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Ask Old Hippie – How Has the Marijuana Culture Changed Since the Sixties?

This post is in response to a question put by the Ent xlamplighter in my /r/trees AMA, to wit: “Over your many years of smoking, can you describe the prevailing attitudes and culture surrounding cannabis and how you think they’ve changed over the decades? Also, lingo and phrases you might have heard over the years […]

Guest Editorial: On Willie Nelson (by dawyd1)

(Old Hippie notes: dawyd1 made this commENT in response to this posting about Willie Nelson’s latest pot bust, and I was so impressed with how he said it that I am using it here, with his permission of course) Let me get this right? Willie Nelson an american Icon has been smoking marijuana for at […]

President Obama, Call the DEA Off Medical Marijuana

Barack Obama ran and won based on his appeal to the youth vote, hope, and change. He not only admitted to smoking marijuana, he proudly admitted it. And after he was elected, he announced that the DEA would be using common sense and compassion, and would no longer be raiding medical marijuana facilities. Patients and […]

How To Make A Banana Spliff

My awesome son, the one who keeps coming up with great drink and food combinations, has really outdone himself this time. The combination of his recipe, and my punnish title for it, is only exceeded by the amazingness of the taste and texture of the actual food. So: first you cook yourself a chapati, which […]

Government Hypocrisy and Marijuana

It’s all about the money. Every time. The most cynical thing is that Reagan claimed marijuana was the most dangerous drug in America…and wasn’t it the CIA that was trafficking crack and powder cocaine by the ton while he was President? Government anti-drug propaganda has made fools out of a large number of Americans, prisoners […]

Old Hippie Kenobi

Ask Old Hippie: How Can You Cope With Unemployment and Loving To Smoke Marijuana?

Well, here’s the way I see it…and no disrespect to anyone who “just smokes to get high”…because there’s nothing wrong with that… If I was just smoking because it was fun or I liked to…it’s really no different than anything else you like to do (movies, drinking, concerts). If you can no longer afford it, […]

Official U.S Government Nug Porn

Yes, folks, your tax dollars are hard at work bringing you high-resolution photos of high-quality cannabis. If you have broadband and a good monitor, feast your eyes on these babies, directly off the DEA website: One Two Three Four Five A garage sale is probably too much to hope for, though 🙂