone. Within 6 mos I was supporting myself. In a year I was working at a law firm. This firm paid for me to enter a nationally recognized paralegal program. I worked full time and took evening classes. I earned my paralegal certificate, with honors, June 99. I was a paralegal until 2003, when I quit my job to study German immersion. 3 months intensive immersion study. I decided I’d never have another chance, so while I had the opportunity I’d do it. I quit my job and used all my savings. When I returned home, the seizures exploded. I quickly found (and lost) two paralegal positions. That’s when I started at Starbucks. Love or hate Starbucks, they offer their part time workers full benefits. Starbucks doesn’t have a preexisting clause. Only a few weeks after enrolling, I had a $50K surgery. They covered my expensive medication from day 1 on the policy. They paid for all the extensive tests as well as 3 brain surgeries. My job at Starbucks -most weeks I could only work 25hrs or so- was worth its weight in gold. I could barely keep up and needed cognitive rehab just to do that job. I missed a paperwork deadline to extend my LOA, so I’m not with Starbucks anymore. They kept me on for 4 months longer than required by law. So, I kept my employee ‘premium’ for healthcare, rather than the expensive COBRA. As I said, that ends on July 31st.
I’m plopping my brain-injured-epilepsy-laden ass in a tent on the front lawn of my House Rep beginning July 31st. I’ll stay there til I’m taken away in an ambulance or a police car. I’ve questioned him at 3 town halls about health care. We made the front page of the paper on one. We’re good friends.
I’ve continued to degrade neurologically, cognitively, socially… I can appear appropriate in a message, but that’s because I can read and reread/edit/etc. All of my friends are internet.
I don’t know why I gave you that much background, except to show I’m tenacious and can usually do anything others think impossible. I take chances and push, push, push… Considering the alternative is give up and die, I’ll push.
Hugs! Lisa

–Back to the topic at hand —
When it comes to method of ingesting marijuana, I personally don’t care how I take it. I would prefer not to smell like it, but in the end I couldn’t care less. I don’t leave the house but once or twice a week, anyway. The key to me is I don’t want to make my dad’s house smell like marijuana. I looked at the capsules and they look fantastic! It does seem I would be better discovering the strain I need and working it out from there. That’s another thing that would stink up the house, but it doesn’t seem I’d need to stink it up but now and then. 😉

I am (or was) a part of Occupy Atlanta. Any drug, including alcohol, was not welcome at Occupy events. I have several friends with Occupy who could very likely help me find street weed.

Sheesh — now I want more than ever to go to Oregon. I can “play house” and pretend it’s my own apartment. I can try a brand new type of medicine. I can get out of this conservative sinkhole. I can breathe for a change.

one more thing — do you know how greyhound checks/scans bags? Would it be safe to bring something home?

Does this list help you in working out what else might/might not work for this person?

If by “this person” you are speaking of yourself…not exactly. The thing about strain lists or anecdotal reports is that they can only give you a starting point, never a guaranteed solution. The reason is that every person is different, especially in regards to brain chemistry, tolerance, and so on…plus every strain and every batch of the same strain is different!

So if you hear that “Magic Sativa Supreme” worked great for one patient, by all means see if you can get some to try — my standard procedure is to only buy a gram of anything new because you don’t know if it will work for you — but it makes it more likely that some sativa in general might work for you specifically. High-CBD strains are so rare that you should probably try any you find, but there are hundreds of sativas, so plan to initially try only strains that you’ve had recommended for your condition.

But when you find something that works on your condition and doesn’t make your brain all fuzzy, get as much of it as you can and make it last!

I would look into getting a vaporizer; the most efficient and discreet is the MFLB that I talk about here. It uses minute amounts of cannabis (far less than any other method), works within moments, and best of all does not smell like weed. The problem most MMJ patients have with smoking or vaping is that it doesn’t last long at all, only an hour or three (fine if you’re getting high, but we’re not). So I use my MFLB when I want immediate relief, and use capsules for long-term effects (4 to 6 hours).

Your story is very inspiring and sad at the same time, but I won’t ever say anything bad about Starbucks after that!

I don’t know much about drug checks on interstate buses, sorry, but I’ve heard of occasional drug dogs at terminals. There are zillions of discussions on the net about how to deal with that. I don’t know how much is urban legend but I suspect 98% or more.

Somehow I missed your reply and posted afterwards.

Thanks for the 1g tip. That would only be for vaporizer, I think, yes? Is there any other way to use 1g? How much goes into a vaporizer? As you know, I’m completely green.

The “this person” reference was for the hypothetical person I quoted. Everyone is different, sure. I don’t I’m going to find anything of quality until I can buy medicinal level marijuana. I’m nervous about the idea of buying off the street. I don’t want to be afraid, but I am.

Last night my dad told me he’s in “watch mode” for a bone cancer. yay They check him again in October. “We’ve got to get you fixed up,” he said to me. No shit, Sherlock. He still wants me to continue these medicines through the neuro. I’m frustrated at the complete lack of help. After 16 years, I know my liver is thrashed. If my dad is sick, I want to take care of him. To do that, I need to work. To work, my seizures need to be under control and the medication side effect of severe fatigue needs to take a hike. I’m betting on MMJ helping it all. Dad knows I’m looking at MMJ. He also knows I intend to go through Oregon. He was excited when he heard two family members received the prescription synthetic. I pointed out it only contains THC. It has none of the CBD. It is a ‘not if you have seizures’ med.

Another, almost constant, problem that has to leave before I can work is vertigo. I don’t know what started that, but for two years my world goes from mild “that’s strange” to “oh my god every second the room spins, returns to start, then spins again” The room spins, not me. I’m not nauseous. I needed a wheelchair to take me to the gate last month when I flew someplace. On the plus side, I got to jump to the front of the security line. Yay
The very last thing I need is to be high.

I’ve shared my life story again. ‘Scuse me.

Thanks for listening as well as your responses.
Best to you,

Hi again Lisa,

One gram is pretty much the minimum anyone sells, even in a dispensary, and there’s enough there to roll some joints, fill some bowls, or even make an edible or two. As far as vaporizers, the MFLB I’ve often recommended will give noticeable results with the tiniest fraction of that amount — a gram literally lasts me several weeks.

I strongly suggest you initially use your cannabis in the presence of others who could help and reassure you if necessary, since any strong medication like this is likely to have unexpected side effects. One of the most common expected side effects, in fact, is dizziness from even a slight overdose (“slight overdose” to a MMJ patient means “being high”). Most people think of that as just part of being high, but being dizzy is still an unwanted side effect! You will eventually get very good at taking exactly the right dose, but at the beginning, you will end up getting high by accident and you should be prepared for it.

Best of luck to you and your family. Sounds like you surely deserve some!

How often do you use the vaporizer? I’m looking at the portable one you raved about in the other entry. I know it differs for everyone, but does your treatment have you doing this two/three/more times a day?

Yes, you’ve hit on the reason I don’t vaporize so much any more. It’s way too easy for someone with non-obvious symptoms to forget to medicate on a regular basis, especially when the medication lasts only an hour or two (as with smoking or vaping). By “non-obvious symptoms” I’m referring to lots of stuff…many “mental illness” symptoms are non-obvious (mild depression, anxiety that only flares up in certain circumstances, etc.) whereas “mania” (or whatever the correct term) is usually obvious. How obvious is just sitting there and not having a seizure, for instance (in your case, you pointed out it’s not even always obvious when you’re actually having one)? It’s not obvious that I have hypertension either.

So most pharma medications for chronic (no pun intended), long-term conditions are taken for repetition every 12 to 24 hours, to make it easier and more likely that people will actually use them. Human nature makes it unlikely that someone will faithfully take medicine every 2, 4, or 6 hours, unless they see an immediate benefit (think of pain pills). That’s why I had a number of ironic posts my first year about how I was “forgetting to even smoke my marijuana LOL”, and why I started making and taking Canna Caps for 4 to 8 hour relief.

But still, people who have their asthma under control with systemic meds still should always have their inhaler handy, and IMHO every MMJ patient should have a vape or pipe around for when they really need their medicine fast, fast, fast (like the headache commercials used to say back in the 60s 🙂 I’ve even used cannabis successfully for emergency medicine.

“Yes, you’ve hit on the reason I don’t vaporize so much any more. It’s way too easy for someone with non-obvious symptoms to forget to medicate on a regular basis, especially when the medication lasts only an hour or two (as with smoking or vaping).”

Sometimes it’s nice not to have a visible problem. People treat you normally. At the same time, they don’t understand when you say “I can’t do (this) or (that)” or when trouble begins. It’s impossible to explain when trouble hits. At Starbucks I used to make a game of it. I brought in info and First Aid sheets. I even got everyone singing and dancing to “Epilepsy Betsy” by Jerry King to keep the mood light. People learn more easily if given the info with humor rather than fear and doom. They all knew how serious it was, I made sure that was clear, but then I’d make a joke or we’d start singing. One’s nickname for me was his “‘little bobblehead”. I miss him. Everyone voluntarily wore these Epilepsy Foundation awareness bracelets. Each of my coworkers at one point had helped me out of a seizure. Then a new coworker had the good grace to tell me sometimes seizures are demons and invited me to a ‘healing night’ at his church. Remember, I live in Georgia. We’s smart here, we is.

I expect only an hour or two via vaporizer doesn’t do it for hypertension. I’m glad you worked out the capsule thing. It would be nice to have an ’emergency action’ I could do to stop a seizure in progress other than trying to get someone’s attention (like the “okay” and pressing the button in the video). Oddly enough, if I can distract myself they sometimes go away. ????

I’d much prefer to use capsules. I could take it twice a day with all my other meds. More often would be fine, too. At one point I had a medication I needed to take more frequently. I wore a timer. When it went off, I’d take it and reset the timer. Easy enough. So you take one pill every 4 or 8 hrs? It’s trial and error, of course. Yes, pain is a HUGE motivator. I remember staring at the clock waiting for four hours to pass so I could take more percocet after my brain surgeries. (Not sure if this will work, but if you like gory medical pics my surgeon took photos at my request! He’s a cool guy. How many people see actual photos of their brain, anyway? 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.37969928584.36223.696783584&type=3&l=0f15607a9b)

If I showed dad capsules are how I want to go about trying MMJ I think he’d be more accepting of the idea. If they work I think he’d even approve of a vaporizer, ‘just in case’. My dad has had to distract me more times than I can count. (Twice this week alone.) A dozen times or more he’s had to help me out of the bathtub so I don’t drown. I have enough of an aura (as the video shows) that I can hit the drain open and call for him. That also means I could start up the vaporizer so long as it’s basically ready to go.

Your canna caps recipe calls for leaves and my ‘contact’ doesn’t know if she can manage that. Could you tell me a way to do it using the ‘standard’ stuff?

It’s late. Again, THANKS!

Thanks for warning me…gory and me do not agree. House MD was on for 8 seasons, and I think I saw 4 of them in total despite seeing every episode 🙂

And dear Lisa…I made a point of mentioning the leaves only because (hold your breath) most growers simply throw them away! I’m trying to teach people how to use the whole plant, like the way the Native Americans did with the buffalo. Yes, sorry if it wasn’t clear…you can use buds too. But capsules (at least for any ailment around here) are way too strong if made with bud. The trick with capsules is to not make them too strong. You can take more, but you can’t take less (less than one, anyway)! So you want the infused oil to be light in color, not dark. Dark is too strong.

Couldn’t I triple or quadruple the number of capsules, adding far more of the inert ingredients? Here I am asking advice on dosing again, but if you personally used bud how many pills would you make? I’ll increase that number, especially as I’ve never done this before.
It’s absurd how much we waste in this society! To waste medication is incredibly stupid. I’m vegetarian, borderline vegan, and that’s one of the reasons I respect the way native people hunt. The way we process animals in our “food chain” is offensively wasteful, not to mention cruel. When people hunt it’s mainly for sport. They eat a little, mount the heads and throw the rest away. Duh.
Stay well!

Well, I’m not quite sure what you’re asking there. My view is that once you know your approximate ideal dose, you make capsules that are weaker than that dose (ideally half the dose), and take two of them. That way, you’re insulated from possible under/overfilling of single capsules and less likely to get either too high or not enough medicine. The actual number of capsules you make in a batch is entirely up to how much material you start with and whether you have to dilute the oil. I also save the solid leftovers and push them into the large size (00) capsules; perhaps that’s what you were referring to.

If I was planning a cross-country trip just to try some medicine legally for a very specific condition, I would attempt to procure some locally in any way possible to make damn sure it worked before undertaking a huge trip like that, especially if I were in a wheelchair and low on funds. But that’s just me.

Oops! I did weird things with the formatting on that last post. Ah well.
I have a few videos to show you. Roy Zimmerman is my favorite musician. He mainly sings political satire. Peek at his page, too. He’s great.

“The Orange County Rolling Acres Senior Center Cannabis Club” by Roy Zimmerman

“Dear Number 1036924053887” by Roy Zimmerman

A seizure I had during one of my week long inpatient tests. They hook up all the eeg equipment, attach it to the wall by a big rope, remove/lessen your medication, and videotape everything. The point is that I have five distinct seizures during the test. My usual seizures look like when I say “Okay…” near the beginning. If we were sitting in the same room, you wouldn’t notice I had one. When they generalize, though, this happens.

What about San Diego? I live in southern california, and I recently obtained some Harlequin from a delivery service. Perhaps you could set up temp living situation here and get what you need? I’d give it to you myself, but I’m not taking any chances until my son turns 18 next year. I hope to open my own collective for patients like you. My father and stepmother are both suffering from a variety of ailments, a good friend has breast cancer and I know so many more people who need relief, that it just makes sense to be a part of a true collective. I visited a dispensary for the first time a few weeks ago. It was so “gangster” that I don’t think Id feel comfortable visiting by myself. I have no qualms with that kind of center, but I would like to create a group of people helping each other and helping themselves. Even if you get a doctor’s recommendation, it comes with no advice or medical guidance. What’s the point?

Anyway, I’m frustrated for you. Good luck finding what you need.

Shouldn’t I qualify for MMJ, no matter where I live, if doing this (These images aren’t blood and gore, but an mri pic and medical cartoon image, if those bother you stop now) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=443815688584&l=0240109f4c and this https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150751765488585&l=8578b2a937 (the thin wire is still attached to the nerve. It can’t be removed.) didn’t help my epilepsy?

Sorry – why is everything about me, eh?

Well, I think you should qualify, but I’m not the go-to guy for handing out permits. I suspect life would be quite different for all of us if I was 🙂

Hi Lisa,

I live in Washington, and marijuana is now legal medically and recreationally. We have an amazing selection, but the recreational prices are higher than the medical dispensaries, due to tax laws. If I were you, I would check out the link I have posted below to see if you can get a medical permit in one of the legalized states. This will allow you to purchase and possess more product, as well as give you access to medical dispensaries, where the prices are significantly lower. Hope this helps a little 🙂 http://www.thc-foundation.org/

Im hoping to find some help on here…
I am not big on going to the Doctor. I started getting anxiety really bad about 3 years ago. The panic attacks followed shortly after. I am having a lot of changes in my life( work, family and relationship issues). I have had my medical cannabis recommendation for two years. My doctor put me on zoloft, then Lexapro and now this crazy drug called Viibryd. All of them have been horrible! The worst was zoloft and Viibryd (Viibryd is what im on now).Zoloft made me feel like I was on major drugs like acid with a BAD TRIP. My Doctor knows I smoke before bed, cannabis helps me fall asleep and not have the scary dreams. Ill get to my point: I am going to discontinue the use of the antidepressants because they are not helping with my anxiety. I think that this article opened my eyes wider about what green i should go for. 🙂 I wold rather use cannabis and know its from mother earth rather than taking a man made and manufactured drug. I have told me Doctor that I would like to try just cannabis and he smiled saying he would recommend that!
However he did give me xanax for any surprises.
Its really scary that SSri’s are used so much.. ive experimented with drugs when i was young and SSri’s are worse!

Im so tired of these so called professionals telling me it’s bad for you.

I’ve had bad depression and anxiety since I was 4 and contemplated suicide for years.

I was diagnosed with PTSD at age 13 and that only made matters worse. I was treated like a psychopathic idiot.

They threw me on over 5 different anti depressant medicines and 4 different anxiety ones over the course of 12-16 years of age.

I dropped them and took up ‘weed’. At first id smoke but I found getting high CBD strains was tough especially since I didn’t know what a cannabinoid was at 16. THC only made anxiety worse.

If it were legal in this God-forsaken country (Canada) then I would have been prescribed the propper strain for me and would have actually had a fair chance in highschool.

Now I’m 18, almost 19 and am doing everything possible to make it in this world. It’s not easy when the only thing that’s ever helped you is illegal.

Wow, man, that’s a tough life you’ve had. Too bad the doctors didn’t have time to have a clue for you.

But look on the bright side…now you know what works for you, and you know what to do! So you’re way ahead of most people right there. Also, please check out the end of this article about AVB, because it can help you get a better CBD:THC ratio in edibles. Nugs and hugs!

I saw you mentioned Juicing Cannabis, i have gone into detail for dosing Dietary Cannabis at http://www.rawhemp.tk. Cannabis has every dietary essential we cannot synthesize! If anyone responds i’d love to read all the comments and continue this convo on CBD.

Great to find this website while trying to find the best option for helping to cure my advanced Ovarian Cancer. I live in an illegal state, and am trying desperately to find rick simpson oil or something that is high in CBD’s and will not make me too high to function.
I’m open to suggestions, but need to order from someone who is reputable and provides safe product to ingest. I will provide medical reports for validity and security purposes. Do you know if Canna Caps or Dixie X Capsules (can ship legally) would be effective? I know the cost is very high and am willing to purchase something with known effectiveness for cancer. I want to use this in conjunction with other therapies, as I’ve got to hit it from all possible angles. THANKS for any pertinent feedback. Joy


Sorry to hear of your medical problems and your current living situation…I think everyone should have access to the medicine they choose as a human right (the United Nations happens to agree with me in principle!).

OK, first, I think you should know that, although CBD is thought of as “more medical”, it actually seems to be THC (see notes below) that holds the most promise for direct anti-cancer action (as well as helping many patients with the side effects of chemo and such). Rick Simpson oil is relatively easy to make and will concentrate all the cannabinoids. It is very strong medicine and you have to increase the dose gradually as your body gets used to it. If you have trouble functioning, the best idea is to take it before bedtime; that way it will also help you sleep. See if you can get your Simpson Oil or cannabis from an indica strain or hybrid that’s at least 40% indica to minimize the possibility of anxiety from high doses.

I’ve heard of Dixie X capsules but they’re very new, and as far as I know they only have CBD, so they would not be ideal for fighting cancer.

Granny Storm Crow’s list has tons of info on cancer, but only one link of any help regarding ovarian.

Good luck and please feel free to write back any time. Hugs and nugs!

Send your story and question to Cheryl Shuman, go to Cherylshuman.com as she used cannabis, to rid her body of Stage IV ovarian cancer, after she was put in hospice. She is now an activist in Beverly Hills, and doing very, very well. I know she mentions Rick Simpson Oil and her e-cigarettes to vaporize a drop of oil. I live in Texas and am a cancer survivor. I would highly recommend moving, at least temporarily, to California, New Mexico or another legal state, and get on the right treatment. It’s your life, and the chemo in Texas will certainly do much harm if you survive at all. She is my new hero. She can point you in the right direction. I will be recommending this site, Beyondchronic to congressmen, medical researchers and attorneys in Texas, because they need the information on this site. It just proves the point that people need help and can get it from cannabis, if they can just get cannabis. If my husband would go, I would move in a heartbeat.

Hi Old Hippie,

I am not sure if you come across with the problem I have taking Rick Simpson’s oil.
I Have Lung cancer and wanted to try this oil,was happy to find it from Amsterdam. I have noticed that after I ingest(or put a drop under the tongue ) I get immediately pain in the place where my tumour is(my cancer moved from the lung -now my lung is clear to my tummy and adrenal gland.
I feel like the oil is protecting my brain from getting metastases but I get pain in the tummy.
Any idea what is going on in my body? I have tried Indica strain , then I have tried sativa leaves which I have cooked in olive oil. Even though they say that Sativa is not strong enough,when I put some drops under the tongue I felt frozen shoulders and again pain in the same places in my tummy. Do you have any explanations about that?

Many Thanks

Dear Mery,

First of all, I hate cancer and I hope you will knock it right out of your body!

To be honest, I’ve never heard of anything like that happening with cannabis, but Simpson Oil is extremely powerful and it can have a number of strange effects depending on your body and the way it was made (which solvent was used to extract the cannabinoids) and what strain of cannabis was used in making it. I have heard, in a somewhat more New Age context, that powerful medicines can have a noticeable effect on the area they’re targeted towards. If that’s true, it’s possible that your body is signaling that your intent on getting rid of the cancer is working, by making you aware of it…and that would be a good thing.

But if it’s a severe pain, or one that lasts more than an hour or two, you should check it out with a doctor to be sure that nothing bad is happening. Try to find a doctor who is familiar with cannabis or Simpson Oil for this, because you don’t want someone to reject your treatment just because it’s cannabis. At the same time, you don’t want to keep using something that might be hurting you. I’ve never heard of that happening with cannabis, but I suppose it’s possible.

Good luck and beat that cancer!

Nugs and hugs,
Old Hippie

“MMJ = THC + CBD (Mostly)”
This is not really true, most Cannabis grown is THC only, it is hard to find Cannabis with the other 90 Cannabinoids.

“Oh, and after THC is broken down by the body, it turns to cannabinol (CBN)”
Again not true, THC is broken down to 11-Hydroxy Delta9 tetrahydrocannabinol also called 11-OH-THC, it is more active then THC. 11-Hydroxy-THC is subsequently metabolised further to 11-nor-9-carboxy-THC, which is not psychoactive, but it is what the piss tests test for.

“CBD is responsible for “couch lock”,”
Not really, as very little recreational Cannabis has any CBD.
It is the 130 Terpenes that determine the type of high, with THC. Some are clear, speedy, up, psychedelic, others are couchlock, narcotic.

“The first method is only available to those lucky people who grow their own. By delaying harvest until a greater percentage of the trichomes turn amber, you’ll allow the THC to start degrading to CBN, and the combination of CBD and CBN has much more of a CBD-like physical effect than CBD with THC.”
THC does not really degrade on the plant unless stored for a year or more.

“Also for people who grow: it turns out that (according to a well-known NorCal baker named Uncle Buck) the leaves of a plant have more CBD than the buds. That’s borne out by the fact that back in the 60s (at least in NYC where I lived at the time), virtually all we saw was dried, crushed leaves, and when we got stoned we couldn’t move! You can get the same effect by using stems and leaves…”

This is not true, any Cannabinoids found on the leaves will have the same Cannabinoid profile as flowers of the same plant, the leaves just have a lot less.

When you suggest people to vape off the THC at a lower temp then vape the CBD remember you will also vape off the Terpenes at the low temps and could leave the remaining Cannabis less effective as a medicine.
A better idea is to find Cannabis varieties that only have CBD in large amounts say 10%+ with zero THC, or at the very least more CBD then THC but with the right combo of terpenes.


Sorry for the delay in approving your comment, I think it got stuck in my spam filter. Anyway, I had a revision of this article in the works for quite awhile and it’s much improved now. I think I’ve addressed all your points in any case. Thanks for the input. Nugs and hugs!

In regards to amber trichomes and “couch-lock” or body high: It’s not CBD that increases when cannabis is harvested late, it’s CBN, which is the result of THC breaking down. CBN is not regarded as highly for medicinal/anti-inflammatory properties as CBD, and it results in a heavier, more sluggish sensation.

I have a question for Old Hippie or anyone else who knows:

I’d like to make an alcohol tincture with fresh fan leaves. What is the effect of alcohol on the CBDa, THCa, CBD, THC, etc? Will the CBD/CBDa remain in the tincture or will it be changed or destroyed by the alcohol? I have a ton of fresh fan leaves all at once, and rather than try to store them in my freezer or give them away, I’d like to make use of them all, and have a long-term supply of tincture to give away.


As far as I know, all cannabinoids (THC, CBD, and all those other initials) are soluble in the same solvents, such as alcohols and lipids (but not water). So, no, they are not destroyed by the alcohol but dissolved into it…which is why tincture works so well.

I’m not sure about the acid forms (THCa, CBDa), in terms of whether they’re soluble or destroyed or not though. I know that most people who do anything with fresh fan leaves either juices them or decarbs them and makes butter with them…because fresh leaves have so much of the acid forms that they wouldn’t do much in tincture. So I think they’re more valuable for their medical use. You might look into squeezing out the juice; if you have literally “pounds” of leaves, that could end up saving someone’s life.

hello 🙂
so im desperately looking for advice and you seem like the best person to ask!
me and my father both have schizoaffective disorder and social anxiety and depression, my mother has rheumatoid arthritis. ive been doing some research because although ive smoked weed many times I don’t know very much about the chemistry of it but so far ive learned that cbd will be able to work as an antipsychotic for me and my father and will also work as a pain reliever and antiinflamatory for my mother. so I have a few questions and would really appreciate if you could help me out! which strand of mj would give me the most cbd and the lowest thc? would I be able to find a high cbd strand on the street? (I live in Toronto Canada) or would I have to go to a dispensary for that? also what would be the best way to consume it for my specific purposes?

thank you!

Well…there are a number of strains currently that have high CBD and lower THC. The ones I’ve used are Cannatonic, Harlequin, Omrita, and Trident (in order of which are most likely to help). And no, street dealers don’t have anything even remotely like this stuff! You’d have to go to a local dispensary or at worst get some from BC (that’s British Columbia, not Beyond Chronic :-), where there are likely to be more sources of medical cannabis.

As far as consumption, you could smoke some if possible to figure out your relative doses, and then you can look into making Canna Caps for standardized doses. For example, let’s say you find out that you feel best after 4 slow tokes, and your father after 6 tokes, and your mom after 8. You make up some oil and put it into Canna Caps, and you find that taking two of those is perfect. Then your father could start by taking 3, and your mother could take 4…and adjust dosing as necessary for each of you after you get used to it. Canna Caps are better because they last up to 6 hours, instead of smoking which lasts only 2, and you can take them anywhere without being noticed. They do take 45 minutes or so to work though.

I am a Medical Herbalist practcing in the UK. A number of posters here have mental illness and are treating it with Cannabis with varying degrees of success. I am posting to point out that if the brain does not have the raw materials to function properly illness WILL result. I recently cured a psychotic young man by substantial doses of fish oil with good levels of DHEA in it. In addition to that brains are often deficient in zinc and magnesium because of modern farming practice and junk food (particularly magnesium in the case of anxiety and panic attacks). Vitamin D is also needed. If these supplements are taken for three months good things usually happen. If not by all means take high CBD MMJ but if there is mineral or Omega 3 depletion MMJ will not effect a cure. Sufferers need to support their brain as much as any other part of their body.

Thank you for that very important information! We sometimes ignore the basics as humans in this complex world, and often the simplest solution can be the best. Nugs and hugs!

Just for information: we live in No. CA and last year I grew plants that tested – SC Labs – 15.8% CBD. This year I acquired seeds from a breeder that should be higher than that. I provide a number of people with the flowers, have been making salve, and a ‘potion’ made with raw leaves steeped in high proof alcohol – old Mexican recipe (the recipe, not the Mexican) given to me by my co-madre.- both topical only. And I have begun juicing the fan leaves – purported to have no psychoactive effect (can’t get even close to that – can’t even think about it for too long…). Delightful, eh?

http://youtu.be/qgEP9FdIzT8 Sounds like juicing has tremendous benefits. But finding the right strain with a high CBD to THC ratio is key. For the taste testers out there….. It seems that if your particular strain has a creeper quality a pain relieving quality and a low appetite increase you probably have a decent THC to CBD ratio. Would you agree?

Thanks for the article Old Hippie, in fact thanks for the entire blog. I’m a user who is currently trying to get medical marijuana prescribed to them, but sadly its hard to do such a thing in my state [CT] since most doctors still don’t see the benefit in it. I plan on printing out some of your articles and giving them to my doctor hopefully they’ll see the benefit/logic in Medical Marijuana. To be honest I don’t much like getting ‘high’, for the the most part I only smoke for its anti-anxiety properties, which is why CBD’s are so interesting to me. My dream is to get qualified and actually get my hands on a CBD potent strain.`

Hello Again,
This weekend we made a tincture of honey and a Harlequin strain with around 11% CBD. My step-mom has ALS and there is almost no standard of care. Our goal is to provide pain and tremor relief without the psychotropic effects. She had a tsp in her morning coffee and reported being full of energy the entire day, with no “high” feeling.

We live in SoCal and it is nearly impossible to find Harlequin or Harle-Tsu, leading me to think we should grow one or the other ourselves. It seems like the internet’s best kept secret! Any suggestions?

We are also making an alcohol tincture for stronger pain relief. It will be ready in a few days. I’ll let you know how it works. Thanks for the great blog!


Dear Jennifer,

I’m so glad to hear of your great tincture results! Frankly, it’s probably worth the trip to drive up to San Jose and get some Harlequin clones and seeds both, and start growing for yourself. High CBD strains are relatively easy to find up here (you can also search for “CBD” on Weedmaps). Your stepmom will need a constant supply and once you’re growing, you can start juicing the leaves as well. Thanks for the updates. Nugs and hugs!

Thank you for the tips! I just came across Dr. William Courtney’s foundation last night. We ;WILL be juicing as soon as possible.

I am the mother of a 3 year old with neurological problems that also include seizures. The meds available in our state are not safe for her. Her neurologist has mentioned CBD oil. As a mother, I want to do what I can to give my baby a normal life. We would have to move across the country to try this medicine without knowing if it would even help her. Looking for educated opinions. She currently sleeps up to 20 hours per day and her brain speeds up during sleep.

I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. Have you seen any of the stories about Charlotte Rigi and the Charlotte’s Web strain, developed in Colorado? They have a website. All the info is there. It’s very compelling information.
http://realmofcaringfoundation.org/. I have worked with children with seizure disorders and seen the unfortunate outcome of being left untreated. It just might be worth it to set up temporary household there and see how it goes.

Good luck,

I hope you know about the legal CBD drops available from Dixie Botanicals. Very expensive, and nothing like oil, but you can have them shipped to your door and use them for testing.

Old Hippie Awesome blog,

it IS expensive, I am a 55 year old with some typical arthritis in knees, shoulders, wrists, I recently puchased and am using both the “Dixie Dew Drops” and “Salvation Balm”..

It is costly, $33, for the balm which works one hell of a lot better than any of the eucalyptus stuff, the Dew Drops (i’ve only used for a couple of weeks.) My normal BP is 128/85 today i had it check it was 108/71
Also as i dose “15 drops b.i.d.” (2xday) it seems to be helping knock down the pain of arthritis..
the dew drops are 100mg bottle for $40. (ouch) Dixie Botanicals (Industrial hemp. ) Not sure if
they use Cannabis Sativa L or Cannabis Rudelalis. From the sound they have their “lab” reduce the content of THC as near a level to 0.0% as it can get to allow it to be sold in 50 states.
I watched a “video” indicating they use “stalks, and stems” in the production. That said, the 100mg of CBD is a small amount for therapeutic benefit for many “patients” ,.

I live in a state that does not have MMJ law, because of my age and employment i cannot risk going outside legal channels. Also because of a history of “abuse/dependency” i believe CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids can be beneficial based on what research i’ve been doing.

I have “thought” when i retire i would like to potentially pursue using our local rural “ditch weed” and do what i could to reduce it to a usable product like “Dew Drops” at least for my self. Living a rural area, i can find ditch weed in the tonnage.

DO you have any links to doing non-solvent plant to “elixir/oils” reductions?

Just curious.

in respect to the product here:http://www.medicalmarijuanainc.com/ could you tell me if this is what would be used by breast cancer women? Is this what the legal medical marijuana people have like at wamma? I am i Florida, just diagnosed….if this product is as good as what you, Old Hippie, can make, it says it’s legal…would I be wasting $500.00? it looks like the product I saw on the documentaries. HELP, I don’t want to do anything illegal! would you say this is really CBD?

Dear Friend,

First, I am sorry to hear you have cancer. Cancer sucks!

Secondly, I’m not quite sure what documentaries you are referring to when you’re talking about CBD and breast cancer. I am not a doctor, but as far as I am aware, Western medicine has a pretty good handle on treatment for breast cancer. While treatments vary depending on what stage you might have and where, your oncologist and cancer team are probably the best source of information for your particular case.

CBD is useful in treating quite a list of conditions, but I’ve never heard breast cancer to be one of them myself. Now, cannabis in general is very useful for combating many of the symptoms of chemotherapy, but that’s a different matter altogether, and it is not “just CBD” either (without THC, it won’t even work for this!). Cannabis, of course, is still illegal in Florida even for medical purposes, but so is CBD:


There are also reports out that those “legal” CBD supplements are not all they’re cracked up to be.

Please do not misunderstand. There are a great many people doing experimental medicine on themselves using Rick Simpson Oil and the like to attempt to cure their cancers. But these cases are generally either skin cancers that seem to respond well to direct application of RSO, or cancers that are considered inoperable or terminal, so doing that is kind of a “last resort” thing. At least, that’s how I would look at it. If my doctors told me I had a 80 to 90% chance of survival with surgery or radiation or chemotherapy, I would be trying that first before anything else!

And on top of that, all the Rick Simpson Oil treatments use ordinary cannabis; there’s no good reason at this point to even try CBD alone to attempt to cure cancer, because THC is always part of the equation.

Bottom line: the stuff you’re looking at is probably not strictly legal, might not be all that good, and even if it was pure CBD, it probably wouldn’t cure your cancer anyway. I wish I had better news, but I’d hate to see you waste your money and hopes.

Hugs and nugs (at least, when they’re legal in Florida),

Dear Sir (Old Hippie!), thank you for your quick response. I am referring to two recent ‘documentaries’ I just saw on cable tv. The names are “Marijuana, Miracle Cure” and “Marijuana, Miracle Cure 2 – “Wired for Weed””, the latter released in 2013. They have studies that seem to prove a direct relation of CBD in hemp oils to the eradication of cancer, not just for radiation and chemo. Some scientists, some doctors, some personal stories…but, after watching both I feel confident the CBD does indeed kill cancer. dang, I wish you had seen these…amazingly, one fact that stood out is the US Gov’t holds the patent for medical marijuana yet will not Federally legalize this amazing plant. money…pharm…even farm…all have something to lose. never, ever again will I make anything but positive statements about CA…thank Goodness your residents have the ability to access this plant. Nugs & Hugs right back atcha!

^^^There have been some recent studies into the anti-carcinogenic properties of cannabis – I’ll see if i can dig out some of the references from PubMed when Im at my work computer.
Regardless of whether its anti-carcinogenic or not, of course cannabis has a proven track record as an anti-emetic, which makes chemotherapy much more tolerable, especially for those who suffer some of the nastier gastric side-effects, so it certainly has a potential role to play as an adjunctto conventional cancer treatment.
The very best of luck with your treatment!

Im so glad to have found your site! I have long suffered from chronic migraines and take several prophylactic medications. Im not opposed to western medicine (Im a nurse practitioner!) but I did begin to feel like I was taking too many medications for a young healthy woman. I dont like feeling “high” so I was thrilled to learn about CBD!

Since Im in Washington I decided to get my mmj referral and have been experimenting the last few weeks. We have some great dispensaries here in seattle and I was able to get some high CBD, low THC strains. I havent had good luck finding CBD tinctures without lots of THC, so I’ve just been buying buds. What is the best way to consume them? I dont want to smoke. I’m willing to vape if that is the best way. So far Ive just been simmering the herb overnight in the crock pot with butter, then keeping the finished product in the freezer and swallowing little chunks with water. Im not sure if its helping yet, but so far I do seem to have a reduction in the frequency and severity of my headaches. I really need a good simple recipe for making oil/butter/extraction without any nasty chemicals.

Also I also stumbled upon an awesome clone store and for only $15 each I got some beauties! I got two “the Remedy” the guy couldnt remember the exact ratios but thought it was about THC 1 : CBD 10. I also got a Cannatonic clone, not sure if I will like the THC in that one. Im an avid gardener so it will be fun for me to grow!

Hello Lucy and welcome! My wife Felicity shares your dislike of being high too!

Although the medical community is rightly very excited over CBD, you still need some THC to really work on pain (unless it’s specifically neuropathic pain). So don’t downplay your Cannatonic yet, that is one great strain. In fact, I’m vaping some now to remind me what it’s like; this batch is about 2:1 CBD:THC ratio and I just can’t get anxious on it no matter how much I take!

There are still a lot of semi-recreational users in the MMJ community, so it’s not always easy to find high CBD edibles, but they’re starting to get out there. Vaping is the quickest way to get it into your system, and the best way to check out a new strain in just a few minutes, but I still find that Canna Caps are the best method for regular, consistent, and discreet medical use. No nasty chemicals, just coconut oil!

Thanks Old Hippie!
I love your recipe for canna caps, thanks for the link! One question though, is it absolutely necessary to Decarboxylate in the oven? Wont this occur when heating the oil mixture (assuming the mixture gets up to around 220F)?
I agree, the Cannatonic might turn out to be nice. I have tried some strains with a bit of THC and I have to admit, the effect is very nice and relaxing. Muted by the higher, CBD, it hasnt caused me any anxiety at all (which was my fear). Maybe I can finally toss my ambien (which I hate and makes me feel crazy) and use this as a sleep aid instead!

never mind to my question above, I just read some of your other posts/comments about decarbing happening during cooking if you heat it for long enough 🙂

Since I hope to be growing most of my own, Im curious if it needs to be dried before making oil? It sure would be easier to cook right after harvest. . . .

And thanks for this wealth of information and thoughtful comments! Its daunting being a newbie to all of this and great to have some guidance!

As far as decarbing while you cook, it can happen, but I personally like to do it separately so I know it’s done 🙂

Actually, cannabis should always be properly cured before cooking/vaping/smoking, even making tincture…unless you’re deliberately juicing or eating it raw for specific health reasons. Curing improves the flavor and potency and prepares it for storage too (improperly cured cannabis often develops mold). Curing is a bit of an art in itself.

I’m so glad that you’re finding this website useful! It really started as a blog, but by categorizing and tagging the articles, it’s easier to find them if you go through the menus and such. And we’re finishing up the first of three books that we hope will be even better as a reference! Nugs and hugs!

Hi – and thanks for an excellent blog!
I’m unlucky enough to live in europe, where the options for medical MJ are extremely limited (except for the grossly over-priced and poor quality Sativex tincture from Bayer), and where the black market has led inevitablyy to multiple ultra-high THC strains.
I miss the ‘old’ weed that I remember from my youth – with a more balanced/natural level of cannabinoids!
What we DO have here, legally available, is CBD oil (usually marketed as an alcohol extract at 5, 10 or 30% strengths, also containing other terpines such as CBN, but with the THC extracted for ‘legality’)
I was wondering – in your opinion, would soaking a high THC bud in CBD oil, carefully measured to add the correct amount of CBD (say 5-10%) and then allowing the alcohokl in the tincture to evaporate off effectively produce a weed that was a better ‘balance’ between the active ingredients?
Much appreciated, and thanks again,

It might, but I suspect you’re overthinking the problem just a little. It would be a lot easier to just smoke your weed and then take your extract separately! Nugs and hugs!

Iv just ordered some cbd oil, and was wondering too if i could add a good quality bud (for the thc) into the cbd oil and gently heat then strain?? This is to help with lung cancer

Since nobody really knows exactly how cannabis oil fights cancer, the prevailing notion that I’d use at this point is to make sure that you had a good mix of THC and CBD in your oil, which I’m glad to hear you are doing. But just “heating and straining” won’t do the trick; you’d have to make some normal RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) from your bud. You can make small quantities (a gram or two at a time) from an ounce of good bud, and then mix it 50/50 with your CBD oil. As I’ve said before, personally I would prefer to use ethanol/grain alcohol as a solvent rather than naptha. Hugs and nugs!

check out skunkpharm.com for other extraction methods, as well. i make their HSO for my mother’s ALS

Thanks for getting back to me, Il give this ago so fingers crossed this works.
my father in-law was diagnosed only few weeks ago with lung cancer, doctors have gave him 6-12 month
so we don’t have much time. Any other info would be much appreciated thanks again…

I’m glad you’re jumping on this right away! Too many people only try cannabis at the very end and then their families say “It didn’t work”…how sad. If you have not read Rick Simpson’s actual work, you can get started on the web right now, but for best results you should probably see his latest book. Any specific questions that doesn’t answer, please ask me directly and I will help to the best of my ability. Cancer sucks!

I’m curious what the best way to cook away thc. My father has cancer and being a RSO maker I thought it would be nice to make some oil without as much thc. I would consider a Charlotte web strain but without any thc it doesn’t work as well to fight cancer. I’ve heard of baking the leaves proir to soak and I’ve heard of baking oil in a double cooker but not sure what is the best way to get rid if some thc without completely ruining the oil. Any ideas?

For the amount of cannabis you have to use to make RSO, I would never try any “burn off” techniques like this. The only safe and effective way to do what you want is to find a strain with the right proportions. There are plenty of them out there! I recommend at least 1/4 THC though.

Hello, Old Hippie. Respect for your blog.
I have been doing research on CBD for some time now, eventually using Dixie Dew Drops 500mg – as this is the only legal option in Japan, where I am living. Japan has a strange Cannabis Control Law that dates back to 1948: ALL hemp products are illegal with imprisonment for up to 5 years EVEN FOR ZERO THC PRODUCTS. BUT: excluded from this law are products made from the mature stalk of the cannabis plant (except resin) and the seeds of the cannabis plant. I have checked with the government: Products from the stem are not controlled no matter how much THC or CBD they contain.
As Dew Drops are really expensive, I would like to ask if you can help me: Do you know of any complying product I might mailorder from the US or Europa? Or do you know someone trustworthy who might be interested in producing certain amounts of CBD oil or tincture for me (advance payment)? I must not take any risk – if there is even a minimal amount of buds contained, I will go to jail. I would prefer a product with little or no THC.
Would appreciate your help very much!
Kind regds, K

I know I’ve heard something like that from some picky botanist historian types, but I’m afraid that anyone with serious cannabis experience is going to disagree with you.

Hello my Friend, My son has metastatic osteosarcoma and we started him this week on CDB oil. His pediatrician is setting it up for us. His metz is in the lungs so we are looking at the puffer X I think its called. looks like an asthma inhaler. 8 temp settings ranging from 200-400. Seems like it would work well if we use the highest setting to make sure we are getting the CBD. Is that correct? Also, open to any other suggestions as we are new to this and feel the time to suffer a learning curve is just not available to us. Thanks so much for your info.

My first response to this is always: Cancer Sucks!

You are heading down the right road, but the Puffit is not a good choice for this. It is designed for use with traditional flowers (AKA marijuana) and will not work with oil. In fact, Rick Simpson, the man who has popularized using oil against cancer, generally recommends eating the oil rather than vaporizing it, although I would vaporize it too in this case. You’d want to get a simple vape pen at a smoke shop that’s meant for oil or concentrates. Also please check Rick’s official website for his latest advice on taking the oil, as there’s a lot to learn. Best of luck fighting cancer and hugs and nugs!

Hello how old.is ur son and where do you live? Please inform me.how its working our daughter has mets also from.osteosarcoma and whta dr did you see to help you perscribe.this just curious hope you aon is doing better !

I saw no mention of auto flower strains. Sativa and indica strains crossed with Rudderalis (ditch weed aka hemp) are very high in CBD. That is more important than their auto flowering traits in my opinion. The seed banks list the test results of the strains for sale on all strains. The auto flower strains all tend to have high CBD levels. One breeder is even called CBD seeds for example. It seems to me auto flower strains have not been given a serious look in mainstream cannabis cultivating due to low yields. I also think it is a matter of time before medical users embrace auto flower strains for the high CBD & thc.

Hi, I’m wondering if you know how many mg of CBD I’d need to take a day for epilepsy? I just started taking 5 mg a day, and I’m still on a prescription drug as well, but would like to slowly go off of the prescription drug. Just want to make sure I’m taking the correct dose of CBD. No one seems to know what that would be because it hasn’t been studied apparently.

Just found out one of my massage clients was diagnosed with cancer, so I’ve been trying to get more info on CBD’s and such. Found this article and read it first. Thank you so much for all the great information. I immediately subscribed and am already noticing how much great info is on this site. I found what I think is a good strain to grow for her( from Barney’s farm– critical cure. ONly 5.5% THC but 8%CBD) I look forward to growing it alongside my higher THC cousins and seeing and feeling its effects.

That sounds great! Even if your client doesn’t want to attempt to cure themselves with Rick Simpson Oil, high CBD cannabis can really help with a lot of the typical symptoms. Best of luck and thanks for helping someone else out! Nugs and hugs!

Hey there Hippie, great site. Thank you for the wealth of information. I’m making coconut oil salve & Rick Simpson oil for cancer patients. We are hoping to isolate the CBD’s as one of the patients experiences some side effects with THC. I have access to entire plants. I am planning to finely grind a large amount of stalks, stems & fan leaves with the idea that I can create a high CBD content Rick Simpson….regardless of whether it is a thc or cbd heavy strain, is what i hope… any advice on if this will work? I was also thinking of using a large amount of AVB….any other recommendations on creating CBD specific meds? Isomerization perhaps? These people are very close to me & I am willing to try any thing to get them the meds they need. Thank you again!

Well, it’s like this. The “stalks, stems, and fan leaves” can have a higher percentage of CBD than THC (especially the woody parts), but it’s still quite a tiny amount. So if you gather a relatively large amount of stems and such, your end result will probably have more CBD than usual, but it still won’t be “high CBD”. We once filled a quart jar with stems and got a tiny amount of tincture that seemed more calming, but again it wasn’t very strong.

All this is to say that the only sure way to get high CBD from cannabis is to start with a high CBD strain. If you’re not in a MMJ-legal state, perhaps you can look into some of the CBD oil made from hemp, but I keep hearing very mixed results from that stuff.

I’ve heard mixed reviews on Hemp derived CBD oil, too. It’s actually legal in all 50 states, because it isn’t derived from the marijuana plant, but Hemp. They sell it on Amazon, believe it or not. I live in GA and we have Hemp milk in the healthier section of our grocery stores. Hemp products aren’t illegal here, only marijuana.

I’m glad this question was asked of you, because I was curious and couldn’t work out how to post a question. (We went grocery shopping tonight and my vertigo is in overdrive…). I was considering buying some CBD Hemp from Amazon, but wasn’t sure of its effectiveness, because it’s my understanding you need all the other cannabidoids because it’s the whole plant that heals, not just CBD.

If I did live in a mmj state, is it safe to order from Internet sites which claim to have high CBD strain seeds? My state is negotiating mmj now. I don’t think they want the patients to have access to anything resembling a plant. It would already be processed into an oil or edible. If they do pass so I could cultivate my own plants at home, I found a couple of websites that claim to have high CBD strains (at least 1:1 with THC, but even that is minimal, like 6%). Probably higher CBD than I could find anywhere other than a dispensery.

The federal government is considering making “Charlotte’s Web Oil” transportable between states and take it off the Schedule I list, as it’s so low in THC. Gradually there’s progress being made. At least attention is on the topic. It sucks it only applies to high CBD. It would help me, with epilepsy, but not friends with chronic pain or glaucoma, etc. If that happens, I’m trying it. I’ll pay whatever it is to get the medicine that has helped so many kids with severe intractable epilepsy. Mine didn’t begin til I was 25 and it was from a head trauma, but I’ve tried over 15meds with varying success, a NeuroStimulator, and had 7 brain surgeries, including 3 resections. Most recent surgery was Nov 14. I’ve had 6 seizures since surgery. The surgeon says not to worry, seizures in the first few months post surgery aren’t indicative of failure, but damn! I’m ready to be seizure free. I’m fairly certain this would work. I’ll ask my epileptologist her opinion of mmj when I see her and her assistant next week. Maybe I’ll write to the Stanley Brothers, who make Charlottes Web and see if I can be put on a wait list for the drug if Congress approves it. I expect they will. Sick little kids are a big campaign booster for anyone who votes for it and a career killer for anyone who votes against it. Or that’s how I see it, at least.

Does the tiny amount of THC test positive on a drug test? Do you know?

It’s true that in general you need the whole plant for best results, but CBD specifically seems to help with seizures, so you might do well with CBD alone. The biq question is whether the hemp CBD you get really works, so if it does, please let us know which supplier it was!

Hemp normally has less than 0.3% THC, which is not enough to get you high and not enough to show up on a drug test. Plants with 6% THC are definitely considered marihuana by the federal government though.

Will do. I see my epileptologist Thursday. I’m asking her for her opinion on medical marijuana. Thanks for the note on 6% THC. I wouldn’t order those plants, then. Those are the only ones that give the % of THC. The last thing I want is to endanger my father with this, and as I live with him, it would put him in real danger.
I’m asking my epileptologist to dump one of my meds because it’s so expensive. Then I bring up an option that is equally expensive to the copay I’m trying to avoid. I don’t want to lose my SSDI, either. The idiots in the House just passed a resolution which means starting the end of next year I could have a 20% hit on my income. I’ve applied for medical assistance. I should hear in a few weeks whether I qualify. The extra bring home (no Part B premium and reduced Advantage premium) would pay for this medicine.
If I order one, it will be Hemp, with my doctor’s blessing, and I’ll let you know all about it.
I go weeks without seizures, but then may have 3 in 2days.

Hugs and Nugs back atcha… I’m on the edge of ordering one from this website: https://www.bluebird-botanicals.com. They have a variety of products they’ve imported and then produce the CBD Oil using the products from out of state. I suppose because CO is legal everywhere, they want to keep it separate. I’m thinking of getting the Silver one. It has a higher concentration of CBD, so I’d use less and isn’t much more expensive than the generic first grade of oil they sell. There’s also a 20%off coupon for first time buyers. I’m sold. For what I’d pay for a month (60 pills) of my benzodiazepine, I’d receive enough to last 45-60 days depending on how much I take. After that, I could buy more or less in quantity depending on how long I need it for… Will it work? I don’t know. I see my neurologist in just a few days. I’m going to talk to her about it. They have high reviews on their own website, like they wouldn’t, but I don’t know of an independent website that has ratings for CBD oils. We shall see. I’ll talk with my doctor. I think if I ask about CBD from Hemp (ie, no THC) my SSDI won’t be at risk. The GOP already fucked that up with a rule they changed which means I’ll likely see a 20% reduction in benefits in 2016.
Hugs and love, no Nugs here… Lisa

The one I’m I threaten in is listed under “concentrated CBD oils”. There are PDFs of all the info about what’s in each item they sell. It includes many of the other cannabinoids, excepting the .0001 THC or so. I think this might be good. It contains what’s needed for healing without the high. I just see myself discussing legality with a security guy at the airport when they find it in my luggage next time I travel. I’ll be sure I print out and have that judge’s decision that made Hemp products legal.

I can just see myself arguing with airport security about its legality. I’ll make sure I’ll have a copy of that judge’s decision that made Hemp products legal. You can find the Silver one I’m talking about in the “Concentrated Oils” section.

Wow! I looked above and I’ve known you since June 1, 2012! That’s awesome! I’ve learned SO MUCH from you! Gotta say 2.5+ yrs later you’ve earned a cyber bear hug to share with your wife and a giant THANK YOU! I might cure myself of epilepsy yet! All it takes is persistence and a never ending desire to learn. I have books on neuro stuff that one of my neurosurgeon’s interns actually told me, “Your library is better than mine.” in relation to epilepsy and its treatment.i trust you beyond any medicinal marijuana book I’ve bought. Your blog is my first source for information. It’s usually confirmed by my books or, where they differ, I pick the book apart and find faulty reasoning. They don’t live with it – you do.
I haven’t logged into my blog in I don’t know how long. I recently purchased a mini camera. It’s a 1.3″X 1.3″ cube. I may yet do a video blog on my YouTube channel. I’ll give you props for the advice and recommend your blog when I speak of mmj.

Big hugs and thank you!

I just scanned back and noticed we met first at the beginning of June 2012. That’s incredible! I’ve known you nearly 3yrs! You’ve helped me SO MUCH! You have no idea how much I value you and your opinion, Old Hippie. Absolutely not a clue. I trust you more than I trust these medical marijuana books I recently purchased. They’re coming at it academically. You’re coming at it practically. I must thank you and thank you again. I wish I could give you and your wife another giant hug. Consider yourself cyber hugged til your arms will fall off. Truly. You’ve helped me understand this medicine and its effects better than anyone else has – ever. You’re the greatest!

Old Hippie, great site!!! I’m in Michigan, just got my card last October for my fibromyalgia and back pain, i had been having to use a wheel chair for the last year to get around outside of the house it was so bad. Now I’m wheelchair free thank God!! Anyway i bought 1/8 oz of whatever they had ( some kind of berry mix) for $40.(and no education) It’s lasted me 3 1/2 months, with 3 small puffs in my pipe 2-3x a day ( it took me a good week to figure out how much to take, I didn’t like the high feeling). Your site has given me so much education now, i think i know what I’m looking for. It just so happens that there’s a dispensory a couple of hours from me that has the cannatonic #4 strain with
THC: 5.91% **CBD: 10.29%
(MK Ultra x G13 Haze)
50/50 Hybrid
Does this sound like a good mix for my fibromyalgia and back pain? ( I also suffer from major depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea, asthma & insomnia.) Do you think the same dosage (3 hits 2-3x a day) would be magically beneficial? Also can I use these buds to make your caps, and would the recipe be the same? I like the fact that the caps last longer, and are more discreet for traveling and work use purposes. Please advise oh knowledgeable one!!!

Hi Jennifer! I’m so glad you’re feeling better. and it sounds like you’ve been very lucky for a new MMJ patient!

From what I understand (what with not being a doctor and all) your Cannatonic sounds like a high CBD hybrid that could give you less trouble with being high and could be very useful for back pain and fibromyalgia, both of which are often a mix of “regular” and neuropathic pain. The dosage absolutely depends on how much pain you’re in and how comfortable you are with the side effects, but you might well be able to get more pain relief with less high than before…it may take a few puffs more or less than before though.

Your other conditions are so many and varied that nobody can really know you’ll react with any particular strain. In any case, you can smoke it, vape it, make tincture or oil or capsules with any strain, but depending on the strength of the finished product you might need one or more capsules/droppers by the time you’re done. It’s not really rocket science and it’s pretty hard to screw up, just don’t skip steps and you should be fine. Nugs and hugs!

‘Mornin’, Ol’ Hippie! I hope you are having a Happy Memorial Day Weekend. I have moderate to severe pain that goes with age. I AM thankful to My Lord for finding CBN, as a way to relieve myself of agony that makes me just lie around all day long feeling sorry for myself. I like to use as pure of CBN as I can, with as little of THC as possible. I make this decision for religious reasons; I feel I should be dependent on Jesus for ‘mental comfort,’ & not on THC.
That being said, Old Hippie, how can my body get the most ‘mileage’ out of CBD? Right now, I am using CBD oil with low THC. I put it in an e-cigar & inhale. However, is there a more ‘useful’ way for me to get the CBD in my body? Like, using the medicine dropper & putting some under my tongue? Or, putting it on my skin? I just want to know, since I am so new @ this. Thank you, Old Hippie!

I hope you found a good CBD oil, as so many of them are turning out to be bogus. But if it’s working for you, it must be good!

Inhaling vapor is the fastest way, putting it under your tongue is almost as fast and will also get any other cannabinoids into your body for different and possibly better/longer lasting results. Putting it on your skin is iffy.

I’m not going to give anyone a religious lecture or judge them, but IMHO being dependent on anything is not ideal. However, it’s not ideal either to have your mind or body change over time, but it happens. Cannabis, in its various forms, can help things get back to “normal” for you, and my motto for that is “whatever works”. So if you happen to need more CBD or THC or CBN or whatever than other people…so what? It’s your individual body and mind at stake, not theirs, so don’t let anyone tell you there’s something bad involved in curing yourself. Hugs and nugs!

Hey O.H.
Have been doing some CBD research online. I contacted a producer in Florida, https://cbdessence.com/. I am in no way connected, just found the company and checked it out. I just got some product from him. I have also been frustrated in finding source for good CBD cannabis. I took some glycerin tincture that I produced with my MBM, made with Girl Scout Cookie indoor. I mixed the e-vape glycerin/cbd product I got from them and the e-vape glycerin tincture I produced and viola, another successful experiment. His stuff is very competitively priced and he believes wholeheartedly in what we are all doing. This guy is an engineer that has devoted himself to this. Apparently, he had a personal/business goal of opening a health food store but chose to manufacture CBD based health supplements instead. A closing thought: Since politics is in the news now, maybe a good time to flood our representatives in D.C. with e-mails to remove the scheduling of cannabis from schedule 1, so we can get on with our lives and use the medicine that works for us. We could also write those whom are running for office with the same request. Do this and I will vote for you. Thanks for all you do O.H.

Hi, OH !!!
What kind of plant (& what part of it?) would I use for PAIN ONLY. Also, what’s the best way to ‘take it?’ (Vaping, putting some under tongue, etc.)
Thank you! P.S. I have ‘all over pain’ from Neuropathy & Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Dear Elizabeth,

Most typical pains such as arthritis are helped by THC, generally using indica strains, whereas CBD is considered better for neuropathic pain. So if I had your conditions, I’d be looking for a high CBD indica strain. Fortunately, most high CBD strains are indica in the first place, so hopefully you’re in a place where there are dispensaries that carry CBD strains.

The main part of the plant that people use is the flowers (buds), and for fastest relief you’d want to inhale the vapor. But for the best repeatable dosage, you’d ideally want to make capsules, because ingesting it lasts a lot longer than vaping or smoking it, and it’s generally a bit more “body-oriented” as well, which is perfect for pain.

Hello Old Hippie, I new to the CBD world and trying to find the correct CBD oil, Amounts, and Dosage to treat the seizures I have. These seizures are the result of a Tumor that was growing on my brain and now gone due to surgery I don’t consider myself Epileptic. I hope you can lead me in the correct direction.

Hi Eddie,

Unfortunately, this is all considered experimental medicine, so AFAIK only a doctor can actually give you exact dosages for your condition, or be able to tell you whether CBD will even work for your condition. What I can tell you is that CBD (preferably from high CBD strains of medical marijuana) is unlikely to give most people negative side effects, so people have been trying it on their own at dosages from 5 to 50 mg. or so.

Just found this blog. Great information thank you. I am new to most of the research on our good old bud lol. Raised by the hippy generation no pun intended in that either. So I know that its overall an amazing spectrum of positive potentials. I however don’t smoke because of the head high. Love my eatables but have an older daughter that due to work has quit smoking. She takes after mom with anxiety disorder and mild bipolar thankfully on that part. I am trying to find a balance for her. How can I go about being able to make her tinctures, teas, or other use able products for her to cook with that will ease her symptoms with out building up THC in her for work? I read and hear so many opinions and only know what I personally have found to work for me by trial and error. No science involved in my process. Can you advise me on what, where and how to narrow this subject down for her. Hemp, leaves, buds, bud….. I’m clueless! I use both indica and sativa and get different results depending on strains, but am just now trying to learn and figure out this as they like to say, “legal CBD” ????

Welcome! Believe me, it’s just as difficult for me trying to make sure I give people good information. I’ve been looking into the claims of a few vendors that sound like they actually know what they’re doing (in terms of “legal CBD”), but I’m far from finished. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that high CBD medical marijuana strains really do work, so if you have any access to them, get what you can! And obviously the less THC, the better, in your case.

P.S. Leaves are leaves, and don’t have much of anything; bud/buds are simply the flower of the plant, and they have most of everything.

Thanks, no I haven’t found a legitimate source which stinks! Anyone can claim what they want to and that makes things hard. Personally I don’t need to worry about it as I have my card. But so many are looking for benefits of this product without the legality of THC. I own a vape shop and would love to carry product that is legitimate and tested. Man could someone make a dang test??? Heck we can stick test for just about everything under the sun add that extra line to pop for CBD with negative or positive results for thc…. How does someone like me know other than actually personally testing everything? Gets very spendy that way.
Does anyone know of a tried and true company whatever to obtain hemp flowers/bud/buds? Not sure if that question makes any sense at all. Or does it even exist im so ignorant to this as I said is there a particular strain I should seek by name to get these qualities? Please advise me on what i need to look at. ???? SO CONFUSED


try this man. he is an engineer and started doing this because he needed the product. he is a great person and really cares. No THC in it and he has the documentation to prove it. It has allowed my wife to reduce the amount of prescription pain medications she is taking by half. no I am not affiliated with this company


4 Corners Cannabis is rocking a plant called “Ma’at” that has 15% CBD and virtually 0 THC. I have a feeling that we will be seeing more CBD dominant plants in the future.

‘Mornin’, Old Hippie!
In your most recent e-mail to your ‘fan club,’ you made reference to “Four Corners Cannabis.” (Ma’at, to be specific.). You stated that it contained 15 mg. (is that the correct terminology?) of CBD & no THC.
Since this kind contains no THC, will it be legal to purchase in Texas?
Thank you, OH !!!

Actually, someone else mentioned that product here in the comments and said the company claims it has 15% CBD and 0.3% THC, which is the cutoff for considering a product “hemp” to my knowledge. However, the company’s website seem to be relatively new, and I have no idea if they are “for real” and I can certainly not comment on its legality or efficacy.


unless you want to smoke the CBD strain consider the following. we have ordered from him for months now. My wife has been able to cut the the number of medications she has to take for her pain related to diabetes and fibromyalgia dramatically. the man who runs the site is a chemical engineer and started doing this because he needed the product. he is a great person and really cares. No THC in it and he has the documentation to prove it. It has allowed my wife to reduce the amount of prescription pain medications she is taking by half. no I am not affiliated with this company other then to be a happy customer

Thank you, Sir, for telling me the testimony of your wife & what has helped her.❤️
May I ask, does she use tincture? What specific product does she use of “CBD Essence?”
Thank you, Elizabeth

First of all, Old Hippie, I want to THANK YOU for your answer to my most recent question.
I was reading on your sight about Manitoba Hemp Seed Oil. Is it high in CBD? For killing pain? Thank you, Elizabeth

Old hippie,
I recently was placed on medicinal cannabis for PTSD. I have been using a high THC/virtually no CBD indica (20%/<1%) at night which actually works quite well (holy munchies if I ever use it during the day, won't make that mistake again). My question is in regards to my daytime sativa. I am currently using a <1% THC/9% CBD for daytime use. It works well but my provider also has a 7% THC/ 9% CBD sativa and I'm wondering if that would be even more beneficial. I don't want to feel too high during the day but I also was a recreational pot smoker for a very long time. I'm not sure if I would feel high from 7% THC but I just want to know if it may benefit my mood and anxiety more or if I should avoid THC as much as possible during the day to decrease likelihood of paranoia.
Thank you for writing this article!

Hi Brittany!

That 7/9 sativa will likely help your mood, but without paranoia because of the proportion of CBD. Please read our articles on microdosing to help you understand how to deal with mood / mental / emotional conditions. It’s nothing like getting high or recreational use or even medical use for pain. It’s much more subtle, so go slowly!

The high is in the dosage, and 7% THC is a fairly low amount in any case, so if you go slowly you should be fine. If you do run into trouble, simply inhale some of your 1/9 strain and the high ratio of CBD should take care of it quickly. Nugs and hugs!

CBD is commonly used nowadays, and reading articles like this one can be quite beneficial to those who want to try the product but are unsure. This could aid in enlightening their minds to make the best decision possible based on their needs.

– Dan White

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